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Saturday, July 20, 2019

#SaturdaySpotlight is on Erin Lorence and Dove Strong!

Good Morning!

It always my pleasure to bring to your attention a new author, especially a fellow Pelican Book Group author so please welcome Erin Lorence with her book, Dove Strong (#1 in the Dove Strong trilogy) to our spotlight!

Erin Lorence lives in Bonney Lake, Washington with her husband, Brian, and their two daughters, Brooke and Savannah. Her lifelong love of reading, her gratitude to God, and her enjoyment of hiking in Central Oregon all inspired her to write the Dove Strong Trilogy.

Find out more by visiting Erin's Website and Blog or connecting with her on Facebook.

Dove Strong loves God. She loves standing chin up, fists clenched when facing Satan’s attacks. But there’s one thing she doesn’t love—other people. So when this spiritually-gifted, antisocial teenager is chosen to join other believers in a trek across Satan’s territory, rattlesnakes and evil-intentioned Heathen aren’t her biggest challenges. But failure isn’t an option. In a month, the Christian Councils will decide the Reclaim, a vote on whether there’ll be a war between Christ’s and Satan’s followers to take back America. It is up to Dove, God’s messenger for peace, to reach her Council in time. Because if she doesn’t, things could get bloody.


My eyes lit on a few things I recognized. Things I knew from the junk piles back home—a chair with small wheels. Bunches of cardboard boxes on a table, one bright yellow with a picture of food on it. Things with snaky wires. Pictures. But so many I couldn’t name. What were their purposes?

I rubbed at the rush of goose bumps beneath my sleeves. December air. I glanced at Melody for her reaction to this unnatural, cluttered home.

Her dark orbs lost focus, her skin bloodless under its sunburn. Before I could move, she hit the fuzzy ground in what sounded like a painful flop.

“Oh no.” Jezebel rounded on her brother with a smack to his middle. “You killed her.”

Smack. Smack. Her hands rained against his skin. He dodged the next set and knelt next to Melody’s body.

I got in his way. “Don’t touch her.”

His outstretched hands whipped back. “What...I didn’t...”

“Get water.”

“Right.” He leaped to his feet. Then swung around. “To drink? Or dump on her?”

His sister flew to a nearby wall the color of tree sap and threw open a door. “In the shower! Put her in the shower!”

She disappeared into the space beyond, and a blast of light sprang from its rectangular opening. “I’ve seen this before on TV. Trust me. This is what you do.”

The sound of rain pounded down from inside the house. Indoor rain showers? Suspicious. But what was I supposed to do with this Brae girl if she died on me?

I dragged her dead weight forward...and almost dropped her.

What was this place?

A humongous, solid basin dominated the floor. Water drops poured into it from high up in the wall. Vapor clouds rose from the basin.

I shuddered. Everything in this room radiated the whiteness of new baby teeth. Creepy.
“Here.” Wolfe held out a clear jar of water.

I couldn’t hold Melody while pouring water into her mouth, so I lowered her to the floor. Her head lolled against the white wall.

Most of the liquid ran down her chin and neck, but a little must’ve made it into her mouth. She choked. Then coughed. Swallowed. And cracked open her eyes.

I shoved the empty jar at Wolfe.

“Rain?” Melody tried to focus on me.

“See? She wants to go in the shower.”

I shook my head at Jezebel.

“It’s raining.” Melody fingered the wet fur of her collar.

“No way.” I stayed firm. “You don’t want the indoor shower.”

I watched her mouth tug up at the corners.

“Yes. Please? No danger.”

Wow, what an excellent excerpt! Thanks for sharing Erin. If you enjoyed the spotlight friends, get your copy of Dove Strong at Amazon (Kindle) and watch for book 2, Fanatic Surviving to be featured in our spotlight next month!

Until I see you again, take care and God Bless.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019


Good Morning Friends!

Well, my guest today was unable to participate so you get to hear from me again. Since nothing much has happened in a week, I thought I'd share with you an article I wrote years ago for The Wordsmith Journal (now TWJ Mag) in my Pamela's Ponderings column....

The Quest

I’ve been on a spiritual journey since the day I recommitted my life to Christ in 1989. Back then I attended the Catholic Church. Although I love and respect the heart of the Mass, I always felt there is so much more to God and Christ than what can be found in doctrine and the traditions of organized religion. 

Scriptures that said “the same Spirit that raised Christ is in you” and “let the mind of Christ dwell richly in you” and “that you may know the fullness Christ” backed by Jesus’s claim that the works He did I should do also and more, sparked a burning desire to know Him more fully, more intimately and that the fullness of Christ be evident in my life.

Thus began my quest.

I listen to Christian music, watch and listen to various teachers of the Word on radio and television--absorbing their messages, and I read voraciously books by ministers and spiritual leaders of all denominations as well as some who profess no religious beliefs – only the true nature of God (of Love).

Sometimes I feel as if I’ve grown in the past thirty years, and yet, at other times I feel like a babe in the woods.

Alas, spiritual growth and maturity is a continual thing, an ongoing journey to my highest vision of God and the grandest version of who I am in Him.

Over the next few months (or years as God deems) I’d like to share with you some truths I’ve discovered about who God is to me and how those truths have illumined my mind, opened my heart and changed my life.

Some may be articles I’ve written for other publications, others may seem like random thoughts. Many of the things I share will resonate with you, others will seem whacky or far out or like ‘new age spiritualism’ or worse, heretical. But I assure you, at the heart of all these lessons and every question is to know Him, to be like Him and to reflect His teachings and His truths in my every thought, word and deed.

Hopefully these ponderings will make you think, question and search for your own truth about what God means to you, who He is in your life, and how you can become more like Him….more like Christ and more like the great spiritual leaders of all time whose message is, was and remains….God is love and he who dwells in Love, dwells in God.

Well, friends, I hope you enjoyed this post and that

Although I haven't contributed in quite a while, the column is still up at TWJ Magazine. I hope you'll check it out and that you'll join me later when I share more Pamela's Ponderings. And of course return weekly for Saturday Spotlight!

Until next time take care and God bless.