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Saturday, February 25, 2017

#SaturdaySpotlight is on Tena Stetler

Good Morning and Welcome!

Today's guest is another new-to-me (and therefore new to our blog) author! Please give a great round of applause to Best selling author, Tena Stetler with her release, A Demon's Witch - a PG13 Paranormal Romance book.

Before we find out more about the book, let's find out how Tena came up with its premise....

A Demon’s Witch was my debut novel and has remained close to my heart. A Demon’s Witch hit the market and garnered best seller status. It earned The Romantic Reviews Readers Choice 2016 Nominee in the paranormal romance category.   I love talking about this story.

The ideas begin to percolate as I sat in a beauty salon listening to the chatter from other customers. One woman swore she’d been approached by a vampire want-to-be.

This got me to thinking, which is scary in and of itself. What if the hairdresser was an alpha male, Demon Overlord of the Western Hemisphere that owned a multi-species salon in Washington DC? Enter a powerful witch, whose beauty caught the eye of the demon on a rainy day when she rushed into his salon. Now, unbeknownst to him, she is not any ordinary witch, but the little sister of the demon’s enforcer. Now you have a romance with unbelievable complications.

The story became a series, but the other planned books in the series took a strange turn when the majority of readers and reviewers clamored for the enforcer, Tristian’s story to be next in line. I’d never considered writing a book on the witch’s brother, the demon’s enforcer. But after mulling it over for several months and publishing three unrelated books,

I am excited to announce A Warlock’s Secrets (Tristian’s story) is awaiting cover art and will be published spring 2017. So please watch for it!

Oh WOW Tena ... isn't it wonderful where story ideas come from?!

Now let's find out more about A Demon's Witch.....

Keeping a lid on all the paranormal beings inhabiting Washington D.C., is a daunting job. Bruce, a six hundred year old demon and the Territory Overlord of the Western Hemisphere, keeps his finger on the pulse of DC’s power players through the activities at his highly successful Wycked Hair Salon. His movie star good looks and body builder physique keeps his dance card full and the rumor mills running.  Within these walls, his anonymity is safe, mostly.
        Bruce’s world spins out of control when Angelique, a pint size, gorgeous witch, with an attitude breezes through the doors of his salon. She is the younger sister of Tristian, Bruce’s long time trusted enforcer, whose professional skills are second to none. Tristian is furious at the relationship between Bruce and Angelique, a dangerous situation, but something darker threatens them all. Will undeniable attraction between demon and witch tear their worlds apart?

At two in the morning he awoke feeling her restlessness, listening he heard her soft sobs. He pulled on his black silk lounge pants and grabbed the robe from the foot of his bed. Padding silently in his bare feet down the hall, he paused at her bedroom door just as her anguished scream filled the room. He was at the side of her bed a second later. Gathering her onto his lap, he held her unyielding body to his until her flailing limbs quieted and her troubled violet eyes opened. Cognizant of where she was now and with whom, she flung her arms around his neck and clung tight as shivers racked her slight frame.

Megan came running from the other wing of the house where the staff lived during the week. “Is everything all right?” She peeked inside Angie’s bedroom door.

“Just a nightmare, nothing to worry about. She’s awake now.

“Oh no my Lord,” Megan said in a low frantic whisper.

“Don’t call me that,” he growled, his amber eyes tinged with orange glowed in the dark room.

“Sorry. There’s something dark and dangerous chasing that one.” She nodded in Angie’s direction. “It’s not of this world.”

He lowered his voice and spoke kindly. “Go back to bed, I’ve got this handled.” He paused for a beat exhaling slowly. “For now.”

Intriguing.... Purchase A Demon's Witch at Amazon

Author Bio: Best selling author, Tena Stetler, uses her over-active imagination to spin tales of paranormal romance/suspense and cozy mysteries. Her spicy romances spin the adventures of magical kick-ass women and mystical alpha males that dare to love them. From demons to faeries and witches to vampires her intriguing characters take roads less traveled to draw you into exciting tales that  engage the imagination and warm the heart. You can find out more about Tena by visiting the following locations....

Website: http://www.tenastetler.com
Blog: http://www.tenastetler.com/my-blog
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/tenastetler.author
Twitter Page: www.twitter.com/TenaStetler  
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/14187532.Tena_Stetler
The Wild Rose Press: http://catalog.thewildrosepress.com/1264_tena-stetler
Amazon:  www.amazon.com/author/tenastetler
Newsletter: Sign up on web page www.tenastetler.com
Pinterest:  https://www.pinterest.com/tenastetler

For a chance to win an amazon $5.00 GC or a e-book of A Witch’s Journey please sign up for Tena's newsletter at  http://www.tenastetler.com and Like her facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/tenastetler.author.

Hope you enjoyed today's spotlight and that you'll join me weekly for Tuesday Treasures, Thursday Thoughts and of course, Saturday Spotlight.

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Thursday, February 23, 2017

#ThursdayThoughts Guest Post by Art Greenhaw

Good Morning!

Please welcome brand new (to me) Grammy Winning Producer and Artist, Art Greenhaw to share some thoughts with us with the lyrics to his song, Always Hear the Haromony....

Always Hear the Harmony
the Life Version

If life’s fires only refine you,
when you’re up against the heat,
If you always feel some pity
for the outcast on the street,
If you play the song within you,
(Note: The song within you is a reference to the Holy Spirit)
make a broken chord complete,
You’ll always hear the harmony
and you’ll always feel the beat.
(Note:  The beat is a reference to the heartbeat of the baby in the womb)

If you share Life’s gift of grace
with every girl and boy you meet,
If every mother gets to see
her baby’s hands and feet,
(Note:  This stanza is a reference to the sonogram)
And she listens for the breathing
of her tiny child asleep,
Then she always hears the harmony
and she always feels the beat.

If you hear the music, it’s your soul and it’s talking,

If you feel the rhythm, it’s your heart and it’s walking.

Cause there’s one small soul inside her
that thrills to hear her voice,
(Note:  The little baby in the womb recognizes its mother’s voice)
This one and only gift from God,
who’s never just a choice,
For every child is wanted
in The Maker’s plan complete,
(Note: The Maker is a reference to God the Father)
And Life always hears the harmony,
(Note:  Life is a reference to Jesus Christ.)
and Life always feels the beat.

If you hear the music, it’s your soul and it’s talking,

If you feel the rhythm, it’s your heart and it’s walking.

If you light one little candle
whose beam the distance throws,
If you say, “Here I stand”
for a million unborn Roes,
(Note: Estimated 54,000,000 aborted in the U.S. since 1973*)
If you always fight the Good Fight
‘til the Son of Man you meet,
You’ll always hear the harmony,
(Note: Harmony is a reference to the Holy Trinity)
and you’ll always feel the beat.

Copyright 2010 – Greenhaw Records

*In 1973, Roe v. Wade was filed at the Earl Cabell Federal Building in Dallas, Texas.  Henry Wade was the District Attorney who prosecuted the case.  For over 40 years, thousands have protested the final verdict on the anniversary of the filing of the case. In recent years, large rallies have been held in the parking lot of the Earl Cabell Federal Building where people pray out loud to God that this case will be reversed.

Thank you so much, Art, for sharing your thoughts with us in such a beautiful way!

 Creator/editor/co-writer Art Greenhaw's comicbook roots run deep, Art having enjoyed a 20-year friendship with Stan Lee and a lifetime apprenticeship studying the works of his biggest comicbook influences including Stan, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, Al Hartley, and Ben Dunn. Art was a National Council of Teachers of English literary competition award winner and was the Optimist Club's oratory contest winner. He has studied art at the Dallas Museum of Art and co-created and co-wrote stories and songs with pop culture icon Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, who proclaimed Art "The Voice of Rat Fink".

Art is a Grammy Award-Winning artist, producer, arranger, and mixing engineer and holds a Grammy record for most Grammy Nominations (eight) by a group in his particular category of Gospel-Christian music. Among the legendary artists who have recorded the songs and stories of Art include Ann-Margret, Engelbert Humperdinck, Trini Lopez, The Jordanaires, James Blackwood, The Light Crust Doughboys, The Ventures, the Southern Methodist University Mustang Band, and many more.

It is Art's lifetime mission to bring much-needed messages of morality and spirituality to today's youth through his favorite literary medium: comicbooks. Art owns and manages the iconic #1 Texas legacy country band, The Light Crust Doughboys. www.artgreenhaw.com. Art is represented by PrimeStar Publicity. Purchase God's Silver Soldiers from the Website, Publisher or Amazon!

Hope you enjoyed today's post and that you'll join me weekly for Tuesday Treasures, Thursday Thoughts and Saturday Spotlight.

Until next time, take care and God Bless.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

#TuesdayTreasures People, Places & Things

Good Morning,

When I first started this feature I thought, wow...between me and my guests, we'll never run out of things we treasure to share. But as I sit here this morning, so many thoughts run through my head....

Am I treasuring the right things?

Am I wasting my treasures (gifts and talents)....my life perhaps, doing what I have to do instead of what I love and want to do?

Are these items I treasure really worth anything to anyone else?

You may wonder where these thoughts come from. Or, maybe, you have them yourself from time to time.

We all have things in our lives we treasure....mementos from our children, parents, grandparents and friends. Things like.....

This vase my son made a flower arrangement in when he was just a boy that I now use as a pencil holder....

And this mug my daughter gave me for mothers day that talks about how I'm like a good bra...Supportive, Makes me (her) look good, never leaves me (her) hanging and is always close to my (her) heart LOL!

And then there's this flower arrangement from my mom's funeral and her heart necklace I wear when I need to feel her presence more acutely....
And we all know how I treasure Bandera, TX and the Silver Spur Guest Ranch LOL! 

I have dozens of other things, memories really that I treasure, as I'm sure you have. 

Last week we buried my brother-in-law. This week we'll bury my cousin. Therefore, my thoughts today are whether or not I'm actually showing and telling the people I treasure how much they mean to me.

I hope you'll take a moment today and tell  the people you treasure how much they mean to you. Can't tell them? Send them thoughts of love, peace, joy and happiness. You'll be surprised at the effect you thoughts about them will have on your, and their, day.

Meanwhile, I'd love to hear about some things you treasure so leave a comment!

Something to think about!
"Inspirational with an Edge!" 

Hope you enjoyed today's post and that you'll join me each week for Tuesday Treasures, Thursday Thoughts and Saturday Spotlight.

Until next time, take care and God Bless.

PS: This year's Eggcerpt Exchange is starting Feb 28th - April 16 so watch for some great blurbs and excerpts!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

#SaturdaySpotlight is on Casi McLean & Beneath the Lake!

Good Morning Friends!

I'm off to the first Mardi Gras parade of the season....well my first anyway. It's that time here in SWLA so if you're visiting or just passing through take time to catch a few beads.

Today's guest is new to our blog and she visits today with her latest release, Beneath the Lake a PG13 rated, time slip, romantic suspense, book.

Award winning author, Casi McLean, pens novels to stir the soul with romance, suspense, and a sprinkle of magic. Her writing crosses genres from ethereal, captivating shorts with eerie twist endings to believable time slips, mystical plots, and sensual romantic suspense. Beneath The Lake won the 2016 Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence for BEST Romantic Suspense.

Her stories entwine strong, believable heroines with delicious hot heroes to tempt the deepest desires then fans the flames, sweeping readers into their innermost romantic fantasies. Ms. McLean weaves exceptional romantic mystery with suspenseful settings and lovable characters you'll devour. You'll see, hear, and feel the magical eeriness of one fateful night. You'll swear her time travel could happen, be mystified by her other worldly images, and feel heat of romantic suspense, but most of all you'll want more.

Find out more by visiting Casi's Website Facebook Page  GoodReads Author Page  Amazon Author Page  and Blog and following her on Twitter!

Now let's find out about Casi's book, Beneath the Lake....

A ghost town submerged beneath Atlanta's famous man-made Lake Lanier reportedly lures victims to a watery grave. But when Lacey Montgomery's car spins out of control and hurtles into the depths of the icy water, she awakens in the arms of a stranger, in a town she's never heard of--34 years before she was born.

When the 2012 lawyer tangles with a 1949 hunk, fire and ice swirl into a stream of sweltering desire. Bobby Reynolds is smitten the moment the storm-ravaged woman opens her eyes and, despite adamant protest, Lacey falls in love with a town destined for extinction, and the man who vows to save his legacy.

Threatened by a nefarious stalker, the wrath of bootleggers, and twists of fate, Lacey must find the key to a mysterious portal before time rips the lovers apart, leaving their star-crossed spirits to wander forever through a ghost town buried beneath the lake.

Lake Lanier, Georgia—June 2011

A final thud hurled him backward, flailing through brush and thickets like a rag doll. Grasping at anything to break momentum, Rob’s hand clung to a branch wedged into the face of the precipice. Spiny splinters sliced his skin. Blood oozed and trickled into his palms, and one by one, his fingers slowly slipped.

A sharp crack echoed through the silence of the ravine as the bough succumbed to his weight. He plummeted into free-fall. Clenching his eyes, he drew in a deep breath, terrified of the pain, the mauling that waited on the jagged rocks below.

When icy water broke his fall, the chill kept him from losing consciousness. He spun, straining to see, but darkness enveloped him. Soggy clothing pulled him deeper—deeper into the murky, fathomless depths. He wrestled to squirm free from the waterlogged jacket dragging him down to a watery grave, watched the coat disappear into black obscurity. Panic gripped his stomach, or was it death that snaked around his chest, squeezing, squeezing, squeezing the air, the life from his body? Lack of oxygen burned his lungs, beckoning surrender, and a shard of rage pierced his gut as reality set in. He lunged upward with one last thrust and burst from the water’s deadly grip, gasping for air. A gurgling howl spewed from the depths of his soul and echoed into silence.

Sunlight shimmered across a smooth, indigo lake, but aside from the slight ripples of his own paddling, nothing but stillness surrounded him. He floated toward the shore, sucking deep breaths into his lungs until the pummeling in his chest subsided. When he reached the water’s edge, he hoisted his body onto the soft red clay and collapsed while the sun’s warmth drained the tension from his body.

No one knew he had survived. The rules had shifted. Now he could reinvent himself, become a stealth predator. His target: Lacey Madison Montgomery.

OH Wow, Casi! Where did you come up with the premise for this book?

I love to talk about Beneath The Lake, and the eerie lake lore that inspired my muse. A town that time forgot––the history and creepy stories attached to a rural area that sleeps beneath Atlanta's famous man-made lake, Sidney Lanier, fascinated me. Homes, churches and businesses still linger beneath the surface. The moonshiners of the 1940's added built-in suspense, and the birth of NASCAR. Looper Speedway, a half-mile dirt track where bootleggers competed with their souped-up cars, exposed its cement stands in a recent draught.

There's a Lady of the Lake who haunts the ghost town too––the spine-chilling lore is the basis for book three in my Beneath The Lake series, Between The Shadows. Some say she lures victims to her watery grave. The truth is, swimmers get trapped among the deadfall of sheered-off trees and town remains. Even expert divers get tangled beneath the murky surface, hence the lake's unnerving label: Lanier never gives up its dead. The inspiration swirled in my mind, begging for a story to be told. What a perfect setting for my romantic time-slip suspense series.

Why time-slip? Ever since my childhood imagination discovered Madeleine L'Engles, A Wrinkle In Time, the idea of time travel intrigued me. And Lake Lanier, a man-made lake with mesmerizing history, presented a plausible theory. What if the excavation explosions triggered a seismic shift? Given enough energy, could the blasts rip a portal into a different dimension or a crack in time? The possibilities were endless.

The birth of Lacey Montgomery evolved through my young adult love for Jude Deveraux's A Knight In Shining Armor. The time-slip novel introduced her endearing Montgomery family. I hope my books honor her inspiration. My high school friend, Hilary Johnson, inspired the persona of my heroine, Lacey Montgomery. A lawyer, discouraged with defending criminals, yearned to help honest people in trouble. Some of Hillary's finer qualities became part of Lacey––the dysfunctional relationships came from my own personal experiences. LOL. Once these elements entwined, Beneath The Lake blossomed with an energy and life of its own.

The sequel, Beyond The Mist, picks up where the first story ends incorporating two minor characters as the new hero and heroine. Beyond The Mist is complete, in editing, and will be published in a few months.

For a Free Gift, and a chance to win my entire short story collection, Destiny: Five Novelettes With a Twist, click here: https://spark.adobe.com/page/pxekfzj8Rx4el/

If you enjoyed the blurb and excerpt, watch the trailer too! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwOqm8DUUfA

Purchase Beneath the Lake at Amazon.

Well friends hope you enjoyed today's spotlight and that you'll join us each week for Tuesday Treasures, Thursday Thoughts and Saturday Spotlight.

Until next time, take care and God Bless.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

#ThursdayThoughts Random Ramblings & an Experiment on Abundance

Good Morning!

Last night I listened to The Abundance Factor movie while coloring...something I haven't done in a LONG while but have heard so much about the meditative benefits thought I'd try.... Anyway, while listening to The Abundance Factor movie, one idea that stuck with me was 3 things you can do on a daily basis to be/feel more abundant.

#1: Write 3 (or more) things you're grateful for.

#2: Send love to 3 people with whom you're not on the best of terms with (someone you need to forgive or someone who gets on your nerves, etc)

#3: Sit in silence for 5 minutes then ask for direction for your day.

Now as a Christian, we're called to invite Jesus and/or Holy Spirit into our morning meditations and to include bible reading, but the principle is basically the same.

I've gone through various stages of doing this or something similar for years and although my life isn't as "abundant" or "rich" as others' or some may think, it's pretty darn good.

One thing that resonates with me about the spiritual / mental aspects of abundance is to focus on something that represents abundance to you and to really get into the feeling of being abundant.

For some that may be money, others find abundance in nature (a waterfall symbolizes wealth and prosperity in Feng Shui), but the whole concept is really cool.

So here's an experiment..... Pick one (or all 3) of these pictures sit in silence for a few minutes and really let your imagination go while you visualize your life filled with abundance as vast and as plentiful as the picture suggests. Create a mantra around it if you have to....

Money flows into my life plentiful and with ease.

Abundance fills my life in a never-ending flow as lush and beautiful as this waterfall.
                 My life overflows with richness and beauty.

Do you feel more abundant or at least calmer?

I'd love to know so leave a comment.

Hope you enjoyed today's post and that we'll see you each week for Tuesday Treasures, Thursday Thoughts and Saturday Spotlight!

Until next time, take care and God bless.