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Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Taking a Sabbatical

 Hello Dear Friend,

I've felt the need to back away from blogging and promotion for a while therefore there will be no Wednesday Words with Friends or Saturday Spotlight until further notice.

I'm not sure what, why or how I'm evolving as a woman or writer but I'll be sharing with you what I can, when I can, as I can.

Until then, take care and God bless.


Saturday, December 31, 2022

#SaturdaySpotlight is on Tanya Hanson & Royalty at the Ranch!

Good Morning and Welcome to the LAST post of 2022 and the last of our All Christmas thru Christmas feature. 

Today we welcome Tanya Hanson back to our blog. It's been quite a while since Tanya visited but I'm excited to share with you her latest Christmas novella, Royalty at the Ranch which takes place on Hearts Crossing Ranch! Take it away, Tanya....

Merry Christmas, fillies and friends! My years in the Petticoats and Pistols corral are among my happiest writer memories, and best of all are the authors here who still help support my books. I specially need to thank Pam today for letting me piggy-back on her post—I’m flying home from Hawaii (a lock-down trip we had to use now or lose), so I won’t be able to comment…but anybody interested in receiving a complimentary arc to read and afterward leave an honest review at Amazon etc, please email me at tanhanson@aol.com

Now, I know these are busy days, but Royalty at the Ranch is a short and sweet faith-based (but not judgey) Christmas e-story. How can a prince also be a cowboy? Well, “Brodie” is incognito at Hearts Crossing Ranch until dedicated royal-watcher Addie him…but knows he’d never be interested in her. Too many scars from a childhood accident. Will she ever be surprised!

I so enjoyed creating my fictional kingdom of Dornfeld and naming my cowboy prince after our little Danish grandson. His mama was our exchange student when she was fourteen. Now married with a family of her own, she still calls us Mom and Dad! Although no DNA, she’s always the daughter of our heart!  

Wishing you all tons of holiday blessings!



A handsome prince spending Christmas incognito at her family' s ranch? Addie Metcalf' s royal-watching heart is thrilled! She recognizes “ Brodie” right away, but scars from a childhood accident assure her he' ll only be a friend. Besides, he' s not interested in trusting God, and that' s a deal-breaker for Addie. Life at Hearts Crossing Ranch is as much about faith as it is about love.

Recently graduated from college, Prince Anders longs to work in underdeveloped countries helping with sustainable agriculture programs. When he meets Addie, and discovers she' s studying health sciences with the goal of helping out communities after major disasters, he' s enamored. He never thought he' d meet someone with such similar goals... but Addie' s a Christian, and Brodie left that behind when his best friend died.

Will the Lord work a miracle and bring these two together before the last Christmas snow melts at Hearts Crossing Ranch?

Tanya Hanson lives on California's central coast with her firefighter husband. Her passions are travel, family, and volunteering at the local horse rescue. She loves cowboys so much she took a wagon train trip around the Tetons. Find out more about Tanya by visiting her website: www.tanyahanson.com and/or Amazon Author Page.

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Well that's it for 2022 folks! I love and appreciate you ALL for supporting me and my guests throughout the year.

Until next time, take care, God Bless & Happy New Year!