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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday Spotlight - Rebecca J Vickery

Good Morning!

Please welcome back to our spotlight, Rebecca J Vickery with her book, Seeking Shelter.

Bio: Rebecca J. Vickery has been married to the same very patient man for 34 years and has one son and three wonderful grandchildren. She began reading and writing at an early age and thought she had died and gone to Heaven when she started school and found the library with all those wonderful books to read. Since then it has been her dream to entertain and inform others with the written word.

Western romantic mystery with an Inspirational twist...

Brigham Montgomery buys a rogue stallion and a world of trouble. Being the boss of a working ranch isn't easy either.

Loss and fear sends Kat to South Dakota searching for the one friend she has left in the world - a special horse - a horse someone wants dead.

A stable fire, gunshots, and two greedy men bring Brig and Kat together in a way neither would ever imagine.

Rebecca J. Vickery

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Not Much Going on in My World....

Good Morning Friends,

Just wanted to drop in and THANK you ALL for being my friend.

Not much new going on in my world....still waiting on edits on from Five Star on The Visionary, still in TN spending time with my friend Penney and doing a little bookkeeping job, still missing my friends at the Silver Spur Guest Ranch - hopefully will be back there soon.

If you're in the SW LA/SE TX area and looking to attend a writer's conference, come to the Bayou Writer's annual Bridge to Publication conference ~ we've got a great lineup of speakers! Get details at our website.

Well, as I said, not much else going on right now...check back Saturday when our spotlight is on Rebecca Vickery!

Until later, take care & be blessed!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday Spotlight - Laura Shinn

Good Morning from Nashville, TN!

Yep, I'm on the road again but this time in Nashville, TN - working of course :-)

Today please welcome back to our spotlight, Laura Shinn with Nightlife - a vampire romance anthology.

First, a little about Laura in her own words.....

My writing didn't truly begin until I became a junior in high school. A friend encouraged me to write a short story, like the one he was writing, and I gave it a shot. It was a spin-off between Mork and Mindy and Star Wars. Needless to say, my first attempt was pretty bad. I love to read and the desire to write comes to me daily. New ideas for novels pop into my head at the most inconvenient times, in the shower and while driving my car (Oops! You didn't read that one...). The idea that you can create a magical or mysterious world with only the touch of your fingers to a keyboard delights me.
Author, LAURA SHINN has created two worlds where hidden creatures live among the mortals they rely upon for their existence.

A Light in the Darkness
Thaddeus, the oldest and strongest of the vampyre, has become a masterful killer…and is after Mirianne. She alone is the key to breaking the curse surrounding him. Once broken, Theodore will finally be able to put an end to Thaddeus’ madness. Winning Mirianne’s heart, though, would not be easy. For thousands of years Theo has watched over her, protected her, hungered for her…waiting for the day when she would agree to be the light within his dark world.
Out of the Night  A woman of innocence, Spring has vowed to never hurt a fly...even though she's a vampire. Jim is amazed by Spring's love of life and her unwavering honesty. But his four year old daughter must be his first concern, although he's drawn to Spring's charm and her irresistible sensuality. Will their passionate love survive the nightmare of a rogue vampire? The one that's after his baby girl…

To view more of Laura Shinn’s works or cover designs, visit: http://www.laurashinn.com/

This novel available at Amazon.com and Smashwords!

That's our spotlight for today, stay tuned for more great authors and their books!

Until later....take care & be blessed!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Verdict is In.....

Hey Friends,

Well, I got word from my editor Friday (9/10) on which publicity photo she liked best - and the editor's pick is ....

My personal favorite too!

So I'll be updating all of my sites with the new photo ASAHP.

Thanks again to EVERYONE who voted!


Monday, September 13, 2010

Two New Releases from White Rose Publishing!

Hey Friends,

Well, I've fallen behind on posting as usual - aarrggghhh - but here I am and today I'd like to mention TWO new releases from White Rose Publishing!

First is Hearts Surrender by Marianne Evans.....

White Rose Publishing said, "When we published the winning story of the Hearts Crossing contest we never dreamed the hit story would become a complete series...but here we are, happy to release Hearts Surrender, Book 2 in the Woodland Series. Come learn what happens at Woodland Church when Daveny's best friend, Kiara, falls in love with Pastor Ken."

BLURB: Kiara Jordan is a sophisticated modernista, but beneath an engaging personality and super-model looks, her heart hungers, and she longs for deeper meaning in her life.

Ken Lucerne is the charismatic young pastor of Woodland Church; he's adjusting to life as a widower and copes by keeping as busy as possible with his parish and missionary work.

A home-building mission in Pennsylvania brings them together, and forces them to look hard and deep at the relationship they share, and where God means for it to go. Already bound by mutual respect and caring, love dawns, a love that takes them to a life-point neither would have expected.

After all, can a chic, vivacious woman find fulfillment within the quiet, mission-centered life of a clergyman? Can they trust God's hand strongly enough to surrender their hearts to one another...forever?

Hearts Surrender is available NOW from White Rose Publishing!

Next up is Redeeming Daisy - another Martin family romace from Hearts Crossing Ranch - by Tanya Hanson!

Veterinarian rancher Pike Martin has no choice but to advise putting down Daisy Denmore’s fatally ill dog, but she swears it's revenge for her mistreatment of Pike's brother years ago. Although stung by her insult at his professionalism, Pike finds himself drawn to the troubled woman who flounders in faith and aches for love and acceptance.

Costly mistakes have sent Daisy down an unrighteous path. Abandoned by her ex-husband, humiliated and broke, she has no choice but to return to her parents’ home in Mountain Cove, Colorado. As soon as she saves enough money, though, she'll be gone. Until Pike Martin's soft voice, caring manner, and downright empathy for her wounds tempt her to stay.

With God on his side, can Pike help Daisy along the path to forgiveness, trust, and whole-hearted love?

Redeeming Daisy is available NOW at White Rose Publishing.

Wow! Bet the powers that be at WRP never realized what a HIT the "Hearts Crossing" contest would be and how many wonderful stories would come out of it.

Well friends, hope you enjoy finding out about these new releases - can't have too much romance LOL!

Until later...take care & be blessed!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday Spotlight - Elaine Hopper

Good Morning Friends,

Well life is crazy as usual LOL! I returned from Bandera on Wednesday and haven't stopped yet. But that's what makes life interesting.

Today please welcome to our spotlight, Elaine Hopper with her book Always a Bridesmaid from The Wild Rose Press.

Bio: Elaine Hopper knew she was a writer and hopeful romantic since she was six. She didn’t know which she wanted more – to be a reporter like Lois Lane or to steal Superman from Lois Lane. The only thing she wanted to be other than a journalist was an astronaut. Instead she grew up to be a customer service manager, romance writer, and kid and cat wrangler.

Hell has finally frozen over. After nine long years, Breanna Parker has come home to be her sister's maid of honor. Just her luck that the first person she runs into is her ex-fiance, Troy Youngwolf—the man who eloped with her ex-best friend and broke her heart. Now a widowed father and sheriff of their Florida home town, sexy bad boy Troy wants another chance and won't take no for an answer. However, every time Breanna looks at Troy or his little girl, her heart breaks anew. She can hardly wait for her sister to get hitched so she can escape back to her urban family in Ft. Lauderdale. The risk is too high that Troy may discover her most closely held secret, one with the potential to destroy them both…perhaps this time forever.

Excerpt: Impatience bludgeoned Troy and he turned away from the glaring sun streaming in through the high windows. He hated having to ask Bree for a favor, especially one of this magnitude.

“This is Breanna.”

Sunshine brighter than the morning outside showered in Breanna’s voice. Muted chatter and mooing cattle filled in the background. “Troy here. I need you…” Damn! He hadn’t meant to use those precise words. He scowled then blundered on, “This is an emergency.”

“Uh huh.” Her flat tone barely cascaded through the wire. “What type of emergency now? Sierra can’t be in jail as she’s here with me. Another rabid clown get loose in your fair town, Sheriff? That’s Sierra’s department so you’d best take it up with her.”

“No!” He hadn’t meant to raise his voice. “It’s not the blasted clowns this time. I need your help. And my name’s Troy. You remember.”

“How could I possibly help? You keep reminding me.”

Dread mixed with curiosity in her silky voice. He hated that she’d become so wary, as if she expected him to hurt her at every turn. Funny. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? “Can you come work for me right away? All my office staff is gone and I can’t man the station by myself.” After a long pause, he swallowed hard. “Please, Bree. I’ll owe you big time. I can’t do it alone. I really need you.” Another long pause almost killed him.

“I don’t know. We were just on our way to a fitting. I’m here to help Sierra with her wedding. We still have a lot of things to get done.”

“Tell him you can. Last time I checked. I’m a big girl. Go!”

Sierra’s voice drifted to him and he couldn’t help but crack a grin. Then he heard Breanna snap, “Traitor!”

“I wouldn’t ask if I weren’t desperate.” The minute the words were out, he groaned inwardly.

Again he’d said the wrong thing. Breanna would either think he hated her or that he couldn’t live without her. Neither would settle well. And neither was true, but pigheaded as she was, he’d never convince her otherwise.

“How long?”

Always a Bridesmaid is available now from The Wild Rose Press!

Find out more about Elaine by visiting her blog and follow her on twitter!

Hope you enjoyed this Saturday Spotlight - check back next week for another great author and book!

Until later...take care & be blessed!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday Spotlight - M. Flagg

Good Morning Friends,

Well things are busy, busy here at the Silver Spur Guest Ranch and with the Celebrate Bandera festival underway, I'm having a blast!

Today our spotlight is on M. Flagg with her book, Consequences.

Passion sharpens one’s creative edge and fractured life-events change everyone. Believe me, I’ve had my share. So I sat down and wrote a book. Born and raised in northern New Jersey, my first nineteen years of life were spent in my father’s florist shop. This makes me an original flower-child before the 1960s began! When Mom purchased a piano for my sister, my destiny was revealed.

After earning a BA in Music Education, love for learning led me to RADA in London to study acting. I have an MA in teaching, Supervisor Certification, and an M. Ed. in Educational Leadership. Although tempted, the doctorate is on hold at the moment. In 2009, I received the title of Distinguished Music Educator at the Yale University Music Symposium.

During intense coursework for the second masters, I wrote many journals and educational essays. This led to being a contributing author in a book about music education in urban schools. And when my life changed again, I took a trip into the paranormal to pen Retribution! Consequences followed shortly thereafter, and Inheritance is now under contract. My children, Richard and Kara, my sister, Linda, and supportive friends continue to encourage the dramatic story teller within me.

Consequences: The Champion Chronicles: Book Two by M. Flagg

Every action has a consequence. And some are harder to face than others. A mystically enhanced vampire survives the wrath of three evil sorcerers. Rescued by Alana Ciminio, a Guardian of Souls, as well as many members of the Georgian Circle, Michael Malone is taken to Portofino for an unprecedented healing. When brought to consciousness, nothing in Michael’s undead life is familiar. Unwilling to face what he’s done, he doggedly rails against every essential truth until he is forced to accept his actions. His dream of survival had revealed every deep desire. As the most difficult part of this journey begins, he realizes his destiny is with Alana and his troubled mortal son. Salvation lies in their unconditional love. And Michael’s road to redemption will lead to a destination never thought possible—by him or anyone else.
The faintest utterance of “Michael, my love—” sounded less than a breath away.

At once, he met her gaze, the most alluring woman in the world. Without a doubt, he knew he loved her. Through sad streams of tears she stared, and then, steady, determined, she crawled across the soft mattress and came to him. He welcomed the delicate arms that held him to her warm breast with tenderness. Her touch promised more than comfort, and unexpected tears spilled from his eyes.

Who is she? Does she love me, and I love her?

Puzzling images exploded in his brain. None made sense. Gentle kisses graced his hair, her surging heartbeat pounded against his ear. He had to look, to drink in her beauty and affection. Soft hands held his face as he gazed into large, hazel eyes full of worry. And in that instant, their souls were lost in silent reverie. For her, he had immeasurable need.

Boldly, she kissed his parched lips, his bruised eyelids as if consumed with gratitude that he had awakened. An elderly woman placed a caring hand on her shoulder.

She looked away for a brief moment before whispering, “Thank God you know my touch. No one’s going to hurt you.”

Her hushed voice consumed him, and she seemed unwilling to let him go.

“Why does your presence ease me? I swear this: I know your soul to be joined to mine. But I know not your name.”

“Alana. My name’s Alana.”

“Ah-la-nah.” Each soft vowel a gentle sigh… Passionate desires sparked within. “Are you my Guardian Angel, sent to rescue me from this madness?”

The beautiful woman’s almond-shaped eyes filled again.

“Something like that. Please, Michael. Rest. You’re safe.”

She let go, and gently, his back met soft pillows. A petite woman with short auburn hair approached. Dressed as oddly as his lady, she gave a sweet smile and took Alana’s hand. He studied the elderly woman as well as the Sisters standing around the bed. Memorizing every facet of the woman he knew he loved, she now sat in the far corner of this mysterious room.

Consequences is available now from The Wild Rose Press!
Find out more about M. Flagg and her writing by visiting her website: http://mflagg-author.com/

Well friends, hope you enjoy this spotlight. Stay tuned weekly for more great authors and their books!

IMW...take care & be blessed.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Publicity Photo

Hello Friends,

Well I'm back in Bander at the Silver Spur and it's sssooo good to be here! In case you missed it, I put a poll up here last week and asked all of my friends, family & reader fans to help me update my publicity photo by voting on their favorite.

I'd like to THANK everyone who participated as I venture to update my publicity shot for my new novel, The Visionary which is contracted by Five Star Expressions with the tentative release date of Nov. 2011.

The most popular photo was #2 with an overwhelming 60% of the vote whereas my personal favorite (#3) only received 16% - oh well, the publisher has the final say in the matter so I sent both to the editor. I'll keep you posted on what they decide then I'll be updating all of my sites with the new photo.

#2                                                           #3

That's about all for now. Be sure and check back Saturday when the Spotlight shines on M. Flagg.

Until later....take care & be blessed!