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Thursday, August 27, 2015

#ThursdayThoughts: Guest Post by Jillian Lambert!

Hello Again Friends!

Today it is with great pleasure I bring my dear friend and Health & WellnessFeng Shui expert Jillian Lambert back to our blog. Today Jillian is talking about going from real chaos to real peace.....

Real Chaos vs. Real Peace
by Jillian Lambert

Everything starts with a thought…Everything.  Thoughts can create chaos, or thoughts can create peace.  Here are two simple steps to help you go from chaos to peace.

Disconnect from the ”external voices” of life.  External voices are any voice outside yourself.  Everyone has an opinion about how you should live your life.  Familiar ‘external voices’ are your husband/wife, kids, family, friends or your boss.  Unfamiliar ‘external voices’ are the radio, television, computer, etc.

Reconnect with yourself. Only you know what is best for you, so listen to the voice that knows you best.  Reconnect with the Real Voice, your inner voice.

Below are what I call “Soul Activities,” activities that bring joy to your soul.  Soul activities help you reconnect with yourself.

Affirmations – Override chaotic thoughts with positive affirmations.  Writing down positive affirmations is five times more effective than thinking, or saying them.

Journaling – Like a pinball machine, chaotic thoughts bounce around in our heads with nowhere to go.  Journaling helps release negative thoughts and feelings.  Putting it on paper releases thoughts from your head and replaces them with peaceful, positive thoughts.

Meditation – Slowing down your body helps slow your thoughts down.  If you can’t seem to stop, do a moving meditation (slow, repetitive motion like painting, washing dishes, walking, etc.)  Slow your thoughts down.  No past.  No future.  Just now.

Zen yoga – Yoga based on complete relaxation.

Zen swim – Swimming laps until you get into your peaceful “zone.”

Nature – Being in nature brings peace.

Silence – In stillness come answers.  Silence is golden, embrace it.

Next time chaos comes knocking, remember two steps.  Disconnect and Reconnect.  Disconnect from  chaos. Reconnect with peace.  Disconnecting from the ‘external voices’ of life, will help you reconnect with the Real voice, your inner voice…The voice that has your best interest at heart!

Jillian Lambert, M.S. - Author of inspirational book, ”Real Pain Real Peace,” wellness book ”Real Health Real Life,” and stretch/relaxation/meditation video/DVD, “Real Serenity.”  

Author, Holistic Nutritionist, Juicing Instructor, Fitness Trainer, Feng Shui & Wellness Consultant.

Website:  www.realhealthreallife.com    
Email:  realhealthreallife@gmail.com   
Books and video available at www.RealHealthRealLife.com

Real Pain, Real Peace is available at Amazon in Print and Ebook!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

#TuesdayTreasure: #RockingSummerRomanceRead with @TinaGayle!

Good Morning Friends,

Today's treasure is, My Best Friend's Ex, a new release by Tina Gayle.....

She loved him first, but her best friend married him. Now, divorced Brooke must choose between her best friend and the man of her dreams.

Brooke Janson has loved Garrett Sawyer since she met him on her first day of high school. Now, he’s free to love her too.  Except, his ex-wife happens to be her best friend.
How can Brooke choose between a friend she’s known since kindergarten and the man her heart wants?


“Hello, Brooke.”
Ignoring the sudden butterflies in her stomach, she waved a casual hand. “Hi, Garrett. It’s been awhile.”
 “I believe it was just before Janet moved out, almost a year.”
“Janet told me about the divorce. I debated whether to call, but, well...I didn’t know what to say.” To cover her awkwardness, Brooke allowed the words to flow from her mouth as if she had vocal diarrhea. “I always considered you, my friend, too. We had such fun together.  I wanted to see if I could do anything for you, but I...”
Embarrassed by her rambling, she stared at the stuff in her cart; lettuce, fruit, protein bars, each one good for her.
Man, I need to pick up a box of cookies.
Forcing back the urge to binge on any tasty treat available, she recalled how his face lit up when he was excited, his deep belly laughter, and his willingness to listen when she had a problem.
Damn it, she didn’t blame him for the breakup. Well, maybe for not listening to her warning. She had told him that her friend had a natural tendency to throw responsibility to the wind. Still, Brook hadn’t wanted to take sides. Because it was incredibly hard to choose between two people she cared about, one a friend since kindergarten and the other the man of her dreams. Guilt sparked inside her.
Why? Did she still want more than just to be his friend? Was this her chance? 
“Don’t worry, I’m over it now. I bought a house, which requires most of my time. I spent last weekend putting in a new hot-water heater. The old one leaked.” Garrett brushed a hand through his dark, curly hair. The silky strands fell back into place without distracting from the perfect picture he represented.

Sexy, hot, and totally off limits.

 My Best Friend's Ex can be purchased at Amazon!

Tina Gayle grew up a dreamer and loved to escape into the world of books.

After years of working in the business world doing a variety of jobs, she decided to try her hand at writing and hope to incorporate the joy of being a mother into her books.

Currently working on a series about four executive wives, she is excited about combining elements of women fiction with the passion of romance. The  first  three books, “Marketing Exec’s Widow”, “IT Exec’s Baby” and now “CFO’s Affair” have all been released. The last one will be out next year.

Married twenty-five years, she and her husband love to travel and play golf.  She can’t wait for Mike to retire so they can do more of both.
Read the first chapter of any of her books by visiting her website.

Find Tina Gayle everywhere

Home - www.tinagayle.net
Blog - www.tinagayle.blogspot.com
Twitter - https://twitter.com/#!/AuthorTinaGayle
Goodread - http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/1641826.Tina_Gayle
Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/tina.gayle
Google + - https://plus.google.com
Linkin - http://www.linkedin.com/pub/tina-gayle/11/689/759
Pinterest - https://www.pinterest.com/AuthorTinaGayle/

Remember friends, Tina writes "Adult Romance" and some of it very hot!
Hope you enjoyed this week's treasure. Hope to see you again soon for Thursday Thoughts and Saturday Spotlight!

Until later...take care, God Bless and remember...When the going gets tough, the tough go to God!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

#SaturdaySpotlight: Deliverance by Katie Clark!

Good Morning Friends,

Last month I introduced you to Katie Clark with her book, Vanquished (book 1 in her YA Dystopian "Enslaved" series). Well today Katie returns with book 2, Deliverance!

Hana is Greater. It’s a future she never envisioned for herself, but she’s not about to ignore the opportunity she’s been given--the opportunity to find answers about her Mom, Jamie, and Fischer. This could be an opportunity to tell others the truth about God and uncover the secrets the Great Supreme has been keeping from their small, struggling nation.

When Hana’s search brings her to the mysterious prison she’s only heard of in rumors, the desire to get inside drives her to dig deeper for answers, but what she uncovers may be bigger than them all.

Can she save herself and the others before the Great Supreme realizes what she's doing, or will she give up everyone she loves in her quest for the truth?

Excerpt: I take a shaky breath and step toward the bed and dressing closet. I only have one bag of clothes. It will never fill up the closet.
But when I open the door I gasp. Clothes line the inside, clothes similar to the ones Sindy wore. Torn pants, grungy tops, and unraveling scarves. Oddly enough, they don’t seem old. They have tags on them.
At least I won’t stand out at dinner, or anywhere else in the city.
My bag makes a thud when it hits the bottom of the closet. I only want one thing from it—Mom’s perfume. I don’t remember the last time she wore it, but I can remember her by its scent. I unscrew the lid and bring it to my nose. Memories pulse through me. A hospital room. Sunken cheeks. Weary eyes.
The nightstand has a drawer and I shove the perfume inside. Next time I will remember happy things.
The door to the bathroom is on the other side of the closet. It whooshes open when I step close and I peek inside.
It's huge! A tub big enough to lie in sits in one corner, and a mirror with lights around it hangs above the sink. The bathroom at home is barely big enough for two people to squeeze in side by side and the shower doesn’t have enough room to turn around in. This bathroom could fit four people or more.
I gaze at the tub, wondering what the hot water allowance is here. How would it feel to float in a tub of warm water?

Deliverance can be purchased at Pelican Book Group  Amazon   Barnes and Noble 

KATIE CLARK started reading fantastical stories in grade school and her love for books never died. Today she reads in all genres; her only requirement is an awesome story! She writes young adult speculative fiction, including her upcoming YA supernatural, Shadowed Eden

You can connect with her at her website, on Facebook, or on Twitter.

Hope you enjoyed this week's spotlight, Friends!

Check back next week for another Tuesday Treasure, Thursday Thoughts and of course, Saturday Spotlight!

Until next time...take care & God Bless!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

#ThursdayThoughts: Feng Shui

What? What? You ask...what in the world is she rambling about now?


Hello and Good Morning....

Today I'm sharing a few thoughts on Feng Shui, which according to this website, is "based on the Taoist vision and understanding of nature, particularly on the idea that the land is alive and filled with Chi, or energy."

Now you may be thinking I've gone off the deep end here, especially since I am a Christian, but hear me out....

Recently we refurbished a bedroom for me to move into and when talking with my friend Jillian Lambert who is pretty much an expert in this art of decorating a home, she started telling me some things to help when arranging the furniture, etc.

Here's a basic diagram of what the different areas of your home/room represent....

I find this whole concept fascinating. So I took Jillian's advice as much as possible to set up my room accordingly.

My chest of drawers is in the Wealth & Prosperity (money) section and contains several things that represent money/prosperity/abundance: A water fountain, money jar, prosperity books and a quote by Rumi that defines success...and of course angels.... 

In the "love and relationship" section is my entertainment center on top of which stands a picture of Jesus, a "mother" plaque my son made me years ago with a poem he wrote and a decorative plate about family along with wood art a dear friend gave me.I'll round out this area with pictures on the walls that represent love and relationships. 

And in the "wisdom" corner I have a rocking chair and small table with a lamp, my prayer journal, and books (go figure - right)  

 My bed is in the health area and book shelves in the fame portion. Once completely finished, my desk will be in the creativity area and hopefully it'll help me be more creative or at least more focused LOL!

Now do I believe having your room or house organized energetically is the end all to life's little problems and issues?


But I do believe that decorating your room or house in a way that feels good is conducive to maintaining optimism and a positive outlook. 

And that can never be a bad thing.

JMHO of course but definitely ....

Something to think about!
"Inspirational with an Edge! 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

#TuesdayTreasure: Guest post by Jan Elder!

Good Morning Friends,

I am very happy to bring you a new Pelican Book Group author with something she treasures!

Jan Elder is a Christian romance writer with a zeal for telling stories other women can relate to. She strives to write the kind of book that will strengthen the reader's faith, while also providing an entertaining and engrossing love story. Pelican Book Group/White Rose is publishing her first novella, Manila Marriage App, one of many in their successful Passport to Romance series. Besides writing romance, she enjoys the occasional hazelnut cappuccino while watching Turner Classic Movies. Always an avid reader, she devours books voraciously, both Christian and secular. She was born a cat-lover and all future books will, no doubt, feature a feline in some way or another. Happily married for twelve years to loving (and supportive) husband, Steve, the two live in central Maryland along with Jamie (a tuxedo cat), and Shu-Shu (a tortoiseshell cat). On the weekends, Jan and Steve comb the nearby countryside in search of the perfect ice cream flavor. 

My mother, my friend

My 91-year-old mother has lived a good life. She grew up in a Christian home. She was born again at age 10. She worked until she was 29, married a wonderful man, and raised three children. And then she worked some more as a school secretary to help support our family.
She should be slowing down, right? Enjoying her “emeritus” years. Sitting in a rocking chair, baking the occasion sheet of chocolate chip cookies, allowing people to take care of her for a change. Except she’s not. At age 90, she wrote her memoirs, her fourth book. She still drives, teaches Sunday school, studies her Bible each and every day, and witnesses to her friends. In the fall, she plans to start another Bible study for the lost in her retirement community.

My mother has a life richer than anyone I know. God is using her and she still has more to do.

When I grow old, I want to be like my mother.

How beautiful! Having lost my mother in November, I can understand why Jan treasures hers.

Find out more about Jan by visiting her website and connecting with her on Facebook and Twitter!

Check out Jan's book, Manila Marriage App. a Passport to Romance novella from Pelican Book Group!

It all began as a lark. Shay Callahan’s life was just fine, thank you, but when the seemingly misogynistic missionary, Timothy Flynn, places an advertisement for a wife in a Christian magazine, she decides to give it a whirl and sends in the five-page application. Why not? After all, she’s not currently seeing anyone, and this man truly needs to be taught a lesson.

Finding out she’s Dr. Flynn’s pick of the litter, Shay hops on a plane and flies to The Philippines. The strategy is to jet in, enjoy an exciting two-week vacation, and jet out again, all at his expense. Instead, her plan backfires. The handsome missionary man is not what he seems, and the foreign land has far more to offer than she could imagine.

Embark on a tropical adventure with Shay that challenges everything she believes.

Excerpt from Manila Marriage App

Taking a deep, cleansing breath, I strolled into the room. Behind a massive teak desk sat the man I’d come to meet. The photo he’d emailed me didn’t do him justice. Not by a long shot. If I’d been the obvious sort, my jaw would have dropped to the floor. And drool. There’d be plenty of drool.

He stood as I entered the room, cool gray eyes raking over me. His bio had told me he was a tall man, but the head shot hadn’t captured the aura of authority he projected. Mister-too-important-to-pick-me-up didn’t say a word, although that intense stare roamed my face with apparent disbelief. Perhaps he was confused as to my shabby state, but he didn’t have to be rude.

We glared at each other. In fact, he examined me as if he were judging a heifer at the county fair. If he were testing my mettle, I was not going to be the first one to blink. With a heavy sigh, he shook his head, loosened his lips, and said the words I least expected. “Miss Callahan, you’re blonde.”

Words spilled out of my own mouth before I could filter them. “Whoa, nothing gets past you does it, Dr. Flynn?”

“In the picture you sent me, you were a brunette.”

Well, he had me there. Before last Tuesday, I had been a brunette. Light brown, but still brown. I straightened my spine. “Hey, I didn’t go platinum or anything. The appealing color you see before you is called Golden Latte. Two measly shades lighter.” Huffing, I pushed my long mane behind my ears hoping no remaining traces of peas were visible. “And what am I doing justifying my personal color preferences to you? It’s my hair.”

He kept staring at me. “Putting that issue aside, you’re also not…how shall I put this? You’re…you’re not what I expected. You’re way too…”

“I’m way too what?” My chin rose, as did my ire.

“Oh, never mind,” he mumbled. His head hung down and, I swear, his feet shuffled. That was unexpected. Was he arrogant or bashful?

Either way, still standing in the doorway, I’d had enough of this strange exchange. Since he didn’t seem to know how to greet me like a decent human being, I’d give him a demonstration. “Okay, let’s try this again. Dr. Flynn, I presume? I’m Shay Callahan. You know, the woman you ordered with a ‘keen mind, and a rational outlook on life’?”

Manila Marriage App can be purchased at Pelican Book Group or Amazon.

Well friends, hope you enjoyed today's Tuesday Treasures!

Stay tuned for Thursday Thoughts and Saturday Spotlight!