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Saturday, October 23, 2021

#SaturdaySpotlight is on Barbara Britton & Providence Hannah's Journey!

Good Morning!

One more week and October is over. Can you believe it? We're already seeing Christmas commercials and movies and decorations out with urgings to buy now and PRAY we get our purchases before then! 


When did everything become such a mess?

We could discuss that for a lifetime LOL! But we're not going to! We are going to welcome fellow Pelican Book Group author, Barbara Britton back to our spotlight. Take it away Barb.....

Thanks for having me in the spotlight, Pam. October is a special month for me. My debut novel released in print on October 1, 2016. October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I had no idea that when my book launched, I would be a breast cancer survivor. The theme to Providence: Hannah’s Journey is “God is in control even in the chaos of life.” I lived the theme to my first novel.

I’d like to share the wisdom that I gleaned while battling cancer.

-Schedule a yearly 3D mammogram.

-Do not wait to biopsy if something shows up on your mammogram.

I had three clear ultrasounds the day the spot showed on my mammography. I was told to return in six months. The spot was cancer. If my cancer had been aggressive, my story may not have had a happy ending. I started my fight eight months late.

-Do not suffer in silence. I was on several prayer chains and could feel the power of prayer.

-Accept help from friends and family. People are scared of cancer and don’t know what to say to a cancer patient. Allow friends to bring meals or go to the store for you. Loved ones want to be there for you, but they may need direction on how to help. I used takethemameal.com to organize meals for my family.

My family, my church family, Scripture, Christian music, and cards from friends, all encouraged me during my journey.

One elder asked me if I was embarrassed to ask for prayer for breast cancer. I said, “No way,” rather loudly. I wanted all the prayer that I could get.

Great advice, Barbara we are SO very glad your story had a happy ending and you're here to share your wonderful books with us. Tell us more about Providence Hannah's Journey...

As the sole daughter of the chief priest, Hannah is publicly shamed when the prophet of Israel refuses to heal her.

Determined to restore her family’s honor, Hannah escapes Jerusalem in hopes of finding the prophet and convincing him to heal her deformities. Gilead, a young Hebrew guard sympathetic to her plight, willingly accompanies her. On their way, they are captured by a band of raiders.

Hannah is forced to serve in the household of the commander of the Aramean army, an officer who is in need of healing himself. Meanwhile Gilead is being used as sword practice for the Aramean soldiers.

Hannah must act fast to save Gilead and herself. But survival means coaxing the prophet of Israel to heal an enemy commander.

(A story similar to Naaman’s in II Kings 5)


“Alabaster, beads, bangles,” a merchant shouted.

Leave it to a salesman to find opportunity behind the rump of a slow donkey. His father had taught him well.

The chants of the merchant grew louder, came closer. “Men, trinkets for the fair and lovely.”

Hannah believed the heckler was upon her. Did he mistake her for a man? She had no free hand to test his wares.

“Young woman.”

The address was too close to ignore. Her elbow rose to ward off his seller’s assault. Her heart rapped against her chest anticipating a run home.

“Ah, but your arm is bare. Can I not interest you in—”

She whipped her head his direction.

And stared.

At her bracelet. The rubies sparkled in the sunlight they captured.

At Gil. And his radiant smile.

“You do have interest.” He herded her without a touch toward a narrow side street. “Your father has coin, no doubt.”

She matched his pace not knowing where he was guiding her and not caring. Gil had found her, and she would follow him out of the crowd, out of the city, out to Mahanaim. “You came.”

He drew her into a doorway. The bustle of the city was but a memory. “Jewels are my business,” he said in a loud voice. And lower, “My mother spoke of a sad girl in need. I know very few who wear such wealth.” He held up her gold and ruby bracelet.

Setting her jar out of the way, she met his gaze. He grinned as if she had bought all his trinkets.

She let him take her arm and slip the bracelet on her wrist. His calloused fingers slid over her skin like a silk ribbon.

“It is a perfect fit,” he said, eyeing a passerby. His fingers cocooned her hand and wrist.

“We are in public,” she whispered.

“Did I not say it was lovely?” He winked and dared her with his just-made-a-sale eyes.


You can purchase “Providence” on Amazon, B&N, or wherever books are sold. Libraries can order it too.

Barbara M. Britton lives in Southeast, Wisconsin and loves the snow—when it accumulates under three inches. She is published in Biblical Fiction and loves bringing little-known Bible characters to light in her stories. Her WWI Historical Until June released in 2020. Barb is a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers, the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, and Romance Writers of America. She has a nutrition degree from Baylor University but loves to dip healthy strawberries in chocolate. Find out more about Barb’s books on her website at www.barbarambritton.com.

You can also follow Barbara on Facebook, Twitter, BookBub and Goodreads AND check out Barbara's previous visits to our blog HERE.

THANKS so much, Barbara for sharing your story and a peek into your novel with us! We certainly wish you the best of luck and God's blessings moving forward in life and in your writing.

Hope you enjoyed Barbara's visit friends and that you'll check back each week for Saturday Spotlight and Wednesday Words with Friends.

Until next time, take care and God Bless.


Wednesday, October 20, 2021

#WednesdayWordswithFriends Welcomes ME....

Good Morning!

It's the time for me to share my heart with you this month. If only I had a powerful and meaningful message. Those will come. God is working in me every day. The holiday season is right around the corner and I encourage you to think of all God has done for you. The Bible talks about God having a "book of remembrance" - We should have one too! 

A gratitude journal or if you're not a writer or feel you don't have time to write down your blessings and miracles, then have an attitude of gratitude. A mind to remember all the good and a voice to speak those things out loud. Even in the privacy of your home or car but especially in public.

Never be ashamed of the blessings God has bestowed on your or to give Him honor for them!

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Great news!

Lori's Redemption is now available in Audio! I have some codes for a FREE audio book to anyone willing to post a review. Respond to this post OR email me (pam@pamelathibodeaux.com) and I'll get that over to you ASAHP.

Tempered Truth has been recorded and approved and is awaiting release through ACX. I'll keep you posted on that. AND, Keri's Christmas Wish is in production after which, Love is a Rose devotional will be next. Circles of Fate and The Visionary are scheduled for 2022.

That's about it on the writing front. I haven't written in a while, been busy with updating platforms and getting books at Ingram Spark and other things, but once completed, I should be able to write more steadily. I know, I know....you can't find time to write, you have to make it. It's a matter of priority and I need to practice what I preach LOL! 

I will....I will. But until then, I pray for your patience and hope you'll drop by the blog each week for Wednesday Words with Friends and Saturday Spotlight.

Until next time, take care and God bless.


Saturday, October 16, 2021

#SaturdaySpotlight is on Elizabeth Hull @chevyhull (AKA Izzy James) & The Dollmaker's Daughter

Good Morning and Welcome!

The weather has turned nice here in SW Louisiana as a cold front moved in last night with another to follow this coming Wednesday or Thursday. Other than a few showers to usher them in, we're expecting sunny days, lower humidity and cooler temps. Guess Fall has finally arrived ~ praise God! You know I'm a Summer person but 90-100 degrees with 100% humidity is just too hot, especially the older I get LOL!

But enough about me!

Our guest today has visited twice before, so please give a huge W-E-L-C-O-M-E to Izzy James as she shares her newest release with us, The Dollmaker's Daughter. Take it away, Izzy....

Forgetful scientist Simon Morgan lost his chance with Amity Archer ten years ago. He knows there is no hope...until a sea captain trades a meal for an ancient stone reputed to have the power to give him his heart's desire. Immediately after pocketing the stone, Simon runs into Amity. Did the ancient artifact cause this chance encounter or was it mere coincidence?

Like her favorite travel writer Mrs. Peabody, Amity Archer yearns for adventure, but she's horrified when her father asks Simon Morgan to escort her on her first real adventure. 

With Amity's Aunt Clementine as a buffer between them, will Simon be able to prove that his love for Amity is real? Can Amity show Simon that her love for him has nothing to do with a so-called magical rock?


The smell of Norfolk burning stained the inside of Simon’s nose. Throughout the wet ride toward Williamsburg, he couldn’t escape the acrid fumes as the last of the buildings were sacrificed in the name of independence. It was the right thing to do, but he couldn’t help wondering what would happen to the people and the businesses they’d forged, some nearly a hundred years old. 

Every part of his world swirled in turmoil. Hester insisted on staying with their aunt and uncle in Kemp’s Landing instead of coming home with him to Maple Bridge where she would be safer. He couldn’t find a way to like it, but Hester was a grown woman with a mind of her own. He couldn’t control her any more than he could control Woodford and Howe’s efforts to protect Norfolk. 

Drizzle drowned the glow of twilight from the window where Simon stared at the steam rising from his cup of chocolate in Miller’s Ordinary. The innkeeper’s daughter placed a candle on the table next to his open book. The girl took the time to smile at him while she brought flame to wick. Simon nodded his thanks and looked down at the open page. He’d been on the same page for three days. Images of his friend’s wedding played across his mind. A jubilant Field couldn’t keep his gaze off his new wife, Delany, resplendent in a silver gown. Field had been jubilant. And seeing Field always reminded Simon of Amity. Their features were similar, the same brown hair that glowed red in the sun, but Amity’s eyes were the color of a storm on the bay. Would Amity be jubilant on her wedding day? Sharing secret smiles with her husband she thought no one else would see? He hoped he’d never see it. 

“Mind if I join ye?” A full tankard sloshed on to the table. Simon snatched his book from the running puddle. Above him stood a barrel-chested man. Blue eyes glowed from a weather-wrinkled face. 

“Captain John McCabe.” The man reached a dirty hand across the table. 

A welcome diversion for thoughts sliding in the wrong direction, Simon shook the man’s hand warmly. The next hour passed quickly as Simon listened to the story of Captain McCabe’s latest voyage across the Atlantic. 

“Our Tom was a sorry lad. Coming home after his education,” The captain leaned in, “he told me how he’d found how to get anything he ever wanted, so he was coming home.”

“Everything he ever wanted?” Simon hoped his smile didn’t drip with the cynicism he felt, the memory of soft storm-colored eyes twinkled at him. 

“Sure. That’s what he told me and then he showed me this.” The Captain pulled from his pocket a medallion of clear green stone. It spun like a coin and came to rest across from Simon. Could this be a gemstone? It was the largest he’d ever seen, spanning nearly three of his fingers. The room was too dim to make out the carving in the center. The candlelight reflected off its polished surface like dark window glass. 

A little arc of excitement sparked to life in a remote memory of Simon’s brain and shivered down his spine. “Is this what I think it is? May I?” 

McCabe shrugged. 

Simon reached for the stone. Cool and smooth to the touch, the hatch-like carvings were barely perceptible under his thumb though they did not appear worn. 

“What do you think it is?” 

“I’m not sure, but there are legends about ancient stones.” 

“This couldn’t be one of them stones. My cousin Tom didn’t travel in them kinda circles. It’s nothing but a piece of junk he picked up somewhere,” he laughed, “but Tom’d believe just about anything you told him. Some scoundrel told him a fanciful tale, and he believed it. Gave all his money, poor sod.” 

A cool disappointment breezed through Simon. “You’re probably right, I mean what are the odds that a regular person would come across something like that when people have been looking for it for centuries?” Even as he said it the possibility niggled. Excitement deepened. 

The captain took a long swig from his cup. “And regular he was and no mistake. And all the money he had would have been a couple of pounds. Now I’ve got to take his things to his mother. It’s a visit I would avoid if it were possible. You have family?” 

“My mother and father passed away a few years ago.”

“No wife?”
“I have a sister.” The captain grimaced. “Maybe I should give you this stone. Our Tom believed it would do him some good, maybe it will do for ye.”

Simon reluctantly laid the stone back in the center of the table. “You should keep it or give it to his mother. Perhaps it will bring you all you ever wanted.” 

“I’ve got what I want, lad.” A knowing smile wrinkled his face. “My wife is waiting for me at home with four boys. And what Tom’s mother will want no rock can do.” 

Simon nodded his agreement. No stone would give him what he wanted either. Although if it were the right stone it could add significantly to his knowledge of electricity. There was nothing to be lost in giving it a try. “I’ll buy your dinner in exchange for the stone.”

McCabe smiled, “Ye, too?” 

“I don’t think it will get me everything I want, but I do think it would make an interesting scientific experiment.”

“Whatever ye say, me lad.” McCabe stood on unsteady legs and tossed the stone to Simon. “I’ll be on me way.” 

Simon nodded to the Captain. Smooth and cool to the touch, the stone slipped into his pocket without a catch. He closed his book, turned toward the stairwell and his room. From his right, in a corner of the room a shout of “huzzah” and the clink of raised goblets grabbed his notice. Near the bar, a young man knocked sideways through the thinning crowd as he pushed his way out of the Ordinary. When Simon looked forward again, he found a pair of stormy eyes. “What are you doing here?” He put his hand in his pocket. Was the stone warm? No, it wasn’t possible. Was it? 

Elizabeth Chevalier Hull, writing as Izzy James, is the award-winning author of The Christmas Gift, The Christmas Plainsong, and Finding Boaz. Izzy writes contemporary and historical romance. She grew up on the Chesapeake Bay in coastal Virginia. She still lives there still with her fabulous husband in a house brimming with books.

Find out more by connecting with her on her Website, Facebook, Instagram @izzy.james Gab: @izzy_james and MeWe

The Dollmaker's Daughter can be found at Amazon, B&N, iBooks, Kobo and GooglePlay.

Check out Izzy's previous Spotlights HERE and HERE.

Sounds like you've written yourself another wonderful book, Izzy! Thanks for sharing it with us today. We certainly wish you the best of luck and God's blessings with it.

Hope you enjoyed Izzy's visit as much as I have, friends and that you'll check back each week for another edition of Wednesday Words with Friends and Saturday Spotlight.

Until next time take care and God bless.