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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fairytale Birthday

Every little girl dreams of meeting a Princess - every little girl is designed by God to BE a princess!

Well my Angel Girl's (granddaughter Bryanna) birthday party was Sunday, and her dreams came true!

Here's a few photos.....
Can you see the awe on her face when Princess Aurora started walking toward her! Her mom said, "Someone else is here to wish you happy birthday." Bryanna climbed off the bench, her eyes wide with wonder and whispered, "A Princess."
Princess Aurora brought the birthday girl balloons and....
When her time was up, Princess Aurora removed her crown and crowned Bryanna the Princess!
This is one birthday Bryanna will never forget!
Just wanted to share these precious memories with you.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday Spotlight - Christy French

Today I'm pleased to introduce to you Christy French and her latest release, Chasing Secrets.

Bio: Born and raised in the South, award winning, internationally published author and poet Christy Tillery French loves to write about quirky Southern women and has published six books to date: Chasing Horses, Wayne's Dead, Chasing Demons, The Bodyguard, The Bodyguard and the Show Dog, (Book 2 of the Bodyguard Series), and The Bodyguard and the Rock Star (Book 3 of the Bodyguard Series) and her latest, Chasing Secrets. More information about Christy and her writing can be found at http://www.christytilleryfrench.com/ or www.authorsden.com/christytfrench

Blurb: ATF agent Rowan Bronson has evidence Reverend Mark Paul Jameson, head of the New Freedom Absolution Center, is involved in illegal activities with crime boss Roland Metzner. Jameson is using his organization to launder dirty money for Metzner as well as collaborating with him in sending men posing as missionaries to South America to smuggle firearms into the US. But before she can turn over her information, Rowan is betrayed by one of her fellow agents and goes into hiding. It isn't long before Metzner's right-hand man finds her and tries to kill her. Rowan wins the fight and flees the scene, only to run straight into the arms of Garrett Somersby, detective with the Knoxville Police Department Criminal Investigation Division. Garrett has been following Metzner's man, and when he sees blood on Rowan, offers aid. With the help of her dog, Zeus, Rowan steals his SUV and takes off. From that point, Garrett, Metzner, Jameson, and agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are hot on Rowan's trail. Garrett is the first to locate her, but finds his life jeopardized by the others tracking Rowan. The two team up in hopes of retrieving the information and getting it to the proper person within ATF while being pursued by a religious zealot, crime boss, and ATF agent, all with personal agendas concerning Rowan.

Excerpt: Chapter 1:

Warm, sticky fluid seeped into her clothing, saturating her upper chest. With a repulsed shudder, Rowan closed her eyes and willed herself to calm down, her breathing to return to normal. The man's weight crushed her, creating the panicky sensation she could not get enough air into her lungs. But she didn't have the energy to shove him away. Finally, she could stand it no more. She wormed her hands beneath his shoulders and pushed up. His large body moved slightly, then settled back over her, feeling heavier than before. She expelled a frustrated breath. If she didn't get this guy off, he would surely suffocate her.

Zeus," Rowan croaked. She listened for a response, but couldn't hear anything over the loud ringing in her ears. Perfect. If she didn't pass out from lack of oxygen, she would probably stroke out. She gathered as much air into her lungs as she could but was only able to produce a weak, "Zeus." Although she needed his help, she was thankful she had put him in the back yard. He would be dead by now if she hadn't. She craned her neck and could see a muddy snout pushing against the screen door in the kitchen. He'd been digging underneath the shed again. That explained why he hadn't heard all the commotion going on inside. "Come here, boy."

The Weimaraner nudged the screen door open and bounded into the living room. He stopped short when he saw the man, baring his teeth in a fierce growl.

"Help me, Zeus."

Zeus moved close and sniffed the side of Rowan's face. As his nose tracked toward the man,
Rowan pushed up with her arms, showing the dog what she wanted. "Pull him off, Zeus."

Zeus snagged the man's jacket sleeve and tugged. The body barely budged. He dug his claws into the floor and pulled back. "Good boy," she said, when the heavy torso shifted. She twisted her upper body as she jostled against the man and inhaled deeply after Zeus dragged him off her chest. It felt good to be able to breathe normally. She pushed the corpse off her lower abdomen and legs, then sat for a moment, eyes closed, body shaking.

Zeus positioned himself between Rowan and the man, and nudged her shoulder with his nose. She hugged the dog, saying into his fur, "You're a good boy." Zeus solemnly licked her face.

Rowan scooted away from the body and lunged to her feet. The man lay on his stomach, his face turned to one side. A knife, pooled in blood, protruded from the back of his neck. She and the dog stared down at one open eye, looking blankly at nothing. She forced her gaze away and willed her mind to focus on the problem at hand, not what had just occurred.

Rowan hurried to the front windows and peeled back the edge of the curtain, searching for anyone who might be waiting for the man on the floor. The only thing out of order was a large, gold-colored Cadillac in front of her drive, its golden rims gleaming in the sun. She swore to herself. The damn vehicle blocked her in; she wouldn't be able to take her car. She glanced back at the dead man and decided the glitzy Caddy probably belonged to him; those pretentious rims matched the bright suit he wore. She closed the curtain and crossed over to the other side, tugged the heavy cloth away from the window, and studied the street. No one appeared to be inside the vehicle or lurking about, something she found disconcerting. The guy on the floor looked the sort to have a driver, and in her experience, these people always traveled in pairs.

After Rowan locked the front door, she rushed to her bedroom closet, where she worked a couple of loose floor planks free. She withdrew her emergency backpack and took a moment to check inside, make sure her fake ID was there along with enough money to get her to another location.

She grabbed the dog's leash and clipped it on. "Come on, Zeus. We've got to get out of here." At the door, she turned around and looked at the dead man. Tears welled in her eyes but she blinked them away. She had just killed her would-be killer.

Hmmm....sounds interesting to me!

Hope you've enjoyed this edition of Saturday Spotlight.

Until later....BE BLESSED!


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

In Like a Lion ~ Out Like a Lamb

We've all heard that old saying about March....and that's exactly what's happened in my life.

The month blew in like a hurricane, two new releases (Winter Madness & Review of Love), two new acceptances (The Dog of My Heart & Dangling by a Fingertip), a sales blitz on The Inheritance!

On top of all this, after more than 6 weeks of pain, fear and trips to the emergency room, my husband has been diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma. That's the bad news.

The GOOD news is: the condition is contained, it is non aggressive and the most easily cured. After his first treatment all of his test have come back GREAT and he's almost back to his old self ~ funny, happy, strong, positive. We are standing on the Name above all names ~Jesus~ His Blood and His Word that, this too shall pass and hubby will emerge the victor ~ healed and whole from the top of his head to the soles of his feet, fingertip to fingertip!

Please stand in agreement with us on this ~ Thanks Friends.

But the emotional rollercoaster and added responsibilties have left me exhausted (for lack of a better word) and in all honesty, I need to be writing and editing, not in a frenzy about blogging and networking.

As you know, my agent Les Stobbe is pitching my 2 complete WF novels, The Visionary & Circles of Fate as well as my gift/devotional book Love is a Rose.

You may not be aware that he is also pitching 2 novel proposals to Summerside for their Love Finds You line ~ this company buys on proposal which means I have 2 novels to write LOL!

So, I've decided to take a break and only blog once a week (instead of twice) in addition to the Saturday Spotlight (this week ~ Christy French) and to back off on hosting so many tours ~ only until I catch my breath and settle back into my routine.

I know you'll all understand and I THANK YOU for it.

Until later...Be BLESSED!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday Spotlight - Sandy Brown aka: Sandra Kay

Hello Again and please welcome - Sandra Kay to our Saturday Spotlight!

Sandy Brown - aka - Sandra Kay writes Contemporary Westerns and Short Stories with Attitude. She's been writing contemporary romance for about nine years, and has belonged to the OrangeCounty Chapter of Romance Writers of America since 2000. She's served on the Board of Directors for 3 years, two as Way & Mean's Director and one as Secretary. Her husband, Bob, has been a wonderful source of encouragement and support of her writing— never losing faith in her ability to tell a good story. Sandy has two daughters, a stepson, and 7 fantastic grandchildren.

Find out more about Sandra by visiting her Website MySpace Books Blog

BLURB for Heart of Stone:

A marriage in name only. A secret past. Can love be found amid the tangle of distrust and betrayal?

Alone and pregnant with twins, Amber Wilson has only a fuzzy memory of how she got that way. One thing she knows for sure—no man will ever get near enough to hurt her again. But when she meets Stone Brandon, the attraction is too great to ignore. Stone’s ex-fiancée’s betrayal has hardened his heart. Though he is drawn to Amber, he knows he can never fall in love again. Still, with her help, the dreams he has for the expansion of his family’s ranch can become a reality. A platonic marriage seems like the logical answer for both of them—until he realizes that a marriage in name only with Amber is a hell of his own making.

“Amber?” he yelled as soon as he threw the front door open.

“Stone, help me.”

The weak, panicked voice stopped his heart.

“Amber, where are you? What’s wrong?” Stone’s heart lurched to a start again, but thudded into his throat.

“I’m up here… ”

Her voice trailed off into a scream that bounced off the walls in the empty house.

He ran toward the sound, boots pounding on the wood floor, joining her scream in the echoing cavern of the vacant rooms. Fear gripped him when he reached the stairwell to find her collapsed on the landing, her back against a wall. As he neared, her face contorted and she cried out in pain.

She’s in labor!

He bounded up the steps three at a time, and dropped to his knees.

“The baby’s...coming,” she gasped.

Her hazel eyes seemed too large for her face, and he heard the fear in her voice.

“Its okay, Amber. I’m gonna take you to the hospital. Don’t worry. Everything will be all right.”

Stay calm, cowboy. Don’t let her know she’s scaring the hell out of you.
Wow, sounds like a great cowboy story!
That wraps up another edition of Saturday Spotlight.
Until later....take care and Be Blessed!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pot O Ebooks Contest Winner & Promo Book

Hi Friends,

Talk about March winds ~ life has been in a whirlwind this month so today's blog will be short and sweet.

I'd like to take a moment to CONGRATULATE Linda Swift, who won the White Roses in Bloom Lucky Shamrock Contest - Linda received a pot of 13 ebooks from participating authors!

I know some of you are writers and all writers know the importance of promotion. Some of you may remember that I had an ebook posted here on the blog before titled, Simple Promotional Tools for Every Author.

Well, that ebook has been revised with the help of my friend Penney Carlton of Pertinent Promotions and is available through Pert's website. Check it out, I guarantee it is well worth the $4.50 you'll spend!

Well that's about it for today. Join me Saturday when I spotlight Sandy Brown.

Until then....take care and BE BLESSED!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pot o Ebooks Contest!

Hello Again Friends!

As I mentioned last week, the White Rose Authors are having a Lucky Shamrock contest and the prize is a Pot-o-Ebooks! Details are at the bottom of the post, but first find out how St. Patrick's Day came to be.


Patrick was made a Bishop by Pope Celestine in the year 432 and, together with a small band of followers, traveled to Ireland to commence the conversion. Patrick confronted the most powerful man in Ireland – Laoghaire, The High King of Tara – as he knew that if he could gain his support that he would be safe to spread the word throughout Ireland. To get his attention Patrick and his followers lit a huge fire to mark the commencement of Spring. Tradition had it that no fire was to be lit until the Kings fire was complete, but Patrick defied this rule and courted the confrontation with the King.

The King rushed into action and travelled with the intention of making war on the holy delegation. Patrick calmed the King and with quiet composure impressed the King that he had no other intention than that of spreading the word of the Gospel. The King accepted the missionary, much to the dismay of the Druids who feared for their own power and position in the face of this new threat. They commanded that he make snow fall. Patrick declined to do so stating that this was Gods work. Immediately it began to snow, only stopping when Patrick blessed himself.

Still trying to convince the King of his religion Patrick grasped at some Shamrock growing on the ground. He explained that there was but one stem on the plant, but three branches of the leaf, representing the Blessed Trinity. The King was impressed with his sincerity and granted him permission to spread the word of his faith, although he did not convert to Christianity himself.

Patrick and his followers were free to spread their faith throughout Ireland and did so to great effect. He drove paganism (symbolized by the snake) from the lands of Eireann.

Patrick was tempted by the Devil whilst on a pilgrimage at Croagh Patrick. For his refusal to be tempted, God rewarded him with a wish. Patrick asked that the Irish be spared the horror of Judgement Day and that he himself be allowed to judge his flock. Thus, the legend that Ireland will disappear under a sea of water seven years before the final judgement, was born.

Patrick died on March 17th in the year 461 at the age of 76. It is not known for sure where his remains were laid although Downpatrick in County Down in the North of Ireland is thought to be his final resting place. His influence is still felt to this day as nations the world over commemorate him on March 17th of every year.

Here's how to win one: The White Roses are holding a Lucky Shamrock contest to celebrate our new house, White Rose Publishing.

All you have to do to win a pot o eBooks donated by participating authors is run over to the White Roses in Bloom Blog and answer this simple question:

QUESTION: When St. Patrick showed a three-sided shamrock, the flower of Ireland, to the king, what was he comparing it to?

Leave your answer as a comment and you will be entered in the Lucky Shamrock contest. The winner will receive a delightful assortment of eBooks.

May the luck o'the-Irish be with you!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday Spotlight - The Christian Pulse

Hello Dear Friends,

This week's edition of Saturday Spotlight is late getting posted and for that I apologize. Hubby has been in the hospital and it's been a rough week. On top of that, scheduled author Tannia Lopez couldn't make it so I was at a loss what to do.

So instead of an author today, we're spotlighting a place where Christians can find just about any information they need.

The Christian Pulse is a new site with a bright future. They offer information on every type of Christian service you can imagine with a Talent directory (authors, artists, muscians, etc), Business directory, School & Camp directory.

Anything from articles to services, The Christian Pulse should have you covered with a variety of articles and essays to build your faith.

You'll find them listed in the "Areas of Interest" section on my sidebar.

Well Friends, that's a wrap for this week's Saturday Spotlight.

Until later...take care and Be Blessed!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

News, News and More Good News!

Boy is Spring ever in the air and lot's of exiting things going on with it!

As I mentioned last week, The Wild Rose Press introduced a brand new publishing company, White Rose Publishing. This is strictly Christian-Inspirational romances!

I also told you about my March Madness sale on The Inheritance and new release, Winter Madness.

Well if that wasn't enough Madness for you - here's some more!!

I have another story, Review of Love up and available now (for FREE) at White Rose Publishing!


My story, The Dog of My Heart has been accepted for publication by Revell books for an anthology to be published next year! I'll give you more info on this as it is available.

Still not enough?

Well the White Rose authors are having a Lucky Shamrock contest over on their blog and the prize is a Pot-o-Ebooks!

Watch for details on Tuesday (St. Patrick's Day).

Hope your life is filled with this much excitement!

Nah, 100 times more. :-)

Drop by Saturday when we Spotlight, Tannia Lopez.

Until later....Be Blessed.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March Madness Sale!

Hey Friends!

In conjunction with my new release, Winter Madness, which releases Tomorrow @ White Rose Publishing, the Inspirational imprint of The Wild Rose Press, I'm having a month-long sale on The Inheritance!

Get an autographed copy for only $8.95 + s/h!!
For details visit My Website OR Pertinent Promotions!

In addition, March is White Rose Month so ALL inspirational titles are on sale!
Here's a sneek peak @ Winter Madness!

Blurb: Sienna has survived what most succomb to - the death of a spouse and child and has maintained her faith despite her troubles. William has never met anyone who actually lived out what they say they believe. Is it true love between the faithful optimist and broody pessimist or simply winter madness?

Excerpt: They met on a cold winter morning in a cozy coffee shop. Not just the tinkle of the bell above the door announced his arrival, but also the quickening of her heart, the slow thud of blood through her veins, the sharp curl of need in the pit of her stomach. Even before she saw him, she knew the minute he’d walked in. A dream from her past.

He turned; their eyes met.

William’s eyes widened, and his breath caught. There she sat all soft and glowing. A ghost from his past. He hesitated, blew a soft rush of air to cool the steaming brew he’d just purchased. A sigh escaped followed by a resigned shrug. There was no way out of the meeting now. Only a few steps separated them physically, miles emotionally. One hurdle at a time, he thought, and joined her at the table for two beside the window.

Well that's about it for today. Until next time.....

Take care and Be Blessed!

Pamela S Thibodeaux
"Inspirational with an Edge!" TM

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturdy Spotlight - Kara Lynn Russell!

Well Folks, you're in for a REAL treat today with our guest, Kara Lynn Russell.

What can I tell you about this wonderful lady? Well, how about....She's married to the man who puts the happy in my ever after. The mother of four (and still mostly sane) lives in a small Wisconsin town in the heart of dairy country. Currently works at the local public library. Loves reading genre books: romance, fantasy, and mysteries with a special fondness for those with a Christian slant. She writes romance and children’s stories and loves making lists. You can find out more about Kara at her website or blog. Kara is also the founder of the White Roses in Bloom blog.
Kara is the author of the Orchard Hill series published by White Rose Publishing. Here's a little bit about the series...... Pansy Parker and Misty Green are rivals in romance. Each believes she is the town’s best matchmaker. Now they’re going to settle the question for once and for all. They’re keeping track to see who can make the most matches in a year’s time. Both Misty and Pansy are determined to be the winner. No heart is safe in Orchard Hill – not even their own.

Book 1 - Saving Gracie: Riley O’Neil and Grace Randall have been best friends since kindergarten and Pansy knows they belong together. After Grace’s fiancée leaves her at the altar, Riley decides it’s time to tell her he wants to be more than friends. Grace is still reeling from her fiancée’s betrayal. She fears that if she and Riley start dating, it will ruin their friendship – and right now Riley’s friendship is something she can’t spare. A new year is coming up and it’s the perfect time for a fresh start. Will Grace take a chance on love with Riley?

More on Orchard Hill
Orchard Hill’s best matchmakers, Misty and Pansy, spend a year putting together as many couples as they can. The result is a series of nine stories – and three free reads. The stories are available now in electronic format and will be released in three print volumes this December.

The Orchard Hill Romance Series Available at White Rose Publishing
Saving Gracie
Entertaining Angel
Considering Lily
Keeping Faith
Enduring Hope
Accepting Charity
Disrupting Harmony
Losing Patience
Finding Joy
Want a sneak peek into the characters of Orchard Hill? Check out these Free Reads!
A Long, Silly Love Chase, Catching the Bouquet & An Angel’s Advice
Well Friends, hope you enjoyed this edition of Saturday Spotlight. Stay tuned next week when I way-lay you with LOTS of good news!
Until then.....BE BLESSED!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Have I Got Some Exciting News for YOU!

Well Friends, looks like things are on the up-and-up for The Wild Rose Press and their White Rose Authors!

March is White Rose Month @ TWRP and as a surprise to EVERYONE, including the authors, Rhonda, RJ & Nicola introduced some exciting news and now I'm passing it on to you!

We're excited to announce the arrival of White Rose Publishing.

On May 1, 2006, two writing critique partners, RJ Morris and Rhonda Penders, decide to open a "kinder and gentler" publishing company. That company was, and is, The Wild Rose Press. Their premise was to grow a "garden" where authors would be treated with respect, concern, and understanding. RJ and Rhonda wanted a publishing company that didn’t make authors wonder what was happening with their manuscripts. The two also believed that no one should ever again receive a form rejection letter. If the manuscript was not something the company could use, every writer who sent a query would receive a personal, prompt, and courteous letter of rejection explaining exactly why the manuscript wasn’t accepted and what the author could do to improve it. If an author was to receive a contract, the process would be as efficient as possible, and the author would be kept in the loop with communication every step along the way. In fact, communication was to be one of the key strengths of the company.

Almost three years later, RJ and Rhonda have successfully fulfilled their goals, and over five hundred authors in a range of fourteen different lines have been published at The Wild Rose Press, and a staff of close to fifty includes a Graphic Arts Department, Production Department, Proofreading, Marketing and, of course, Editing.

Continuing to cultivate The Wild Rose Press was to be the end of the story. However in late 2008, RJ and Rhonda became aware that some Christian readers and authors were reluctant to visit The Wild Rose Press catalogue site because of some of the non-Christian covers that sometimes appeared on the front page as new titles in the non-Christian lines were released. Not wanting to offend, RJ and Rhonda quickly bulit a White Rose portal at http://www.whiterosesbooks.com/ so that Christian visitors could avoid non-Christian content if they so chose. But, on further research, both agreed this was not enough.

VOILA! White Rose Publishing was born. With the experience of RJ and Rhonda behind it, along with the impeccable reputation and RWA recognition that The Wild Rose Press is an upstanding publisher, pays royalties promptly and on a regular basis, and is not a vanity or subsidy publishing house, White Rose Publishing sees its dawn as we move towards becoming the online place for quality Christian romance. We will publish books and stories in various lengths ranging from Rosettes (which are quick reads) to Roses (which are 100,000 word novels). All books over 65,000 words will be released in both print and ebook form. Anything less than 65K will be available as an ebook at a variety of distributors, including Amazon Kindle, Sony Ebook store, and Fictionwise, among others. Printed books will be distributed through http://www.amazon.com/, http://www.barnesandnoble.com/, Target.com, and can be ordered by libraries, bookstores through such distributors as Bakers and Taylor and Ingram.

As a new publishing venture, we are actively seeking quality submissions in all romance subgenre. Senior Editor Nicola Martinez, holds to strict guidelines of what is and isn’t acceptable for a White Rose book. While we will publish some titles that might be considered “edgy” according to regular CBA guidelines, with her team of three editors, Ms. Martinez will work hard to bring readers entertaining, quality stories that also glorify Christ by upholding a strict code of Christian values. For informaton on how to submit, please read our submission guidelines.

Wow, isn't that Wonderful!?!

As you know, I currently have 4 (5 as of March 11) titles through The Wild Rose Press and this just makes me even more happy to be a part of that wonderful company.

Visit the new White Rose Publishing and check out all they have to offer.

Don't forget, Winter Madness releases on the 11th - find it here!

Come back Saturday when I spotlight fellow White Rose Author, Kara Lynn Russell!

Until later....Be BLESSED!


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

VBT - Real Moms, Real Jesus!

Hello Friends!

Today I’d like to welcome author and speaker, Jill Savage. Jill’s recent book Real Moms…Real Jesus, just released, and I wanted to ask her about her real mom moments..

Jill, tell us a little bit about yourself and your family.
Mark and I have been married 25 years and we have five children. Anne is 24 and married to our wonderful son-in-love, Matt. Evan is 21 and married to our beautiful daughter-in-love, Julie. Erica is 18 and a college student at Heartland Community College. Kolya is 15 and in the 8th grade. We adopted Kolya at the age of 9 from Russia---the God story about his adoption is included in the Real Moms…Real Jesus book. And Austin is 12 and in the 7th grade.

Tell us about your newest book Real Moms...Real Jesus?
Real Moms…Real Jesus is a book designed to help moms understand that when Jesus lived on this earth he was fully God, yet fully man. We don’t often think about the fact that he was a human being and he lived the full human experience: pain, hunger, fatigue, frustration, betrayal, disappointment. He experienced it all!

There’s one verse in the Bible about Jesus that simply says “large crowds followed him everywhere he went.” Well, isn’t that the life of a mom? Large crowds follow her to the bathroom. They follow her to the kitchen. To the grocery store. She’s in high demand! And when Jesus lived on this earth, He was in high demand, too.

Why did you want to write this book?
Most of us long for a friend who understands. Yes, we need girlfriends who understand what our life is like. But we also need to understand that we have a friend who understands in Jesus. Too many of us think of God as being distant and unable to relate to our daily struggles. But nothing could be further from the truth! He understands and he wants us to build our friendship with Him. He wants to not only be our Savior, but also our Friend.

What do you hope your readers will gain from this book?
I hope that readers will gain a new perspective about their relationship with Jesus. I also hope to weave God’s truth into the daily life of a mom.

What unique elements will the reader find in Real Moms…Real Jesus?
Each chapter looks at some character trait in Jesus’ life that can help us in our life as a mom. In between the chapters are interactive vignettes that provide brief, refreshing glimpses into our real, messy, busy lives.

There are also questions at the end of the chapter for further consideration and suggested Bible reading in the book of Matthew. If the reader chooses to pursue the suggested reading, she will have read the book of Matthew completely by the end of the book!

There is also a leader’s guide in the back of the book so it can be used in a group setting.

This is a Hearts at Home book. What is Hearts at Home?
Hearts at Home is an organization that encourages, educates, and equips women in the profession of motherhood. Hearts at Home encourages moms through annual conferences, our extensive website (
www.hearts-at-home.org), a free bi-weekly electronic newsletter, a radio program, and an entire line of books designed to meet the needs of moms all over the world!

Any closing thoughts?
I am very excited about this book! I believe that if a mom can strengthen her relationship with Jesus Christ, she will feel more equipped to be the mom she wants to be. I’m also offering an online book discussion on my blog beginning Tuesday, April 7. If you’d like to join us, you can subscribe to my blog at

I’d love to hear a reader’s thoughts after they read the book, too! You can connect to me through my blog at

Thanks, Jill, for taking time out of your busy schedule to share your real mom, real Jesus moments with us.

You can purchase your own copy of Real Moms…Real Jesus by clicking here.

And be sure to check out Hearts at Home, their conferences for moms, and all their online resources

Sounds like a wonderful book for mom's everywhere!

Well that about sums up another VBT. Hope you've enjoyed it.

Until later....take care and Be Blessed!