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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New Release from White Rose Publishing!

Good Morning Friends!

We're here to celebrate another new release from WRP - this time it is Destiny's Dream by Delia Lantham a tale of love, faith and matchmaking......

Is a little respect too much to ask at a parent's funeral?

Apparently it is for Destiny May. Her mother's "going away party" is crashed by a totally irreverent stranger. Clay Gallagher is built like a small mountain and far more vocal than is fitting. When it turns out he's not even at the right funeral, Destiny demands retribution in the form of an escape from the day's dreary proceedings.

Their relationship has some kinks - starting with Destiny's determination to found a Christian dating service in their conservative town of Castle Creek. Clay has little respect or patience for such a frivolous profession. But when Destiny is threatened by an anonymous caller who deeply resents her and what she does for a living, Clay makes it his business to keep the saucy redhead out of harm's way.

Trouble is, spending time in her company weakens his defenses...and Cupid's arrows are known to fly straight to the heart.

Destiny's Dream is available now from White Rose Publishing in Ebook & Print!

Well hope you're enjoying finding out about these new releases. I sure enjoy telling you about them!

Until later....take care, God Bless & remember....as we celebrate the birth of our Lord & Savior let us also remember the cross!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Saturday Spotlight - Laura Shinn!

Good Morning Friends!

Well, only 1 more week before Christmas is here!

Today we welcome back Laura Shinn to our spotlight with her story, A Christmas Vow.

 Life is a funny thing when you’re six years old. Shanda Bratton knew she and Chris would be friends forever. Chris didn’t know about the secret love she held for him in her heart, even though he was a lot older. She would love him forever, even after she grew up. It was set in stone. But would Chris ever see her as anything other than the kid he’d known all his life?

With a difference of five years, Chris Milano knew that his and Shanda’s ages would always separate them. That is, until the day she came home after graduating college. He was shocked to find a full-grown woman, rather than the fresh, young girl he remembered. His desire for her never vanished, though she’d been much too young for him to show it when she was sixteen. He could no longer use that as an excuse to avoid her attentions. And looking into her eyes – the eyes of a grown woman – did he really want to? 

This Christmas would be one neither would ever forget.

Excerpt: Shanda watched the doorway closely, waiting. Chris would be arriving any time now. She remembered the pain from her sweet-sixteenth birthday party and the feeling of hope that it would be special and Chris would finally see her as an adult. It wasn’t to be. The heavy disappointment couldn't compare with her heartbreak.

Shanda’s embarrassment happened once everyone left the party. She cornered Chris outside, before he opened his car door. They were finally alone. Shanda shut her eyes as a tear escaped, remembering the humiliation...

Chris turned suddenly at the feel of a firm hand on his arm. He saw Shanda and sighed heavily. “Shanda, I have to go. I…I have a date.”

It was a lie; she could see it in his eyes. The use of her full name did not go unnoticed. He was trying to distance himself and she wouldn’t allow it.

“Yes, you do have a date—with me. I’ve been waiting a long time to receive my sweet-sixteen, birthday kiss. I want it to be from you,” she whispered emotionally, her heart in her eyes.

“Dammit, Shan, I can’t kiss you. You don’t understand what it would mean if I did. I’m not sure I could stop with a kiss and I know you aren’t even close to ready for something more. Can you understand?”

“No. All I know is my heart wants you and you’re running away from me, again.”

He gave a harsh laugh. “I’m running away from what I might end up doing to you and then you’d hate me forever.”

She was already shaking her head. “I could never hate you, Chris, no matter what happened.”

“You don’t know that, Shan. You have no idea what I feel inside, how much I—” Burn for you. Thank God he didn’t say it.

She stepped closer until her soft breasts pressed against his hard chest. Raising her chin, she whispered, “We’ll never know for sure, will we? Unless you kiss me, now…” she breathed, her lips parted and ready.

Chris grabbed her upper arms to push her away. At least that’s what he intended to do. Somehow, though, he ended up pulling her tighter against him until his mouth was an inch away from her own. His head was spinning and he tried to shake it, but the desire to taste her innocence overcame good judgment and good sense.

His voice emerged in a deep, guttural sound of pain. “Shan—”

“Yes, Chris, yes…”

He kissed her before he could change his mind, passionately, almost roughly. Only at the sound of her soft moan did the pressure of his mouth lessen until he was coaxing her lips with his firm mouth. This was madness and he was caught up in the decadent splendor of Shanda’s scent and taste. She intoxicated his senses and he couldn’t get enough of her.
Wow, sounds like perfect reading in such cold, cold weather LOL!

This novel available at the following locations:




To view more of Laura Shinn’s works or cover designs, visit: laurashinn.com

Well Friends, hope you enjoyed this spotlight! Until next time....take care & be Blessed!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saturday Spotlight - New Release from White Rose Publishing!

Good Morning Friends,

Well, it's official....Christmas is barrelling down on us quickly - know how I know? Parties! Either I'm attending or babysitting for the kids to attend - and then there's those at school for grandchildren and/or great nieces/nephews.

Whew! When did life in the fast lane get SO hectic?! LOL!

Anyway, while you're taking a break from all the festivities, take a moment to check out this week's new release from White Rose Publishing - Forget Me Not by Karen Cogan!

 School secretary, Miranda Wilkins is thrilled when Paul Green walks into her life. The handsome gym coach is everything she wants in a man--except for one problem. He's stopped trusting in a loving God.

As she attempts to persuade Paul to trust, her own faith is tested. Her mother is gradually becoming mentally and physically incapacitated by a mysterious illness, and her father and sister are suffering from a strain that threatens to tear the family apart.

Will Miranda have the strength to be a witness to Paul, or will her tribulations and his anger at God cause him to drift from her?

Forget Me Not is Karen Cogan's third title with White Rose Publishing. You're sure to enjoy Karen's award-winning storytelling style. Karen's other titles can be found HERE. You can find out more about her by visiting her website.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Want to find out more about White Rose authors & their books? Today we are chatting & posting blurbs/excerpts at Novel Sisterhood all day!  Also, White Rose holiday titles and new releases are being spotlighted through Dec. 24th @ Seriously Reviewed.

Want to enjoy a FREE novella? Join White Rose Publishing reader group! The current book is Cross My Heart by Elizabeth Pina!
The judicial system may have cleared Kate Carlson, but those she thought loved her still doubt her innocence. Finding strength in her faith, she hopes a fresh start in glorious Colorado will restore peace and serenity to her broken heart. When history repeats itself, will her new friends stand by or desert her?

Robbie Sutherland’s secret threatens to tear him apart, so he’s learned not to rely on God for anything. Kate may appear sweet and innocent, but he’s been fooled before.

Either her selfless love will help him find forgiveness, or his anger and bitterness will destroy their relationship and suffocate him forever.

How can Kate convince Robbie her love is real and, like God’s love, will endure no matter what?__________________
Elizabeth Pina is an award-winning author. Her White Rose Title, Learning to Let Go,won the 2010 International Readers Choice Contest. Now, Elizabeth brings us a touching story of love, redemption and second chances--and it's available FREE. Just join our White Rose Publishing Readers' Group for exclusive access.

Well Friends, hope you enjoy this spotlight. Check back next week when we welcome Laura Shinn back with her Christmas title!

Until later....take care & be blessed!

The serial has begun, but there's still time. Sign up today to gain access to this exclusive free read.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New Release from White Rose Publishing!

Hello Again Friends,

Time to tell you about another new release from White Rose Publishing!

 Can a hero ever live up to his reputation?

For seven years, Ceressa Quarles has secretly admired Latimer Kirkleigh. Latimer has spent those same seven years disappointing everyone he loves. When they reunite, she finds him jaded, arrogant...and still irresistible.

He finds her disconcerting, headstrong...and beautiful.

As responsibility and tragedy intertwine, Ceressa and Latimer are set upon a course that neither is prepared to travel. Forced to flee her English home, Ceressa accepts a marriage proposal from Latimer and finds herself living in a savage, colonial wilderness embroiled in rebellion.

With their lives at risk and any chance at love hidden deep within their precarious marriage of convenience, Ceressa and Latimer battle for the stability of a new world and peace within their own hearts.

Fire Dragon's Angel is available now from White Rose Publishing!

Also, several White Rose titles are being spotlighted at Seriously Reviewed until Dec. 24th~check 'em out!

Hope you enjoy hearing about these new releases - although I haven't had anything new since July when In His Sight came out, I am proud to be a WR author!

Until next time...take care & be blessed!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Saturday Spotlight - Tanya Stowe!

Good Morning Friends!

Today please welcome to our spotlight, Tanya Stowe who is on a virtual blog tour with her novel, Tender Touch ~ a recent release from White Rose Publishing.

As part of the tour, anyone who comments on the post will have their name entered in a drawing to win 2 books, Tender Touch and Rodeo Redemption by Teri Wilson.

Now, on to the spotlight.....

Tanya Stowe has written for the real estate industry, television, publicity firms and national publications. Her first novel, a time-travel adventure, Time’s Embrace, was released in the United States in 1993 and internationally released in 1995. Tanya has an eclectic career, doing market research, at a performing arts center and for the American Cancer Society. Most recently, Tanya contributed to a collection of women’s survival stories titled, Triumph! The Beautiful Face of Courage and collaborated on her first full-length play, a Christmas musical titled, The Night Before Christmas.

Tanya has been married to her high school sweetheart for thirty-seven years which is a romance story in itself. Currently they are visiting the East Coast and soon they will travel to the Middle East to begin a new adventure!
Lacy Butler is graced with the gift of healing. She can save strangers-even those undeserving-yet fails to save her mother. Rejecting her gift, God, and society, she's content to live alone high above the mining town of Harperville. But her solitude is shattered when Royce Darnell builds a water flume through the middle of her mountain. To protect her sanctuary, Lacy sabotages his efforts. Little does she expect Royce to track her through a blizzard and end up half frozen to death on her doorstep. She can heal him, but why should she when he threatens to steal her peace...and her heart?

With the livelihood of the miners and their families depending on his project, Royce refuses to stop building, no matter how good the reason or how lovely the masked saboteur turns out to be. Besides, he's convinced God wants Lacy to use her gift for good and not to hole up in her cabin like a reticent recluse afraid of human contact. But first, she must learn to trust, and Lacy doesn't trust anyone, not Royce and especially not God. Soon Royce finds himself in a battle to save the two things he loves the most-Harperville and Lacy. Is his faith strong enough to save them both?

"Lacy--look at me," Royce commanded. She looked up. "Feel the music, Lacy. Just move with me."

Her muscles eased. Her breathing slowed. She seemed to sense the rhythm of his body and took her cues from the slight touch of his hand. He dipped, she followed. He swept, she flowed, her skirts swinging in a graceful arc behind them. They sailed around the room in perfect motion.

Royce smiled. "I knew you could do it."

"Thank you for teaching me," she murmured.

Royce looked at the woman in his arms. He'd known the minute she'd entered the room. He was shocked to see her, knowing instinctively that the crowd and the noise would not be to her liking. But, when he'd seen the pink of her cheeks and the high color of her eyes, he knew she was enjoying herself ... and that made him happy. He liked the little giggle she tried to suppress and the way her eyes lit when the dancers came near her. So he’d asked her to dance.

“Thank you," Lacy repeated.

"My pleasure, ma'am. Is there anything else I can do for you?"

Her features turned somber. "You can let me go, now, before it's too late.”

She was asking him to do what he'd vowed to do. But looking at her lovely features, he knew he wouldn't do it.

"I can't, Lacy. I've tried and I can't."

The truth of his words flowed over both of them. They stood still in the middle of the dance floor. He wondered where the words had come from, and how he could take care of this fragile, beautiful creature in his arms.

Well friends, that wraps up this spotlight-hope to see you again soon!

IMW...take care & be blessed.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Release from White Rose Publishing!

Hello Friends,

I'm a little late posting this week - been a crazy, busy week at the Silver Spur Guest ranch! I arrived back home in Iowa, LA late last night.

Anyway....better late than never I guess LOL!

This week's new release from White Rose Publishing is Saving Christmas by Clare Revell......

Rather than do the expected thing, Christmas Daniels, pursued a high powered career in London, flying across the world, never being home long enough for anything. When her father is taken ill, she returns to run Hollies Christmas Emporium, an all year round Christmas shop.

Matt Pringle doesn't make a good impression on his new boss when he accuses her of stealing his parking space. Wanting to make up, he tries to impress her, but ends up falling for her instead.

When the bank threatens the store with closure, Chrissie sacrifices everything to try to save it. A committed Christian, Matt knows that Chrissie needs saving  just as much. 

Will their growing attraction help Matt save Christmas before it’s too late?

Saving Christmas is available NOW as a $1.00 download!

How can you pass up such a deal? :-)

Until later...take care & be blessed!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Good Morning Friends,

It's a busy crazy week here at the Silver Spur Guest Ranch in Bandera, TX but I wanted to take a moment to THANK each and every one of you for your continued love and support. Despite the hardships of the past 15 months I KNOW how truly blessed I am.

May God bless each and every one of you and may your Thanksgiving be the most blessed and happiest ever!


Saturday, November 20, 2010

New Release from White Rose Publishing!

Good Morning Friends!

Well, my schedule of Saturday Spotlight guests ran out for a couple of weeks but don't worry, I still have a special treat for you!

This week we welcome Tanya Stowe to the White Rose family, and she brings us an inspirational story of healing...and not just spiritual healing, but physical healing, as well. You're sure to find your heartstrings stretched to the limits in this faith-filled and exciting historical novella.

Lacy Butler is graced with the gift of healing. She can save strangers-even those undeserving-yet fails to save her mother. Rejecting her gift, God, and society, she's content to live alone high above the mining town of Harperville. But her solitude is shattered when Royce Darnell builds a water flume through the middle of her mountain. To protect her sanctuary, Lacy sabotages his efforts. Little does she expect Royce to track her through a blizzard and end up half frozen to death on her doorstep. She can heal him, but why should she when he threatens to steal her peace...and her heart?

With the livelihood of the miners and their families depending on his project, Royce refuses to stop building, no matter how good the reason or how lovely the masked saboteur turns out to be. Besides, he's convinced God wants Lacy to use her gift for good and not to hole up in her cabin like a reticent recluse afraid of human contact. But first, she must learn to trust, and Lacy doesn't trust anyone, not Royce and especially not God. Soon Royce finds himself in a battle to save the two things he loves the most-Harperville and Lacy. Is his faith strong enough to save them both?

Tender Touch is available now!

Also, did you know WRP has a digital book club? Yeah! and you can get 20% off of every ebook you purchase all the time! Get details HERE.

Oh, and one more thing....White Rose authors and staff put together a FREE cookbook just in time for the holidays. Download your copy today!

While you're over at WRP, check out the New Releases, Special Deals & Featured Titles!

Well friends, that's about it for this week. I'm heading back to the Silver Spur guest ranch in Bandera, TX for the week on Monday. I'll try to drop you a note or two while I'm there, but if not.....

Take care, Be Blessed and have a BLESSED & HAPPY Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 15, 2010

New Release from White Rose Publishing!

Good Morning Friends!

Oh well, I made it through the weekend~Praise God LOL! Seriously though, if you missed BWG's conference, you missed out on a great event. No worries though, there's always next year. Watch our website for details.

Now on to the latest release from White Rose Publishing....Continents Apart by Dana Sudboro.

Odette Peterson has a clear understanding of where the Lord wants her, and that's in the African missionary field. When she meets veteran missionary, Xavier Sand, she embraces their budding relationship. He's everything she's wanted in a man: Christian, kind, and a man who's dedicated his life to ministry. But when he insists she put aside her evangelization efforts and join him in Japan, she finds she must let Xavier go.

Xavier cannot understand why Odette stubbornly clings to the idea that God wants her in Africa. Missionary, yes, but she can do missionary work anywhere. After all, he does. Despite all his efforts to convince her to change her conviction, she refuses and Xavier finds himself floundering for significance in his life.

Across three continents, and with others vying for their hearts, Odette and Xavier must learn to trust that God knows what's best for their futures...even if that means they will never be together.

Continents Apart is available NOW from White Rose Publishing in ebook & print!

While you're there, check out my titles!

Okay Friends, there's another book for your TBR pile and/or Christmas list!

Until later...take care & be blessed.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday Spotlight - Clare Revell!

Good Morning Friends!

Since I'm probably half-crazy by now with the Bayou Writers' Group Conference I'm going to jump right in with today's spotlight.....but first a little about Clare in her own words....

I live in a small town in England with my husband of 18 years and my three children, all of which are now in secondary school and taller than me. I'm not sure which is scarier, but it does make trying to ground them interesting. I've been writing from early childhood and encouraged by my teachers, I graduated from rewriting fairy stories through fan fiction - which is still out on the net in various places under my pen name Tels - to using my own original characters writing an eclectic mix of romance, crime fiction and children's stories.

I read a lot, but at least I don't hide under the covers with a torch anymore. As well as writing, reading, I used to do a lot of cross stitching. Sadly now my eyesight is too poor to see to do it. I also try to keep up with the many piles of laundry my children manage to create. I also work part time in the breakfast club at one of the local schools. Although this means leaving the house at 7am and starting at 7.15am... I'm home by 930am and have 6 hours before the kids come in from school.

I have been a Christian for more than half my life. I go to Carey Baptist where I am one of three registrars. So far I have overseen two weddings. On neither occasion did the bride wear white. (Hopefully the next time she will.)

 A Killer lurks in Headley Cross…

…And Holly Carmichael is the only woman to survive his attack. Now she lives in fear, searching for normalcy and trying to put her life back together. When she meets Kyle Stevens, he turns her world upside-down. He’s as exasperating as he is appealing. How can Holly make sense of her awakening feelings when she’s so unsure of Kyle? His voice is familiar, he’s left-handed, and he wears the serial killer’s cologne. Who is he…really? As Holly struggles to restore her damaged faith, she must find the strength to trust once again—in Kyle and in God.

Kyle Stevens isn’t ready to live again. Racked by guilt, he’s afraid to feel. His sole focus is finding the Headley Cross serial killer—his girlfriend's murderer. That is, until he meets Holly Carmichael. He’s drawn to Holly, vows to protect her where he failed to protect his former love. But Holly makes him feel again, emotions quickly morphing into something much more dangerous to his hardened heart.

When the serial killer returns to finish what he started, only a miracle can save them…but then, it's the Season for Miracles.

Excerpt: Kyle’s voice came from a long way off, and Holly had to concentrate to hear it. “I’m sorry, Holly. He’s normally pretty well behaved, but he’s never seen snow before and is a little over-excited. Plus he was on his own all day yesterday. Are you all right?”

Holly nodded. The headache upped a notch. That was a stupid thing to do.

“Can you stand?”

She moved her head a little as Kyle helped her to her feet. She brushed the snow from her coat and tried to focus on the man. His hat, pulled down over his ears, hid his hair. Her head pounded, stars danced in front of her eyes, and it was all she could do to stand upright.

I want to sit down. Please, let me sit down. The words echoed in her mind, but she wasn’t sure she’d said them aloud. He didn’t respond.

His deep voice reverberated as he pulled off his glove. “Are you sure you’re all right?”

Holly nodded for a third time. She had a huge lump in her throat and she struggled to breathe. Her legs didn’t want to hold up, but she didn’t want a fuss. Fingers tingled inside her glove where he held her hand. His grip kept her upright.

Kyle’s other hand cradled the back of her head. Holly winced as he found and examined the lump. His touch increased the pain by a magnitude of five. Kyle checked his fingers and relief crossed his face at the lack of blood. “Holly? Please, say something. Otherwise I’ll have to assume Orion ate your tongue.”

Season for Miracles is available NOW from White Rose Publishing!
Well Friends, that wraps up this edition of Saturday Spotlight - stay tuned for more!
Until later...take care & be blessed.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

BWG 2010 Conference "A Bridge to Publication"

Good Morning Friends,

Well it's conference week here in SW LA and the Bayou Writers' Group annual "Bridge to Publication" conference is underway!

Scheduled for this Saturday - November 13th - we've got a great lineup of speakers!  Here are the details:

At the Door Registration 8:00 – 8:45

Announcements 8:45 – 9 am

9-10 am – Harold Underdown – Preparing Children’s or YA book for Publication
     Children’s Book Editor Harold Underdown is a freelance editorial consultant. He has worked at Macmillan, Orchard, and Charlesbridge, and has experience in trade and educational publishing. Harold enjoys teaching, and in that role wrote The Complete Idiot's Guide to Children's Book Publishing, now in its third edition. He founded and runs "The Purple Crayon," a respected web site with information about the children's publishing world at www.underdown.org. Mr. Underdown will be happy to answer questions between critique/consultation appointments – please check his sheet to see what time your evaluation is and if you have basic questions, sign up in any available time slot.

Break/Announcements 10:00 – 10:15 am

10:15 – 11:15 Chere’ Cohen – Developing the NF book proposal/selling ideas to the NF market
     Multi-published Author, Cheré Dastugue Coen is an award-winning journalist and author living in Lafayette, Louisiana. She has worked or written for many publications and currently works as a freelance travel and food writer, plus pens the weekly books column and newsletter, Louisiana Book News. Her fiction includes Kensington historical romances under the pen name of Cherie Claire. Her nonfiction books include the cookbook travelogue “Cooking in Cajun Country” (2009) and the upcoming “Magic's in the Bag: Creating Spellbinding Gris Gris and Sachets.” (2010) She is currently at work on the “Historic Guide to Cajun Country,” scheduled for release in 2011.

11:15 – 12:45 Lunch

12:45 – 1:45 Gary Goldstein – What Editors/Kensington Expect
     Gary Goldstein, Sr. Editor, Kensington started his editorial career at Crown Publishing in 1986. He spent two years at Bantam Doubleday Dell (now Bertelsmann AG) from 1988-1990. He joined Putnam Berkley Publishing (now Penguin USA) in May 1990. Following his stint at Berkley, in 1997 he moved on to Simon & Schuster’s Pocket Books division (where he signed up a then-unknown author named Dan Brown and his novel ANGELS AND DEMONS). He rejoined Penguin USA in 2000 (Alpha Books division, publisher of the Complete Idiot’s Guides.) In October 2003, he joined Kensington Publishing Group, where he acquires and edits both non-fiction for Kensington’s Citadel Press imprint and fiction (military and political thrillers, westerns, suspense), among them NY Times and USA Today bestselling authors William W. Johnstone and Michael Walsh.

1:45 – 2:00 Break/Announcements

2:00 – 3:00 Self/E/Small Press Published Author Panel - The INS & OUTS of Self, Electronic, & Small Press Publishing.
     Lesa Boutin is a children’s author who discovered a love for every aspect of a book’s life, from concept to completion. With a background in education, Lesa started her own publishing company, Boot in the Door Publications, in 2006, followed by the release of her YA novels, Amanda Noble, Zookeeper Extraordinaire in 2007, and Amanda Noble, Special Agent in 2008. Currently a writer with Writers in the Schools Houston, Lesa enjoys sharing her imagination and passion for storytelling with her students.

     Wendy Lanier is a Texas author whose writing includes book for Lerner Books, Capstone Press, Lucent Books, Kid Haven Press and contributions to: Focus on the Family’s Clubhouse, CBN.com, MOPS.org, Devokids.com, and The Amazing Bible Fact Book for Kids. Her educational and professional background includes a BS in Speech Communication Disorders and a M.ED in Elementary Education and over 18yrs in TX schools. She is a member of SCBWI and Bayou Writers’ Group.

     Curt Iles is a Southern writer with a warm style that makes one glad to be alive and wish to enter his world. He and his wife DeDe live in Dry Creek, Louisiana. Curt is a graduate of Louisiana College (B.S. 1979) as well as McNeese State University (M.Ed. 1985 and 1987). After fulfilling careers as a teacher/coach, school principal, and outdoor camp director, Curt began writing full time in 2006. The author of seven books, he speaks at over one hundred events yearly and can be reached at curtiles@aol.com. He recently released his seventh independent book, A Good Place. His previous six books have sold a cumulative 20,000 copies. Curt’s mission in life is “to be walk closely with Jesus, be a man God can use, and be respected by my wife and family.” His life verse are the words of Jesus in Matthew 6:33, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.”

     Award-winning author, Pamela S. Thibodeaux is the Co-Founder and a lifetime member of Bayou Writers Group. Multi-published in creative non-fiction and romantic fiction Pamela has five novels available in Ebook & Print (4 part Tempered Series ~ Com Star Media & The Inheritance ~White Rose Publishing) and six short stories (all available at White Rose Publishing) as well numerous articles, essays, & devotions to her credit. Her writing has been tagged as “Inspirational with an Edge!”™ and reviewed as “steamier and grittier than the typical Christian novel without decreasing the message.”

3:00 – 4:30 Door Prizes/On the Wall/Reception/Author Signing

As you can see there is something here that will benefit nearly EVERY writer so if you're in the area - drop on by and join us for a fun-filled/informative day!

Download the brochure HERE!

Hope to see you there!

Until later...take care & be blessed!

Monday, November 8, 2010

New Release from White Rose Publishing!

Hello Again Friends and Welcome!

It is with great pleasure I bring to your attention the latest release from White Rose Publishing: Season for Miracles by Clare Revell.

  A Killer lurks in Headley Cross…

…And Holly Carmichael is the only woman to survive his attack. Now she lives in fear, searching for normalcy and trying to put her life back together. When she meets Kyle Stevens, he turns her world upside-down. He’s as exasperating as he is appealing. How can Holly make sense of her awakening feelings when she’s so unsure of Kyle? His voice is familiar, he’s left-handed, and he wears the serial killer’s cologne. Who is he…really? As Holly struggles to restore her damaged faith, she must find the strength to trust once again—in Kyle and in God.

Kyle Stevens isn’t ready to live again. Racked by guilt, he’s afraid to feel. His sole focus is finding the Headley Cross serial killer—his girlfriend's murderer. That is, until he meets Holly Carmichael. He’s drawn to Holly, vows to protect her where he failed to protect his former love. But Holly makes him feel again, emotions quickly morphing into something much more dangerous to his hardened heart.

When the serial killer returns to finish what he started, only a miracle can save them…but then, it's the Season for Miracles.

Season for Miracles is available now for only $4.69!
Get your copy today - and while you're at it, check out other great Christian/Inspirational romances (including mine) from White Rose Publishing.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday Spotlight - Shawna K Williams

Good Morning Friends and Welcome to the first Saturday Spotlight for November!

Wow, can you believe we are winding down this year already?!

Today, please join me in welcoming a new friend, Shawna K Williams with her book, In All Things sequel to her debut novel, No Other. But first a little about Shawna in her own words....

I'm a lot of things: a Christian, wife, mother, friend, author, artist, rock hound, science geek and animal lover. The first four take priority. The rest tend to jostle for my attention. Since I'm always a dreamer, author usually wins.

Indeed, my first two books are the result of a dream -- an actual dream. It nagged me for six months as I mentally tried to fill in all of the gaps. I finally had to write it down. Since then, God has continued to bless with me inspiration at times of His choosing.

Technically, I'm an Inspirational Romance writer. But I like to think that romance includes more than the relationship between two people. It can also be about the era or place, or even a single moment in time, when an elusive whisper reaches inward and ever so gently taps the soul, saying, "This. Remember this."

It's my desire that my stories create such a moment.

Some of my methods for filling my creative reservoir are reading about the histories of small towns, pouring over old photos in antique shops and people's homes (if I'm at yours, I'll ask to see your picture albums) and asking prying questions about your best family stories. Oh! And if you ever see a lady on the side of the road, taking pictures of old, dilapidated houses and buildings, it's probably me.

Find out more about Shawna by visiting her website, blog or follow her on Facebook & Twitter!

Jakob and Meri's story continues...

Meredith Louis's Hollywood career is at a point of transition. No longer under Majestic Studios' control, Meri is free to broaden her appeal as an actress and finally earn the recognition she desires.

Meri and Jakob return to their hometown for the holidays where Meri hopes to reconcile with her parents after a decade of silence. But after a disastrous encounter, Meri is plunged into turmoil as old fears resurface in unexpected ways.

Jakob, already dealing with unresolved family issues of his own, is further burdened by his inability to help his wife. Can he learn to step aside and trust God's plan.Will Meri recognize what she already has?

In All Things is a story of faith and restoration, cemented in the belief, "...that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

Excerpt: Meri crept into the bedroom after getting her baby boys down for the night. Eight months old and the twins were finally sleeping a full six hours in a row. Jakob lay sprawled out on top of the bed covers, listening to the broadcast of the Shamrock Hotel's grand opening. He'd marveled over its architectural design during the final months of the building's construction, saying it was a delicate balance of bulk and elegance, a modernistic French chateau. Whatever that meant?

At $42 per ticket, attending the event was beyond the realm of possibilities. She knew that he ached to see inside, though. Maybe after the hubbub died down, they could dress up and sneak into the lobby. Pretend to be guests as they strolled about.

Meri crawled onto the bed and snuggled close. "Anything interesting?"

"Oh yeah. This thing is huge. Did you know that's Dorothy Lamour?"

Meri listened closely to the full-bodied, charismatic voice emanating through the airwaves as it introduced a host of celebrities -- Errol Flynn, Ginger Rogers, Robert Preston.

"Wow, sounds like some party they're having."

"A little while ago she announced there were fifty thousand people outside the hotel. That can't be right. Do you think?"

Meri shrugged. "I don't know. Maybe."

Jakob rolled onto his back. Meri laid her head on his chest as he ran his hand through her hair. Neither spoke as they listened to the increasingly rowdy festivities. It sounded like champagne was flowing in abundance.

"You should be there," Jakob said.

Over a year of marriage and the birth of their boys, and Jakob still punished himself as though he deprived her of something important. There was a strong possibility that her parents were at the opening. It was being touted as the biggest social event in Houston's history, so her mother wouldn't want to miss it. But Meri didn't care. All she wanted was Jakob. He fulfilled her.

"No. I should be here with you."

Miss Lamour broke out in song, and several not so talented voices joined in. Meri snickered.

"I meant that you should be a guest of honor, a celebrity -- invited to celebrate."

"Don't be silly."

He stopped playing with her hair and tipped her chin up toward him. "Let's move to Los Angeles."


"I want your dreams to come true."

"What are you talking about?"

"You want to be an actress."

"Oh, Jakob. That doesn't matter anymore." She laid her head back onto his chest. "I'm a wife and a mother. You've got your job and school. Besides, we wouldn't even know where to start."

He lay still for a minute, and then his fingers ran through her hair again. "What if I figured something out?"

"Such as?"

"I don't know yet."

Meri giggled. She pushed herself up and kissed him on the lips. "I love you." Jakob's deep blue eyes held her gaze. Wheels were definitely turning in there. "What are you thinking?"

"I promise you, Meri. Somehow, I'm gonna make it happen."

A buzz of drunken laughter crackled through the radio at their bedside, drowning out Dorothy Lamour as she continued in song. Then a single word burst through the noisy clamor.

Meri covered her mouth. "Did he just say..."

The broadcast cut off and static buzzed from the radio's speaker.

She and Jakob looked at each other with widened eyes.

"I think so." A smile covered his face. He wrapped his arms around her, and rolled her beneath him as they laughed. "I wonder how they'll write that up in the papers?"

"As a warning against live broadcast in the excess of champagne." Meri fought to catch her breath. "I can't believe that happened."

Jakob hovered over her with a gentle smile and tender eyes. She reached up and brushed his cheek with her fingers.

"Believe in me, Meri. Will you believe in me?"

It seemed so crazy. What did he plan to do? Knock on Louis B. Mayer's door. This is my wife. She wants to be an actress. Yet, the conviction in his eyes overwhelmed all reason, and from her lips she heard the words, "I do." And it was the truth.

Purchase from the publisher: http://stores.desertbreezepublishing.com/-strse-118/Shawna-Williams-In-All/Detail.bok

Also available at Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Sony Reader Store, Kobo, Allromance Ebooks, iBookstore, Books on Board, and soon to be at Christianbooks.com.

If you'd like a free pdf file sample read of the first three chapters of In All Things, and its predecessor, No Other, contact Shawna at shawnawilliams@allegiance.tv

Well Friends, that's it for today! Check back next week for another edition of Saturday Spotlight!

Until Later...take care & be blessed!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Home Again.....for now LOL!

Hello Friends, Family & Dear Reader Fans!

Well I arrived home yesterday from two weeks at the Silver Spur Guest Ranch in Bandera, TX in time to see my granson, Karson (Sugar Bear) get his first haircut. You can view photos of this special event here: http://www.facebook.com/pamelasthibodeaux?ref=profile#!/album.php?aid=303407&id=635042175

Today I'll be at the Calcasieu Parish Library in Iowa, LA for an Author/Book talk - so if you're in the area, I'd love to see you there!

Not much else going on - home for about 3 weeks then back to the Silver Spur to work the week of Thanksgiving.

Until later...take care & be BLESSED!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday Spotlight - Marie Beau!

Good Morning Friends!

The weather is beautiful here in Bandera, TX - yep, a few more days here then I'll be headed back to Louisiana again for three weeks then back up here to the Silver Spur Guest Ranch for Thanksgiving week!

Today I'd like to introduce to you my good friend, Marie Beau with her debut book Wolf!

Lyssa Merrick has no intention of ever being involved with a wolf, but when Wolfe Reardon seeks her wildlife services she realizes choosing a mate is not always a conscious decision.

EXCERPT: The jingle of the bells over the door announced his arrival. Lyssa sighed and dropped the tea ball into the cup of water.

I can do this.

She stepped into the front of the store and looked toward the door. Where is he? I know it was him. She frowned, turned back toward the kitchen, and screamed when a hand landed on her shoulder.

Without thinking, she gripped the hand, stepped into his side, and flipped him. Her eyes widened when she realized what she had done. I guess it’s not all about size after all. She practically giggled until she looked down at him, lying there so still. Perhaps he got the breath knocked out of him when he landed.

She shifted from foot to foot, staring at him, waiting for him to move, to open his eyes.

“Wolfe. Wolfe, I‟m sorry. You scared me.” She ran a hand through her hair setting it all askew she was sure. “Come on Wolfe, you didn‟t land that hard,” she whispered. She knelt down to check his pulse only to have her hand snared and drawn to his chest. His eyes popped open, a grin spreading across his face.

Lyssa jerked back, trying to get free. “Okay, joke‟s over. You can let me go now.” She struggled to straighten and pull her hand out of his grasp but instead found herself sprawled on top of him when he tugged her down.

“Easy kitty, no claws…”

Wolf! is available now from Whispers Publishing.

Well Friends, hope you enjoyed this edition of Saturday Spotlight - check back weekly for more great authors and their books.

Until later, take care & be blessed!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday Spotlight - Laura Shinn!

Wow, can you believe October is nearly over?!

I can't - but the chilly air reminds me daily LOL.

Please welcome back to our spotlight, Laura Shinn with another of her great books, Night Hunter. Without much ado....here she is!

My writing didn't truly begin until I became a junior in high school. A friend encouraged me to write a short story, like the one he was writing, and I gave it a shot. It was a spin-off between Mork and Mindy and Star Wars. Needless to say, my first attempt was pretty bad.

Over the next few years I read like crazy, mostly historical novels. I didn't begin reading contemporaries until I got married several years later. I decided I wanted to write a time travel like the one my favorite author wrote. Constance O'Day Flannery became my first inspiration to become a published author. {Since then I’ve had the honor of meeting and learning from many different authors: Suzanne Brockmann, Madeline Baker, Christine Feehan, Michele Bardsley, Jo Beverley, Rebecca J. Vickery, Rita Hestand and many more.}

I love to read and the desire to write comes to me daily. New ideas for novels pop into my head at the most inconvenient times, in the shower and while driving my car (Oops! You didn't read that one...). The idea that you can create a magical or mysterious world with only the touch of your fingers to a keyboard delights me.

While in college, at Howard Payne University in Brownwood Texas, I majored in English {minored in Art} and wanted desperately to become a published author. I've continued to work on my writing, editing and cover design skills and hope to one day achieve the same level of talent as many of my favorite authors.

I have a wonderful husband, Jay (since 1986) and two boys, Josh (born 1991) and Nathan (born 1998). We currently live south of Fort Worth, TX. We have four dogs, three rescued from the local pound, and a Schnauzer we named Elsie May.

Marcus has decided to savor his last night on earth as a vampire, choosing to end his 597 years of loneliness. The years leading up to this night progressed far too slowly and Marcus feared he would never find a mate. Until he hears the cry of innocence from within a dark church and draws one of the members into helping him save the small child.

Miranda is a twenty-six year old woman who wants more than anything to have a man and family of her own. No male prospects over the last several years lead her to make a life within the church and not much else. She’s resigned to live her life without a man, unmarried, no family…alone.
Marcus and Miranda are destined to meet and begin to fall in love, each seeing the opportunity to have a home with little Hannah, the abandoned baby. Several circumstances out of their control tear into their dream and in the space of a few hours, Hannah disappears and Miranda is near death. The struggle to find happiness brings a surprise neither could have ever anticipated. Is it too late for Marcus and Miranda to find happiness in the midst of chaos?

Excerpt: She entered the community and Marcus directed her to the very back street. After driving by the last house they passed a large patch of land with nothing on it, just grass. The last street lamp was too far back to see ahead and Miranda drove in complete darkness. After about a thousand feet or so she came to a large iron gate that surrounded a wide area she couldn't see completely in the pitch black of night. Have I fallen into a trap?

"No, you have not." She eyed him quickly before looking away. "My house is beyond the gate. I demand privacy, so I purchased nine acres of land beginning with the bare stretch of grass we passed moments ago."

He raised a hand and the gate opened automatically, though she didn't see a controller in his hand or anything electrical connected to the gate. Dear Lord, is he telekinetic too?

"You might say so, yes. Please do not be alarmed, Miranda. I have used these abilities for many years and they come naturally to me. I sometimes forget they do not to others."

He saw her nod, but she still looked startled—and afraid. He didn't want her to be afraid of him.

As she drove closer, the saw the driveway split so that it created a large circular drive. She veered off to the right and followed the brick pathway around to the front door. She stopped the car, though left it running. Oh, my goodness, this is his home? Although it was essentially a single-story, unlike the two-story homes in the community, its beauty far exceeded the other homes' designs. Marcus' home had a unique flavor, rather than the typical cookie-cutter look that seemed to be the rage with most builders today.

He laughed and she enjoyed the sound. She got the feeling he didn't smile or laugh very often. She wondered why. He possessed more money than anyone could possibly want or need in a lifetime, but he also said that he was lonely. Did he have no wife, children? No relatives at all?

"None. Those of my parents' immediate bloodline have all died. I did not keep in touch with others who are now distant relatives."

"Why? Then you wouldn't be alone."

"I have good reason which I will share with you at another time. For now, though, we must see to the needs of little Hannah."

"Hannah? Hmm, I think I like that name. Too bad we can't keep her."

There was a long silence broken only by the cutting of the engine.

Marcus did not really consider that a possibility—until now. It brought a small smile to his face.

"Why can we not? She is abandoned, yes? There will be no one to claim her. I know the Americans provide a foster care system, but I don't think I could subject little Hannah to jumping from home to home, never really loved, never truly wanted. Not when we could love her," he ventured quietly.

We? Miranda didn't know anything about Marcus yet, who he was or what he was capable of. What about his values, his beliefs, what he cared for above all else? She didn't know him well enough to make that kind of a decision.

"I see."

Marcus exited the car and she quickly followed, coming around his side to help with little Hannah. He unbuckled the seatbelt, but before he could reach for the baby, she stopped his hand with her own. Her touch set his blood on fire and he shook with the desire to control it.

Miranda ran her hand along his bare forearm, her voice whisper-quiet. "I'm sorry, Marcus. Please understand."

He straightened all the way out of the car and took her upper arms firmly in his grasp, pulling her forward.

"Marcus, you must believe me—I want to trust you, but trust takes time. I've only known you for a few hours. How can I trust what I've seen of you so far?"

"What do your instincts tell you? What do you feel when you look upon me?"

Miranda gazed into his eyes for a long moment, searching the darkening hue. "My gut is telling me that you're an honest man and I can trust you. My feelings are mixed and confused, though. It's hard to say what I'm feeling right now."

"Then speak without words..."

Marcus drew her closer and slowly bent his head, giving her time to reject his embrace. She did not. When Miranda closed her eyes in surrender and he felt her body soften in his arms, he knew she felt as he did.

Their lips touched and a jolt of physical awareness passed between them. It existed before their kiss, but it became a living thing which spoke to each of them, demanding a response from the other.

For the first time in her life, Miranda felt the fire of passion zing through her veins. It made her feel sensitive to touch, aware and alive. It was unlike any emotion she ever experienced. She'd been kissed before, but never like this. His touch told a story, relayed a message she'd never heard from any other man. He wanted her—that was clear. But she could almost feel his desire for a family of his own, something she could easily relate to. She did want the family he suggested in the car. She wanted to be loved and to love in return. She wanted children and a home in which to raise them. Could Marcus be the man she'd waited to find for the last twenty-six years?

Marcus devoured her mouth while he read her thoughts, as clear as his own. She wanted him too and was considering a life with him. He would give her everything, anything she desired. Most of all, he would give her his faith and trust and all the love in his heart until the day she died.

Surrounding her with his arms, he pulled her flush against him, his mouth leaving hers to kiss and ravage a hot pathway down her throat until he reached the tender spot below her ear. His mouth opened and he could feel his incisors lightly scraping across her neck. Miranda moaned his name and pressed more firmly against his chest. He nearly bit her, almost taking what he desired from her flesh.

Without warning, Miranda was released and her back came up abruptly against the side of the car. She shook her head to clear it. Marcus was walking quickly toward the front door with his keys jingling. Why did he stop so abruptly? Did I do something wrong?

Cooing noises from inside the car brought her back to reality. Grabbing the diaper bag, she slung it over her head to cross her body. Gently, Miranda picked up the baby, kicked the car door closed with her foot and walked toward the front door.

Whew! Another great vampire novel and just in time for Halloween LOL!

Night Hunter can be purchased at the following locations....

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/7185

Create Space: https://www.createspace.com/Customer/EStore.do?id=3418228

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Night-Hunter-Laura-Shinn/dp/1449967256/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1270810814&sr=8-1

Barnes & Noble: http://search.barnesandnoble.com/Night-Hunter/Laura-Shinn/e/9781449967253/?itm=9&USRI=Laura+Shinn  

Find out more about Laura by visiting her website: http://laurashinn.com/

Well Friends, that wraps up another edition of Saturday Spotlight - Be sure and check back next week when I introduce you to a BRAND NEW author with her debut paranormal romance...again, just in time for Halloween.

Until later...take care, Be Blessed and remember....Jesus is King over the supernatural!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Back in the Saddle

Hello and Welcome from the beautiful Silver Spur Guest Ranch in Bandera, TX!

It is so wonderful to be up here in the hill country again. Been here since Monday, worked a few hours, horseback riding yesterday and today; dancing tonight - what more can a girl ask for?

Not much else happening - but wanted to touch base and say how much I appreciate all of you, my loyal friends!

Until later...take care & be blessed!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday Spotlight - Susan Winters aka Mariposa Cruz

Wow, can you believe October is half over already?! Where has this year gone?

One thing's certain though, as we all know, the rest of the year will fly by as it always does during the holiday season.

Today, please welcome to our spotlight another Wild Rose - Susan Winters (aka: Mariposa Cruz) with her book, Howl.

Mariposa Cruz balances writing with working as a fulltime corporate paralegal. As a writer she has interviewed a variety of characters from cowboy crooners to rock divas. Her articles have appeared in local magazines and indie newspapers. She currently resides with her own pack of two teens in Reno, Nevada.

Find out more about Mariposa by visiting her blogsite.

As if Kate Owens doesn't have enough problems as a struggling single mom and paralegal, a brutal animal attack outside her office plunges her into turmoil. At work, she is attracted to her rescuer, Jack Walker, an attorney wary of commitment. Every morning after the attack she awakes drenched in blood beside the body of a mangled stray. Kate's days become a battle to maintain control while her nights are a disturbing blur of dreams. Will Kate's nightly madness harm her young daughter? Lone wolf attorney, Jack Walker understands the reason for his paralegal's exhaustion and haunted demeanor. Jack has pursued the beast since law school graduation and he knows the creature's relentless thirst for revenge. Can Jack save Kate from her attacker and her own savage nature?

Excerpt: “Pierce called me this morning. He’s here. He left cigarette butts near your window. I spent all day tracking him.” Kate hugged her knees trying to shake a sudden chill.

“When I think about what he did to you…”

“I’m all right. I want to be with you in any way, shape, or form.” Kate put her arms around him. She felt the tension in his shoulders. Kate turned his face toward hers and kissed him slowly, her free hand stroking his beard.

“I never realized you could be such a tease,” Jack murmured into her ear.

“I never knew you could be such a beast,” Kate replied and she kissed him again.

He returned her kiss, pulling her onto his lap, his hands slid up her shirt caressing her bare back while she snuggled closer and wrapped her legs around him.

The first howl startled them both.

“Damn,” Jack muttered. Kate sighed.

“We can’t be late for dinner?” She murmured.

“No. I’m not going to rush this time. We’ll continue this later in bed. I’ll wait for you outside.” His fingers traced the curve of her bare thigh when he released her. He kissed her hard on the mouth then turned abruptly and left her to change alone. If he lingered around her much longer, they would miss dinner.

Jack paced restlessly outside while he waited for Kate to join him. Changing in the chilled night air cooled his ardor. He heard the others in the distance and his stomach growled. Searching the forest for Pierce, he hadn’t eaten all day. What was taking her so long? It wasn’t as if she needed to freshen up her make up or curl her hair. Finally, after several long minutes a small silver wolf joined him. She nipped at him playfully as they raced to meet the others.

Wow, what a perfect month for this! Howl is Mariposa's debut Wild Rose Press story and is available now.

Well Friends, hope you enjoyed this spotlight. Check back weekly for more great authors and their books.

Until later...take care, Be Blessed and remember....when the going gets tough, the tough go to God.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Good Morning Friends!

Well I'm back from TX/OK....for about a week LOL! Had a wonderful time visiting with my friend, Nona Cross and the Red River Romance Writers group. Also enjoyed meeting new friends Mary, Cathy, & Garry.

But let me tell you, I am SO ready to head back to the Silver Spur and my cowboys & girls!

Yep, I'll be going back on/around the 18th for a couple of weeks so if you're in Bandera, come on out and visit.

IMW, today I'm over at Carol Ann Erhardt's blog so stop by and leave a comment. All those who do will be entered into Carol's bi-monthly drawing for a $10 Bath & Body Works gift certificate!

Hope to see you there.

Until later...take care, be Blessed & remember....when the going gets tough, the tough get on their knees.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Saturday Spotlight - Loreen Augeri

Good Morning and Welcome to another edition of Saturday Spotlight!

Today's guest is Loreen Augeri with her book, Tormented Hearts.

Loreen Augeri  lives in Massachusetts with her husband of twenty-nine years and her two daughters.   She is a member of RWA and the New England Chapter. When she is not writing or working in the town library, she enjoys reading, walking, and spending time at the beach.  You can visit Loreen at www.loreenaugeri.com.

 The world of Brett Armstrong, the Earl of Tremont, collapses when his wife and unborn child die. Determined to punish himself for the part he played in their demise, he turns his back on society and retreats to the country. Hard, physical labor during the day and mind-numbing gin at night help to keep at bay the demons that threaten to devour him. Until Catherine Hammond creeps into his world. Not wishing to resurrect his dormant emotions and the resulting pain, Brett struggles against the sensuality she exudes and battles to defeat his rising desire.

Abused by her aristocratic husband, commoner Catherine Hammond flees from his cruelty. Her hope is to hide and create a new life. She vows to never again associate with the upper classes that have heaped unbearable pain upon her family. Escaping without funds, Catherine is forced to work as a servant in the Earl of Tremont's household. His tantalizing, amorous advances ignite a fire within the cold regions of her heart, but she refuses to fall in love with a man who may destroy her.

Excerpt: As she stalked past him, his fingers grazed her shoulder to halt her. A sizzling warmth pierced her skin and swirled throughout her body. Catherine restrained the gasp that fought to break from her lips. She’d prayed the sensations she experienced last night resulted from the lingering effects of the dream and lack of sleep, but they seared her again.

Brett jerked his hand back as if she scalded him, and it hovered in the air above her shoulder. Unsure, she turned to him. The pulse in his temple beat at a frantic rate, and the muscles in his jaw clenched. It affected him, too. She delved deep into his eyes, and the turmoil that appeared to tear him in different directions caught and captured her.

She yearned for the heat of his fingers to engulf her again, to feel his body pressed against hers like last night, the whisper of his breath on her cheek, the exquisite thrill of not being alone. Her gaze fell to his appealing, moist lips. Not thin and dry like Lord Wallingford’s.

Brett leaned toward her and then withdrew. He swallowed, and his Adam’s apple bobbed before he cleared his throat. “You can stay here with him.”

She blinked as the strange immediacy to be embraced faded away. What had she been thinking? She never wanted another man to touch her. Ever. Especially not one of his station.

Tormented Hearts is available from The Wild Rose Press in Ebook and Print ~ get your copy today! 
The Wild Rose Press...Where Romance Blooms!
Until later...take care & be Blessed!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Red River Romance Writers

Well Friends, I'm back on the road again - this time to Wichita Falls, Texas to speak at the Red River Romance Writers monthly meeting!

Life has been a whirlwind since I returned from Nashville, TN last week, but I'd rather be busy than have too much time on my hands. What is it the Bible says about idle hands?

Yeah, and too much time means way too much time to think and that's not always a good thing.

Not much else happening in my world. I'm still waiting on my edits for The Visonary and will be heading back to Bandera, TX and the Silver Spur Ranch on or around the 18th for about 3 weeks....SO looking forward to going back!

Just wanted to drop in and keep you abreast of what's going on so until later....Take care & Be BLESSED!


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday Spotlight - Beth Trissel!

Good Morning Friends!

Well it's been a crazy week as usual LOL! I drove in from Herimtage, TN on Tuesday and needless to say proceeded to crash. Twelve hours on the road makes for a long trip. But I got a lot accomplished. Set up the book keeping for Sheaf House Publishers which I'll maintain from home and had a wonderful visit with my friends, Penney, Joan, & Danielle. So, long or not the trip was worth my time.

Enough about me, I know what you're here for LOL!

Today's spotlight is on Beth Trissel with her book, Red Birds Song so without much further ado....here's Beth!

Bio: I’m married to my high school sweetheart and live on a farm in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia with children and multiple animals. The beauty of the valley is an inspiration, as are my roots which go well back into Virginia’s history. My fascination with the colonial frontier and the Shawnee Indians is an early and abiding one. My English, Scots-Irish ancestors had interactions with this tribe, including family members taken captive. Intrigued with all things Celtic, much of my writing features the Scots-Irish who settled the valley and spread into the mountains and the Carolinas. This absorption with early America also extends to the high drama of the Revolution and ancestors who fought and loved on both sides of that sweeping conflict.

Moreover, I am ever intrigued by ghost stories, and Virginia has more tales than any other state. I find myself asking if the folk who’ve gone before us are truly gone, or do some still have unfinished business in this realm? And what of the young lovers whose time was tragically cut short, do they somehow find a way? Love conquers all, so I answer “yes.” Thus began my ‘Somewhere’ series.

In book two of that series, Somewhere My Lass, I journeyed back to 1602 Scotland and more deeply explored my Scottish roots. In my recent release, Red Bird’s Song, I honed in on my early American roots in a story featuring the Scots-Irish and an Indian attack that happened to my ancestors in the colonial Virginia frontier. Of all my stories, Red Bird’s Song is and ever shall be the book of my heart. A part of me is still seated around the campfire with my Native American brothers and sisters.

Visit me at http://www.bethtrissel.com/

Taken captive by a Shawnee war party wasn't how Charity Edmonson hoped to escape an unwanted marriage. Nor did Shawnee warrior Wicomechee expect to find the treasure promised by his grandfather's vision in the unpredictable red-headed girl. George III's English Red-Coats, unprincipled colonial militia, prejudice and jealousy are not the only enemies Charity and Wicomechee will face before they can hope for a peaceful life. The greatest obstacle to happiness is in their own hearts. As they struggle through bleak mountains and cold weather, facing wild nature and wilder men, Wicomechee and Charity must learn to trust each other.
Excerpt: Charity swiped angrily at a tear. She’d run away, if she had anyone to run to.
It wasn’t right they were all dead. On impulse, she jumped to the ground. “I’ll go anyway,” she muttered. “Eat nuts and berries and live in the woods.”

“Will you go alone?” a low voice asked.

Sucking in her breath, she whirled around. Less than twenty feet away, grasping his musket, stood a tall young brave. Stripes of red and black paint blurred his striking features. His dark brown eyes riveted her in place. This warrior was like no other and the most savagely handsome man she’d ever seen.

God help her. She should flee now, but could only stare, open-mouthed. She swept her disbelieving gaze over the loose black hair brushing an open buckskin vest that revealed his bronzed chest and shoulders molded into contours of muscle. An elkskin breechclout left a great deal of his hard thighs exposed. Despite the dread hammering in her chest, a fiery blush burned her cheeks. But it was the sheathed knife hanging on his left side and the lethal tomahawk slung on his right that snapped Charity from her near-trance.

In a rush of memories, she recalled the stories of her father’s death under the scalping knife and neighbors who’d suffered the same violent fate. No

Indians had been spotted in their settlement since the Shawnee grew hostile and war had erupted nine years ago, but the warfare had ended. Hadn’t it?

Clenching ice-cold fingers, she dug her nails into her palms. “What in God’s name are you doing here?” she forced past the dry lump in her throat.

“Watching you.”

Wow sounds like a great read! Beth has buy links for Red Bird's Song and her other titles at her website.

Well Friends, that wraps up another edition of Saturday Spotlight. Hope you enjoyed it and will join me next week for another great read.

Until later...take care & be BLESSED!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday Spotlight - Rebecca J Vickery

Good Morning!

Please welcome back to our spotlight, Rebecca J Vickery with her book, Seeking Shelter.

Bio: Rebecca J. Vickery has been married to the same very patient man for 34 years and has one son and three wonderful grandchildren. She began reading and writing at an early age and thought she had died and gone to Heaven when she started school and found the library with all those wonderful books to read. Since then it has been her dream to entertain and inform others with the written word.

Western romantic mystery with an Inspirational twist...

Brigham Montgomery buys a rogue stallion and a world of trouble. Being the boss of a working ranch isn't easy either.

Loss and fear sends Kat to South Dakota searching for the one friend she has left in the world - a special horse - a horse someone wants dead.

A stable fire, gunshots, and two greedy men bring Brig and Kat together in a way neither would ever imagine.

Rebecca J. Vickery

Check out my books on Smashwords

Romance With A Twist Home Website

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Blog at BooksbyRebecca

Rebecca J Vickery, Author on FaceBook

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Not Much Going on in My World....

Good Morning Friends,

Just wanted to drop in and THANK you ALL for being my friend.

Not much new going on in my world....still waiting on edits on from Five Star on The Visionary, still in TN spending time with my friend Penney and doing a little bookkeeping job, still missing my friends at the Silver Spur Guest Ranch - hopefully will be back there soon.

If you're in the SW LA/SE TX area and looking to attend a writer's conference, come to the Bayou Writer's annual Bridge to Publication conference ~ we've got a great lineup of speakers! Get details at our website.

Well, as I said, not much else going on right now...check back Saturday when our spotlight is on Rebecca Vickery!

Until later, take care & be blessed!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday Spotlight - Laura Shinn

Good Morning from Nashville, TN!

Yep, I'm on the road again but this time in Nashville, TN - working of course :-)

Today please welcome back to our spotlight, Laura Shinn with Nightlife - a vampire romance anthology.

First, a little about Laura in her own words.....

My writing didn't truly begin until I became a junior in high school. A friend encouraged me to write a short story, like the one he was writing, and I gave it a shot. It was a spin-off between Mork and Mindy and Star Wars. Needless to say, my first attempt was pretty bad. I love to read and the desire to write comes to me daily. New ideas for novels pop into my head at the most inconvenient times, in the shower and while driving my car (Oops! You didn't read that one...). The idea that you can create a magical or mysterious world with only the touch of your fingers to a keyboard delights me.
Author, LAURA SHINN has created two worlds where hidden creatures live among the mortals they rely upon for their existence.

A Light in the Darkness
Thaddeus, the oldest and strongest of the vampyre, has become a masterful killer…and is after Mirianne. She alone is the key to breaking the curse surrounding him. Once broken, Theodore will finally be able to put an end to Thaddeus’ madness. Winning Mirianne’s heart, though, would not be easy. For thousands of years Theo has watched over her, protected her, hungered for her…waiting for the day when she would agree to be the light within his dark world.
Out of the Night  A woman of innocence, Spring has vowed to never hurt a fly...even though she's a vampire. Jim is amazed by Spring's love of life and her unwavering honesty. But his four year old daughter must be his first concern, although he's drawn to Spring's charm and her irresistible sensuality. Will their passionate love survive the nightmare of a rogue vampire? The one that's after his baby girl…

To view more of Laura Shinn’s works or cover designs, visit: http://www.laurashinn.com/

This novel available at Amazon.com and Smashwords!

That's our spotlight for today, stay tuned for more great authors and their books!

Until later....take care & be blessed!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Verdict is In.....

Hey Friends,

Well, I got word from my editor Friday (9/10) on which publicity photo she liked best - and the editor's pick is ....

My personal favorite too!

So I'll be updating all of my sites with the new photo ASAHP.

Thanks again to EVERYONE who voted!


Monday, September 13, 2010

Two New Releases from White Rose Publishing!

Hey Friends,

Well, I've fallen behind on posting as usual - aarrggghhh - but here I am and today I'd like to mention TWO new releases from White Rose Publishing!

First is Hearts Surrender by Marianne Evans.....

White Rose Publishing said, "When we published the winning story of the Hearts Crossing contest we never dreamed the hit story would become a complete series...but here we are, happy to release Hearts Surrender, Book 2 in the Woodland Series. Come learn what happens at Woodland Church when Daveny's best friend, Kiara, falls in love with Pastor Ken."

BLURB: Kiara Jordan is a sophisticated modernista, but beneath an engaging personality and super-model looks, her heart hungers, and she longs for deeper meaning in her life.

Ken Lucerne is the charismatic young pastor of Woodland Church; he's adjusting to life as a widower and copes by keeping as busy as possible with his parish and missionary work.

A home-building mission in Pennsylvania brings them together, and forces them to look hard and deep at the relationship they share, and where God means for it to go. Already bound by mutual respect and caring, love dawns, a love that takes them to a life-point neither would have expected.

After all, can a chic, vivacious woman find fulfillment within the quiet, mission-centered life of a clergyman? Can they trust God's hand strongly enough to surrender their hearts to one another...forever?

Hearts Surrender is available NOW from White Rose Publishing!

Next up is Redeeming Daisy - another Martin family romace from Hearts Crossing Ranch - by Tanya Hanson!

Veterinarian rancher Pike Martin has no choice but to advise putting down Daisy Denmore’s fatally ill dog, but she swears it's revenge for her mistreatment of Pike's brother years ago. Although stung by her insult at his professionalism, Pike finds himself drawn to the troubled woman who flounders in faith and aches for love and acceptance.

Costly mistakes have sent Daisy down an unrighteous path. Abandoned by her ex-husband, humiliated and broke, she has no choice but to return to her parents’ home in Mountain Cove, Colorado. As soon as she saves enough money, though, she'll be gone. Until Pike Martin's soft voice, caring manner, and downright empathy for her wounds tempt her to stay.

With God on his side, can Pike help Daisy along the path to forgiveness, trust, and whole-hearted love?

Redeeming Daisy is available NOW at White Rose Publishing.

Wow! Bet the powers that be at WRP never realized what a HIT the "Hearts Crossing" contest would be and how many wonderful stories would come out of it.

Well friends, hope you enjoy finding out about these new releases - can't have too much romance LOL!

Until later...take care & be blessed!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday Spotlight - Elaine Hopper

Good Morning Friends,

Well life is crazy as usual LOL! I returned from Bandera on Wednesday and haven't stopped yet. But that's what makes life interesting.

Today please welcome to our spotlight, Elaine Hopper with her book Always a Bridesmaid from The Wild Rose Press.

Bio: Elaine Hopper knew she was a writer and hopeful romantic since she was six. She didn’t know which she wanted more – to be a reporter like Lois Lane or to steal Superman from Lois Lane. The only thing she wanted to be other than a journalist was an astronaut. Instead she grew up to be a customer service manager, romance writer, and kid and cat wrangler.

Hell has finally frozen over. After nine long years, Breanna Parker has come home to be her sister's maid of honor. Just her luck that the first person she runs into is her ex-fiance, Troy Youngwolf—the man who eloped with her ex-best friend and broke her heart. Now a widowed father and sheriff of their Florida home town, sexy bad boy Troy wants another chance and won't take no for an answer. However, every time Breanna looks at Troy or his little girl, her heart breaks anew. She can hardly wait for her sister to get hitched so she can escape back to her urban family in Ft. Lauderdale. The risk is too high that Troy may discover her most closely held secret, one with the potential to destroy them both…perhaps this time forever.

Excerpt: Impatience bludgeoned Troy and he turned away from the glaring sun streaming in through the high windows. He hated having to ask Bree for a favor, especially one of this magnitude.

“This is Breanna.”

Sunshine brighter than the morning outside showered in Breanna’s voice. Muted chatter and mooing cattle filled in the background. “Troy here. I need you…” Damn! He hadn’t meant to use those precise words. He scowled then blundered on, “This is an emergency.”

“Uh huh.” Her flat tone barely cascaded through the wire. “What type of emergency now? Sierra can’t be in jail as she’s here with me. Another rabid clown get loose in your fair town, Sheriff? That’s Sierra’s department so you’d best take it up with her.”

“No!” He hadn’t meant to raise his voice. “It’s not the blasted clowns this time. I need your help. And my name’s Troy. You remember.”

“How could I possibly help? You keep reminding me.”

Dread mixed with curiosity in her silky voice. He hated that she’d become so wary, as if she expected him to hurt her at every turn. Funny. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? “Can you come work for me right away? All my office staff is gone and I can’t man the station by myself.” After a long pause, he swallowed hard. “Please, Bree. I’ll owe you big time. I can’t do it alone. I really need you.” Another long pause almost killed him.

“I don’t know. We were just on our way to a fitting. I’m here to help Sierra with her wedding. We still have a lot of things to get done.”

“Tell him you can. Last time I checked. I’m a big girl. Go!”

Sierra’s voice drifted to him and he couldn’t help but crack a grin. Then he heard Breanna snap, “Traitor!”

“I wouldn’t ask if I weren’t desperate.” The minute the words were out, he groaned inwardly.

Again he’d said the wrong thing. Breanna would either think he hated her or that he couldn’t live without her. Neither would settle well. And neither was true, but pigheaded as she was, he’d never convince her otherwise.

“How long?”

Always a Bridesmaid is available now from The Wild Rose Press!

Find out more about Elaine by visiting her blog and follow her on twitter!

Hope you enjoyed this Saturday Spotlight - check back next week for another great author and book!

Until later...take care & be blessed!