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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Special Spotlight - Patty Froese!

Good Morning Friends!

Today I have a very special guest for you, fellow author and friend, Patty Froese with her book, Legally Wed.

Patty Froese lives in central Canada where the winters are long and cold--giving her excellent excuse to stay in and write without guilt. She's a tea drinker, a novel writer, an adoring wife and mom, and she's pretty sure she's a British person born in a shivering, Canadian body. She loves rain, royalty, pretty knick knacks and three square meals a day. No dieting here!  

If you'd like to find her online, come by her blog: http://pattyfroese.com. She's also on Facebookhttp://www.facebook.com/pattyfroese, and whenever someone gives her a new like or follows her blog, she sighs in delight. 

 Legally Wed is her ninth novel to be released.  

When Rich McConaughey comes back to town, divorce papers in hand, he’s in for more than he bargained for. Lisa Young, the woman he was married to for six months, hasn’t changed a bit. His mother has though… she’s gone from matronly to meow, and his father has taken off with the secretary. Does anything last anymore? 

Lisa Young feels chained to the hardware store her family has run for generations. How can she tell her father that she hates the family business? When Rich walks back into her store asking her to finalize a divorce she thought was behind her, she thinks that the answer is to sign on the dotted line and move on. Except, Rich isn’t making it so easy… and God has other plans. 
For better or for worse, when you’re legally wed, things can get complicated. 

"What do you mean we're still married?" She hurried to match his pace."And for crying out loud, slow down."   

He slowed his steps to a leisurely stroll and glanced down at her. She only came up to his shoulder, and she resented having to tip her chin to look him in the face. Young Hardware stood on Main Street, one of the first stores built on this street before the town sprung up around a crossroads with a gas station, a diner and a church to serve the farms in that area. Now it joined many businesses flanking Main Street, and she couldn't help but feel like every single of one of them watched.   

"We used my Uncle Neil to finalize the divorce, remember?" Rich asked.   

"Yes, that sounds right." As she hurried Ricky past Whirlwind Realty, the business next door to the hardware store, she felt a rush of relief that Jane, the head realtor for the place, stood with her back to them. One less person to give her the third degree later.   

"Well, as it turns out, Uncle Neil was having trouble with alcohol at the time and..."   


"And never filed it. It sort of slipped through the cracks."   

"Sort of?" What on earth are you talking about?" Lisa heard her voice rising in pitch. "He never filed the papers?"   

"Looks that way."  

"And how did you figure this out?"   

"When the IRS audited me. My accountant thought I'd had my identity stolen. The IRS thought I was fraudulent."   

"Ouch." For the first time, a pang of pity replaced irritation for the man. She stopped at the street corner and looked across the intersection at the coffee shop. A couple of people visible in the window ordered their drinks. She glanced back at Rich. "So you came out here to get me to sign?"   

He squinted in the bright sunlight and pressed his lips together. Finally, he gave a slow shrug. "That was the plan."   

She turned her attention to the envelope in her hands. It had been a long time since she'd held divorce papers, and they still felt ominous and weighty. She nodded.  "Okay. Well, I'll take a look at these then."   

"Look, I'm sorry about this." Rich put his hands into his pockets and looked down at his shoes. He raised his gaze to meet hers. "I know this is a surprise."   

"You could say that."   

He gave her one of those lopsided smiles of his and for just a moment she could see the boy with the spontaneous grin and cajoling eyes she'd fallen in love with all those years ago. Why could Ricky always speed up her heart, even when every logical bone in her body knew he wasn't in her best interest?   "Well." She cleared her throat. "Thank you. I'll see you around, I'm sure."   

"You bet."   Lisa raised her hand in an awkward wave and turned back towards the hardware store.   

Married. Her body moved like wet clay, and when she fumbled about inside for her feelings she discovered -- nothing. Not yet. Later. Time enough for a meltdown in privacy. 

Legally Wed is available now from Desert Breeze Publishing or on Kindle!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Your Opinion Counts!

Got a question for all of you - authors & readers alike.... I'm revising my Tempered series...light editing, reformatted for easier reading, new covers....Should I put the originals on sale through Holidays and new ones up in Jan or just get those babies up?

Leave a comment and let me know what you think and one lucky winner will receive a complete set of the originals - your choice of Kindle, Nook OR Print!

IMW here are the original covers and new ones for you to gaze upon....

If you want to purchase the original books they are still available in Kindle http://amzn.to/hQGbbf, Nook http://bit.ly/fknC8I or Print http://www.pamelathibodeaux.com/books.html

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Special Spotlight - Wind Over Marshdale!

Tracy Krauss is launching her book WIND OVER MARSHDALE on Tuesday, Oct. 16. Full of intrigue, romance, and plenty of surprises, see what’s hiding just beneath the surface in this seemingly peaceful town. You can help her achieve ‘best seller’ status by purchasing the book at amazon.com TODAY – and receive all kinds of cool free gifts while you’re at it! Here’s how: 1. Go to the Landing Page on Tracy’s Website 2. Buy the book at amazon. 3. Go back to the Landing Page and fill in the form with your name, email and purchase number. It’s that easy! You’ll be directed to your free gifts and all you have to do is choose which ones you want.

About the book:

Marshdale. Just a small farming community where nothing special happens. A perfect place to start over… or get lost. There is definitely more to this prairie town than meets the eye. Once the meeting place of aboriginal tribes for miles around, some say the land itself was cursed because of the people’s sin. But its history goes farther back than even indigenous oral history can trace and there is still a direct descendant who has been handed the truth, like it or not. Exactly what ties does the land have to the medicine of the ancients? Is it cursed, or is it all superstition?

Wind Over Marshdale is the story of the struggles within a small prairie town when hidden evil and ancient medicine resurface. Caught in the crossfire, new teacher Rachel Bosworth finds herself in love with two men at once. First, there is Thomas Lone Wolf, a Cree man whose blood lines run back to the days of ancient medicine but who has chosen to live as a Christian and faces prejudice from every side as he tries to expose the truth. Then there is Con McKinley, local farmer who has to face some demons of his own. Add to the mix a wayward minister seeking anonymity in the obscurity of the town; eccentric twin sisters – one heavily involved in the occult and the other a fundamentalist zealot; and a host of other ‘characters’ whose lives weave together unexpectedly for the final climax. This suspenseful story is one of human frailty - prejudice, cowardice, jealousy, and greed – magnified by powerful spiritual forces that have remained hidden for centuries, only to be broken in triumph by grace.

What others are saying:
Tracy Krauss has a deep talent. I am looking forward to more from her.* Tom Blubaugh, Author of Night of the Cossack

Tracy Krauss typifies all that is good in modern Christian authorship. She is consistently there for her readers and elevates her every effort.* Joyce Godwin Grubbs, Author From the Grassroots

Tracy’s characters are raw and real; her plots edgy and electric. * Lisa Lickel, award winning author of Meander Scar, A Summer in Oakville, The Map Quilt and other inspirational novels.

There is plenty of intrigue and mystery to keep any reader's attention, but for lovers of romance, this one will make your heart pound. * Michelle Sutton, reviewer and author of more than a dozen inspirational novels

Author bio:
Tracy Krauss is a high school teacher by profession, and a prolific author, artist, playwright and director by choice. She received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Saskatchewan and has gone on to teach Art, Drama and English – all the things she is passionate about. After raising four children, she and her husband now reside in beautiful Tumbler Ridge, BC where she continues to pursue all of her creative interests.


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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Saturday Spotlight ~ Janis Patterson

Good Morning Friends!

I greet you from the glorious hills of Bandera, TX. Back at the Silver Spur Guest Ranch for The Wild Rose Press's "Back in the Saddle" writer's retreat. Always wonderful to be back here.

As you can see, I'm still not blogging regularly but hey, with The Wordsmith Journal Magazine, writing and editing my books as well as paid editing projects and building websites, I'm kinda busy LOL!

In case you missed my last post, I recently released a short story, Lori's Redemption which is available on Kindle, Nook & Smashwords!

And that, my friends is my life in a nutshell. So without much further ado, I bring to you our guest, Janis Patterson!

I Kill People, She Said With A Smile

Janis Patterson

It’s not that what I do is really so bad, it’s just that I enjoy it so much! When someone asks me what I do, I smile very sweetly, give them my best grandmotherly twinkle and say in soft, mellifluous tones, “I kill people.”
No one has run away yet, though I have had an interesting series of yelps and squeals.
It’s true what they say on Castle – only two types of people sit around trying to think of ways to kill people – psychopaths and mystery writers. I write mysteries.
The big question is, why do people read and write mysteries? In a world full of horror and bad news and economic tragedy, why do people choose to read books about murders? I think the answer is two-fold.
First of all, most of the population is personally untouched by the horror of murder; they’ve never lost a loved one to violent crime, so there is none of the visceral personal horror about a murder.
Second, while everyone can appreciate the feeling of revulsion at a murder, there is an equally strong pull of fascination. Morbid? Perhaps, but very human.
I like to write mysteries. (Does that make me weird? The Husband says so…) I like the puzzle of it – the old journalistic who, what, where, why and how. I like the challenge of not only creating the puzzle, but of doling out little bits here and there, just enough to give the reader a reasonably fair chance of solving the mystery. Sometimes, though, even I don’t know who the killer is until the final few chapters. I might think I do, but the characters have different plans!
In last year’s THE HOLLOW HOUSE (Carina Press http://bit.ly/O1x30d - Amazon http://amzn.com/B005UPRN14 ), I knew the killer from the beginning. Yeah. Sure I did. At least, I thought so. By the middle of the book I had no idea of who had done it. By the last three chapters I was starting to sweat and having wild fantasies of using that hoary old standby, the convenient wandering homicidal maniac. Then all of a sudden it all fell into place. The killer was someone even I had never expected, but it all fit so well! I was delighted, but then thought despairingly of the work involved in going back through the entire book and put in some clues so I could play fair with the reader.
Okay… I went back through the book, and to my astonishment they were already there. The lead-up was flawless. (Cue the Twilight Zone theme….)
In this month’s release BEADED TO DEATH (Carina Press http://bit.ly/SjFrXM, Amazon http://amzn.com/B007M8S2T4) the denouement was much less dramatic, even though I wasn’t sure of the killer until about halfway through the book. Also, there was less emotional investment in the victim. In THE HOLLOW HOUSE the victim was a real character, someone whom the readers had come to know. Also, the murder didn’t happen until about one-third of the way through the book. (There was lots else going on, though!)
Then, having been told that the murder should occur in the first chapter to be a ‘real’ mystery, I decided to try it. Normally I hate rules like this – just about any ridiculous rule, if you must know – but it seemed like a good writing challenge.
In BEADED TO DEATH bead artist Lilias Ruiz returns home from a tour of selling her wares at craft fairs. She unlocks the door to her house, turns off the alarm system and then finds the body of a man she’s never seen before on her living room rug. And that’s the last we see of the victim, though his presence in her house sends shock waves through her life. Before things are resolved, Lilias is reluctantly involved with drug smuggling, an FBI agent who may or may not be rogue, and a 7’3” nephew on the run from an unwanted basketball scholarship.
Whether the body is found early or late, though, it’s always done with reasonable restraint. Despite an addiction to CSI, I don’t do graphic. In one of my books you’ll not see the blood splattering (metaphorically) or on-page cruelty. No knives parting flesh, exploding body parts or the like. You might see a lip of red spreading from under a blanket, or an ugly smear of red on a wall, but that’s about it.
The Husband calls it ‘tasteful murder.’

And I suppose that’s as good a tag as any.

Janis Patterson is a seventh-generation Texan and a third-generation wordsmith who writes mysteries as Janis Patterson, romances and other things as Janis Susan May, children’s books as Janis Susan Patterson and scholarly works as J.S.M. Patterson.

Formerly an actress and singer, a talent agent and Supervisor of Accessioning for a bio-genetic DNA testing lab, Janis has also been editor-in-chief of two multi-magazine publishing groups as well as many other things, including an enthusiastic amateur Egyptologist.
Janis married for the first time when most of her contemporaries were becoming grandmothers. Her husband, also an Egyptophile, even proposed in a moonlit garden near the Pyramids of Giza. Janis and her husband live in Texas with an assortment of rescued furbabies.

Well friends, hope you enjoyed this edition of Saturday Spotlight. Stay tuned Tuesday for a book launch for Tracy Krauss.

Until later....take care, God Bless & remember....
What we perceive as a disappointment may actually be a Divine Delay.

Pamela S Thibodeaux

"Inspirational with an Edge!" (tm)


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

If You Liked Tempered Fire, You'll LOVE Lori's Redemption!

Hi Friends,

It is with great pleasure I announce the release of my short story, Lori's Redemption!

Lori Strickland (introduced in Tempered Fire) has always been known as her father's "wild child" with no desire to change until she meets ex-bull-rider-turned-preacher Rafe Judson. Her attempts to change her wanton ways come to naught until she realizes redemption only comes with true repentance. 

Lori's Redemption is available now on Kindle, Nook and at Smashwords for only $.99 cents!

I certainly hope you enjoy this story which compliments my Tempered series.

Pam T

Thursday, September 13, 2012

VBT ~ Women in High Definition

Hello Friends,

Today's guest is brought to you by Kathy Carlton Willis Communications. Enjoy!

ISBN: 978-0-9854172-0-8
Paperback: 163 pages
Retail: $12.99
Release: April 20, 2012
Publisher: Words in High Def  
Kindle: $6.95

 Women in High Def will remind you that when God writes your story, you are in for the adventure of a lifetime! Diane Markins has written a book addressing topics women deal with on a day-to-day basis. If you are looking for a contemporary, captivating read filled with practical advice that will give you insight and wisdom for daily decisions, this is it!”                           
~ Carol Kent, Speaker and Author 
Between a Rock and a Grace Place (Zondervan)

To celebrate the “Going Boldly” Blog Tour Women in High Def is available for free from September 10-September 14 on Kindle at: http://amzn.to/Oey7Sa

About the Book:
Women are as unique as snowflakes or butterflies, but after surveying hundreds of them, writer and radio host Diane Markins learned that the top needs they feel are the same. She also began hearing a recurring theme: I want more! I want to be better! I want to be bold!
Women in High Def aims to propel women out of a low-def, foggy life of going through the motions in a blur. The profound stories, intercessory prayer prompts and coaching elements work together to catapult women into living fearlessly for God…being bolder moms, having purposeful passions, pursuing marriage excellence, loving themselves with gusto, laughing with abandon, transforming mistakes into blasts of blessings and bravely seeking the Lord in all His majestic glory. The bonus Bible study at the back of the book points them to scripture to gain Biblical insight and direction for each need and role they play. It can be used alone or in a group.

Women in High Def is not passive reading. It cries out to the spirit of readers to be unafraid as they actively reach for clarity, vibrancy and intensity in all the meaningful areas of their lives.
About the Author:
Diane Markins has always aspired to live in High Def. She uses her radio show, writing and speaking to inspire women to transform their lives from mediocre and complacent to bold and vibrant. She settles for nothing less in her own life as a wife, mom, grandmother, friend and colleague. Diane writes two blogs,WomenInHighDef.com and WordsInHighDef.com, is a regular contributor to the Presidential Prayer Teamwebsite and CBN.com. She and her husband of 33 years work and live close to their children in Arizona.

Falling Down Gorgeous
(Excerpt from Women in High Def: Boldly Living Your Purposes with Vibrant Clarity)
Time takes its toll on all of us. Parts of me that were once up here are now down there. My face, once smooth and fresh was becoming a bit weathered and wrinkled. Other areas that used to be firm are now wiggly. As I turned fifty I began to notice that I was becoming invisible, based on my appearance. That’s a big fat horse pill to swallow for my ego. But that’s okay. The good news is that when people start to see less of me, they see more of Jesus. He’s much more appealing and has no hidden agenda.
I hate to admit it, but I still enjoy being noticed on occasion. My husband and I went on a date to a very fancy mountaintop restaurant overlooking the city. I dressed for the occasion in my fitted black slacks, silky blouse and high heels.
I followed the maitre de to our table, my husband right behind me. I was feeling pretty good about myself and strutted a bit as we crossed a large open expanse of the room. As my stilettos went from carpet to wood floor something strange happened…I began to skate, stumble and flail about, for what felt like ten excruciating minutes, before finally landing flat on my keister. For endless moments all sound ceased except the quiet music in the background. Diners, servers and kitchen staff gaped at me, frozen in mid-action.
Graciously, I was helped up, escorted to and seated at our table, where they elevated and iced my swollen ankle. Then—to my horror—the paramedics arrived, causing an even bigger stir. Servers and managers came by frequently to check on me. Finally, our fellow diners made their way to our table as they departed to share their own “fall down” tales.
Earlier that evening, I had hoped for a little extra attention. But this wasn’t what I had in mind. Now I was just grateful I hadn’t chosen the skirt I had considered that was still hanging on my closet door. My experience that night was a great reminder that the only beauty that matters is what the Lord puts in our hearts. Everything else “falls” short in the end.

Why Bold is Better
by Diane Markins

“Your dress has really bold colors.” Does that sound like an insult in any way? How about this one: “That was a really bold choice.” Would you consider this criticism?

I hope not! I’d never wear something that would melt into the background of a beige room. I’d hate it if someone said, “You made a very safe, easy choice.”

Being bold means taking risks, not fearing failure or rejection and requires intentional thinking. When we live boldly for God we have empowerment and passion to make our boldness meaningful.

Settling for mediocrity in marriage, as parents, in careers, friendship, faith or ministry is not bold. God wants us to pursue everything we do with intensity and decisiveness. This means we are frequently checking the pulse of our pursuits and rapidly responding when we get a distress signal.

Is your marriage (especially in bed) ho-hum? Find some bold ways to rev it back up. Are your kids struggling? Don’t just shrug and follow the “traditional wisdom,” think creatively about taking brave actions no one else would.

Do your prayers feel more like talking to the ceiling fan than conversations with a wise, cherished friend? Do something wild and new to transform.

Don’t confuse boldness with arrogance or recklessness. When your bold actions are paired with love, respect and clarity the results will translate as conviction with complete humility.

Jesus has a bold message and He is asking you to not only share it, but live it! Bold is truly better.

"Going Boldly" Blog Tour Grand Prize
 – Retail Value: $70

  • Book (Women in High Def: Boldly Living Your Purposes with Vibrant Clarity)
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  • Into the Wild body wash and spray fragrance from Bath and Body Works
  • Custom coffee mug: Women in High Def (front), BE YOUR BOLD SELF! (back)

Leave a comment for your chance to win!

Hope you've enjoyed this VBT - visit often to meet other great authors with helpful/encouraging books!

Until later.... Be Blessed!

PS: Don't forget The Wordsmith Journal is having a "Basket of Books" contest 9/10 - 9/25- Details HERE! Enter today!