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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday Spotlight - Dianne Miley!

Whew! Made it through another week LOL!

Can you believe this month is already over?! Where has the time gone? They say time flies when you're having fun, but seems to me time flies whether I'm having fun or not. Anyone ever figure out who 'they' are?

Time for another edition of Saturday Spotlight and this week Dianne Miley returns with her newest book, Roses for Rachel.

First, a little about Dianne in her own words......Growing up, I always loved to write. I began writing poetry in second grade. During high school, I wrote for the yearbook and school paper. I took creative writing classes because I enjoyed making up stories. Now I flex my imagination through inspiring tales of romance and mystery. Best of all, I’ve found a way to share my faith through fictional characters in a fun romance. In real life, I've been married to my high school sweetheart for over 25 years. God blessed us with both a son and daughter who are now grown and in college.

Besides writing and promoting my books, I write a newspaper column called Time to Enjoy for the Geauga County Maple Leaf. In addition, my husband and I own a small auto transport trucking company. I handle the accounting and secretarial work, as well as delivering cars occasionally.

In my spare time – ha! – I enjoy gardening, flower arranging, decorating, cooking, baking, and entertaining. I also love visiting tea rooms and quaint little shops like the ones in Crystal Falls. A collector of teapots, teacups, and pretty old dishes, I adore using them to host tea parties for family and friends. See the Fun page of my website for favorite tea party recipes of one of the characters in the Crystal Falls series. (All women after my own heart.)

Find out more about Dianne and her books at http://www.diannemiley.com/.
Roses for Rachel Blurb: Young widow Rachel Santos raises her daughters alone and tries to get past the pain of losing her cheating husband. Attracted to pretty boys, she goes from one bad relationship to another. When she dumps her cheating boyfriend, someone vandalizes her house. Rachel confides in faithful Elliot Truman, but refuses to trust her heart to another man.

Determined to handle her problems alone, she refuses to see him as anything but a friend.The stalker breaks into her home, and Rachel fears for the safety of her daughters and herself. When her work is sabotaged , she loses her job and cannot pay the rent. Will she be able to support and protect her children? Who can stop this demented stalker? And will Rachel ever be convinced that some men are worth loving?

Rachel couldn’t help noticing how Elliot calmed her upset daughters. When he looked up, his impish grin appeared almost sexy. Scary how he was affecting her. It’d been far too long since she’d been with an attentive man. His unsettling closeness created a knot in her stomach.

“You’ve got your hands full, don’t you?” He took her lunch and sweater and placed them in back of his shiny red Mustang with the girls’ things.

“You could say that.” He had no idea.

He helped her into the car and closed the door. No man had ever done that for her. Except her dad.

Determined not to lead him on, she strengthened her resolve to maintain a strictly business relationship. He was a coworker doing her a favor, that’s all.

But he sure had a way with kids. More miraculous than Amelia’s transformation was Jessica’s non-stop smile. He jumped in the driver’s side. With a turn of the key, the engine roared.

“Hang on, girls!” he said in a cheerful voice. “We’re off to get the booster seat, so no more tears!”

Amelia dragged an arm across her runny nose. Rachel cringed, found a tissue in her purse, and wiped the arm clean.

Jessica’s face glowed as she tugged her mother’s sleeve. “Mommy, Elliot’s car is cool!”

“He’s Mr. Truman to you, young lady,” Rachel corrected. Jess was too young to be swayed by material trappings and Rachel couldn’t afford them. But there was more to it than the Mustang. Why was Jess so agreeable with Elliot, and so difficult with her? That was as intriguing as it was downright annoying.

She glanced at the child psychologist next to her. A smile tugged at his full lips. Nice hands deftly gripped the gearshift. He shifted smoothly, going exactly the speed limit.

What was going on with her? Elliot was a coworker! She didn’t want to see him that way. She didn’t need a man, and he wasn’t her type. As he turned a corner, his black-rimmed glasses slid down his nose.

“I saw this car in the company parking lot,” she said. “I never imagined it was yours.”

“There’s a lot you don’t know about me.” He pushed up his glasses and smiled.

“A real mystery man, eh?” Rachel teased. “From the looks of this car, there’s a side of you I don’t know at all.”

“You have no idea,” he said under his breath.

There was more to Elliot Truman than she thought. Maybe he had an alter ego, sexy and good looking with just a hint of confident attitude – like Clark Kent and Superman.

What on earth was she thinking?

Roses for Rachel is available from http://www.thewildrosepress.com/
That's it for now Friends. Hope to see you again soon!
Until then....be Blessed!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Special Guest - Michelle Sutton!

Good Morning Friends!

Edgy Inspirational Author Michelle Sutton returns as my special guest with two brand new releases!

Michelle Sutton is the Editor-in-Chief for Christian Fiction Online Magazine, a member of American Christian Fiction Writers, an author of edgy Christian fiction, a book reviewer, an avid blogger/alliance member, CWOW blog mistress, mother of two teenagers, wife, pet owner, social worker by trade, and follower of Jesus Christ. Michelle has 11 novels releasing through 2011 and continues to write more edgy fiction. You can find Michelle through her blog at http://edgyinspirationalauthor.blogspot.com/ at http://www.michellesutton.net/ or http://edgychristianfictionlovers.ning.com/

Danger at the Door - August 1st, 2009 - Desert Breeze Publishing
Upon her fiancé's death, Laney became a recluse who only left her home for emergencies. She managed to survive - barely - on food delivery service and her work-at-home job. When she tries to move on from her grief, the commemorative meal she orders is ruined. However, it leads to an unlikely friendship with an attractive man, Bojan, who speaks little English. As he befriends Laney he continually says the wrong things, but he doesn't give up trying to win her trust. Meanwhile, she has this strange feeling of being watched and wonders if she's losing her mind.Complicating things further, every time she leaves her house something bad happens, confirming that she is safer at home. Can Bojan convince Laney she'll be safe with him, or will his presence put her in further danger? Will he be able to protect the woman he loves before it's too late?

It’s Not About Him - Sept 1st, 2009; Sheaf House Publishing
Susie wakes up after a party knowing something isn't right. When she discovers she is pregnant but has no idea who the father is, she decides to place her baby for adoption with an infertile couple from church. Following through ends up being more challenging than she'd imagined. But she wants to do the right thing. If only Jeff would quit trying to marry her so she'll keep her baby! Why doesn't he understand? It's not about him; it's about what's best for her child. Meanwhile, a man shows up in her life that looks irritatingly familiar. Could he be the father?

Wow, congratulations Michelle - two releases back-to-back! Have fun promoting LOL! Seriously, may God bless you with mucho sales.

Well friends, hope you've enjoyed this special spotlight - stay tuned for more great authors and their books!

Until later remember.....it's not about you or me or she or him....it's ALL about Jesus!

Pamela S Thibodeaux
"Inspirational with an Edge!" TM

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday Spotlight - KM Daughters!

Hello and Welcome to another edition of Saturday Spotlight!

Today I'd like to introduce to you a pair of sisters who write a variety of books - romance of course....from sensual to Inspirational they do it all. This week we are spotlighting their White Rose title, Jewel of the Adriatic. Without much further ado....KM Daughters!

K.M. Daughters is the award winning writing team of sisters, Pat Casiello and Kathie Clare. Their penname is dedicated to the memory of their parents: Kay and Mickey Lynch. Pat is married to Nick Casiello and has three children, Jen, Emilie and Brian. Kathie is married to Tom Clare and has two sons, Tom and Michael. She has two grandchildren, Natalie and Michael and a new grandbaby is expected in September. K.M. Daughters’ career began with two book contracts from The Wild Rose Press and White Rose Publishing on the same day – January 26, 2008. Three more book contracts followed in 2008 in three romance genres: Inspirational, Romantic Suspense and Contemporary Romance. The Visions of Love inspirational series features Jewel of the Adriatic and Rose of the Adriatic. The author’s romantic suspense Sullivan Boys series includes: Against Doctors Orders, Beyond The Code of Conduct, Capturing Karma and working titles: All’s Fair In Love and Law and In The St. Nick of Time.

A nightgown model and a soap opera star meet in Valselo, a Croatian village where millions believe the Mother of God appears to three visionaries. Yugoslavian born Maya Lidovic owns Intimate Whispers, a New York based sleepwear company. Determined not to lose her faith in a secular world, she spends her vacations leading tours in Valselo where her parents run an inn. Colin O'Reilly plays heartthrob, Dr. Brock Stone, on the soap opera Tides Of Tomorrow. Through various setbacks in life he's managed to keep God first. But now he's furious at God for taking his mother. Colin doesn't believe that God has sent the Virgin Mary to earth with messages of hope. He doesn't believe that God cares about the world. A series of apparitions, prophetic dreams and earthy attraction draw these different people together. Human frailties obscure the intention of the call that brought them to their destinies.

Excerpt: Colin swept her up in his arms again. "See you back at the house, Tom." She swayed and bobbled with the herky-jerky motion.

"You can't carry me down the mountain. I'm too heavy. You'll hurt yourself."

"Only if you keep wiggling around."He landed awkwardly, and her stomach dove. "Colin!" She buried her head in his neck. "I'm scared."

"Don't be. I've got you." His breath was warm against her ear. "Just stay like that, close to me. Keep as still as you can; it'll help me balance." He squeezed her tighter in his arms. "I'll keep you safe."

She breathed easier locked against him like that. She heard his heartbeat hammer from his exertion, and the steady drumming soothed her.

"I could get used to this," he said.

She raised her head slowly. "What, carrying people down all the hills and mountains in Valselo?"

"No." He smiled. "I could get used to having you in my arms."

She felt tongue-tied. What should she say? Should she admit that there was no place she would rather be? That she had never felt so safe and protected? She wanted to trust him but how could she after the sting of his display with Brianna?

"Wouldn't you rather have Brianna in your arms?"

"Brianna?" His baffled look gave her a jolt of pleasure. "Why in the world would you think that?"

He hopped down, and for a moment her legs and shoulders flew out of his hold. The freefall sensation was as unsettling as it was exhilarating. She could do this; she could confront him.

"She said you were in her room this morning, and that's why you missed breakfast. And she hung all over you on the path."

"I was in her room." Down, down some more, he didn't break stride. "She twisted the knob off the air conditioner and asked if I could help her put it back on. It took me two minutes. I don't know why she couldn't do it herself."

He stopped short and caught his breath. "Wait a minute," he said with a bemused expression.

Well folks, KM Daughters, Kathie and Pat will join us again with their other titles. IMW, if you want to know more, visit their website. Jewel of the Adriatic can be purchased in ebook or print from White Rose Publishing!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

VBT - Prayer Power

Hello Friends!

You know I always try to bring you interesting books/authors in the Saturday Spotlight feature as well as by hosting virtual book tours. This VBT is through Kathy Carlton Willis Communications and the book sounds like something we all should read!

I plan to.
In the crazy world around us, our prayers may too often seem ineffective. Do you want to connect with God when you pray and receive more direct answers? PRAYER POWER is the tool you need to build a more powerful and dynamic life of prayer.Intensely practical and straightforward, PRAYER POWER helps you improve on thirty essential facets of prayer such as passion, routine, fasting, praying with others, listening to God, handling distractions, and spiritual warfare. In each brief chapter you'll be inspired by stories of people whose lives of prayer give us powerful examples.PRAYER POWER can be used as a month-long devotional, a prayer guide, or a reference for help in specific areas. Whether you're a new believer or think you've heard it all, this book's refreshing and honest insight will guide you to a deeper connection with God.

Peter Lundell, a former missionary to Japan, is a pastor at Walnut Blessing Church in Walnut, California. He has an MDiv and DMiss from Fuller Theological Seminary and is the founder of the Walnut Valley Pastors' Prayer Network. Lundell is the author of two books, and his articles have appeared in magazines such as Guideposts and Pray!

Interview with Peter Lundell
1. Many Christians don't talk about hardships with prayer. Why do you open up about the struggles you have had drawing close to God in prayer?

My first draft of the book read like an instruction manual of all the things you ought to do to be spiritual like me. I realized that the more spiritual I tried to sound, the less honest I was being. I was hiding behind my words. No reader should have to put up with all that. And besides, it was boring.

So I determined to be totally honest. I rewrote the book and openly shared my doubts, struggles, and failures, because everybody goes through the same things. And if I’m not honest with readers, how can I expect readers to be honest with others or even themselves?

I take sort of an “I mess up and you mess up, but God loves us anyway, so let’s connect with him” approach. Readers often tell me how much they identify with that. And when they read about how God still worked amazing things in my life and in others’, it gives them hope.

I’ve discovered two things: First, honesty is liberating, and I don’t want to live any other way. Second, when we stick with prayer and don’t give up, answers and victories rise from our struggles. Answers and victory never rise from pretending.

I hope to connect with readers so that they’ll in turn connect with me and the victories I’ve experienced—so that they will experience their own victories.

2. What are some of the things God has taught you about prayer over the years - especially from the perspective of your leadership roles?

It’s good to listen before I talk. If I always dive into prayer and never spend time listening, I only dump my own “give-me list” on God. But his word says in 1 John 5:14–15 that when I seek and pray according to his will, my prayer will be answered. So the key is to first get in sync with God.

We’ve got to have a hunger, or thirst, for God. Without hunger, no program or technique or anything we learn will go anywhere. But with hunger for God, we could know almost nothing and still have a great prayer life. Hunger is singularly important—which is why it’s the first chapter.

When I pray with faith and don’t get what I ask for, God will soon show me why. There is always something to learn in unanswered prayer.

3. What do you mean by "praying boldly" and how can Christians learn to do that?

Praying boldly is the opposite of excessively polite prayer and of—I’ll just say it—wimpy prayer. Praying boldly is praying without intimidation, not caring what other people think, expressing ourselves to God without concern for being appropriate or religiously correct but rather with a passion from our guts that pours out, unashamedly. Bold prayer is not arrogant. It’s humble and faithful, because of its self-abandoned focus on God and expectation of what God will do.

People often assume they must be polite or solemn before God. Nowhere does the Bible teach this. Two thirds of the Psalms are complaints, and they are not polite. Most prayers in both Old and New Testaments are bold, expectant, and to the point. When Jesus teaches on prayer in Luke 11:5–10, he talks about an obnoxious guy who bangs on his friend’s door at midnight. Then he says we should bug him the same way by continually asking, seeking, and knocking. I often wonder if God gets tired of diplomatic prayers. Why else would he actually tell us to be bold and persistent—and use examples that, if we were on the receiving end, most of us would say are obnoxious.

There’s no real method to doing this. It’s a mindset that chooses to free itself from previous assumptions and uses the Bible as a model of how to pray.

4. How can we practice the presence of God and include him in everyday tasks?

Practicing the presence of God primarily has to do with developing an attitude, a continual awareness that God is always with us, and that in turn, we always incline our attention toward him.

The first thing most of us need to do is to slow down or cut unnecessary activities from our calendar. Busyness is an enemy to practicing the presence of God. Jesus repeatedly blew off other people’s agendas for him and continually focused on his purpose for being here. Pastors who do the same are always happier, closer to God, and more effective. And when we practice the presence of God, we increase our ability to be intimate with him when times do get busy.

Here are some practices that may help develop that attitude: My last thought before I sleep and my first thought when I wake up is centered on God. When I get mad or stressed, I try to see things from God’s perspective. When I am waiting for someone, I use that time to pray. I do menial tasks with an awareness and love of God. I often have a praise song on my mind as I go through the day.

5. You're a proponent for creating a place of prayer and establishing a time of prayer. Why are these important elements for prayer?

These two disciplines are the most important external helps for maintaining a strong prayer life. Without them, our good intentions eventually drown under the assaults of busyness and distractions.

A place of prayer helps us concentrate in the face of distractions. That place could be the church sanctuary, an empty room in the house, a spot in the back yard, or even a rug laid out on the floor, on which the only thing we do is pray. The physical surroundings of a location devoted to prayer tell our brains, “Focus on God.” And if we ever feel bored or in a rut of over-familiarity with a place, a change of location can be stimulating.

Establishing a set prayer time engrains a habit of prayer into our minds, such that if we miss it, we feel anxious because something is missing or wrong—and it is! A set prayer time is not to force ourselves to pray as much as to create a boundary of protection from busyness. That boundary of time is like a protective fence around a garden, where we give ourselves freedom from intrusions to spend unhindered time with God. Preferably we’ll do this as early as possible in the morning, so we can lay the whole day before the Lord. And unlike a prayer place, I have never found benefit in changing my prayer time, so I highly recommend keeping it sacred, especially if we’re travelling or really busy. Whether short or long, this protective fence of a set time must be intentional, because no one else can do it for us.

6. What advice would you give to people who struggle with God when they pray?

True men and women of prayer will sometimes struggle in prayer, as did many figures in the Bible, like Jacob’s symbolic wrestling with the angel and Jesus’ wrestling over his fate in Gethsemane.

Like anyone else, I struggle with unanswered prayer or major decisions to do something by faith, when tragedy strikes, problems of injustice, and healings that take a lot longer than I’d like. The key is to keep struggling—don’t give up and too quickly assume something is God’s will before you know for sure. The angel commended Jacob for not giving up until he got a blessing. God the Father actually sent an angel to help Jesus wrestle in Gethsemane. Sometimes wrestling in prayer is God’s will for us.

Wrestling in prayer is actually a good thing. It draws us closer to God. And it changes us in the process. And that’s what most of us hope for!

Get your copy of Prayer Power today!

Well Friends, as I stated I plan on reading this book and hope to review it also. In fact, I've already begun reading.

Stay tuned for this week's Sat. Spotlight with prolific authors, KM Daughters!

Until later.....take care, be BLESSED and remember....prayer should be a two-way conversation with God.


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday Spotlight - Keena Kincaid

Please join me in welcoming back, Keena Kincaid with her book, Art of Love!

Keena grew up on an Ohio farm slightly to the left of nowhere and learned to read by picking words out of an old history book that vividly recounted the past through short stories centered on children of the age: The Grecian slave boy. The girl from Pompeii. The knight’s squire in England.

The stories stayed with her. After honing her writing skills as a newspaper reporter and editor, she switched to public relations and began writing fiction. When not working or writing romance, Keena regales her niece and nephews with stories of quick-thinking ladies, mathematically challenged knights, and ill-mannered dragons that chew with their mouths open.

Abigail d'Alene has been sinfully in love with learning all her life. Now a widow, she has the means and freedom to indulge in her passion. Pretending to be Abelard, a fifteen-year-old boy from an outlying village, she heads to the Latin Quarter of Paris and the abbey schools that will one day change the world.

Shocked by her ineptitude at masquerading as a boy, Alain of Huntly Woods takes the young “Abelard” under his protection until she recovers her sense and goes home. But her audacity, intelligence and refusal to compromise spark enough friction between them to burn through his cold logic and carefully laid plans. In Paris as a spy for Henry II, Alain has sold his soul to the Angevin devil in exchange for the king's promise of an heiress, land and power.

As his good intentions bring him unexpected passion, he struggles to find a way to have it all. Then he discovers Abigail's uncle, confessor to King Louis VII of France, plots against the English king, and Alain must choose between protecting his king or the woman he loves beyond all reason.

Abigail blinked against the cold, sickly morning that invaded the room. Frost coated the broken windowpane, and a draft eased its way inside, as unwanted as the dawn. The air that bit at her cheek smelled faintly of smoke. Pulling the blanket over her face, she burrowed into the solid warmth beside her. It shifted slightly, threw an arm around her waist and pulled her against hot skin and solid muscles.

Abigail jerked fully awake. Her stomach pitched as she remembered where she was, who she was with, and what they had done. Mon Dieu, what was I thinking? Lifting Alain’s hand from her waist, she edged away from his embrace and sat up. The frigid air rushed over her shoulders, shocking her skin. A sleepy groan sounded to her left, and the arm returned to her waist.

“Good morrow,”€ Alain said in a raw voice. He blinked at her with a warm, sleepy expression that invited her to repeat last night. “How did you sleep?”

Something in her voice erased the easy smile. Slightly more awake, he propped himself up on an elbow. The left side of his face was bruised, marred by the cut and traces of blue paste.

She looked at the wall behind the headboard, then at him. His intense silver gaze never left her face. “Abigail?”

“Nothing. Everything.”€ Her stomach knotted and twisted. She had a lover. She’d never had a lover before, and now she had one. She had no idea what that meant or why her thoughts kept tripping over hidden fears that this would end badly. Maybe not banished to a convent badly, but badly all the same. “We should not have done this,” she whispered, barely aware that she spoke as her mind tried to catch the supple fright that congealed her blood. “What were we thinking?”

“Thinking does not accompany passion if you do it right.” He sat up and raked a hand through his tangles. The blanket pooled around his hips. He was naked. As was she, she realized. His gaze felt like a beam of light on her bare body, exposing legs, breasts, and belly. She reached for the blanket, still soaked with his heat. “Really, Abigail, there is no need to blush like a virgin.” His eyes went from warm to icy. “Obviously, we have both done this before.”

ART OF LOVE (ISBN: 1-60154-381-6) is available in both print and e-book formats from The Wild Rose Press, Amazon and other booksellers. €

Hope you've enjoyed this week's Spotlight - check back next week for another special guest!

Until later....take care, Be Blessed and remember.....the power of life and death are in the tongue....what are you saying?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Churchmouse Publications

Hi Again, Friends!

Hope all is well in your world.

Every now and then I come across or get directed to a place of interest for readers and writers. Today I'd like to tell you about Churchmouse Publications.

Churchmouse Publications, LLC is a web-based publishing syndicate created to serve the Christian community. A syndicate is an agency that is granted the license to market features from producers (artists, authors, creators, illustrators and photographers) and to distribute them for simultaneous publication in various media formats. They offer features to patrons, nationally and internationally, in real-time downloads for bulletins, newsletters, etc.

I'm happy and pleased to announce that I, too, am a producer for Churchmouse Publications, though I only have 1 feature available at this time, I hope to provide more content for use to pastors and ministries around the world!

If you're a writer of Christian material, this is an excellent opportunity to get some of your work out there. If you're a pastor or church member in charge of the weekly/monthly newsletter and/or bulletin, Churchmouse is a wonderful resource for fresh, innovative content!

Churchmouse Publications is listed in the "Areas of Interest" section in my sidebar.

Guess that's about it for now.

Until later....take care, be Blessed and remember....the Word of God contains the divine energy of God to change your world.

Pamela S Thibodeaux
Inspirational with an Edge!" TM

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday Spotlight - Christy French

Hello Again!

Christy French joins us one more time with her book, The Bodyguard and the Rock Star
Born and raised in the South, award winning, internationally published author and poet Christy Tillery French loves to write about quirky Southern women and has published six books to date: Chasing Horses, Wayne's Dead, Chasing Demons, The Bodyguard, The Bodyguard and the Show Dog, Book 2 of the Bodyguard Series, and The Bodyguard and the Rock Star, Book 3 of the Bodyguard Series. Chasing Secrets will be published 10/08. French resides on a mini-farm in Powell, TN, with her husband, four dogs and two cats. Avid boaters, she and her husband are restoring a 1965 47’ wooden Trojan Cabin Cruiser. In addition, Christy enjoys working in her flowerbeds and vegetable gardens, horseback riding, camping and, of course, reading. She is a volunteer with Wolf Creek Weimaraner Rescue and donates proceeds from her book sales to this group as well as the local animal shelter. She is a member of Romance Writers of America, Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, the Guppies and Tennessee Mountain Writers.
Protection specialist Natasha Chamberlain thinks guarding popular English rock star Giki during a tour of the Southern states will be easy and loads of fun, but she couldn’t be more wrong. In no time at all, she finds herself bogged down in Giki’s crazy world of sex, drugs, shoplifting and an uncontrollable sweet tooth. If that's not bad enough, Giki is being hunted by a ruthless cyber-stalker intent on putting an end to her career.
When Natasha is shot after the first concert, her fiancé, Jonce Striker, steps in. Determined to keep Natasha safe, he sends his best men, Pitt and Bigun, to watch over her. Striker wants Natasha to marry him and give up her dangerous line of work, but he's having trouble convincing her of that fact.

Natasha's torn between her love for Striker and her desire to do her job. Will she give in to Striker’s demands and forget about her profession? Or will she stay with Giki and do whatever it takes to protect her? The choice is obvious to Natasha, but will she live to regret it?

EXCERPT: Fragrant flowers pelted the clustered group as they made their way toward the idling bus. Behind wooden barriers, fans chanted, “Giki,” the name of the rock star they had paid precious dollars to watch perform that night’s concert. Natasha walked close to the rock star, her eyes scanning all directions in search of potential threats to her client. She fought the urge to duck her head, hoping any roses thrown would be thornless. Although the screaming voices conveyed frenzy, the crowd remained behind the posted barricade, and Natasha allowed herself a moment’s relief. So far, the concert had gone smoothly and it looked like this gig was going to be not only easy, but fun.

White, cottony fabric smacked into her face, entangled in her hair and around her neck. Natasha peeled it away, trying not to breathe in. What was that smell? Bile rose in her throat when she realized she held a large pair of men’s jockeys in her hands. With a shriek, she dropped the underwear and swiped her face with her jacket sleeve, making phhht noises with her mouth. She froze when she noticed the others stuttering to a halt—watching her. This was not how a professional bodyguard reacted. She should be ready for anything.

“Keep moving.” Natasha gestured for the group to close rank, continue onward. She thrust out one hand as she strode along. “Somebody give me some liquor.” A silver flask slapped into her palm. She unscrewed the top, tilted her head back, and splashed the contents of the phial over her face. She held her breath to keep from inhaling the fumes as the sour odor of whiskey wafted over her. Damn, as potent as this stuff smelled, it had to have some heavy alcohol content, should kill any living germs. She poured the brown liquid on her hands and scrubbed her lips with her fingers. She swallowed hard, her stomach churning at the thought of what might have been on the underwear. No way was she going to do such a sissy-ass thing as throw up. A bodyguard never displayed weakness in front of others. She shoved the flask in her jacket pocket and picked up her pace.

Heat pierced her thigh a fraction of a second before a loud pop sounded nearby. Her leg gave way beneath her and she lurched to the side. She reached out to steady herself, locked onto Giki’s arm. The rock star stumbled and both went down, Natasha landing on top.

Warm fluid trickled down Natasha’s leg, pain flared along her thigh. Her hand explored her jeans, where a jagged hole oozed blood. Shock surged through her body like a jolt of electricity. She needed to get Giki out of here—now! The hard, rigid feel of her firearm as she pulled it free helped calm her rising panic. She struggled to stand, forcing her leg to move, and bit down hard on the inside of her cheek when the world began to tilt beneath her. The coppery taste of blood filled her mouth, but it worked: images sharpened and her mind cleared. Using her body as a shield, she helped Giki to her feet.

One hand gripped her gun pointed at the ground, the other clutched Giki’s arm. “Move.” Cameras strobed in the darkness, fans converged on them in a rush. “Now!” She pushed Giki toward the bus.

Once inside, Natasha collapsed on the floor. Her eyes could not maintain focus—a buzzing sound filled her head. A man yelled, “Call 911,” his voice bleeding pitch, fading away. Blackness descended over her, as dark and impenetrable as an executioner’s hood.
Looks like another winning story from Christy! Find out more information about Christy and her writing at http://www.christytilleryfrench.com/ or www.authorsden.com/christytfrench

Well folks, that wraps up another Saturday Spotlight! Join me again next week when Keena Kincaid visits again!
Until later....take care and be Blessed!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Just a little note.....

Not much going on in my world, Friends. I have a whole month of wonderful guests scheduled for Saturday Spotlight, 1 VBT, and a couple of events myself - which I'll tell you about in a minute - but other than that, SOS LOL!

I managed to get past the 10K wordcount mark on my Hearts Crossing contest entry so hopefully I'll get more done and stay on schedule to enter. If not at least I have the makings of a pretty good story (if I may say so myself) :-)

IMW, author David Golden asked me to pass along a note to those of you who commented on his spotlight since he doesn't have the ability to do so - First he'd like to THANK everyone who read and/or commented - his trip to Idaho was wonderful and he met not only very interesting people, but contacts who may be able to help with getting his books in front of commercial publishers! The book signing went well also, and he came back to Louisiana with new friends and fans.

~ Congratulations David; may God bless your endeavors.

Currently my interview is up at White Rose Publishing Blog. Tomorrow I'll be over at fellow author, Emma Lai's blog; on the 22nd I'll be at the Iowa Arts & Craft festival - Iowa, Louisiana that is. If you're in the area, stop by the community center and check it out.

Oh, and don't forget, ALL of my titles are on sale! Check my website for details.

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday Spotlight - Ilona Fridl!

Hello Again!

Today's guest is Ilona Fridl with her brand new release, Silver Screen Heroes!

Ilona Fridl was born in West Hollywood, California, where she developed an interest in the movie industry. 'Silver Screen Heroes' came to be from her love of silent movies. When she was in her twenties, she moved to Wisconsin where she lives now. She always had a love of writing, but a hatred of typewriters, so she started writing when she got her first computer. She sold short stories to magazines, but always dreamed of selling a novel. She credits her family and friends as her biggest cheerleaders. Visit Ilona @ her website.

What happens when a motion picture studio in 1920 is taken over by a crime family? Addy and Zeke, a stunt double and a director's assistant, work with the police to bring the gangsters to justice. But Addy's cousin has married into the crime family. When Addy is given a key to bring down the family and the studio, will she use it?

They carefully made their way to the double doors of the warehouse and found them unlocked. The building was cavernous in its darkness. The light from the office area seemed farther away than it did in the daytime, but they could hear a lot of noise coming from that end of the building, like things were being thrown around, and angry voices yelling. Addy couldn’t make out what was being said.

Suddenly they heard what sounded like a gunshot.

Zeke pushed Addy down behind a crate and leaned toward her to whisper, “Stay there! I’m going to call the police.” He slipped over to the shipping clerk’s desk and jiggled the cradle on the tall thin telephone before he held the receiver to his ear and spoke in a low voice. “Operator, get me the police.” After a pause, he continued, “This is Zeke Shafer. There is some sort of disturbance at the shipping department here at Majestic Motion Pictures. It sounded like a gun was fired in the office area. Hurry.”

There were sounds of running from the far end of the warehouse. “I heard a voice over there,” a man called out. Another shot rang out, closer this time, and Zeke dove under the desk.

“It ain’t here, let’s go,” said a voice, gruffer than the other. “If you know what’s good for you, you’ll stay down until we’re gone,” he called toward the clerk’s desk where Zeke hid. Addy tried to get a look at them as they left by way of the dock door, but it was too dark.

“Zeke, I’m going to check on Mr. Leman!”

“Addy! Come back! Those guys might still be around.” Zeke glanced around the warehouse. “I’m coming with you. The police should be here soon.”

She gasped as she entered the office. It was strewn with the contents of all the drawers, cabinets and shelves. To her horror, she found Mr. Leman on the floor, a bloody pool growing beneath him. He moaned and both young people dropped down beside him, and at the same moment they heard several automobiles stop outside.

Zeke jumped up. “That must be the police! I’ll go get them.”

Silver Screen Heroes is available NOW! from The Wild Rose Press.

Okay folks, you've met two brand new authors here this week. Hope you've had as much fun as I!

Join me next week for another edition of Saturday Spotlight.

Until then....take care and may God Bless and keep you -and yours - in the palm of His mighty hand!

Pamela S Thibodeaux
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