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Saturday, January 30, 2016

#SaturdaySpotlight: Kryssie Fortune & To Seduce an Omega

Good Morning Friends!

I tell you I can hardly believe we're in the year 2016 much less at the end of January already! I've heard that time seems to fly by the older you get but...seriously? Oh well, it is what it is. LOL!

Today I'm excited to introduce a new to me/the blog author, Kryssie Fortune with her book, To Seduce an Omega. Kryssie writes hot and steamy, erotic paranormal romance so if that's your cup of tea, you're in for a treat with this book!

The Rock Prowler alpha condemns Viola for her inability to shift. Forced into poverty and isolation, she ekes out a meager existence as a healer. As the pack omega with a crippled knee, she’s forbidden to mate. Her first heat beckons, but no wolf will dare to bed her.

Titus, a wolf rejected by his true mate, overflows with violence and anger. The Lykae King sends him to take over the Rock Prowler pack. He condemns Viola for wanting payment before she treats her patients and threatens to bring in a new pack healer. With her crippled knee and no other income, she’d starve.

She-wolves from families who disagree with the alpha have vanished. When Titus investigates, the alpha’s allies imprison both him and Viola. To escape, he must seduce Viola—the she-wolf he insulted and reviled. If that’s not bad enough, she despises him for his seeming allegiance to the alpha. As he gets to know her, she steals his heart, but after all that’s happened, how can she accept him when even his fated mate refused him? 

To Seduce and Omega can be purchased from the following places:

I’m a dreamer, drawn to drop-dead gorgeous Fae, sensual vampires, and Lykae with a dominant streak so wide you can play football on it. It took a while before I dare put my dream down on paper, but now I love to share them with my readers.

I’m a grandmother on the cusp or retiring to live by the sea. I can’t wait to enjoy romantic walks hand-in hand with my husband on the beach. 

You can find/connect with me on Facebook and Twitter @kryssiefortune

Hope you enjoyed today's spotlight! Stay tuned weekly for more Saturday Spotlights, Tuesday Treasures and Thursday Thoughts.

Until next time...take care and God Bless.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

#ThursdayThoughts: Guest post by Mark Wayne Allen!

Good Morning Friends!

I hope you're staying as warm as possible today. It's C-O-L-D out there this morning with a high in the 50's....bbbrrrr...too cold for my blood!

As you may know I am the Co-Founder of Bayou Writers Group in Lake Charles, Louisiana so it is always a pleasure and an honor to introduce you to one of our members, Mark Wayne Allen!

How did the sun come up this morning? I don't know. Where did the universe come from? I don't know. We seem to put great trust in the things we don't know. We might understand the science of reality, but do we really know anything about the existence of the world?
I can see some scientist holding a hand to his mouth to hide his smirking. I feel for him. He, or she, thinks everything can be calculated with a computer. Obviously they've never fell into romantic love for a person of the opposite sex.
It's that unexplainable attraction to someone that makes for much literature. From Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet to Sleepless In Seattle, history is full of stories of all types love. An entire mystic culture surrounds the subject of love. There's love of animals, idols, music, art, and millions more things, but yet some of us think that, given a slide rule and time, everything can be quantified.
I say we should embrace the things that we don't know. Love, friendship, a sunny day, and lay around with our fellow human beings, pets, etc., and look up at the stars. Appreciate what can't be explained or enumerated. Life happens and time goes by. We shouldn't let any part of any day not be appreciated, enjoyed, or fulfilled. Let's be thankful for the things we don't understand for they are where our joy comes from.

Definitely something to think about Mark! 

Mark Wayne Allen was born in Merryvillle, Louisiana where he now resides, but has lived in many states. Due to life tragedies, he is a quadriplegic.
A love of books inspired him to write down his own stories, which, over the years, has evolved to include all categories. From poetry to short stories to novels, his knowledge of the craft grew over time, and so did his love for it.
He wrote two short stories and several poems that were published in a short-lived e-zine called Dementia. In 2013, he published the science fiction book Star Siege which was written during his years at Louisiana State University. Since then, he has placed in several contests since and even had a first place poem. He writes regularly for The Voice Of Southwest Louisiana Magazine.
Having lived in the North, South, East, and West has given him the opportunity to talk with a diverse group of people as well as an appreciation for different cultures. Currently, he lives with his wife of many years, Kelley, and is an active part of the community. You can keep up with Mark through his Website, Facebook and Twitter.

Mark's brand new book, 3 Lifetimes in 1 is available through Amazon in Paperback and on Kindle!

Hope you enjoyed today's post! Stay tuned for more from Mark in the future. Meanwhile, visit weekly for Tuesday Treasures, Thursday Thoughts and Saturday Spotlights.

Until next time, take care and God Bless!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

#TuesdayTreasures: Guest post by KM Daughters!

Good Morning!

It is with great pleasure I bring you the following Tuesday Treasure....

Hi Pam! We are especially happy to be with you and your followers today of all days – January 26th. On this date in 2008 K.M. Daughters sold their first book to a publisher in the morning (JEWEL OF THE ADRIATIC to White Rose Publishing) and their second book to a publisher in the afternoon (AGAINST DOCTORS ORDERS to The Wild Rose Press)! It was a thrilling day for us as team writers and sisters.

After faith and family, sisterhood is a treasure that we prize. We have different personalities and very different life experiences, but the common history of being raised together by our beloved parents provides us with a bedrock of shared values and very similar ways of looking at the world with gratitude. 

We believe that Faith is best defined as Love, with a capital “L” – healing, fulfilling, a treasure beyond compare. Those themes repeat in all our stories. The power of love in all its forms to heal even the most broken hearts is the central theme in our new book, Fill The Stadium. Per a recent review, “A touching, heartbreaking, yet inspiring story, with a bit of romance mixed in.”
Yes! This comment affirms our desire to satisfy and hopefully delight our readers. Our fans are treasures to us, also! 

Visit K.M. Daughters at http://www.kmdaughters.com

K.M. Daughters is the penname for team writers and sisters, Pat Casiello and Kathie Clare nee Lynch. The author name is dedicated to the memory of their parents, Katherine and Michael, the "K" and "M" in K.M. Daughters. Inspired by their father who wrote children's books for them when they were small and their mother's love of romance novels, K.M. Daughters was "born" in 2005 at a Romance Writers of America national conference when the sisters plotted their first manuscript. 

K.M. Daughters has published twelve award-winning novels garnering rave reviews. RT Book Reviews magazine awarded a 4-star, "Compelling, Page Turner..." rating to BEYOND THE CODE OF CONDUCT, CAPTURING KARMA and ALL'S FAIR IN LOVE AND LAW. 

RT Book Reviews awarded ROSE OF THE ADRIATIC 4 1/2 stars! "Fantastic...", and the final installment in the Sullivan Boys Romantic Suspense Series: IN THE ST. NICK OF TIME, rated 4 1/2 stars by RT Book Reviews - "FANTASTIC, A KEEPER". 

THE SNOWS, an Amazon Kindle Select book is the author's first women's fiction novel with inspirational elements.

FILL THE STADIUM, mainstream women's fiction, is K.M. Daughters' newest release and is available on Amazon in Paperback and for Kindle, Barnes and Noble and at All Romance Ebooks!

I've read Fill the Stadium and you can find my review at Amazon.

Hope you enjoyed today's treasure....check back later in the week for Thursday Thoughts and Saturday Spotlight!

Until next time...take care and God Bless.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

#SaturdaySpotlight: Voice of Truth by Dana Pratola

Good Morning and a cold one it is out there!

A lot of folks are experiencing below freezing weather. I'm sorry it's them but glad it's not me LOL!

IMO, anything below 70 is freezing.

Anyway it's perfect weather to curl up with a good book and with that in mind, I'm pleased to shine the spotlight on Dana Pratola with her release, Voice of Truth.....

Seeking the truth brought them together. Finding the truth may tear them apart.

Sophia Gallo is celebrated and adored by millions, but in her meteoric rise to fame, it might appear she’s forgotten the One Who gave her the gift that made possible her life of wealth and glory. She hasn’t forgotten. She’s reminded every day as she endeavors to hide a secret that could change everything and expose her as the freak and outcast she always thought herself to be.

Cade Fioretti has never backed down from finding the truth, and he’s not about to start now. Its his job and his passion. Sophia is beautiful, talented, and the subject of his next book; but she’s hiding something. No matter what it takes, he’s going to dig it up, and in the process learn all there is to know about this woman who’s stolen his heart.

ExcerptHalf way through the song, he leaned over and took the remote from Sophia’s hand, clicked PAUSE.
“OK, so the rumors are true,” he chuckled. “You weren’t born with those pipes. What happened?”
Sophia sighed and walked into the kitchen, taking a seat at the table. He followed, taking one beside her, resting his elbow on the hard wood surface with his pointer and middle fingers against his temple, his thumb under his chin. 
“I was in the car driving to work, listening to the radio, singing along, and it just kind of…came out,” she began. “At first I thought I scalded my vocal chords or something. I know it sounds ridiculous, but...”
She paused, waiting for him to chuckle, no doubt, but he listened intently.
“I couldn’t explain, it, I freaked out a little,” she said with a nervous laugh.
He didn’t blame her. All of a sudden she could sing? The media would love that. “You told others about this?”
“Only Anthony. He thought I might have a head injury.” Neither spoke for dragged out seconds. “Not knowing how it happened was weird, but not as mind blowing as knowing how it happened.”
Cade leaned forward. “How?”
She sighed. “Well, I went over everything I’d done as far back as I could remember. At least, since the last time I’d tried to sing anything. I came up empty. Until I realized that at church the Sunday before, I asked for it.”
“You asked for it?”
“I remembered singing a worship song, and there’s a part where it goes...”
Goose flesh broke out on Cade’s arms as she sang the words.
“I give all to You, Lord, to praise, to honor, to magnify Your Name. I felt those words right to my core.”
So had Cade, and he shifted in his seat.
“I wanted, more than anything, to bring Him praise with my voice.” She laughed then. “I didn’t care whether anyone else enjoyed it, as long as He did.”
“But, they all heard the change,” he said.
Sophia shook her head. “No, not then. Mrs. O’Leary, who always sat in front of me, cringed through the rest of praise and worship like always. And I didn’t think any more about it. I didn’t have any kind of feeling or hear a voice from heaven. Nothing.”
“So, when did you know you had a voice?”
“Not for a few days, a Wednesday actually. I remember because I wanted to test it out on other people, so I went to Wednesday night service and slid in behind Mrs. O’Leary.”
He smiled broadly. “What happened?”
“Well, I got her attention, that’s for sure.” Sophia smiled back. “She turned all the way around and said, ‘well, bless the Lord.’ I got the impression she might have been praying, too.”
Cade laughed with her until their eyes watered.
“So why the cover-up?” Cade asked.
The words were like a splash of cold water and Sophia went rigid.
“And does this have anything to do with your quitting? Has someone been blackmailing you? Is that what all this is about?”
“No.” Sophia picked at her nails. “And it’s not a cover-up. I always gave God the glory for my voice. I still do.”
Cade narrowed his eyes. “You’re doing that thing again where you only give half the information but present it as a whole story. You might not be hiding your light under a bushel, but you’re definitely hiding the Match.”
She hung her head, unable to deny it, but hoping he would back off.
“OK, so you’ve decided to omit some facts. I get it,” Cade said with a sideways tilt of his head. Her eyes turned to his. “Anyone who’s heard you sing knows it’s a gift. It’s just the manner in which it was imparted, right? You want to leave out the miraculous, insta-zap part. Tell me why.”
She sniffled, wrung her hands. “You saw it yourself,” she answered, with a lift of her chin toward the living room. “Unnatural…once a freak, always a freak.”

What folks are saying about The Voice of Truth...

★★★★★ VOICE OF TRUTH  ★★★★★ This is by far one of Dana Pratola's most amazing books! Immediately from the start, you're captivated by Sophia & the mystery behind her beauty and melting voice. Although Sophia is interesting on her own, Cade is the real show stealer with his curiosity and swoon worthy way of dealing with his emotions for Sophia! Overall, this book is a great read for those who love to lose themselves in a great romantic story!! I really hope there's a sequel to this as Cade and Sophia are the cutest things ever! Check it out!!

Voice of Truth can be purchased at Pelican Book Group and Amazon.

God gave me a passion to write Christian Romance. These books don’t contain explicit sex scenes, but my characters have real desires, struggles and choices to make. A lot of the time they make the wrong ones. No subject is prohibited but good always triumphs and God is glorified. In my personal life, He has also blessed me with a wonderful husband and three dynamic children, all of whom are destined to make wide, colorful splashes in this world. We share our New Jersey home with three dogs. I have no hobbies to speak of, unless you include writing. I don’t.

Find out more about Dana by visiting her website.

Hope you enjoyed the spotlight. Check back each week for more Tuesday Treasures, Thursday Thoughts and Saturday Spotlight!

Until next time...take care and God bless.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

#ThursdayThoughts: Guest post by Alicia Dean

Good Morning Friends and a Beautiful day it is!

Yes, no matter what you're going through or the weather is like, it is a beautiful day. 


Because it is the day the Lord has made and if you do your level best to rejoice and be glad, He will honor that and you will feel better.


Works for me anyway and I pray it works for you as well.

Today's guest, Alicia Dean is no stranger to our blog. She visited in October 2014, January 2015 and October 2015. Today Alicia returns with a something to think about and a brand new book!

So without further ado.....here she is.....

 Do You Have a Dream?

Did you have a dream when you were younger? Something that fired your passion and made you feel whole and alive? Did you pursue it? Why not?

When I was a child and was first exposed to the adventures of Pippi Longstocking and the antics of Amelia Bedelia, I was hooked on reading. I was probably 10 or 11 when my interests turned to Harlequin Romances. Yes, a bit young to be reading them, but they captivated me (and back then, they were very PG, so no harm, no foul). At some point, my own stories started coming to life in my imagination and my dream to become a writer took hold. I wrote my first romance at eleven years old. I described my hero as looking like Elvis. I worked in an Elvis song and titled the story after the song, “Just Pretend.” I named my hero Dr. Lonnie Beale (Lonnie Beale was Elvis’ name in the movie Tickle Me - My dream was also to marry Elvis, but that didn’t quite work out). I still have that story, although it could use some serious edits. 

Here are a few pages:

As I grew older I continued to plan and dream. When I was in high school, for the yearbook, the seniors were all asked the question, “What will you be doing in the year 2000?” This was 1980, and 2000 seemed like some kind of distant future Space Odyssey thing. I answered, “In the year 2000, I will be a best-selling author.” 

My quote made it into the yearbook, and I still have the yearbook. (I didn’t become a best-selling, or even a published author by 2000, if you’re keeping score).

After graduation, I fooled around with writing, took a few courses, but ended up getting married and having children and putting my dreams on hold, although they never left my thoughts. In 2001, I took a writing class with Mel Odom and met some writing friends who are still my friends today. My desire and ambition was renewed. I began to focus on writing, and my publication dreams were realized with my first release in 2007, Nothing to Fear, a romantic suspense published with The Wild Rose Press. Since then, there have been around 24 more published stories (and counting). 

So, while I didn’t become a best-selling author, I did realize my dream of being a writer. I love writing, and writing and/or finishing a book brings me a ton of satisfaction and elation. I know several people who have no goals, no interests that fuel their spirit, no dreams. I can’t imagine what that would be like. What would I do with my time if I weren’t immersed in the writing world? I have no clue.

There are very few things in life as fulfilling and joyful as making your dreams a reality, so what’s stopping you?

What a wonderful testimony, Alicia and definitely something to think about friends!

Alicia Dean lives in Edmond, Oklahoma. She writes mostly contemporary suspense and paranormal, but has also written in other genres, including a few vintage historicals.

Other than reading and writing, her passions are Elvis Presley, MLB, NFL (she usually works in a mention of one or all three into her stories) and watching her favorite televisions shows like Vampire Diaries, Justified, Sons of Anarchy, Haven, The Mindy Project, and Dexter (even though it has sadly ended, she will forever be a fan). Some of her favorite authors are Michael Connelly, Dennis Lehane, Lee Child, Lisa Gardner, Sharon Sala, Jordan Dane, Ridley Pearson, Joseph Finder, and Jonathan Kellerman…to name a few.

Find out more about Alicia by visiting her Website and/or blog and connect with her on Facebook, Twitter,@Alicia_Dean_  Pinterest and Goodreads

Oh and, sign up for the Novel Notes Newsletter, a multi-author newsletter where we give away a $25 gift card each month! 

Alicia's new book, Liberty Empowered can be purchased at Amazon and B&N

Here's the Blurb: Vampire hunter Liberty Van Helsing is responsible for protecting the humans living on Sang Croc, a tropical island in the French Polynesia. While striving to improve her recently acquired hunting skills, Liberty wrestles with her attraction to vampire, Eli Barkley, estranged son of Rupert, leader of the Evil Ones. 

Then the grandparents of a young girl—who Liberty has befriended—is snatched by the Evil Ones, and Rupert offers Liberty a deal: herself for the hostages. 

Rupert is certain his son will, in turn, voluntarily trade himself to save Liberty. Liberty has a better idea. Launch a rescue into Rupert's stronghold. But first she must tap into the elusive Van Helsing strength, and convince Eli he's not like his father... not anymore. 

Well friends, hope you enjoyed today's Thursday Thoughts!

Check back weekly for Saturday Spotlight, Tuesday Treasures and more Thursday Thoughts. Remember too, Egg-cerpt Exchange begins Feb 1st!

Until next time...take care and God Bless.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

#TuesdayTreasures: Guest post by Cami Checketts!

Good Morning!

Today we welcome Cami Checketts to our blog with something she treasures....

As I've been pondering the question of what I treasure I thought of all the standard answers - my husband, my four crazy, adorable boys, my testimony of the Savior, a healthy body, a warm home (even if it is a bit messy), but I wanted to just share a few thoughts today about why I treasure my boys so much.

My husband and I struggled with infertility and I can't tell you how I cried each month when we discovered that yet again our hopes and dreams of having a baby were empty. When the miracle occurred and I was finally expecting my first baby I think our Father in Heaven probably tired of hearing my gratitude. I was so thrilled. With each of our boys we've gone through years of treatments and heartache that I'm sure some of you can relate to. All four of our boys are miraculous to us. We feel so amazed that we would be entrusted with these precious souls.

I wish I could claim that I was a stellar mother, but I'm a disorganized, impatient mess a good portion of the time. Thankfully, they love me and spoil me rotten. The big guys (6'3" and 5'10" currently) pick me up and call me their little cookie Momma, they're very protective and sweet with me. The little guys snuggle and kiss me until I'm certain to catch every cold or flu bug their school has to offer. I love it.

I hope this post wasn't too personal, but I felt prompted to share some of my joy with my children. Please comment and share about the little (or big) people in your life who you treasure.

Amen Cami! We should always treasure the people in our lives, after all they are our greatest teachers.

Cami Checketts is married and the proud mother of four future WWF champions. Sometimes between being a human horse, cleaning up magic potions, and driving boys to lacrosse practice, she gets the chance to write fiction.

Cami graduated from Utah State University with a degree in Exercise Science. She and her family live in the beautiful Cache Valley of Northern Utah. During the two months of the year it isn't snowing, she enjoys swimming, hiking, biking, running, and water-skiing.

A portion of the proceeds from Cami's books will be donated to Humanitarian Aid.

Find out more about Cami and her books by visiting her Website.

Cami's latest book is, The Resilient One, part of the Billionaire Bride Pact series with Jeanette Lewis and can be found at Amazon! in Paperback and on Kindle.

Hope you enjoyed today's treasure. Visit weekly for more Tuesday Treasures, Thursday Thoughts and Saturday Spotlights. And don't forget, this year's Egg-cerpt Exchange begins Feb 1st with a whole bunch of authors and books!

Until next time...take care and God Bless!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

#SaturdaySpotlight: Maureen L Bonatch & Forget Me Not & a #Giveaway!

Good Morning and Welcome to another Saturday Spotlight!

In October I introduced you to Maureen Bonatch who shared something she treasures with us. Today Maureen joins us with her brand new release, Forget Me Not, a Candy Hearts romance published by The Wild Rose Press.

What if your memories hadn’t been made yet?

The car accident totaled Sabrina Post’s convertible and reinvented her memories. She can't recall dumping Cole Dawson ten years ago. What her new clairvoyant visions tell Sabrina is he’s her husband. Any practical girl would question her sanity. But if Sabrina wants to make this imaginary future a reality, she'll have to regain Cole’s trust and eliminate her rival, the coffee shop waitress who’s pegged Cole as husband #4. To prove she’s foreseen their destiny, Sabrina stirs Cole’s interest by revealing specifics about him she couldn’t have otherwise known. Unfortunately, the one detail he vividly remembers is the pain when she left him and their "rinky-dink" town in her rearview mirror.

If Cole can't believe she's a changed woman, can Sabrina accept the only second chance she has at love exists in her memories?

Sabrina’s laugh faded at his unspoken words. Despite being born and raised in Rosewood, she wasn’t considered a local anymore since she’d moved and shunned the small town way of life they loved. She’d have to earn their respect, or forever be considered an outsider.

“How do you know what my New Year’s resolution is?” Sabrina tensed, wondering if Cole experienced the same unusual visions.

Cole shrugged. “It’s the same one you made every year. You were never successful with it then, either. You insisted you were no—”

“Quitter.” Sabrina finished the sentence.

“Yeah.” Cole cleared his throat. “Unfortunately, I have to get back to the store. My lunch break is over.” His gaze lingered on Sabrina. “Perhaps you’ll tell me your story…another time.”

He rose, bracing his arms on the table. The muscles in his biceps bulged. The group at the table behind them fell silent, straining to detect every word exchanged. “Somewhere a little more private.”

The happiness warming her at his closeness made her want to drown in the depths of his emerald eyes and seek the answers to the mystery of her muddled memories. The emotions welling inside her made no sense—love never did—especially since she loved a man she didn’t even know. God, she was crazy. Did she stand a chance of making her memories of Cole a reality? She licked her unbearably dry lips. “Yeah, perhaps.”

Check out Maureen's Pinterest board with all of the Candy Hearts books and Extra's for Valentine's Day!

Maureen writes stories in the beautiful state of Pennsylvania that boast laughter, light suspense and something magical in the hope of sharing her love of finding the extraordinary in the ordinary world. She writes Paranormal Romance and Fantasy.

You can connect with Maureen at her Website, Blog, TWRP, Amazon, on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Good Reads. Sign up to receive her Newsletter HERE!

Forget Me Not can be purchased at Amazon, TWRP, B&N, Kobo and  iBooks.

Also, Maureen is giving away a $20 Amazon gift card through a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wow, lot's of exciting new books and contests with this series. Good luck if you enter!

Hope you enjoyed the spotlight and hope to see you next week for more Tuesday Treasures, Thursday Thoughts and Saturday Spotlights.

Until next time...take care and God Bless!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

#ThursdayThoughts: Random Ramblings on Promotion

Good Morning!

Whew been B-U-S-Y gearing up for this year's Egg-Cerpt Exchange* with fellow authors. All the work and organization has got me wondering....

Is Promotion really worth the time and effort?

As writers we dream of writing...that's it...write. Of course writing isn't all that simple either...there are rewrites and revisions then submission, acceptance (or rejection) possibly more rewrites/revisions...once contracted there are edits (sometimes several rounds) So...writing isn't just sitting at the computer and cranking out stories.

After so many books, you'd think we'd get it right the first time out....not necessarily true though.

But then comes the promotion part and let me tell you, as an independent/small press published author AND Marketing Associate for Pelican Book Group, promotion is a huge time sucker!

But the question remains....Is it worth it?

I've yet to know beyond a shadow of a doubt whether or not it is. I do know this much though, after being totally trashed by some then mildly insulted by others, I've just about given up on reviews! 

Yeah back in October I shared with you that I'd received some very disappointing reviews. Well, more recently I received notice of another reviewer who, although not as vicious as the other, said about The Visionary, "Portraying religion is a cure-all for abuse victims is inaccurate and potentially harmful, in my opinion."....

To begin with I did no such thing! The twins had been through counseling, etc from early on but that just didn't work for Trevor....it took a major life incident for him to seek another means of counseling...with a Pastor for him to get past the anger and hatred and be healed.

UGGHHH ... whatever though.

Anyway, (told you it was a random rambling day LOL!)....back to the question, is all the promotion worth the time, energy and effort involved?

I don't know for sure but it can be fun! Besides, God has a way of using the most unusual means to get our books into the hands of those who need them most.

JMHO of course but something to think about...
"Inspirational with an Edge!" ™

*Note* the Egg-Cerpt Exchange blog hop will begin on Feb 1st and last through March 31st so watch for the hashtag #Egg-CerptExchange for a chance to catch some great authors and books!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

#TuesdayTreasure: Silence

Good Morning!

This may be a subject that's better for Thursday Thoughts than Tuesday Treasures, but here goes anyway....

There's an old saying that "silence is golden" why do you suppose that's true?

Is it even true?

Have you ever sat in silence and wondered at the noise that infiltrates our lives?

Have you ever sat in silence and listened to the craziness of your own thoughts?

I remember a story from one of Wayne Dyer's books about a boy whose father sent him to a special camp every summer and at that camp they practiced silence. They could not speak to one another and those who did had to leave. The point of the entire camp was to prove that we're all connected and that we can communicate with each other without words.

It was a fascinating story but have you ever tried to practice silence?

Dr. Dyer also talks about a quote by Rumi which says.... The morning breezes have secrets to tell you, don't go back to sleep!

The bible teaches us that God speaks in a "still, small voice."

Granted sometimes He speaks in a very audible one, but we are also instructed to "be still and know"....

How else can you hear the secrets whispered in the morning breezes or the still, small voice of God unless you are silent?

Often when I'm travelling I do so in absolute silence. Maybe not the whole trip but for long stretches of time. It's one way I reconnect with myself...my soul, and God.

Here's another thought....how many times does simple acknowledgement possibly accompanied by a hug say more to us than words ever can?

Here's a novel idea.... next time you're alone, instead of turning on the television or radio or picking up the phone, take some time to sit in silence. Take deep breaths and let all the chatter in your brain just fade away and then notice what you actually hear in the silence.

Who knows, it may be the answer to whatever is ailing you at the moment!

Any time you can grab a moment (or several) of silence in the midst of normal chaos is certainly something to treasure.

Something to think about....
"Inspirational with an Edge!" ™

Saturday, January 9, 2016

#SaturdaySpotlight: Linda Rondeau & Fiddler's Fling

Good Morning!

Today our guest is a fellow Pelican Book Group author with her latest non-PBG release, Fiddler's Fling.

Restoration and reconciliation are recurring themes in RONDEAU’s literary works. Although currently residing in Jacksonville Florida, the author spent thirty years in the Adirondack region during her long career in human services. 

When not writing, she enjoys theater, hiking, golfing, and is considering taking up a new hobby: biking. 

Readers may visit her web site at www.lindarondeau.com, her blog, Salt and Light, or find her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and Goodreads.  

Engaged to a wealthy rising political star, a driven social worker returns to her small-town roots.

With her wedding to Robert Ashworth weeks away, Jolene Murdock receives a call from Dwight Etting, her estranged father’s junior partner and her former boyfriend. The business is crumbling and her father is dying.

Compelled to visit in spite of Robert’s objections, Jolene wonders if reconciliation is possible given her father’s hatred of all things Ashworth. And there was Dwight. How could she work side-by-side with him and not reveal her secret sin?

To complicate matters her father wants her to play a duet with him in the upcoming Essex County Fiddlers Fling; however, her fiddle was among the many things she left behind when she abandoned Brookside.    

More than a romance.

Set in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains, Fiddlers Fling depicts the struggle of the human spirit to find absolution in good deeds rather than accept the unconditional forgiveness God offers the repentant heart. 


Jolene Murdock hopped around her room like a two-year-old at Christmas. No small thing to be offered a job at the most prestigious law firm in Albany. The cell slipped from her grasp. “Oh, spinach,” she shrieked, emulating how Eleanor Roosevelt might have said it. She caught her lifeline, the portal to her world, a split-second before it met a watery end in her fish tank.
On the other end, Robert Ashworth clicked impatience. “I sense you have reservations?”
“No. Not at all.” Calm down, girl. “Tell me more.”
“You’ll head up our charitable foundation, oversee our donations, arrange fundraisers for recipients, and be an ambassador of good will. Your social-work degree will be an asset.”
“I’m not a certified social worker…yet. I only have my bachelor’s degree.”
“You can get your Master’s in Albany. My father’s firm will pay for your tuition. Take a few seconds if you need to.”
She’d already made her decision. Instead of revealing her giddiness, she took the allowed few seconds to examine the downs, if there were any besides the fact her father would never approve. The strangeness of it all should be considered. Why did Robert’s father want to hire her, Jolene Murdock, a simple girl from Brookside? Granted, she’d graduated with honors from Vassar, no small feat. And she was the daughter of the Democratic Chair for Essex County. She’d been a protégé of Robert’s mother since the summer following high school graduation—a woman who bolstered Jolene’s confidence like the mother Jolene never had. So…why not her? Maybe she really was the perfect choice for the position.
But what about Robert? Did he want Jolene to be hired, or had his mother put him up to it? He was three years older than she, and they’d been an item her freshman year, in spite of her father’s insistence she not date older boys. Daddy needn’t have worried. Once Robert took off for Harvard, she saw him only a few times, generally at some political function and always with his mother.  
The silence grew awkward, and the sounds of drumming fingers carried over Robert’s phone into Jolene’s ear. “I need an answer. What do I tell my father?”
“Tell him I accept.”
“Then pack your bags and get on the train to Albany tomorrow. You start Monday.”

Fiddler's Fling can be purchased at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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Thursday, January 7, 2016

#ThursdayThoughts: Random Ramblings

Good Morning!

Today is one of those random ramblings days...cause I just have no idea what to talk about. This feature is normally about something to think about so....

How about reading a good book?

I recently read two: Sweet Salt Air by Barbara Delinsky and Being in Balance by Dr. Wayne Dyer.


Yeah two different ends of the reading spectrum I know...one fiction the other non...but that's me.

I love to read and variety is the spice of life.

What are your reading preferences?

I'd love to hear from you!

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#TuesdayTreasure: Guest post by Diane Burton!

Good Morning and Welcome to the first Tuesday Treasure of 2016!

Today we welcome Diane Burton back to our blog to share with us something she treasures....

What I Treasure

When Pam asked me to write about something I treasure, the first thing that popped in my head was my family, especially my three grandchildren. As I write in the dedications to my books, they always make me smile. Holding a baby is a great de-stressor. For the past three weeks, I’ve been getting in a lot of holding with the eight-month-old and losing a lot of stress. When her mama brings her downstairs and she sees me, her eyes light up and she grins broadly. Then she holds her arms out to me. That just makes my heart swell. In a little over two weeks, we’ll have to leave, so I’m treasuring every moment.

But when we leave this little one, we have two older grandkids waiting for us—especially, to celebrate Christmas with them. The almost-six-year-old always races across the room to greet me with such enthusiasm I have to make sure I’m holding on to something, or I’ll get bowled over. Meanwhile, the eight-year-old patiently waits her turn. Since she’s getting so tall, I don’t have to bend over too far for her hugs and kisses.

One thing I enjoy sharing with the grandchildren is my love of reading and writing. With the baby, we’re still at the reading stage. Holding her in the rocker and reading Dr. Seuss reminds me of times when the older grandchildren and my own kids were young. While I love reading to the older ones, they enjoy writing their own stories with the help of myStoryMaker from The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, a fun interactive computer program. They tell the story and I type—a good division of labor. After they finish the story, we always print it out so they can show their parents. We play card games with them, too, like my grandmother did with me and my siblings. No matter what we do, it’s time well spent. Time when I put aside my own writing, household chores, reading or television shows and just enjoy being together.

Without our children and their spouses, I wouldn’t have my three treasures. More importantly, the love of my life for the past forty-three years made all this possible. That’s why I say my family is my dearest treasure.

My latest release is a cozy mystery featuring a female private investigator. The Case of the Fabulous Fiancé is the second Alex O’Hara novel.


She’s at it again. Alex O’Hara just can’t say no to a new investigation. What do a 45-year-old boyfriend, a deadbeat dad, and a teenage runaway have in common? All new cases. With phone and internet problems, no receptionist, and her own boyfriend in the wind, Alex has no idea how she’ll manage. But the question for the past three months is why did Nick disappear. Is this the end of O’Hara & Palzetti?


I picked up the pen before looking at Nora Finley. Even though I was in the middle of a major case, I never turned down a prospective client. At least, not right away. I’d hear her out and then decide.
“What can I do for you?”
Her expression completely changed. The high-powered exec disappeared. In its place, caution and . . . vulnerability. “Ellen VanderVeen said I could trust you.”
I smiled. Ellen and I had been friends since college. That girl had more fashion sense in her baby finger than I did in my entire body.
“Yes, I know Ellen.”
“She said you helped her investigate her fiancé.”
I nodded.
She hesitated and appeared to rethink what she was doing in a private investigator’s office. Quickly, she came to a conclusion. “I’d like you to do the same.”
“You want me to vet your fiancé?”
“He’s not my fiancé. Yet.”
She didn’t explain any further, so I asked, “Why? Do you suspect something?”
“No. Oh, goodness, no.” She pursed her lips before continuing. “My father left me a prosperous financial firm plus a sizeable inheritance. I am not saying that to brag but to explain my concerns. In my younger days, I was, uhm, taken advantage of. I need to be sure this man truly loves me—me, not my money.”
Although nobody would ever mistake me for an heiress, I understood her caution.
“I am almost forty years old,” she said. “I want to have children before I’m too old.”
Again, I understood. I’d recently passed a landmark birthday. The big Three-Oh. Rather than worry about kids, though, I devoted myself to my business. After a rocky start, I was on a pretty even keel. Plenty of work. Not enough time. But I did have plenty of time before settling down with kids. And a husband, of course. I’m kind of old-fashioned like that. I’d thought Nick might— Don’t go there.
“Ma’am, if you’d called for an appointment, I could have saved you a trip. I do not have time to devote to your case.”
A crestfallen Nora Finley stared at me, her mouth slightly open. I guess nobody ever turned her down. While hers might be interesting, I didn’t have a good feeling about this case. A client might want the lowdown on a prospective mate—as I’d discovered before—but they often resented the bearer of bad news. Of course, the client could be grateful if the news was good, like my friend Ellen.
“I will double your usual retainer.”
“It isn’t a matter of money—” Although money never hurt. “—I’m in the middle of a large case that is taking up all of my time.”
“How soon will you finish?” No longer disappointed, she looked calculating.
God save me from rich people who think everyone should drop what they’re doing to attend to them.
“Three weeks, minimum.”
“Good. I will be out of the country for the next four weeks. You may finish your present case then check into Clyde Wilson.”
Well, shit. I mean, shoot. I was trying to break my bad habit of swearing. I had misgivings about this woman. Demanding, she was going to be difficult to work with. She exuded the power that came from old money. Power that expected everyone to drop everything and do her bidding.
But then I’d had difficult clients before and managed them. I could probably wrap up the fraud investigation in a couple of weeks. I’d given myself a cushion when I’d told her three.
Were my misgivings about her enough to turn down double my retainer?
I drew the pad closer to me. “Tell me about this man. Clyde Wilson?”
That better not be a smug look on her face.

The Case of the Fabulous Fiancé: An Alex O’Hara Novel is available at:


Diane Burton combines her love of mystery, adventure, science fiction and romance into writing romantic fiction. Besides the science fiction romance Switched and Outer Rim series, she is the author of One Red Shoe, a romantic suspense, and The Alex O’Hara PI mysteries. She is also a contributor to the anthology How I Met My Husband. Diane and her husband live in Michigan. They have two children and three grandchildren.
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