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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Special Spotlight - Kim Watters!

Hello Again Friends,

Well this may come as a surprise to you, but I goofed (oh my!) LOL!

Yep, my friend and fellow author, Kim Watters had June 20th as her Sat. Spotlight date and I didn't. :-(

Oh well, lucky for me, Kim is an understanding soul and agreed to this SPECIAL Spotlight on her brand new release, Scales of Love.
But first, here's a little about Kim in her own words.....At twelve years old, I fell in love with romance after I borrowed a romance novel from my older sister's bookshelf. An avid reader, I was soon hooked on the happily-ever-after endings. for years, I dreamt of writing my own romance novel, but I never seemed to have the time until I relocated to a small town in Arizona where there are no sidewalks or public transportation and the cowboys still ride their horses to the bars. The wide-open spaces of Arizona gave me the inspiration to begin to write. The rest, as they say, is history.

Now about Scales of Love.....

Blurb: All Rachel Haskin wants is one good man who will accept her and her menagerie of unusual and cold-blooded pets. When her cousin sets her up on a blind date, will her ideal for perfect husband material be fulfilled by Seth Armstrong, or will he just be another one date catastrophe in the making?

“I’m Frank. Come here often?" The man inched closer, invading her space with his cheap, musky cologne. The section of combed-over, gray hair barely hid his baldness.

“Every Wednesday afternoon for the rest of the summer." With a smirk, she pulled her own business card from the pocket of her black performing jacket and tilted her head. “Rachel Haskin."

Not willing to waste her time on any more losers who couldn’t handle her profession, Rachel put her card in Frank’s beefy paw. She pointed toward the easel with her picture and her favorite pet, Humphrey, on the poster board at the entrance to the restaurant. “If you’re not busy at 1:30, why don’t you stop on by? I’m in the Saguaro Room." Rachel gave him an overly sweet smile and waited, watching his expression.

Here we go.

The man didn’t disappoint her. A sheen of sweat paraded across his forehead as he raised his eyebrows. His mouth formed a perfect O and his eyes widened. He refused to meet her gaze.
And in three…two…one.

With a snap, her card landed on the wood bar next to her deserted plate. “Excuse me. I think I see someone I know." A dazed Frank didn’t even bother to retrieve his own card before he escaped past a family of Japanese tourists standing near the atrium.

“Don't forget…1:30.”

Oh my, from that cover I doubt I'd like -much less LOVE- Rachel's pet either LOL! Sound like an interesting read though.

Scales of Love is on sale now along with Kim's other titles from The Wild Rose Press!

Well Friends, hope you enjoyed this special spotlight. Remember to check back EVERY week for a new guest on Saturday Spotlight.

Unitl I see you again....Be BLESSED!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday Spotlight - Liana Laverentz!

Hello Friends,

Please welcome back Liana Laverentz with her brand new release, Ashton's Secret!
From the moment he'd caught her snooping in the loft of his barn-turned-garage, Meghan Edwards knew Nicholas Hawkinson was the man she’d been looking for. Given his unfriendly attitude, unshaven face and the Harley hidden in the shadows, she was willing to bet this was the man her sister Heather had referred to as Hawk. But would this dark, secretive stranger help her solve the mystery of her sister's death?

Nicholas Hawkinson wanted nothing to do with the city-girl photographer who asked too many questions. He'd had his share of trouble five years ago when the people of Ashton had been so quick to accuse him of murdering Heather. The townsfolk still considered him the town's black sheep, a bad boy at best and a killer who got away with it at most. Both he and Meghan would be better off if they went their separate ways and never spoke of Heather again.

All of Ashton saw Nick as a dangerous man. But Meghan was trained to observe, and it didn’t take long to find the pain of betrayal and unexpected gentleness he hid behind his hard stare. Her sister was dead, and Meghan knew it wasn't suicide. So did Nick. Whether he liked it or not, he was the only one who could help her now. And Meghan wasn't leaving Ashton until she'd unraveled this sleepy little town's secret--or died trying.

"I think you'd better leave."

"I think you're right. But first--"

"I meant leave Ashton."

She was stunned; he was serious. “Is that before sundown or after?”

“The sooner the better, since I’m sure you’ve collected enough shots for a magazine layout in the last week and you can’t take pictures here.”

Meghan didn’t take kindly to the word, “can’t.” It hadn’t been in her vocabulary for the past four years. “Excuse me, but what makes you think I can’t take pictures of this property?”

He looked startled for a second, as if he wasn’t used to having his orders questioned, then said evenly, “If I understand the law, you need permission from the owner when you photograph property for publication.”

There were loopholes in his knowledge, ones she didn’t care to point out. She nodded. “Go on.”

“I’m not giving my permission.”

She widened her eyes innocently. “You own the whole town?”

He was not amused. “I own this property, as you well know. And you, are trespassing.”

So they were back to that again. Reluctantly, she confirmed her first impression of Nicholas Hawkinson: When provoked, he could be a dangerous man. Clearly he ached to speed her on her way, preferably by tossing her through that set of double doors. But his obvious capacity for restraint told her she was safe—as long as she didn’t push him too hard.

She tried a different tack. “I understand how you feel. I wouldn’t like it either if I found some stranger poking around my home. With a camera, no less. All I can say is I thought the place was deserted, and I couldn’t resist taking a look around.”

“In spite of being warned against it.”

She offered her most disarming smile. “I’m stubborn that way sometimes. But I am sorry for trespassing." She held out a hand. "If you’ll accept my apology, maybe we can start over.”

He ignored her outstretched hand. “I’m not interested in starting anything with you. Now leave.”

Meghan felt her cheeks flame, but held her tongue. Stepping past him with all the dignity of a diplomat's daughter, she retrieved her camera equipment. As she hefted the bag onto her shoulder, her gaze touched on the hanging pitchfork. She pictured Nicholas Hawkinson standing under it, her hand on the rope that released it. The image soothed her bruised ego.

She turned, smiling sweetly. “Thank you for your time. I’m staying—”

His dark eyes narrowed. “Good bye.”

“Of course. Good bye.” Making her way across the loft, Meghan descended the narrow wood steps into the dry, dusty garage. At the bottom of the steps, she paused. Hidden in a corner stood a half-covered motorcycle. She’d missed seeing it earlier, her attention focused on the steps leading to the loft. Her heat beat faster as she recalled a line from Heather’s letter.

He has a Harley, and takes me riding.

“He” was Hawk, the man Meghan needed to find. The man who could answer her questions about what Meghan had believed until a week ago to be an open and shut case of suicide.
Despite the coroner’s report and her mother’s firm conviction that her eldest daughter had killed herself, after reading Heather’s letter, Meghan couldn’t help but wonder if her sister’s death had been an accident.

Ashton's Secret is available now from The Wild Rose Press! To find out more about Liana and her work, visit her website and/or blog.

Whew, what a month!

Hope you've enjoyed the special guest along with our usual Saturday Spotlight and hope to see you back often!

As always....take care and Be Blessed!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Special Guest - Roni Adams!

Good Morning!

Please welcome Roni Adams back one more time with her upcoming release, Trouble in Texas, book 3 in the Double B series!

A fling with Charli Boyd would be the biggest mistake small town vet, Dr. Grant Clark could make, but as Charli explains “what fun is life if you don’t make a mistake every now and then?”

This wild, very hot and sexy read follows the antics of the redheaded Charli Boyd as she attempts to convince Grant Clark that life can’t always be about work; you need to live a little too, but will it actually be “good time” Charli who ends up losing her heart this time?

Excerpt: “I’m Charli.”

Grant felt like he’d been sucker punched. This vixen, the one who hit on him last night, was going to be in his office every day—looking like that—for six long weeks. But even worse was the sudden fast realization that not only was Beth’s friend supposed to help in the office but she was also the bridesmaid partnered with him for this weekend’s wedding. “You’re Charli Boyd?”

The red head smiled and wiggled her eyebrows. “In the flesh.”

“Do you always pick up strangers in bars?”

Charli set down the folders she was carrying and picked up his coffee mug. She took a long drink and handed it to him. Her fingers brushed his as he automatically reached for it. A spicy scent drifted to him and she looked him in the eye. “You’re not a stranger and I didn’t pick you up because you ran away.”

Grant couldn’t stop watching the way her hips swayed with her filing. He took a long drink of his coffee. She knew who he was last night. She’d been playing games. But why? To see how far she could push him?

“My helping out in the office isn’t going to be a problem, is it?” She turned and faced him as if shocked that it would even be a concern.

Yes it was a problem! How was he supposed to get any work done if she was bent over his filing cabinet in those tight shorts? And where were her shoes? Why did her red tipped toes look so sexy? No way could he focus on his job with this siren here.

“Actually, um, yeah it’s a problem. No offense, Trouble, er, Ms. Boyd, but I was hoping for someone a little less, well--” He ran his hand along the back of his neck trying to find the right words.

Her eyes lit up and she glided across the room to his side. It took every inch of willpower he possessed not to back away from her as she advanced on him.

“Are you saying you can’t control yourself around me? You certainly had no trouble resisting me last night.” Her hands found their way to the front of his t-shirt and splayed across his chest. She lifted one long finger and traced the curve of his bottom lip. Her body was close enough that he could smell her perfume and feel her heat but not feel anything else. It was frustrating and stimulating at the same time.

“I have a lot of work to do. I’m very busy and I don’t like distractions.” He hated that his voice almost cracked making him sound whiney.

She was close to the same height as he was and she lifted her elbow and rested it on his shoulder. Grant drew a deep breath and tried not to notice her roundness nestled against him.

Her eyes danced with delight. “I’m sure you can keep things professional.”

“It’s not me I’m worried about.”

She threw her head back and laughed and pushed away from him. “What if I promise to not chase you around the office?”

Grant stepped behind his desk as if it was a shield.

Charli lifted one hip and settled on the edge and crossed her legs. She swung her foot and his gaze caught on her aquamarine toe ring. Who the heck wore rings on their toes?

Sounds like trouble all right LOL! Trouble in Texas will be released in July. Along with her Double B series, Roni is the author of Not Exactly Strangers, a FREE READ from The Wild Rose Press. She also has stories in 3 anthologies - also from The Wild Rose Press. Find out about ALL of her books at her website, http://roniadams.com/

Well folks, hope you've enjoyed my special guest this month. Don't forget to drop by every Saturday to learn about another great author!

Until later....take care and Be Blessed!

Pamela S Thibodeaux
"Inspirational with an Edge!" TM

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Book Review - Mothers of the Bible Speak to Mothers of Today

Hello Friends,

On May 13th I hosted this lovely book on virtual tour and now I'd like to share with you my thoughts......

As much as I've read the Bible, I've never thought to delve into the hearts and minds of the characters within.

Ms. Macias has done a beautiful job in searching the hearts and minds of the women from whom all mothers come in this interesting and thought provoking book. Mothers of the Bible Speak to Mothers of Today is a lovely example of the wisdom and direction that can be only gleaned from the Source of all life.

If you are a mother or want to bless someone who is, Mothers of the Bible is the perfect way to do so!

Pamela S Thibodeaux
"Inspirational with an Edge!"

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday Spotlight - Hwyela Lyn!

Hwyela Lyn hails from across the ocean in a small town in England. She writes fantasy and futuristic romance. Today she's here to talk about her latest release, Children of the Mist.

Two minds united against a common foe. Two hearts afraid to show their love: Long ago Tamarith fell in love with a man she can never have, and is convinced she will never love another. However, she cannot help but be intrigued by a handsome stranger whose psychic powers exceed even her own. Vidarh seeks only to find his true purpose in life and to win the regard of his father, who eschews his son’s psychic abilities. Thrown together by a common threat to their planet, then torn apart by an evil greater than any they could have imagined, can Vidarh save the lovely Nifl woman who has captivated him, before it is too late? Will Tamarith and Vidarh overcome the deadly enemy who threatens to destroy all they know and love? Will they find the happiness they both seek? Or are they fated to live their lives alone?

Tamarith stopped and gazed for a moment across the water. The G-type sun, now fully risen, caused the lake to shimmer like a veil of golden silk, with scarcely a ripple disturbing its calm. The pastel-colored walls of the graceful buildings on the shore reflected the glow of both suns. In the distance, the mountains encircling the settlement reached high into the cerulean sky. The swirling mist that hid their summits was as much a part of Niflheim as the earth upon which she and Vidarh stood.

She sensed his mind discreetly touch hers and realized he was staring at her keenly. She turned back to face him, returning his questioning glance and studying him in turn. Taller than average, and broad-shouldered, today he wore a sleeveless, belted leather shirt over thick breeches, with long, icecat-wool lined boots. His upper arms were well muscled, his skin tanned as if he were used to working outdoors. His curly, dark auburn hair, kept away from his face with a plain leather band, reached almost to his shoulders.It caught the sun’s rays and gleamed like the polished dark red wood of the trees that flanked the feet of the mountains.

She took in his clear, hazel eyes, with their friendly twinkle, the long, straight nose, strong jaw line and smiling mouth. He would have been fighting off the local unattached young women if the situation they found themselves in were not so serious. Not that she was particularly interested in his looks, or those of any other man, for that matter.

No, something else about Vidarh of Ragnak excited her curiosity.

Along with here other books, Children of the Mist is available now from The Wild Rose Press!Find out more about Hwyela by visiting her website and/or blog.

Well Friends, that wraps up another edition of Saturday Spotlight. Hope to see you again next week!

Until next time....Be Blessed!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Special Guest - Roni Adams!

Roni returns this week to talk about book 2 in the Double B series, The Cowboy Comes Home.

They say you can never go home again. Tyler Weston is hoping that's not true. Two years ago he thought he wanted freedom and to be as far away from Sweet Meadow, Texas as he could get. He left behind his family's ranch, his brothers and his childhood sweetheart, Beth Sampson. Now he's home for the holidays, but he's hoping to make it a permanent move. Will he be able to mend the hurts he's caused especially with Beth or has she grown up and gotten completely over him?

Beth Sampson thought her world was ending when Tyler left her. He didn't even have the decency to face her and break up, he just left with no word. Its taken her this long to even begin to think about living again and now he's back for the holidays. Her only defense is to pretend indifference until he leaves again. The holidays can't go by fast enough for her. She needs him out of sight before she makes a complete fool of herself. What kind of woman loves a man who leaves like that?

Excerpt: "Dance with me.” Tyler’s words weren’t a question, but they weren’t quite a command either. She could have refused, should have refused, yet she let him lead her to the dance floor.

He turned her to face him and her brain screamed its refusal even as her hand settled into his palm.

When he folded her in his arms, her mutinous body soaked him in like a sponge. The song, a familiar tune about being home for Christmas, was way too fitting. She took a deep breath and then another. I can do this. She’d danced with Tyler and only Tyler for most of her life; of course it would be as natural as taking a breath.

Dancing with him was different than before, though. His body had changed, harder, more muscular. He was completely unfamiliar to her, and yet, she still tingled everywhere he touched. There was a time when she knew every inch of every bit of the skin on his bones. Now he was a stranger. How could this be? How could a relationship that had been so strong and solid since they were children turn into this?

She focused on a spot on his dark shirt instead, pulling herself out of her disturbing thoughts. “You’re in Abilene, then? How’s that working out?”

“Good,” he said shortly.

His scent drifted to her nostrils. He still wore the cologne she’d always bought him. The smell wrapped around her like an old quilt on a cold night. A strange sensation flowed through her, as if she was a plant that hadn’t been watered in way too long and slowly came back to life with a good dousing. She struggled against the urge to drop her head to his chest and snuggle in.

“You’ve cut your hair.” His large hand covered the middle of her back and slid up as if remembering where the thick blond mane used to hang.

She didn’t miss the disapproval in his voice. He’d loved her long hair, loved winding his fingers in it when they made love. He used to drape it over her bare back and make her promise that she’d never cut it. Her body flushed with the memory. She lifted her chin. He’d once promised her forever, too. So much for promises.

The Cowboy Comes Home is available now in ebook and print from The Wild Rose Press.

Ooohhhh, gotta love those cowboys!

Roni will be back next week to talk about her upcoming release, Trouble in Texas, book 3 in the Double B series!

Until later....take care and Be Blessed!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer Special!

Hello Friends!

Just wanted to pop in and let you all know that ALL of my titles are on SALE for the Summer!

Here are the details....Buy the 4-Part Tempered Series for only $59.95 + s/h and Get The Inheritance OR CD with 5 short stories FREE! ~s/h $5.95 within Contential US; $10.95 outside~

This is only PART of the special! Get FULL DETAILS at my website!

Here's another picture of my new grandson, Karson Adam Eskind (can't help it - he's so cute LOL!)

Taken 6/2/09 (only 6 days old and look at that smile!)

Pamela S Thibodeaux
"Inspirational with an Edge!"

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday Spotlight - Teri Wilson!

Good Morning and Welcome to another edition of Saturday Spotlight.

Today's guest is prolific author, Teri Wilson!
Teri Wilson loves romance, dogs and wearing pink. Her stories are often filled with happy endings, splashes of humor and a loveable critter or two. After all, Cinderella never would have lived happily ever after without a little help from her animal friends! She is the author of the Hoofbeats & Heartstrings series of romance novels celebrating love, miracles and the beauty of horses. All of the Hoofbeats & Hearstrings books are available through The Wild Rose Press.

Teri is also the recipient of the 2006 Westminster Kennel Club Angel on a Leash Writing Award, the winner of the 2008 Spaniel Journal Writing Contest and the 3rd place winner of the 21st Annual American Kennel Club Short Fiction Contest. She lives in San Antonio, Texas, with her husband, son and three delightful dogs.

Here's an introduction to Teri's books.....

All weary traveler Lily Wilson wants to do when she gets home is crawl into bed. But when Clear Blue Airlines drops her missing suitcase on her doorstep in the middle of the night, they throw in a little something extra. Could it be love that dropped out of the Clear Blue sky? Lost Luggage is available now at The Wild Rose Press.

Christabel Wilde’s life has just turned upside-down. With little more than the clothes on her back and her newly rescued Chihuahua tucked under her arm, she makes a pledge to start over and applies for a job as a groom at a horse rescue farm. Nevermind that she’s never been up close to a horse before, she has a bigger secret to hide. A mysterious gift her new neighbor, Dr. Declan Armstrong, is determined to uncover. When the irresistible veterinarian volunteers to give her riding lessons, Christabel knows it could be the end of her secret. With the Easter holiday approaching, she tries to remember that sometimes what looks like the end is really a new beginning. Love Lillies and the Unbroken Straw is available now at The Wild Rose Press.

As a child, Simone Littleton adores the European folktale that animals are given the gift of speech at midnight on Christmas Eve. She makes a wish to talk to animals "forever and ever" and, when her pet Dalmatian asks her for a biscuit, she discovers her wish has been granted. Now Simone is all grown up and she uses her unique gift to rehabilitate unwanted horses. When racehorse trainer Chet Wallace rolls into San Antonio, with chocolate eyes and dimples blazing beneath his black Stetson, romantic sparks fly. He is immediately drawn to the beautiful woman who has a mesmerizing affect on both his horses and his dog, but his less than enthusiastic response to Simone's claims threatens their budding romance. It takes a scheming Jack Russell terrier and a dose of Christmas magic to convince Chet she just may be telling the truth. Do You Hear What I Hear is available now at The Wild Rose Press.

Lonely, single girl Melody Sweet has a way with chocolate, making delectable concoctions so others may show their affection. But she has no special man in her life, no one to share her love of sweet treats. Her world turns upside-down on Valentine’s Day when she simultaneously acquires a precious English Cocker Spaniel puppy and a secret admirer. Will Melody and her puppy, Bonbon, solve the mystery of who is leaving flowers and dog biscuits on her doorstep? BonBons and Truffles is available now at The Wild Rose Press.

Wow! If this isn't talented enough, Teri has recently signed with White Rose Publishing for her inspirational titles!

Well Friends, hope you enjoyed this week's Saturday Spotlight - come back every week and find out about another great author!

Until later....take care and Be Blessed!


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Special Guest - Roni Adams!

Roni Adams is back with her book, To Tame a Cowgirl The First Book in the Double B Series!

Blurb: One stubborn cowgirl, one more stubborn cowboy, lots of chemistry and a cast of characters that will make you wish you could pull up a chair and visit. Can Buck Weston convince his long time buddy that she's the only woman he wants by his side and in his bed or will Sara marry his brother, Cord, in order to obtain control of their Cattle Enterprise that is the Double B?

Excerpt: “I said I dare you.” Sara scooted to the edge of the sofa and reached out for him but Buck was smart enough to step back so she couldn’t touch him. She came off the couch in one fluid movement and walked towards him. She wasn’t wobbling or swaying and he would have sworn she was stone cold sober if it wasn’t for the stupid stuff coming out of her mouth. “Are you going to be the first one of us to back down from a challenge?”

She moved steadily towards him and he retreated until his back hit the wall next to the door to his bedroom.

“This isn’t like that. This is nothing like that.” Bucks hook his head.

“Yes it is. I want to do something with you and you’re backing down..”

His head spun. What the hell was she trying to pull? Did Charli put her up to this? She would never have thought to do this on her own. “What did you and Charli talk about tonight?”

Sara’s hands were on his waist. Her fingers slid along the top of his jeans. The open snap made them loose and he bit back a moan when her fingers flittered to his zipper and drew it downward. He pushed her hand away.

She shrugged. “This and that, nothing important.” She shook her hair back and looked up at him. “Look Buck, we’re going to do this, tonight. We can do it the easy way or the hard way.”

Buck laughed. “What are you talking about? How are you going to make me?”

Sara raised one eyebrow and gave a mysterious half smile. She pressed her body into him, tilted her head way back and looked into his eyes. “I want to do this with you and if you turn me down I’ll know you were all talk that night behind the barn and you were too chicken to go further than a kiss. I’m telling you straight up that I’m not drunk. I know exactly what I’m doing and who I’m doing it with and I won’t be mad or regret it in the morning. Now are you in? Or are you all talk?”

Ooohhh....hot, hot HOT! In fact, I'm blushing here LOL!

To Tame a Cowgirl is available now in ebook and print from The Wild Rose Press.

Remember folks, Roni will be back next week with another of her books and don't forget, Saturday Spotlight - this week's guest is Teri Wilson.

Until later.....be Blessed!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

5-Stars for The Inheritance!

Hello Friends!

It's always great to receive a wonderful review of a book or short story, but when one is receiving 5 stars two years after publication, it is thrilling! This happened recently with The Inheritance.

Here's a snippet of the review posted at Amazon by reader & author, Laurean Brooks...... Ms. Thibodeaux portrays the strength of a couple united in love with the promise that two hearts bound together can conquer the world...in this riveting story of love and emotional healing.

Read the entire review here: http://www.amazon.com/Inheritance-Pamela-S-Thibodeaux/dp/1601540558/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1243073332&sr=8-1

The Inheritance is available now in ebook and print! from White Rose Publishing.

Well Friends, just wanted to share. Drop by Saturday for our spotlight with Amber Leigh Williams and join me EVERY THURSDAY in June when special guest, Roni Adams shows up each week with one of her titles!

Until later.....take care, be BLESSED and remember....God has set YOU apart for an inheritance.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday Spotlight - Danielle Thorne

Boy what an exciting week!

Today's spotlight is Awe Struck author, Danielle Thorne and her book The Privateer.
Danielle Thorne is an avid writer, genealogist and researcher. In the late 90’s she moderated for the WritersPad community, and enjoyed editing and reviewing for Bookideas. Some of her work has been showcased by Espresso Fiction, Fiction of the Day, StorySouth, The Nantahala Review, Cenotaph, and The Virginia Parent. She won an Honorable Mention in Writer’s Digest 2006 writing competition. Two novels, THE PRIVATEER, and contemporary romance, TURTLE SOUP, will be available at Awe-Struck Books in 2009.
Julius Bertrand secretly privateers for the British Crown. The former pirate thinks a wife will complete his masquerade, until a bounty is put on his head.

The reign of piracy is over in the Caribbean, or so it’s believed until diamonds are discovered in Brazil. Despite the cover-up, Captain Julius Bertrand begins to hear whispers. The Spanish guardacostas are dumping log books, and a new French pirate is on the prowl. Distracted by an avaricious woman he could never love, and the beautiful Kate O’Connell who doesn’t need him, he tries to untangle the web of mysterious cargo someone in the New World wants kept secret. When Bertrand’s pirating past returns with the explosive force of a sweeping broadside, he finds he must sacrifice everything his respectable life has brought him, in order to save what matters most.

Sounds like a wonderful, exciting read!

Well folks, hope you enjoyed this edition of Saturday Spotlight. Come back every week for a new author!

Until later....take care and Be Blessed!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Special Guest - Roni Adams!

Hello Folks,

Please welcome Roni Adams in her first of a weekly visit talking about her books!

Roni Adams currently resides in a tiny hamlet in Upstate New York. She’s been married for 24 years and has three sons, ages 13, 19, 21. Although, she’s been writing since she was 7 and has the “wonderful” short stories to prove it, she admits that she took a long leave of absence after getting married. When she finally returned to writing, it was as if a dam had burst and stories flew out of her into the computer. She sold several short stories to publishers Dorchester and Adams Media where she was published in True Confessions, True Romance, and A Cup of Comfort for Women in Love.

She released her first novel, “Beauty and the Geek” with The Wild Rose Press in the fall of 2007 and has steadily had two to three publications out each year since that time. She loves writing cowboy stories the best and is in the middle of a six book series called “The Double B”. Two of the books are already out with The Wild Rose Press and a third is due ou in July.

Roni also is excited to be part of a Yellow Rose anthology set in Wayback, Texas due to be released in June. “I got to write a great story alongside my two buddies, Stacy Dawn and Cindy Pape. It was a lot of fun and a honor to write with such wonderful authors. “Return to Wayback” is due out in June from the Yellow Rose line.

These days Roni juggles her time between writing and helping out other authors. “I’m a firm believer in the circle of writing; the experienced writers and authors have an obligation to help the newer writers as they come along and as you move through the circle. If it wasn’t for my early critique partners such as Jo Barrett, and my friends at the San Antonio Romance Author’s chapter, I never would have learned what I’ve learned and gotten his far.”

You can contact Roni at roni@roniadams.com She loves to hear from readers. Her blog is also available at http://www.roniadams.blogspot.com/

Now a little about Beauty and the Geek!

This book is a fun, sassy romance between two old friends. It has received fantastic reviews from several review sites such as Night Owl Romance which gave it five owls and Two Lips review site which gave it 4 lips. As my first full length novel to release in publication I couldn’t be more thrilled!

Blurb: Louie and Becky have known each other their whole lives but when a special project throws them together will Becky discover that Louie has more to offer her than just free computer repairs?

Beauty and the Geek -Available in ebook and print from The Wild Rose Press!

Well Folks, hope you enjoyed Roni's first visit....join me next Thursday (11th) when she returns with another of her books and don't forget this week's Saturday Spotlight with Danielle Thorne!

Until later....take care and Be BLESSED!
Pamela S Thibodeaux

"Inspirational with an Edge!" TM

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Oh Baby - Oh BOY!

Oh Wow, I'm so excited I can't hardly contain myself - He's here! My brand new grandson, Karson Adam Eskind, made his entrance in the world on May 27th @ 3:46pm weighing in at 7lbs & 15oz!

Here are a few photos......
Karson Adam Eskind ~ Isn't he beautiful!?!
Big sister, Bryanna holding Karson for the first time ~ she was so excited! She told the nurse, "I got to hold him three times!" LOL!

Don't forget, I'm chatting with three other authors TONIGHT @ 9pm EST (8CST) @ Coffee Time Romance for a chat on Inspirational Romances!

Also! Beginning THIS Thursday, special guest Roni Adams will be here every week with one of her books!

Until later....take care, be BLESSED and remember....when you look into a child's eyes, you get a glimpse of heaven.