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Saturday, July 11, 2020

#SaturdaySpotlight is on Kristen Joy Wilks & Yellowstone Yondering!

Good Morning!

If you've followed me for long you know I absolutely LOVE to promote new-to-me authors. Our guest is a fellow Pelican Book Group author who has never had the opportunity to visit - until today! So please welcome Kristen Joy Wilks with her book, Yellowstone Yondering....

When a free-spirited wildlife photographer loses her Scottish terrier in a herd of bison, she sets out to rescue her furbaby before he is devoured. But will she succeed when Yellowstone National Park is chock full of boiling, bubbling, and rampaging hazards (both mammalian and geographical) — not to mention a rule-obsessed park ranger whose many rescues thwart her efforts to find her poor pup?  

 Excerpt: He handed her a stack of pamphlets, not only on pet regulations within the park, but also papers that listed safe camping techniques, wild animal safety, and motorcycle repair for beginners. Where did he get all of this material? Surely the park did not concern itself with what kind of leather polish she used on the seat of her vehicle.
          “I noticed that you are not wearing biking leathers.”
          “Of course not. I look terrible in black.”
          If possible, his scowl increased in intensity.
          “Also, it is incredibly hot. If I don’t crash, I’ll be fine.”
          The ranger handed her a pamphlet showing a number of grievous injuries and mangled motorbikes, some of them still in flames. “I’ve compiled a list of motorcycle accidents in the park from the last decade. Please consider the purchase of protective garments appropriate to your mode of transportation.”
          Kayla snatched the paper out of his hand and squinted at his name tag which read ALEXANDER BRANDT in precise block lettering. “I’ll take it into consideration, Ranger Brandt. Can I go?”
          Mr. Brandt shook his head and indicated her camera and the equipment tucked inside the open saddle bag. “All park animals are wild. Stay one-hundred yards from bears and wolves and at least twenty-five yards from bison, moose, elk, big horn sheep, deer, and coyotes.”
          “Of course they’re wild. Surely, everyone in this line knows that?”
          “Yes, you would think so. Yet somehow I’ve spent the entire summer discouraging park goers from sneaking up to place their children, children mind you, on the backs of rambling bison and grazing moose for photos. Yesterday, a group of twelve tourists were snapping selfies not five feet away from a Grizzly with cubs and so I say again, the animals are wild!” The ranger paused a moment to collect himself.
          “OK, then, let me assure you of my sanity. I am fully aware that these are bear-infested wilderness areas. I swear never to perch my dog upon wildlife of any kind and will personally tackle any parent who attempts to do so. Safety first … you can let me through anytime now.”
          The ranger raised one brow and lowered his sunglasses. “You might want to skip the tackling part. They would most likely sue.” Man, his eyes were blue … and intense, apparently he had no intention of shortening the lecture. “Now, do not feed any of the animals. Even a marmot can give you Bubonic Plague.”
          Bubonic Plague, really? Kayla snatched her park pass from his hand and was about to pull forward when he gave her just the hint of a smile. It transformed his stern expression, pulling her gaze to those blue eyes and bringing out a single dimple in his cheek. Annoying and cute. How charming. As Ranger Brandt stepped back and waved her forward, he managed to smash her glimpse of Mr. Dashing with some unsolicited wisdom.
          “Remember, no one will enjoy your beautiful photos if you get an antler gouged through your eye.”
          Kayla glanced back and smiled. “Actually, nothing increases sales like the tragic death of the artist.” As Ranger Brandt’s eyes hardened and he opened his mouth to reply, Kayla revved the engine and kicked Canary into gear.  
Author Bio: 
Kristen Joy Wilks lives with her camp-director husband, three fierce sons, and a slobbery Newfoundland dog. She has blow-dried a chicken, smuggled bacon into the movie theater, and fought epic Nerf battles instead of washing dishes. Kristen writes about the humor and Grace God gives amidst the detritus of life. Connect with Kristen on her Website, Facebook, Pinterest. Get a copy of Yellowstone Yondering at Amazon, B&N and PBG. Watch the Trailer HERE.
Wow, Kristen, this book sounds really wonderful! I've been to several National Parks but Yellowstone isn't one - yet. Hopefully soon!
Good luck and God's blessings.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

#WednesdayWordswithFriends welcomes Clarissa Rivera!

Good Morning Friends,

Clarissa Rivera, Content Marketer at Taos Footwear has visited us before with wonderful information on Getting Healthy and choosing your Footwear. Today she shares some tips on disinfecting your shoes. This information has been both relevant and disavowed by the CDC but hey, you never know what to believe or when it'll come in handy so let's welcome Clarissa back.

Take it away Clarissa.....

Removing and Disinfecting Your Shoes: The Benefits of Both During COVID-19

It’s always important to guard against germs. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, this may be more crucial than ever. You need to make sure you’re doing everything you can to stay safe.

That’s why you should remove your shoes before entering your home after you’ve been out. Additionally, it’s a good idea to disinfect your supportive sneakers, favorite sandals, and every pair of shoes that you wear on a regular basis. The following points will help you better understand why.

The Benefits of Removing Your Shoes Before Entering Your Home

Keeping Your Home Clean

You might not want to hear this, but odds are good your shoe soles are much dirtier than you realize. Most shoe soles are actually dirtier than toilet seats.

You don’t want to track germs into your house or apartment. Removing your shoes before stepping inside will help you avoid doing so.

It’s also important to understand that research shows 100% of shoes contain fecal matter. Regardless of how careful you think you are, or how clean you think your neighborhood is, the sad truth is your shoes are almost certainly home to fecal matter and bacteria. On top of that, because shoes rarely get a chance to shed bacteria (bacteria accumulates every time you step outside in your shoes), bacteria appears to remain present on shoes longer than on virtually any other surface.

Avoiding Covid-19 Spread

The coronavirus is new. We’re still learning about how it spreads. That said, while person-to-person transmission appears to be the most common way the virus infects others, the CDC’s research also indicates you may contract the virus by simply coming into contact with a surface that’s also been in contact with the virus.

This is another good reason to remove your shoes before entering your home. You can’t be too careful these days. There’s no reason to risk bringing the virus inside with you.

How to Disinfect Your Shoes

Removing your shoes before going inside is definitely beneficial. That said, to optimize your safety, it’s also a good idea to disinfect your shoes.

You can do this easily with some shoes by merely cleaning them in your washing machine. Use hot water to kill the germs.

However, in some instances, shoes are made of delicate materials (such as leather and suede) that won’t hold up in a washing machine. To disinfect these types of shoes, use a rag or soft bristled brushed with a mixture of warm water and soap. You can also use rubbing alcohol to disinfect them thoroughly. Just make sure you also wash your hands and forearms after doing so. Of course, when your shoes are made with very delicate materials, you want to rinse them gently and carefully.

Of course, during the COVID-19 pandemic, you should try to limit outside excursions as much as possible. That said, you still need to go out to buy groceries and perform related tasks. Keeping your shoes clean and removing them before coming inside will help you stay safe.

Hope this information is beneficial to you ALL and that you'll do whatever necessary to keep yourself and your loved ones safe!

Until next time, take care and God bless.

Saturday, July 4, 2020

#SaturdaySpotlight is on April Jones @akejones & The Curse Breaker!

Good Morning and Welcome!

Happy Independence Day, America! Hope you've had a chance to check out the Celebrate Canada/America Bookish Event put on by N. N. Light's Book Heaven. Good luck if you've entered the rafflecopter giveaway!

If you've followed me for long you know it is always a pleasure to introduce to you a new-to-me author. Today's guest, April Jones has read, written, or edited her way through numerous fictional worlds. When she's not teaching or writing, she spends her time trying to learn other languages or keeping her mischievous cat from eating the pet fish. She received her bachelor's in English and her M.F.A. in creative writing. 

A Tennessee native, April currently lives in Michigan with her husband and three children. You can find her poems and short stories published in various literary magazines across the internet and in print. You can also check out her debut novel, The Curse Breaker. For more information visit her website thepathtostory.com

Find out more about April and connect with her on the following social media sites...

Facebook: Facebook.com/editorapril
Twitter: @akejones
Instagram: aprilkelleyjones
Website: thepathtostory.com

So nice to meet you, April! Now tells us more about your book....

Eris's sister is missing, and Magic is definitely to blame! Eris knows only Magic can bring her back, but even as a Light Magic born, is she strong enough to save her sister?

Knox is cursed to spend his days as a corpse and his nights trying to find the prophesized girl who can break the curse. If he can't find her by his 20th birthday, he'll stay dead forever.

Eris and Knox will discover there are scarier things in their path other than curses and half-truths. If the Queen of the Underworld has her way, everything and everyone will die. The only thing standing in her way is the curse breaker, and Eris will have to choose between saving herself or everyone she loves.

Excerpt: The Queen paced in front of her blood-red throne. After so many years, she was finally going to meet the thief who had stolen her amulet. And when she did, she was going to slowly sever every one of their limbs, one by one, before feeding their soul to Madame. The thought made her smile a wicked smile. That would teach them to steal from the Queen of the Underworld. Stupid humans were always trying to prolong their lives in the most feeble ways. Tonics, magic, deals. Death was something that could never be avoided entirely, but they didn’t seem to think that universal rule applied to any of them.
Three more months and her amulet would call to her like it always did when she could get free of this place, and then she would have her revenge. Whoever they were, they had been granted twenty years that did not belong to them, and she would make sure they paid for that stolen time. That was part of her job, after all, not that she was complaining.

“I apologize for being late, your Majesty.” Madame hurried in, a little out of breath.

The Queen turned and stared at a slightly disheveled Madame. Normally her long hair was braided and wrapped elaborately around her head, causing her to look like a long-lost ancient queen from the human world.

“We can discuss that in a moment. I called you here because I have a proposition for you.”

“I am but your humble servant, your Majesty.” Madame feigned humility they both knew she did not possess.

The Queen rolled her eyes and continued. “If you can find the insect that stole my amulet before three months are up, I will give you a special treat.”

“I will find the human. I will make it suffer.” Madame smiled.

“No. You will not touch a hair on its head. Bring it to me, and I will deal with it.” Madame looked disappointed but nodded.

The body of a girl suddenly appeared in the air in front of them, along with one of her servants. Madame examined the girl for a moment, but then seemed to lose interest once she realized the girl was neither alive nor dead. The Queen walked over and swept the girl’s long black hair back enough to see her face. She scrunched up her nose at the young girl’s beauty.

Snapping her fingers again brought new servants running. 

“Take her and put her with the rest of the cursed.”

The women gently plucked the girl from the air. The Queen wondered how many bodies lay waiting in the limbo between life and death. Not that she would forgive the vermin that had stolen her amulet, but she would enjoy watching the human be tortured by all the souls it had trapped prematurely in the Underworld. Eternity would not be long enough for all the lives that heartless human had taken trying to break the curse that came with stealing something born from the Underworld’s power. Since the human had not been able to break it thus far, she continued to collect bodies stuck in the in-between, their lives connected to the cursed one’s. When that insect finally died, so would all of those souls, and she would have a lovely new collection of pets.

The Queen smiled to herself as she watched one of the servants wrap her arms around the girl’s legs while the other wove her arms around the girl’s back. Slowly they carried her out, leaving the Queen to her thoughts again.

Get your copy of The Curse Breaker at Amazon.


Oh my what an excerpt! Love your cover too, April. Thanks for sharing. We certainly wish you the best of luck and God's blessings with your book.

Hope you enjoyed today's post friends and that you'll check back often for Wednesday Words with Friends and Saturday Spotlight. Don't forget N. N. Light's Book Heaven's "Christmas in July Fete" with 5 gift cards up for grabs! Keri's Christmas Wish is featured along with a bunch of other Christmas books!

Guess that's all for now folks. Until next time take care, be safe & God Bless.