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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

#TuesdayTreasure: Being the Vessel by Donna B Snow!

Good Morning Friends,

Welcome to the last edition of Tuesday Treasure for September 2014. 

Seriously?!! Where has this year gone?

Today it is my pleasure to share with you some thoughts by my dear friend Donna B Snow on being a vessel for God.....

You know, oddly enough, I have no advice. Well, of course, that’s not all true. We all have advice…well, opinions. Yeah, that’s what it is, opinion, and yeah we all have one, can’t help it. I think it’s one of those chromosomes we all carry that’s planted on us when we’re born. (Sure wish some of us didn’t have it…I wonder if they can be removed?)

Anyway, I am no expert – on anything, although I am certainly happy to share the words that God puts on my heart from time to time. If they were all my own words, well, then they would be pretty worthless, but I know when He has something to say because I just can’t hold the words back, can’t keep them in. Sometimes it’s a song I have to write, sometimes a story to share, sometimes words I actually have to speak…yeah, those are the hardest.

 And then sometimes it’s prayer. There are no greater words, no more meaningful messages than the ones that touch your heart and have to be lifted up. I don’t understand why, but I know that God puts people/situations/places on my heart and it becomes so heavy that I just have to lift it up to Him. BUT HE PUT IT THERE!!

…and I’m grateful…grateful to be called on, grateful to be used, grateful to be deemed worthy of being the one to come before His throne. So when you feel that burden, don’t hesitate. Don’t doubt for a moment, just let Him use you as the vessel you were made to be. You see, He made you, perhaps for just that moment, or many more like it, whatever, but you are the one He chose. Don’t miss the call! Don’t leave a gap! May His Spirit find you ready and willing to be the light.

Donna is a native New Englander and has lived there all her life except for a year in northern California (which reminded her of home). She  loves the change of seasons and the beauty each one brings. and says there is no place else that will ever feel like home.

She's been married for 20+ years and has one daughter in college. 

An active member in her church, she is a member of the choir (along with her daughter), and she writes not just stories, but her own music as well (that she hopes to get published also).

Now here's a peek at Donna's book, Precious Embrace....

Laura Senton loves running her own kitchen at A Piece of

Heaven along with her best friend Trina. When her teenage crush appears she tries to hide from him as well as her own feelings which have never died.
Sean has no idea why Laura tries to avoid him but he’s very determined to rekindle their relationship of years ago.
Both covet the memories of their time together, but sins of the past can be a tough hurdle to get over.

Laura went straight into the sanctuary, not stopping until she dropped to her knees near the altar.
            Oh God, I know You’ve forgiven me, but I don’t understand how. How can I forgive myself? I don’t understand how You can forgive me for the things I did…for destroying the life that was growing in me. It was just as bad as having an abortion. Tears rolled down her face. I knew I was pregnant and I didn’t care! The drugs and drinking and…oh God, You know everything I’ve done. I don’t deserve Your mercy or Your grace. Laura jerked when she felt a hand on her shoulder.
Dee, the pastor’s wife, knelt beside her. She wrapped her in a hug and started praying.
Laura just listened to the kind, caring words and let them flow through her. She could feel God’s love, could hear His words, His message to her to let go of the past, that all was forgiven…that she didn’t have to understand how.

Wow, a perfect example of the power of prayer and being a vessel!

I pray you enjoyed this Tuesday Treasure and will come back often for more as well as Thursday Thoughts and of course, Saturday Spotlight!

Until later...take care, God Bless and remember.... When the going gets tough, the tough get on their knees.

Pamela S Thibodeaux
"Inspirational with an Edge!"

Saturday, September 27, 2014

#SaturdaySpotlight: #TheInheritance

Good Morning!

My guest today was unable to be here so I thought I'd spotlight one of my books for you so here goes....

The Inheritance is about the chance we all long for…the chance to start over. Widowed at age thirty-nine and suffering from empty nest syndrome, Rebecca Sinclair is overshadowed by grief and loneliness.  Her husband has been deceased for a year, her oldest child has moved to New York in pursuit of an acting career and her youngest child is attending college in France. Having spent over half of her life as a wife and mother, she has no idea what God has in store for her now.  Will an unexpected inheritance in the wine country of New York bring meaning and purpose to her life and give her the courage to love again?  

US Postal worker Raymond Jacobey has been in love with the little widow since he first set eyes on her.  A wanderer searching for the ever-illusive soul mate, Ray has never stayed in one place too long. Raised by self-centered, high-power executives, he’s longed for the idyllic life of residing in a cozy house in a small town with the love of his life. Will he gain the heart of the lovely widow or will he lose her to the wine country of New York?   

Excerpt: The icy New York weather matched the chill in Rebecca’s heart. Sitting at the kitchen table within the warmth of the cottage, she nursed a cup of coffee. She hadn’t talked to Raymond in over two weeks. Instead, she’d spent many a sleepless night plagued by doubt, insecurity and unanswered questions. She thought about him constantly, torn between calling and leaving him alone. Although many nights of tears followed by prayer and Bible reading helped her come to terms with what she’d learned about her husband, she still had no idea of what to do about Ray.

“Oh, God,” she murmured, feeling an overwhelming sense of loss and sorrow. “What now? What have I done? What am I going to do about Ray? I miss him so much.”

Closing her eyes, she swallowed the hard lump of emotion clogging her throat and let the tears come. She heard the rattle of the mailbox then a knock on the door.

Not wanting the letter carrier to see her in such distress, she waited until he left before getting up to see what he’d delivered. Lifting the envelopes out the box, she caught a whiff of fragrance. Turning them over, she saw why. Scented stickers covered the entire backside of every envelope.

“Oh,” she gasped, covering her lips with trembling fingers. Hope flared in her heart. With tears streaming down her cheeks, she looked around. “Ray?”

The Inheritance can be purchased at the following places...

Amazon for Kindle http://amzn.to/19J6Dxf
Ebook @ Pelican Book Group http://pelink.us/1cvBm29
Softcover @ Pelican Book Group http://bit.ly/1scLTVf

Well friends, hope you enjoyed this spotlight. Stay tuned next week for more Tuesday Treasure, Thursday Thoughts and of course another Saturday Spotlight!


Thursday, September 25, 2014

#ThursdayThoughts: Moving Through Grief

Good Morning Friends,

You know I try to use this feature to encourage and uplift and today is no different despite the title of this post.

If you've followed me long, you'll know that my husband, my heart, my soul mate passed away in 2009 and that I've found myself in this jungle called single-hood. From the time I could articulate, my dream was to be married and have babies so I've never been comfortable being single.

"They" (whoever the hell 'they' are) say one of the signs of moving on is when you can look back without as much pain.

I can attest to that.

In the last five years I've done everything in my power to get through this valley of death. I've prayed, cried, loved and yet, there's still a place in my heart that literally aches and I'm not sure that will ever totally cease.

But at least I can say I'm don't feel as though I'm crawling through quicksand anymore.

Anyway, yesterday I saw this on Face Book and well.. it pretty much explains how I feel.....

 I believe this is true no matter who you are grieving.

A friend who recently lost a spouse said, "trying to figure out who I am now is the crazy part."

That too, is true.

No matter the fact you maintain your separate identities throughout the relationship, you still feel as though you're only half a person and that you have no idea who you are anymore.

But God does and He knows the great things in store for you!

So let me encourage you today.... If you find yourself in the pit of despair because God has called your loved one home, hang in there and when you begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel and realize it is not a freight train, ask Him to show you a new vision for your life.

Something to think about!
"Inspirational with an Edge! 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

#TuesdayTreasure: Last #RockingSummerRomance: #Summer'sGrowth by @AuthorTinaGayle

Good Morning Friends and Welcome to the final Rocking Summer Romance Read blog post. This week we end with another book by the same lady we began with....Tina Gayle and her book, Summer's Growth!

I asked Tina some questions about her writing process....

Which comes first, characters or plot?  Most of the time plot or open scene comes first.

Plotter, Panster, or somewhere in between?  Trying my best to become a plotter but I find I'm somewhere in between

What is the one question you wish interviewers would ask (answer)
Among those that you’ve written, which is your favorite book and why? 

Summer's Growth because I wrote while trying to recover from the loss of my mother. In many ways, it felt as if she helps me write it.

Find out more about Tina by visiting her Website, Blog, Facebook page. She is also on Good Reads, Google+, Twitter @AuthorTinaGayle and LinkedIn!

Forced by the family spirits to get a life, Mattie Winston has to train her replacement Amber Harrison to be in charge of all the workings of the Winston estate. Reluctant to make changes in her life, Mattie forms a bond with Amber, when strange accidents start happening which threaten their lives and an unknown ghost makes an appearance.

After being rescued by an old flame, Quincy Miller, Mattie faces old wounds of rejection. As the general contractor for Amber’s redecoration project, Mattie is in constant contact with Quincy and realizes she still in love with her childhood sweetheart.

Amber, learning her new role in the family, wants to discover the identity of the ghost who keeps appearing. After several appearances, Gwen, Amber’s distance grandmother, shifts the book into more of Amber’s struggle to find out why her grandmother disappeared two hundred years ago without a trace. In a fight to claim her position in the family, Amber searches for clues to solve the mystery.

Mattie and Amber are both challenged when the family spirits decides Amber shouldn’t be the keeper. Battling for Amber, Mattie realizes she wants a life with Quincy outside the Winston estate.

Amber realized the importance of her new spiritual family, and she works to discover how Gwen died.

Can these two women achieve their goals?

Read the first chapter at http://www.tinagayle.net/SGchapter.html Find at www.smashwords.com www.amazon.com

Standing by the bay window in the front room, Mattie watched the car approach. Her new recruit’s arrival had goose bumps popping out on Mattie’s skin, adding to her anxieties.

She wanted to run, but instead glanced at the kindhearted spirit of Opal, her distant grandmother. Dressed in her best early American gown, the many layers of her petticoat swished with a soft hiss when she moved.

“There’s no reason to be nervous. Once you meet Amber, you’ll see she caps the climax,” Opal voiced in a soothing tone. “Your Aunt Rachel is absolutely thrilled to have a descendant from her branch of the family as keeper.”

Looking beyond her at the rest of the room, Mattie searched for the other members of the family council. They always offered her their support when she faced a big decision. Yet, today they were conspicuously absent.

“Don’t worry. The whole family is behind you. We just thought it better if we didn’t all hover.”      
Shifting from foot to foot, she wrung her hands together. A simple process of a changing of the guard for them, Amber’s arrival marked the end of the life Mattie loved.

The beautiful spirits around her didn’t understand how cruel humans could be to each other. What if she screwed up and the girl left? Or the girl hated living with a house full of spirits?

Unease pricked at Mattie’s mind. She had no experience in dealing with strangers. All her business associates understood her likes and didn’t force her to attend any social events.

A quick glance out the window, and a car rounded the fountain. She wasn’t prepared to entertain Amber. How could she be? She never invited guests to the estate.

“Now, Pumpkin, there’s no need to worry. It’s time another branch of the family realize what a pain it is to be keeper.” Opal smiled, offering her special form of reassurance. “We’re all here to help with the transition.”

The high notes of Beethoven’s Fifth sprang from the piano. Mattie jumped in surprise at the sudden noise. She whipped around to see Uncle Samuel, the artist of the family, standing next to the piano.

“The game is afoot.” He arched his eyebrows and grinned, then disappeared.

“I’d better leave.” Her aunt patted Mattie’s shoulder. “Just remember, the girl is uneasy too.”

Opal disappeared.

With a deep breath, Mattie turned and gripped the cold metal knob in her hand.

Soon her home would belong to a stranger, and then what would she do?

Get Summer's Growth at: Amazon (Kindle), Smashwords, B&N (NOOK), Kobo & Apple.

Hope you enjoyed the Rocking Summer Romance blog hop. If you missed any, you can find them on my Pinterest board! Also, the authors in this promo group will be doing a #FallingintoLove blog hop. I may not be able to post many because my Tuesday Treasure, Thursday Thoughts and Saturday Spotlights are filled through the rest of this year, but I will be tweeting the posts and pinning the books to my Falling Into Love pinterest board, so find and follow me!

Until later....take care, God Bless and remember.... What you believe in your heart & confess with your mouth you create in your life!
Something to think about!
"Inspirational with an Edge! 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

#SaturdaySpotlight: Stacy Juba & Faceoff!

Good Morning and once again, Welcome to Saturday Spotlight!

Today our friend, Stacy Juba is returning once more with yet another great title.

Brad’s twin brother T.J. has gotten himself out of the fancy prep school his father picked for him and into the public high school Brad attends. Now T.J., the bright light in his father’s eyes, is a shining new star on the hockey team where Brad once held the spotlight. And he’s testing his popularity with Brad’s friends, eyeing Brad’s girl and competing to be captain of the team. The whole school is rooting for a big double-strength win…not knowing that their twin hockey stars are heating up the ice for a winner takes all face-off. Originally published when the author was 18 years old.

Excerpt: As Mrs. McKendrick and Chris followed Jory into the living room, Brad and T.J. stared at each other. Finally, T.J. said, "Look, you've been ticked at me since practice. You're mad that I got made cocaptain aren't you? Come on," T.J. said when Brad didn't respond. "I've got just as much right to it as you do."
  Brad scoffed. "Hardly. I've been slaving on that team since I was a freshman."
  "So? It's not like I've never played the game before."
  "It doesn't matter. I've been playing for Bayview for three years and you haven't even played one game for them!"
  "Look, it's not my fault that I got yanked out of Hayden! I didn't ask to go to Bayview. You think I wanted to leave all my friends and go to a new school? It's hard enough going there without you acting like such a jerk."
  "You're the one who's acting like a jerk, T.J."
  "You're just afraid that I'm going to do better than you, and you can't take it!"
  "Are you kidding? You may be Dad's precious genius, but you're never going to be better than me at hockey. And if you think I'm playing on a line with you, you're crazy. So let's just see who Reynolds sends down a line, T.J.," Brad challenged his brother.
  "Yeah, well have fun playing with McCann," T.J. snapped.
  Brad shoved his brother into the refrigerator, and T.J. promptly pushed him back. They were grappling with each other when their father strode into the room and ripped them apart.
  "What on earth is going on in here?" Mr. McKendrick demanded, his face red.
  "Nothing," Brad said.
  "Nothing?" Mr. McKendrick asked.
  "Nothing other than the fact that T.J. is an obnoxious jerk."
  "Hey, you're the one who's threatening to quit the line," T.J. said.
  "I'm not threatening to quit the line. I'm threatening to get you kicked off it."
  T.J.'s green eyes flashed. "Go to hell!"
  "Look, I don't know what this is about," their father began, "but you two have an obligation to your teammates. You can't just go back on that because of personal differences."
  "He started it," T.J. said.
  "I don't care who started it. I just want it stopped."

Face-Off can be purchased at AmazonB&NKobo Audible and iBookstore

  Stacy Juba loves to write stories about Characters at a Crossroads: individuals who are finding themselves and getting on the right life path after overcoming obstacles. Her goals are to entertain readers of all ages as well as inspire them. She has made numerous bestseller lists including GalleyCat’s Barnes & Noble Bestsellers and GalleyCat’s Mystery and Thriller Bestsellers. Stacy has written about reality TV contestants targeted by a killer, an obit writer investigating a cold case, teen psychics who control minds, twin high school hockey stars battling on the ice, and teddy bears learning to raise the U.S. flag. Browse her website for more information on her mystery, romance, and contemporary fiction books for adults, teens, and children, guest author features and resources on how to build your own “character,” and for her book/product reviews and advocacy relating to Type 1 Diabetes.

Well Friends, hope you enjoyed this spotlight! Stay tuned next week for more Tuesday Treasures, Thursday Thoughts and of course Saturday Spotlight.

Until later....take care, God Bless and remember.... When the going gets tough, the tough go to God.

Something to think about!
"Inspirational with an Edge!