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Saturday, October 31, 2015

#SaturdaySpotlght: Jillian Lambert & Real Pain, Real Peace

Good Morning and Happy Halloween!

If you've followed me for long, you'll recognize the name of our spotlight guest today. Jillian Lambert shared something she treasures in September and thoughts on peace in October. Today we are spotlighting her latest book, Real Pain, Real Peace.

"Although we may not see while experiencing it, pain can be our friend."  (RPRP)

Real Pain, Real Peace is an inspirational true story of a fifty-year-old woman in Texas who experiences a life-changing breakdown on every level. Her journey ranges from creation of a dream to financial devastation; excellent health to physical illness; a life of passion to praying for death; a healthy mind to mental illness; and a beautiful, five-acre home to bottomed-out homelessness. Life goes from complete destruction to total reconstruction, wavering faith to renewed spirit.
The physical, mental, emotional, financial, and spiritual challenges transform in ways that will wrench your soul, yet warm your heart. The author tells her riveting story in an inspirational, spiritual way while sharing valuable life lessons. Learn from her transforming challenges and discover how to bring peace to your own body, mind, and spirit. Overall, Real Pain, Real Peace shows you how courage, determination, and faith can turn real pain into real peace.

What People Are Saying About Real Pain, Real Peace

"This incredible woman has an amazing story to share. Read about her personal journey through total and complete devastation in every level of her life to rising up from the ashes of despair still standing strong and finding peace at the end of her quest of living an authentic life." ~ Ron Bowles, Bloomington, IN

"I can't put it down! I actually had to set the timer on my phone so I wouldn't be late for work!"   ~Nanette Lines-Warn, Clear Lake, IA

Read the official Press Release for Real Pain, Real Peace HERE.

Real Pain, Real Peace can be purchased from Balboa Press & Amazon (Hardcover, Paperback, Kindle) as well as other retail outlets.

And while you're at it, check out Jillian's other book, Real Health, Real Life (Paperback, Kindle) and her Real Serenity stretch dvd!


Jillian Lambert, M.S. - Author of inspirational book, ”Real Pain Real Peace,” wellness book ”Real Health Real Life,” and stretch/relaxation/meditation video/DVD, “Real Serenity.”  Author, Holistic Nutritionist, Juicing Instructor, Fitness Trainer, Feng Shui & Wellness Consultant. 

Books and video available at www.RealHealthRealLife.com

Well Friends, hope you enjoyed today's spotlight and if you're out an about tonight, be careful of those ghosts and goblins, angels and fairies, and especially the politicians LOL!

Until later...take care, God bless and remember... "On the other side of pain is peace." (RPRP)

Something to think about!
"Inspirational with an Edge!" 

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Thursday Thoughts: Special Guest post by Nikki Turner!

Good Morning Friends,

It is always a pleasure to welcome authors with their thoughts or treasures, adds a little something extra that's not found on Saturday Spotlight. Today is no exception... Fellow Pelican Book Group Author, Nikki Turner shares some thoughts with us and then we'll get a glimpse of her brand new release and debut PBG title, Santiago Sol.

So without further ado...Here's Nikki!

Stripping Off the Labels

Think about all the labels you’re wearing right now…


I could go on and on. By themselves, some of the labels we wear are innocuous, and some are a blessing. Some are difficult to carry and others hinder us from accomplishing our goals and fulfilling our purpose. Sometimes we get comfortable in a particular label, only to have the circumstances of life rip that label away, leaving us in an identity crisis.

Labels are one of the ways we promote strife and division, even while we try to find acceptance and belonging.

So what if all the labels were stripped away?

I came across the following verse in the Gospel of John last week in the Message version, describing Jesus:

“But whoever did want him,
who believed he was who he claimed
and would do what he said,
He made to be their true selves,
their child-of-God selves.
These are the God-begotten,
            not blood-begotten,
not flesh-begotten,
not sex-begotten.”
(John 1:12-13)

It gave me pause. Our true selves, our child-of-God selves, are free of labels, unaffected by family history, genealogy, economic status, physical appearance, political leanings, occupation, church affiliation, or any other natural label we could apply. That’s who Jesus is making us to be as we trust Him and believe in Him and want Him in our lives.
If we’ll let him.
I think that’s the key. As we look to Him for guidance, as we obey Him, He working in us to strip away all those manmade labels. Without them, we are free to be the spirit/soul/body beings he created us to be, loved unconditionally, accepted and adopted in Christ.
Ask yourself the following questions:
What labels do you wear that you’d like to let go of? Where did those labels come from?
When you picture your “true self,” your “child-of-God self,” who do you see in your mind’s eye? 

So True Nikki... Thanks!!

Niki Turner is a novelist, journalist, blogger, and the production manager for the Rio Blanco Herald Times weekly newspaper, one of the oldest continuously operating newspapers in Colorado. Her first completed manuscript earned second place in the Touched By Love 2009 contemporary category romance contest. She also blogs at www.nikiturner.net and is a co-blogger at www.inkwellinspirations.com.

Niki is a Colorado native who grew up in Glenwood Springs—home of the world’s largest hot springs pool. She married her high school sweetheart 25 years ago. They have four children, four grandchildren, and two West Highland White Terriers.

In 2014, she published “Sadie’s Gift” as one of the Christmas Traditions novella collection with eight other authors.  The Skiing Suitor, one of the Love’s Sporting Chance series published by Forget-Me-Not Romances, released in August 2015. 

Her latest project, Santiago Sol, is published by Pelican Book Group, as part of the Passport to Romance novella collection and can be purchased from the publisher or at Amazon

Connect with Nikki on Facebook, Twitter: @NikiTurner716, Pinterest and Linked In.

Hope you enjoyed Nikki's post...Leave a comment for your chance to win a copy of Santiago Sol and come back on November 28th for Saturday Spotlight where we'll be giving away another copy of the book!

Until next time, take care & God Bless.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

#TuesdayTreasure: Special Guest Post by Maureen Bonatch

Good Morning Friends,

As we roll on toward the end of 2015 and the holiday season officially begins with Halloween, I thought today would be a great time to introduce you to Marueen Bonatch while she shares with us something she treasures....

A Labor of Love

As the summer winds down and the first thoughts of fall tickle the corners of my mind, there’s one thing I treasure more than the changing colors of the leaves and the shadow of a promise of the autumn crisp air… tomatoes.

Not just any tomato, mind you, garden tomatoes. I hate to be the one to tell you this, but the tomatoes you see in the store, the ones that never seem quite as red. That lack firmness, and when you cut them they reveal mushy centers or bleached flesh… those aren’t real tomatoes. Those imposters could never live up to the taste of a fresh, garden tomato.

Around June I’ll start asking my father, and father in law, how soon I should expect a garden tomato. Knowing darn well that I usually have to wait until well into July, or maybe even August. I get impatient because there’s nothing like that first tomato after long months of deprivation. Then they start coming in droves. I make my best effort to ensure none of them are wasted since I know; it’s feast and then famine.

I don’t garden myself. I’ve never tried. One reason being that despite having a mother who grows beautiful flowers and a father who gardens, I have what I refer to as a black thumb. Most things I try to grow die. Houseplants shudder at the thought of taking up residence. The other more important reason that I’ve never attempted to grow my own tomatoes, is because both my father and father in law are stellar gardeners. They provide me with my bounty of tomatoes and I don’t take it for granted.

But it’s more than the tomato itself that I treasure. Because I’m sure, if I scoured the stores and farmer’s markets I might, just might, be able to find a home grown garden tomato somewhere. I treasure knowing my father and my father in law have grown these tomatoes. They’ve taken their time, and love, for months to nurture the little seedlings into plants. Painstakingly caring for them through unpredictable weather and fending off wildlife clamoring to have the garden as their lunch.

Almost anybody can start a garden (well, maybe not me, lol) but not everybody can be a gardener.  I’ve encouraged my husband to learn the gardening secrets these two wonderful men in my life have honed into a science. These tricks of their skillful trade are as precious as that cherished family recipe. These gardens, these tomatoes, are the fruits of a labor of love.

* * * * * * *
Although tomatoes are not on my list of favorite foods, I'm sure anyone who gardens and loves them will agree with Maureen!

 Maureen realized later in life everyone didn’t have characters telling stories in their heads, or weren’t envisioning magic and mayhem within the everyday. This, and long walks in the beautiful state of Pennsylvania spawned a love of writing.

Therefore she’s chased other interests, though none-the-less-daring, but closer to the ground, such as belly-dancing, becoming a self-proclaimed tequila connoisseur, fulfilling her role as biker babe to her alpha hubby and surviving motherhood to twins (so far).

Penning stories boasting laughter, light suspense and something magical in the hope of sharing her love of finding the extraordinary in the ordinary world.   

Find out more about Maureen's world by visiting her Website, Amazon Author Page, Blog and connect with her on Facebook, Good Reads, Pinterest and Twitter or sign up to receive her newsletter!

She's a witch hunting a spell. 
He's hunting witches and falling for her.

Carman has worn out more towns and last names than impractical shoes protecting the secret of her magic blood. But when a friend goes missing, and another is infected with a deadly spell, Carman must choose. Expose her magic blood by curing the spell—or stop the infection from spreading by killing the source…the grandmother.

Magic bounty hunter Dylan has scoured libraries of banned magic paraphernalia seeking a method to distinguish genuine witches from impersonators. He suspects unorthodox librarian Carman might hold this information tighter than the hair he’s dying to unleash from her bun. With a past as hidden as his sleeve of tattoos, Dylan discovers he’s been used to gain Carman’s trust and their passion risks more than mixing mortals and magic.

Fun Facts about Grandma Must Die:

The inspiration for the church/library and the town in the story are located along a bike path the author frequents.

A church that now operates as a bar the author has visited inspired the interior of the church/library in the story.

 The heroine, Carman, is obsessed with sexy, stilettos.

No real Grandmas were harmed in the making of this fictional story. In real life everyone loves Grandmas (unless, of course, they’ve been infected with a nasty spell). 

Sound like a really cute story!

Grandma Must Die can be purchased at The Wild Rose Press and Amazon.

Hope you enjoyed today's treasure. Stay tuned weekly for more!

Until next time....take care & God Bless.

Friday, October 23, 2015

#SaturdaySpotlight: Katie Clark & Shadowed Eden

Good Morning Friends,

Today we welcome Katie Clark back with her upcoming release, Shadowed Eden (book 1 in her new Beguiled series). Katie has visited us regularly the last few months with her YA Distopian "Enslaved" series, Vanquished, Deliverance and Redeemer, but before we shine the spotlight on Katie and her book, I ask that you all take a moment and say a prayer for Katie's family, especially her 9 yr old daughter who is facing some health issues...May God bring complete healing and restoration by Jesus' stripes and the authority of His word. Amen and so it is....

Thank you, Friends!

Now on to our spotlight....

Avery Miles is ready to spread her wings and prove her worth on a church mission trip to Iraq, but when their entourage gets blown off course in a desert dust storm, the group is lost in an inexplicable garden oasis. Along with the luscious fruits and crystal springs, Avery and her friends find poisonous snakes, deadly sink holes, and a group of natives that are almost unearthly—but that’s not their biggest problem. No matter which way they trek, they can’t seem to leave.

To keep the group safe, Avery steps up and takes charge, but it isn’t long before she realizes things aren’t as they seem. She isn’t the only one seeing the mysterious boy named Rae, and she’s pretty sure her father is sabotaging her rescue efforts. Gathering her courage, Avery must decide what’s most important to her—finally winning her father’s approval, or getting out of the jungle for good.

Watch the trailer for Shadowed Eden HERE

Find out what people are saying about this book HERE.

Shadowed Eden can be pre-ordered from Amazon in Print and for Kindle...HOWEVER, if you pre-order from Pelican Book Group, you'll get a FREE E-copy of Vanquished!

KATIE CLARK started reading fantastical stories in grade school and her love for books never died. Today she reads in all genres; her only requirement is an awesome story! 

She writes young adult speculative fiction, including her upcoming YA supernatural, Shadowed Eden

You can connect with her at her website, on Facebook, or on Twitter.

Well friends I certainly hope you enjoyed today's spotlight. Check back weekly for Tuesday Treasures, Thursday Thoughts and Saturday Spotlights.

Once again, Thank You for joining us in praying for Katie's daughter and family. I pray God blesses you 100 fold for your thoughtfulness.

Until later take care and remember... When the going gets tough, the tough go to God.

"Inspirational with an Edge!" 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

#ThursdayThoughts: The Desires of our Hearts

Good Morning!

If you're familiar with scripture, you'll know Psalms 37:4 which says to "delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart."

I have seen this so many times in my life....Two very special instances were when I wanted a German Shepherd dog..."a slick, slender female" and I got my Cassie Girl (read more about this story in The Dog Next Door available @ Amazon (Kindle) & Barnes and Noble (Nook)

The other was back in 2003 when my daughter informed me she was pregnant and I prayed (and felt) with every fiber of my being... "Oh a little girl" and sure enough, my Angel Girl was born in March of 2004. (here she is at about 6 months old)

Well this past weekend I had the blessing of experiencing this again....

Last year I wanted a Kia Sorento, had actually done everything but sign on the dotted line. My mom's illness and my prayer partner's feeling that I shouldn't buy one at that time convinced me to forego the purchase.

Well a month or so back I got the fever again and although I talked myself out of it more than once, the feeling just wouldn't go away. So, this past Saturday (17th) I went to the Kia dealership with 3 conditions in mind....

#1: Vehicle had to have less than 50K miles on it

#2: I had to get enough trade in value for my Tahoe to pay it off AND cover my down payment

#3: My note had to be the same as what I was paying on the Tahoe.

The first one I test drove was a white 2014 model with 56K miles ... Okay I can live with that, but although I didn't have a particular color in mind, I really don't like white and the car just didn't feel right.

Then I test drove another... a 2013 with less than 50K miles, plus ALL the bells and whistles (back up camera, 2 sun roofs, navigation system, 3rd row seat, etc.) The minute I sat in this vehicle I knew it was the one I wanted. Only it was, according to the salesman "a way more expensive model."

So I called my prayer partner...told her about the two different cars and her words were, "When you said the gray one, my spirit jumped."

Although I really had no specific color in mind and a basic model would have been fine for me...that was not good enough for my God!

The sales manager was able to work out a deal, my note was a little higher than I wanted and I had no idea what my insurance premium would be, but I drove away in this baby which met all the other conditions. When I moved my belongings out of the Tahoe (all the while thanking it for its faithful service to me) and transferred them to the Sorento, I found a penny in the console.

Confirmation right?

But that's not the best part!

I picked up my prayer partner and we set off to show everyone my new car. On the drive I told her... "I am buying this car as an act of faith that this is the car God wanted me to have and trusting that He will make sure I have the money I need to pay for it."

She agreed with me.

When we stopped to show the vehicle to my honey, we had all the doors open and guess what flew out of that car....

Yep, a $5 bill!

Talk about confirmation LOL!

Just goes to show how powerful prayer and believing and listening to that still small voice within is.

Something to think about!
"Inspirational with an Edge!" 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

#TuesdayTreasure: Literacy & Generosity

Good Morning,

Sometimes I think we take advantage of the fact we can read and write. I've been reading so long that I seldom think of what I would do if I couldn't. The invention of Audio Books ensures, should the unthinkable happen and I am unable to curl up and read a good book, I can listen to one instead!

This brings to mind a very special event going on right now that explains the "generosity" part of today's treasure. To find out more read on...

Did you know:

• There are an estimated 1 billion people on the planet who lack basic reading and writing skills.

• The more relevant and engaging a student’s first reads are, the more likely that person will continue learning and reading throughout their life. Yet, 50% of schools in Africa have few or no books at all.

• The increasing ubiquity and diminishing costs of digital technology enable Worldreader to bring books of all subjects, and reading levels to people across the developing world.

• Humble Bundle has raised over $100,000 this year for Worldreader through it’s creative book deal campaigns.

For more facts about how literacy changes lives, visit: http://www.worldreader.org/learnings/

A Generous Offer from Humble Bundle just in time for Halloween!

Humble Bundle is selling the Goosebumps audio book series, by R.L. Stine (a $260 value), at a “pay what you want price," and a percentage of that sale supports Worldreader.

Halloween is just around the corner. That means it’s time for trick-or-treating, pumpkin carving, watching your favorite horror films and telling scary stories in the dark. Some of the scariest children’s horror stories today remain those from R.L Stine’s classic Goosebumps series. His best-selling books, such as ‘The Haunted Mask,’ are the perfect bone-chilling accompaniment for a gripping Halloween-themed sleepover, but prepare yourself to be spooked!

For the next few days, readers can pay what they want for the Goosebumps series (a $260 value) in an audiobook bundle created by Humble Bundle, while a portion of their payment can be donated to Worldreader. Click here to make it happen.

‘‘An entire generation of readers got hooked on reading in part because of R.L. Stine’s ability to tell such addictive, funny, and scary stories,’’ says Danielle Zacarias, our Director of Content. ‘‘Worldreader wants to get people hooked on reading – first and foremost we want to help people become literate but once that happens we want them to love reading and continue reading…It’s a great honor to be attached to a bundle with his name on it.’’

This year, Humble Bundle customers have raised over $100,000 for Worldreader. Thanks to Humble Bundle and their community of readers, we’re able to get more children hooked on reading and are now in the process of sending 50 e-readers (loaded with 100 e-books on each one) to a school in Nima, Ghana, serving some of Nima’s poorest girls. That’s 5,000 new books and a library full of new educational and learning opportunities.

Read the complete Press Release HERE.
Get the books HERE.

About Worldreader 

Worldreader is a global nonprofit bringing digital books to children and their families, empowering them to read, think, and grow in order to improve their lives and their world. In its first five years, Worldreader has reached 5.6 million readers in 69 countries with a digital library of 28,500 local and international e-books via e-readers and mobile phones, and aims to reach 10 million readers with its digital library by the end of 2015 and 15 million readers by 2018. To read free books on your mobile phone, visit read.worldreader.org.

For more information on Worldreader, visit www.worldreader.org

This wonderful opportunity is brought to us via Jacobson Communication

Wow...what a blessing! Teaching someone to read is like teaching a man to fish... And that is definitely something to treasure.

Something to think about!
"Inspirational with an Edge!" 

Saturday, October 17, 2015

#SaturdaySpotlight: Leonora Pruner & In the Aerie of the Wolf

Good Morning Friends,

If you follow me, you'll know it's been a crazy week but never too crazy to bring you a brand new Saturday Spotlight with an author I've never hosted before!

While born in Dubuque, Iowa, Leonora Pruner was brought to California by her parents during the Second World War, which has since been her principal residence.  In 1953, she graduated from Westmont College then earned an MBA from Pepperdine University in 1981.  Having married in 1953, she has seen her family expand from two children to thirteen grandchildren and five great- grandchildren.

 Writing has been an important activity since junior high.  In the late ‘60s, an eighteenth-century English character on The Wonderful World of Disney, captivated her interest.  The desire to create a variation of him, led to five years of extensive research, followed by the publication of two period novels in 1981 and 1987, Love’s Secret Storm, and Love’s Silent Gift.  Feeling that all that research should be reused, eighteenth-century England continues as a setting for her work.

From 1987 to 1997, she lived in the Republic of Maldives collecting folklore and teaching economics and computer science. While there, she wrote the first drafts of Close to His Heart and The Aerie of the Wolf on her computer. Find out more by visiting Lenora on Facebook and Good Reads.

Another intriguing and uplifting novel from the author of Close to His Heart, Leonora Pruner has a gift for storytelling and creating compelling characters.

Set in 18th century England, our heroine Anne is betrothed to a man she's never met and must leave behind her girlhood fantasies. When she arrives at the home of Lord Wolverton, Master of the Wolf's Aerie, the mysteries and challenges of her new life cause her to seek Biblical wisdom and guidance concerning honor, integrity, and faithfulness. In this story of the discovery of true love, there is also danger, betrayal, and sword fighting—and it all takes place in a castle complete with secret passageways.

Become lost in another time and place. You will not want to put this book down.

The strange, deep voice coming from a dark corner startled her, prompting a rash of prickles on her skin.  She heard a crunching step on one of the paths.  Had he come through the door?  She heard no sound of it.  Should she call for Smithson?  Anne pulled her Spanish shawl tighter as she rose and faced the voice, demanding in tones elevated by fear, "W-who are you?"
      "Andrew Lupus, at your service."
      She saw the flash of diamond buckles as he made a proper leg in bowing.  Diamonds?  Who else could it be in this place?  Despite a mouth suddenly dry she managed to murmur, "Anne Crofton," and dropped a curtsy.
      "I know."
      "Have we met?" she asked hesitantly, trying to recognize his voice.
      "Not formally.  We do not stand on ceremony at the Aerie."
      "Oh."  Her heart was pounding uncomfortably hard.  "Are you, are you Lord Wolverton, m-my host?"
      "The same."
      At last!  She made a deep curtsy, trying to conceal her nervousness.  "I am so happy to have this opportunity to thank you for your kindness in providing my lovely rooms.  The moment I crossed the threshold, I felt the warmth of 'home'."
      "Such was my desire.  I am gratified it pleased you."
      She noticed the moonlight exposed the white stockings covering his ankles above the sparkling buckles.  If she could talk long enough, it might move up his figure and reveal his features.  "I was uneasy coming to this strange place, as you might imagine.  But, on seeing my things from ho... the Haven, and realizing your considerable effort in bringing them here, not to say planning and forethought, I felt easier in my mind."
      "Then the efforts were more than justified.  I trust your journey was not overly tiring."
      "No.  Lengthy, but Old Samson took excellent care of me."
      "He is ... my most faithful servant."
      Anne took a small step backwards and was pleased to see his feet move towards her and the moonlight expose his dark breeches fastened at his knees.  "This is a very unusual garden.  Old Samson said it was developed some years past, which I take to mean by one of your ancestors?"
      "Traditions in the region indicate it was first planted in the 15th century by the eccentric master of the castle.  He also delighted in fostering the notion that we were werewolves."
      Suddenly chilled, Anne asked, "W-werewolves?  Surely you jest."
      "Not at all.  Very likely it suited a perverse sense of humor or provided primitive power over a very superstitious people.  Whatever his reasons, he cultivated that image.  He called this place the 'Aerie of the Wolf' and took 'Lupus' as the family name."
      "How strange," she murmured, seeing the dark skirt of his coat become visible, possibly brown like his servant's livery.  Casually, she moved a step away from him.
      "Anything out of the way was attributed to him, justly or not.  As a result, a number of legends grew up about us."  Again, his feet moved forward.
      The fingers of his right hand became visible.  Beneath the wide lace hanging from his sleeve, she noticed a ring with a large dark stone on his fore finger.  Perhaps it was like the betrothal ring she wore.  A word, long forgotten, learned with exciting shivers of fright, rose to her consciousness.  Gripping her fan tightly, and taking a deep breath, she asked boldly, "And you, are you also a, ly, lycanthrope?"
      "A what?  A lycanthrope?"
      Tensely, she awaited his reaction.  Fascinated, she watched the light slowly move up his arm as he stepped towards her with a low laugh.
       "You are asking me if I am a werewolf?  Come, come.  How might I answer?  If I say 'No, of course not,' I could be lying.  If I was a werewolf, I certainly would not admit to it to my ... betrothed."
           The emotional timbre when he pronounced 'betrothed', created an enjoyable tingle in Anne.  "No, I suppose not.  I might be frightened away before being wed."
      "And that would not suit my plan at all."
      He almost sounded as if he was smiling.  "And what is your plan, milord?"  She tried to speak lightly, but her voice trembled slightly.
      He paused briefly before answering in measured, vibrant tones, "To make you my wife."
      "Oh!"  Her pulse quickened.  "But why?  Why me?  You don't even know me."
      "Ah, there you err.  I know a great deal about you.  Your gentle kindness and graciousness will be valued at the Aerie, and your wit and brave heart especially please me."
      "I cannot think why you should entertain such absurd ideas about me.  I am far from brave, although I should like to be so," she ended wistfully.  She looked down at her fan, opened and closed it, and drifted back another step.
      "It takes great courage to converse with a suspected werewolf on the night of a full moon without screaming for aid."
      She looked up in surprise.  The lace of his shirt was clearly visible and metallic braid glinted down the front edges of his full-skirted coat.  He's not a great deal taller than I am, she thought.  Perhaps he is shy because he is of small stature.  "I, I may be foolish, but I admit I feel no danger."
      "Under these circumstances it is foolhardy to inquire if your companion is a werewolf, even in a veiled manner.  The question might rouse him to a lethal reaction."
      "Ah, but if you do not wed me, your plan will fail.  I must be safe until then."
      "As you say."
      "In any event, as your guest, I am already at your mercy, milord. Your many kindnesses encourage me to trust you."  Turning, she walked away slowly to the far side of the bench, hoping he would follow into the light.  "Please, do not tell me my trust is misplaced," she said, glancing hopefully over her shoulder.
      But she was alone.

In the Aerie of the Wolf  can be purchased directly from the Publisher and at Amazon in paperback and on Kindle.

Hope you enjoyed this week's spotlight!

Check back weekly for Tuesday Treasures, Thursday Thoughts and Saturday Spotlight.

Until later...take care & God Bless.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

#ThursdayThoughts: Do Reviews Help or Hurt?

Hi There!

Late posting today...had to bring my dad home from the hospital and take my daughter to the airport.

Last month I shared with you some wonderful reviews on Circles of Fate. In today's post you'll see a whole other side of reviews....

Recently, I received notification of a “review site” and as most authors, contacted the owner with great enthusiasm and hope of yet another opinion of my books.

After chatting a little I decided to send her my books, 7 full length novels, which ended up getting separated from the address label while en-route to her. Result: Lost in the mail.

Since I trust God with my writing, reviews and sales, this should have been a red flag right?

Instead I just thought “what a mess!” and sent her the E-version of my Tempered series.

In the end, “What a mess!” was an understatement.

Harshly disappointed, the reviewer stated her opinion of certain aspects of each title without giving credence to the overall story or growth of the characters; and even went so far as to critique me as person, questioning my position of faith rather than focusing on the stories themselves.

I was stunned to read each—and not because the reviews were less-than-stellar, but because of the manner in which the reviews each focused on one incident in each book and also pointed fingers at the author (me).

If you go to Amazon and look at all the reviews in this series, you will see a couple of one - and two - star opinions, but none appear to be as directed as this woman’s—and they are mixed among many positive reviews (each book averages four-stars or better).

Further research (which I should have done beforehand!) revealed that most of the books she regards highly (4 & 5 hearts) are erotica….yeah, that, too, should have been a huge red flag. Reading is subjective, and there are many genres—and that’s great—but Christian fiction and Erotica are on opposite ends of the fiction spectrum. A reader who likes one rarely likes the other, so I should have realized my books would not be a good fit for her reading enjoyment.

I imagine by now you’re wondering what I did about this review?

When she first sent it to me (before posting on her blog) I asked her to not put this up anywhere because her comments felt like a personal attack, which I also felt, was lack of a complete, objective review.

Since she refused and insisted on posting to her blog as scheduled, my comment to her was….. “Thank you for hosting me today. I'm sorry you were so harshly offended by the series. I appreciate the time and energy you put into this lovely feature. Good luck & God's blessings.”

Takeaway for Authors:

RESEARCH before asking for a review. If the owner/reviewer really likes something totally opposite of what you write, don’t expect a good review of your book.

UNDERSTAND: Reading is subjective. Not everyone will enjoy or even like your books. Sometimes something will strike a chord in the reader and they will react harshly.

ALWAYS: Be considerate of the reader/reviewer’s feelings and thankful for their time and energy.

PRAY that somehow God uses this to teach you (the writer) or touch them (readers) in a positive way. He does, after all, work subtly and oftentimes, behind the scenes.

Takeaway for Readers/Reviewers:

Writers are human: We have feelings. If you absolutely hate the book, please don’t review it. If you do, then please find something positive to say along with your objective assessment of what you didn’t like. In any case, please remember, it is not the place of a review to hammer down judgement and wrath.

Don’t judge an entire book on one aspect. This is often what happens, but as a reader if I don’t like a book and can’t give it a 3 star or better, I won’t review it at all. In fact if I was so harshly offended by book 1 in a series, I wouldn’t even attempt to read the rest. And, I certainly wouldn’t attack the author’s faith by the actions of his or her characters.

Remember, the characters we create are not real. They may represent real feelings, real actions, real flaws; but the characters are fictional—and they are rarely representative of the author. Think of it in the same vein as acting. An actor is not the character he or she portrays. Likewise, authors are not the characters we bring to life for your enjoyment.

Something to think about!

Until next time...take care, God Bless and Remember....When the going gets tough the tough get on their knees

"Inspirational with an Edge!" 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

#TuesdayTreasure with Alicia Dean & Leah StJames

Good Morning Friends,

I'm pleased to bring you special guests Leah St. James & Alicia Dean. Both have stories in Mysteries of the Macabre: An Anthology of 6 Short Stories by 6 Authors. I'll share their blurbs with you but for now, let's see what each treasures.....

Leah St. James:
Like many, when I think of the treasures in my life, my family comes to mind, then friends. The “old” ones first—those who know all my deepest and most embarrassing secrets, and will take them to the grave. Then I think of my new friends, those I wouldn’t have met without a certain twist or turn in my life.  And then there are those new friends whose introduction into my life was the driving force behind those twists and turns.

Alicia Dean is one such treasure.

I met her in 2009...if you can “meet” someone via email. I had submitted my first novel, Surrender to Sanctuary, to The Wild Rose Press (on the recommendation of another friend). I didn’t expect it to be contracted – there were some “twists and turns” in the story that I suspected wouldn’t fly. Alicia was assigned to review my story, and when she accepted it (with a few much-needed revision), my life took one of those turns I never thought I’d take.

In fact, I wouldn’t be writing this blog if she hadn’t stepped into my life. By the time she contracted the book, I was in a new (very demanding) full-time job, and  writing fiction was about as far from my thoughts as bungee jumping (which is still, by the way, far from my thoughts). :-)

Since then I’ve continued to write (albeit slowly) and have joined Alicia in a number of projects to help us meet readers. She has become my editor for my other writing (and I say “my” with more than a hint of the proprietary!) :-)  I have been blessed.

Bio: Leah is a worrier, a self-described neurotic who tends to imagine the worst-case scenario in response to brewing troubles. She hasn’t decided if this leaning toward the dark side is what draws her to write edgy, gritty stories, or if the suspenseful mysteries and Gothic romances that filled her childhood bookshelves somehow imprinted their shadows on her psyche.  Despite (or maybe because of) this propensity for infusing her fiction with murder and mayhem, she still craves those happily-ever-after endings and the romance of everlasting love.

You can read more about Leah at www.leahstjames.com

Connect with Leah on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Alicia Dean:
While I deeply treasure my face to face friends, I equally treasure my virtual friends. It’s strange how connected you can feel to someone you only know online. The authors I have ‘met’ since I began editing and pursuing my writing dream are some of the most supportive, kind people I know. Leah St. James is one of those authors. When I read her submission to The Wild Rose Press in 2009, I was blown away by her story and her writing. The manuscript needed some changes before I could offer a contract, and I was afraid she wouldn’t want to work with me. But, fortunately, she was open to my suggestions and we published her amazing book together. (Part of the suggestions had to do with the BDSM lifestyle of some of the characters. While it was not an erotic story, those elements were present. I’ll let you in on a little secret, Leah did such an excellent job with the research and writing, I wondered if SHE was into BDSM. It turns out, she wasn’t. J)

As the years went by, we stayed in touch. Leah has been a godsend in so many ways. In spite of her busy, high pressure job, she has always found time to help me out with anything I’ve needed, whether it’s providing a review or author quote, judging a contest, helping with a blurb, promo, etc. And, ironically, we’ve more or less done a 180. She owns a publishing company and I submitted to her. Thankfully, she accepted, and now, she’s MY publisher/editor.

Regardless of the dynamics of our relationship, I am truly, truly blessed to have met Leah. I just hope she finds a way to churn out more of those fabulous stories she writes. They are indeed a treasure.

I live in Edmond, Oklahoma. I have three grown children and a huge network of supportive friends and family. I write mostly contemporary suspense and paranormal, but have also written in other genres, including a few vintage historicals.

Other than reading and writing, my passions are Elvis Presley, MLB, NFL (I usually work in a mention of one or all three into my stories) and watching my favorite televisions shows like Vampire Diaries, Justified, Sons of Anarchy, Haven, New Girl, The Mindy Project, and Dexter (Yes, I know some have ended, but I will forever be a fan). Some of my favorite authors are Michael Connelly, Dennis Lehane, Lee Child, Lisa Gardner, Sharon Sala, Jordan Dane, Ridley Pearson, Joseph Finder, and Jonathan Kellerman…to name a few.

Find me here:


Wow, sounds like the mutual admiration society LOL! Seriously though,  I know both of these ladies and they are terrific human beings! It is amazing the way a working relationship can flourish into a wonderful friendship and how God can bring people together through writing and stories who might never meet otherwise.

Now about Leah & Alicia's stories and this anthology....

Six short stories -- some sweet romance, some steamy romance, some suspense. Throw in teen angst, adults behaving badly, and ghostly appearances. What could be more fun?

Celebrate Halloween this year with MYSTERIES OF THE MACABRE, six brand-new stories by authors who know how to get the pulses racing, one way or another.

Leah St. JamesBlood Moon

One Halloween night, a killer terrorized a strip of Virginia beachfront, murdering a dozen young women whose only crime was walking the beach with a boyfriend. Now, fifty years later, book reviewer Ronnie can’t shake the feeling that another has come to take his place. 

Is it nothing more than her vivid imagination running wild, or are the spirits stirring, warning of approaching danger?

Alicia Dean ~ Scarred
Gothic Romance
Sometimes, the most haunting scars are the ones beneath the skin. 

When Natalie Jayne moved away from her home town ten years earlier, she left behind painful memories, along with Simon, the man she loved. Now, she's back on Halloween night to attend a memorial marking the one-year anniversary of the tragic passing of her childhood friend, Jessica. Rumors that Simon was responsible for Jessica's death unnerve her. Even more disturbing is her unsettling attraction to a masked stranger she meets at the event. Her gift may be the key to unlocking the truth, but will it also lead to heartbreak? 

MYSTERIES OF THE MACABRE can be found at Amazon in paperback and on Kindle

Hope you enjoyed today's treasures as much as I do!

Until next time take care, be blessed and remember to....Ask(in trust)~Believe(with faith & passion)~Receive(with gratitude)~Share the blessing


Saturday, October 10, 2015

#SaturdaySpotlight: One Touch A Woman's Journey to Wholeness by Melanie Purifoy!

Good Morning Friends,

You met Melanie on Tuesday when she shared something she treasures with us and again on Thursday when she shared some thoughts on invisible vs transparency, well today we're spotlighting Melanie's book, One Touch A Woman's Journey to Wholeness....

Melanie Purifoy was intrigued by her recurring thoughts of the woman in the Bible who touched the hem of Christ’s garment and was healed. Like this ailing woman, she knew what it felt like to search for answers for her own failing health. Melanie began to wonder what this woman of over 2000 years ago might have lived through and what her life’s journey may have been. The more she contemplated the possibilities, the less the two roads seemed different. The essence of her story is that we are all the same; our love, triumphs, hardships, and sufferings. Hence the story of Rebekah.

From her life in Bethany as a young girl to her fateful meeting with Jesus many years later, Rebekah’s tale follows an accurate timeline of the New Testament. The story explores the possibilities of how her life may have become enmeshed with others who are seeking the truth about this King of Kings born during their lifetime. Set in the 1st century, this historical fiction weaves very plausible lives into some very interesting, but vaguely described characters of the Bible.

Melanie draws from her own experience as a two-time cancer survivor. After being diagnosed with invasive cancer she began a one-day-at-a-time healing path to recovery. Her own miracle brought into focus that healing one’s mind, body, and spirit can only be attributed to God’s grace and her willingness to reach out for the gifts He bestowed upon her. 

One Touch is a result of Melanie’s compassionate insight into the lives of minor characters of the Bible.

Rebekah nodded, again forcing the tears back that had been so easy to fire up for many months now.  

“Where are you going?”

“To my grandmother’s house in Lystra.”

“Oh, my dear child, what has happened that you’re traveling all alone?”

Rebekah couldn’t overlook the differences in this young woman at first notice. She was a magnificent beauty of color placed in a backdrop of grey. Among the dusty and weary travelers she was refreshing and buoyant. Her voice was soothing and certain and Rebekah was immediately drawn to her. Unable to resist the comfort she offered, Rebekah told Lydia of the tragic incidents that led up to her being in the group of travelers. Rebekah was so entranced with the disclosure that she was finally able to release her emotions, and Lydia’s surprised look of credence went unnoticed.

“Does your grandmother know you’re coming?” Lydia asked.

“I don’t know for sure, but I don’t think so. Father gave me a letter to give to her.”

 “Well, you’ll travel with us from now on. It’s not safe for a young girl all alone,” Lydia replied.

Rebekah felt overwhelmed by the rush of emotion that coursed through her. Without realizing how much she had missed kindness and compassion, she responded to it instinctively, unable to stop the tears this time; they rolled down her cheeks leaving streaks in the dust that covered her face. “Thank you,” she managed to gasp, before sobs overtook her.

What people are saying about One Touch....

***** Rating on Amazon.com
Mary Charlotte-
“Her insight into the past also is a story that touches every family in one way or another today…”

Brooke Alvarado-

”This is by far one of the best books I've ever read! It's one of those books that you wish was longer because you just want to keep reading it!”

One Touch
A Woman’s Journey to Wholeness

Author: Melanie Purifoy

Genre: Biblical Fiction/Spiritual/Christian
 Format: Paperback
Released: July 10th, 2015

Price: $13.00

Also available in Ebook on Kindle & at Smashwords!

Hope you enjoyed this week with Melanie as much as I did!

Check back every week for more Tuesday Treasures, Thursday Thoughts and Saturday Spotlight.

Until next time....take care, God Bless and Remember to Let love be the driving force by which you live, breath, move & act

Something to think about!
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