I do not read every book/author I spotlight or book tour I host!
Readers, Please research and use wisdom before buying

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I LOVE hosting authors and artists and helping to promote them and their work. 

My blog averages over 17K page views each month with some months ranging nearly 20K.

BEGINNING June 2019 I will combine Tuesday/Thursday into 1 Wednesday Words With Friends post....and of course Saturday Spotlight will continue

Here's what I need for each:

Wednesday Words With Friends: A short post about anything...can be random ramblings or whatever as long as it's not a tirade of negativity (pics ok- NO politics or controversial posts!); jpg/purchase links for book & jpg/bio/links for you.

SATURDAY SPOTLIGHT: Blurb, short excerpt, jpg, & purchase links for book and jpg/bio/links for you.

Email me at: pthib07@gmail.com OR pthib07@hotmail.com to schedule your dates. Once scheduled, send your info ASAHP. I save everything in a folder so the earlier you send it to me, the better. People forget too many times to count  (especially if scheduled weeks or months out) and I do not have time to chase you down. 

That's it!

*PLEASE Indicate Book Genre/Rating* (clean, sweet, sensual, erotic, etc). I promote authors of all genres as long as your cover is half-way decent and your blurb/excerpt is PG 13.

**Authors are encouraged to help promote their posts and to drop by and interact with visitors. Giveaways are optional and greatly appreciated.