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Saturday, September 14, 2019

#SaturdaySpotlight is on Holly Bargo & her Immortal Shifters Series

Good Morning!

Last month I introduced you to Holly Bargo when she shared some words on writing with us. Today we're going to look at Holly's Immortal Shifters  (ADULT/EROTIC/PARANORMAL/FANTASY) Series.....

Tiger in the Snow (Immortal Shifters Book 1 - Duet with Barbary Lion)
By Holly Bargo

Healing from a deserved drubbing at the hands of Atlas Leonidus, Siberian tiger shifter Dmitry Alkaev travels from Cairo to Virginia. The strange compulsion leads him to his mate and a fearsome rival. Faced with a modern woman's determination to remain independent, Dmitry unleashes charm and ruthlessness to claim her and, he hopes, redeem his honor.

Tessa Hart's romantic Valentine's Day weekend ends in utter disaster. Fate drops her into the arms of two big, handsome men who both assert their ownership over her. She wants to remain independent, but finds herself inexorably drawn to Dmitry. He's tall, sexy, overbearing, and absolutely certain that she belongs to him. The choice, eventually, is hers. Accepting him means the end of life as she knows it and the beginning of a life she cannot fathom.

The Barbary Lion (Immortal Shifters Book 2 - Duet with Tiger in the Snow)
By Holly Bargo

Once a king and always a hunter, immortal lion shifter Atlas Leonidas captures the woman he recognizes as his mate. Being a modern woman with modern sensibilities, Chloe doesn't believe him and she resents her captivity. The lion is wily and powerful, but the woman is strong, resourceful, and determined. He captured his mate, but can he keep her?

Tiger in the Snow

Tiger shifter Dmitry disgraced himself. Fleeing his disgrace, he travels to the Appalachian Trail and rescues the woman his tiger recognizes as his mate and claims her. Tessa acknowledges the blazing chemistry between them, but she's not sure she wants to be tied to this big, dominant male for eternity. Dmitry seeks redemption, but will he find it through Tessa?

***The Barbary Lion is now available as a free download from Project Gutenberg and the World Public Library.***

Bear of the Midnight Sun (Immortal Shifters Book 3)
By Holly Bargo

After a thousand years, immortal polar bear shifter Sindre finally finds his mate—on a talk show. In the city where anything goes, an impromptu wedding is just a taste of what's to come. Startled into going through the ceremony, Miranda can't stop the big, virile man from staking his claim on her and releasing her bear. Sindre can't believe his good luck and will do anything to keep his mate at his side, up to and including taking marital advice from Atlas Leonidus. An independent woman with a successful career, Miranda melts at his touch and shuns his control, except she can't control her bear.

The Eagle at Dawn (Immortal Shifters Book 4)
By Holly Bargo

Rachel's brother uses her as collateral to settle a debt with an outlaw motorcycle gang. She flees to a local bar and pleads with a darkly handsome stranger to help her. His help results in homicide. When eagle shifter Diego's vacation is interrupted by the innocent young woman he recognizes as his mate, he flees with her across national borders because she's his and he's not letting her go.

Having essentially swapped one captor for another, Rachel knows the dashing, sexy Spaniard is keeping secrets from her. He showers her with kindness and generosity in exchange for her obedience. Diego's control over her and his secrets elicit her distrust and resentment.

When freedom beckons, Rachel answers its call; however, freedom brings hardship and indignity. Will she return to the controlling alpha male who stirs her blood or cling stubbornly to her freedom?

BIO: Holly Bargo never outgrew a love of fairy tales, legends, and myths. Or horses. However, one foot must remain firmly planted in the real world where Holly makes her living as a freelance writer and editor. She and her husband have two grown children and live on a southwest Ohio hobby farm with a menagerie indoor and outdoor animals.

Holly enjoys hearing from readers and other authors and may be contacted via the Hen House Publishing website: www.henhousepublishing.com OR her Amazon Author Page.

When she's not working on other people's documents or reading, Holly finds time to transfer the voices in her head to paper ... er ... computer. If she doesn't, there's a definite possibility her mind will explode.
And for those who might wonder from where the pseudonym of Holly Bargo came, it's quite simple really. Horses. Namely an elegant and temperamental Appaloosa mare who has long since crossed the Rainbow Bridge and is fondly remembered for guarding toddler children and crushing a brand new pager. 

Hope you enjoyed today's spotlight and that you'll check back weekly for Wednesday Words with Friends and Saturday Spotlight.

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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

#WednesdayWordswithFriends new guest Lynn Chantale!

Good Morning!

I hope you're September has gone well so far. Today we remember the sad and scary events of 2001. Please take a moment of silence to pray and send peaceful thoughts to our world as a whole and especially those directly affected by this awful day in our History.

Thank you.

Now, please give a huge, warm welcome to a new-to-me author, Lynn Chantale as she shares some words with us from her service dog.....

Don’t pet me, I’m working

Yes, I know I’m cuddly cute., with soft yellow fur and long floppy ears.

I’m well trained, and love everyone, but please don’t pet me, I’m working.

Look beyond my trim physique, and my bright white teeth. See the harness, and the human attached to the handle. Exactly, I keep her safe. So please don’t pet me, I’m working.

I watch for curbs. cars, and other obstacles she may not see. While, I love to eat, she’s the only one allowed to give me treats. Don’t try to distract me by blowing kisses and waving a hand. I'm hard at work, that simple enough to understand.

I get lots of love playtime, and yes lots of snuggles and cuddles too.

So when you see me out, I know it’s hard to resist the cuteness, but please don’t pet me, I’m working.

We're all tempted to befriend these beautiful animals and tend to forget they're actually at work so THANKS for the reminder Lynn!

Lynn writes erotic romance and her tagline is "Where romance, er world domination begins." Find out more about Lynn and her books by visiting her Website and connecting with her on Facebook and Twitter @lynnchantale

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