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Thursday, November 20, 2014

#ThursdayThoughts: Amazing Grace

Two weeks ago today (Nov 6th) my mother passed away. I was at the funeral home with my other family, getting ready to bury my mother in law who left us on Nov 2nd. Two weeks before that, a lifelong family friend (my mother's BFF of 56 years) passed away (Oct 23) and just two days after mom (Nov 8th), my 46 year old cousin died.

We know of the infamous line by Olympia Dukakis in the movie Steel Magnolias... "That which does not kill us makes us stronger."

I guess there's some truth in that. I know when my husband died in 2009 I didn't think I'd make it through that first year.

But somehow, by the grace of God, I did.

And now, I can only pray for the courage to get through this too and thank God for His amazing grace and His faithfulness in imparting His strength when mine is not quite enough.

Take care & God Bless.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

#TuesdayTreasure: Guest Post by Shelly Shepard Gray

Good Morning,

Today I, along with LitFuse Publicity Group, welcome Shelly Shepard Gray to tell us about something she treasures...

I treasure my Hope Chest. I received it when I was 14 or 15, and to be honest, I think my father had gotten it for me mainly because it was a pretty, antique trunk, and it might do a good job of holding all of my books.

It did hold books. But soon it also turned into a keeper of secrets, a storage area for photos, and now, a collection receptacle for all things special in my life.

Those of you who know me well know that I am not organized by nature. I don’t file, I don’t really alphabetize, and I never made scrapbooks for my kids. I did, however, take the time to toss things in my hope chest from time to time. That’s why it has drawings my kids made when they were little, the set of scrubs my husband wore when our son was born, sympathy cards from when my father passed away, and even the fancy comb I wore in my hair from a dance in high school.

The trunk is packed tight now, but I do love to peek inside every once in a while and see what I can find. I secretly love that nothing is in order. I like having to sort through all kinds of photos, buttons, dried flowers and old teddy bears to find what I am looking for. I like to think that it’s a good reminder to take the time to remember what is important in life. Family and faith and friends. 

Shelley Shepard Gray is a two-time New York Times bestseller, a two-time USA Today bestseller, a finalist for the American Christian Fiction Writers prestigious Carol Award, and a two-time Holt Medallion winner. She lives in Southern Ohio, where she writes full-time, bakes too much, and can often be found walking her dachshunds on her town’s bike trail.

Find out more about Shelly by visiting her website.

Hope you enjoyed this Tuesday Treasure. Stay tuned for more...

Until later...take care & God Bless.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

#SaturdaySpotlight: Janet Elizabeth Lyn & South of the Pier

Today we welcome Janet Elizabeth Lyn to the Spotlight.....

I was born in Queens, and raised in Long Island, New York until I was 12 years old. Then my family left the freezing winters and hurricanes to the warmth and casual life style of Los Angeles.
It has always been my dream to write novels. Finally, in 2001 I decided that if I don’t try I’ll never know. After many classes and seminars, much blood and sweat my first novel was published. South of the Pier in 2011. That was it, I can’t seem to stop writing and researching.
Important places to find me:

Palmer Railton, a well known lobbyist, is brutally murdered on his doorstep resulting in a media frenzy. Meantime, his excited fiancée, Camille Brewster calls Connie Cane, her twin sister, to tell her of Palmer’s wedding proposal, the huge ruby engagement ring, and a dozen red roses. Connie, former CSI, must keep her devastated, cute-ass sister from getting killed after involving herself in the murder investigation.
Kidnapped, Camille tries to seduce her way to freedom but ends up stranded in a Guatemalan jail with an Interpol agent who holds the key to her freedom. Wounded during a gun battle, Connie tries to free her sister. The murderer is caught and arrested leaving Camille free to plan Palmer’s funeral with hi’s estranged grandmother. The final clue is in Connie’s hands when she realizes they have the wrong person in jail.

The moon was rising in the east. Detective Marcello Prado got out of his unmarked Mercury Marauder. The sweet ocean air filled his head. A crowd of onlookers had already gathered around the stark crime scene tape that encircled the Spanish style apartment building. He ducked under the tape and walked up the steps through the tropical plants and trees that crowded the courtyard. The Police floodlights and a trickling fountain made the front door of apartment THREE look like a Hollywood premiere.
“Whatcha got, Jim?”
“Well, he's still warm.”
The body of a man dressed in a yellow polo shirt and dark brown slacks laid face up on the parquet floor. Vacant black eyes stared at him through the glass top coffee table. Marcello scanned the room. He noticed a potted fichus tree on the floor across the man's legs. Blood had pooled under the table and flowed along the floor.
“Someone was in a hurry to get out of here.” Marcello spun around as a petite brunette popped up from behind a chair. “Hello, Detective.”
“Don’t just pop up like that, you startled me. Who are you?”
“Sorry. I'm CS Investigator Kyra Dennis. I found a footprint in the blood by the fireplace.”
“From the looks of things,” Jim continued, “the shooting must've happened about two to three hours ago. Two shots to the chest, front entry. One probably in the center of his heart. No blood trail, so it happened here.”
“Looks like Mr. Railton was a silent movie buff.”
Jim stood, “Are you kidding?”
“So you’re an old movie buff too?” Kyra added.
“They just don’t make them like they use to. Jim crossed the room to examine a double poster display. "If these two posters are original, they are worth a small fortune at best. Metropolis, 1927, the movie all science fictions are based on. Look, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Blade Runner too.”
Marcello was listening carefully, “Can’t be a motive for robbery, they’re still here.”
“If, in fact, they are originals,” Jim added. “It could be.”
“I'll check on it.” Kyra held out the dead man's wallet. Detective Prado pulled an evidence bag out of his pocket.
She nodded toward the body, “The victim is a Palmer Railton - looks like he was ready to leave on a trip. Luggage and airline tickets to D.C. are on the sofa.”
Marcello figured her for a newbie with the crime lab. She was too precise and enthusiastic for a seasoned investigator.
“Someone didn't want him to leave.” Marcello looked at the body. “Can you do something with his eyes, Jim? I'm getting creeped out.”
“Looks like a nine millimeter,” Jim held up an empty shell casing. “I would have thought you’d be used to stuff like this, Prado.”
“Sorry to disappoint you, but I never get used to people hurting each other.”
Kyra went back to take photos of items scattered across the floor. There was a crumpled twenty dollar bill, an empty velvet ring box and one gaudy cloisonné earring.
"A woman was definitely here.” She shook her head as she examined the earring and placed it into its own evidence envelope. "Whoever it was, they have awful taste. I hope I can get some DNA. Clip-ons aren't as easy to get DNA as pierced earrings. But maybe I can lift a print.”
“Why do you women hang stuff from their ears in the first place?” Marcello asked. “I mean, whose idea was that?”
Kyra looked up from the viewfinder in her camera, “Probably some man. The same guy who came up with stilettos." She smiled, "Actually earrings are intended to frame a woman's face - y'know, to take a guy's attention away from our chest.”
“Detective,” their exchange was disturbed by a uniformed officer, accompanied by a beautiful brunette with sad eyes.
“This lady has something to say you may want to hear.”

South of the Pier is available at Amazon. 

Watch the book trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DznY4XBw-dY

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Saturday, November 8, 2014

#SaturdaySpotlight: Kisses from Heaven by Clare Revell

Good Morning Friends and Welcome!

Today it is my pleasure to bring to you another great title from Pelican Book Group and author, Clare Revell and this one is FREE!

Collecting the cat from the vet should be simple. Right? Not when the paths are icy and the local Christian vet is drop dead gorgeous. Kady Harris has done as much as she could to win his heart and failed.

Rory O’Leary figured he’d missed his chance with the beautiful girl who sits opposite him in church -- after all, she's married. Until he learns things aren’t what they seem when she winds up injured in his arms.

Someone once called snowflakes 'kisses from heaven.' Can a snow covered landscape covered in God's kisses work it's spirit of love on Kady and Rory?

The bell above the door tinkled as Kady Harris entered the Priory. She had almost expected the vet’s’ office was to be empty . Winter had arrived with a vengeance—two feet of snow blanketing the south of England overnight. She didn’t expect to find the drop dead gorgeous practice owner behind the counter playing receptionist.

“Top o’ the morning to you.” Rory O’Leary’s Irish lilt brought a smile to Kady’s face and warmed her chilled body, setting her heart racing. “It sure is cold out there today.”

“It is. But even the snow showcases God’s beauty in nature—someone once called snowflakes ‘kisses from heaven’. Just think of all the millions of unique snowflakes out there. Millions of God’s kisses covering the world with His love.”

“That’s very poetic.”

“Thank you.”

She put the empty cat basket on the counter, pulled off her gloves, and rubbed her hands, trying to bring the circulation back. Warmth blasted from the radiators, a welcome relief from the frigid temperatures outside. “I’ve come to collect Willow.”

“And there I was thinking you’d come to see me and give me someone to talk to. It’s been cold and lonely here all morning with just Cain to keep me company.”

Are you flirting with me, Rory O’Leary? Or do you do that to every woman who comes in?"

“Well, you’re here and I’m here…Question is, is Willow?”

Again, Kisses from Heaven is a FREE read so grab your copy today!

Until next time...take care & God Bless.