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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Saturday Spotlight: Joan Simon & Long Time Walk on Water.

Good Morning Friends,

Today's spotlight is an author I met through a promo group, Authors Helping Authors. Actually I belong to two groups by that name LOL! But this lady belongs to the group that does the Egg-cerpt Exchange blog hops and I'm pleased to introduce her to you so without much further ado.....

Joan Barbara Simon (Ph.D.); novelist, poetess, songwriter. Lecturer. Researcher. Trouble-maker. I write about dissent, the negotiation of the Self, the mutation from innocence to experience and  the brittle beauty of human relationships. Above all, my fiction is an appeal for tolerance and a homage to all who live their individuality with their head held high. Connect with Joan at the following links...joan-barbara-simon.com  facebook twitter 

Emily Thompson, Rose to her friends, emigrates to the motherland, England, in search of a better life for her two young children, whom she is forced to leave behind. It will be hard work for the young mother in this rich man’s country; not only must Rose scrape the money together for a new life, but she must also come to terms with this unknown phenomenon, di Hinglish dem.

James Dunbar. Jack is what he answers to. Picking his way through the mucky incidents of life, he consoles himself that things will get better. 

They happen to meet at a bus-stop, Emily and Jack. 

An account of the black immigrant experience jostling to find its place among the white working class. A tale of how the humble live whilst waiting for their dreams to come true. A virtuoso performance in which the protagonists slip in and out of names like garments to the same measure that Time shifts like the plates of the earth, Long Time Walk on Water is, above all, an unforgettable love story: the story of a mother’s love and the price her family must pay for generations to come. 

Excerpt: Rose stood at the bus-stop, her hour and a half done, her mind running through the things she had to do before her main job in the pie factory started. She could do a quick bit of shopping and have a look in at Pollard’s to see if their children’s underwear had come down in price. Oh, and the rent had to be paid. Miss Brown, though friendly, was strict, and sent Carmen to each of the tenants on a Thursday evening to remind them that the rent was due the following day, wanting it as soon as her tenants came in, and before they had the chance to squander it over the weekend. Four or five people, waiting at the bus-stop. Always the same faces, engaged in small talk about the weather. About the prices. One particular man had smiled at Rose a couple of times before, had said “Good morning!” to her once. Rose just look him up and down, is what im tink im doing?

“Bet it’s not half as nice here as it is where you come from, is it?”

“I beg yu pardon?” She span round, irritated by the sudden voice so close to her ear.

“Said it’s probably much nicer where you come from, ain’t it?”

No answer.

“Sunshine all the year round, white beaches, warm sea, lazy days... That’s wot we fink anyway, but if it was such a bed a roses, you lot wouldn’t all be here in the first place, right?” he winked at her. “Where you from, the West Indies?”

“Yes, if yu must know,” she said, giving him no encouragement, unused to people - to white men - just marching up and making conversation with her like that.

“Yes, I must know. Gotta be careful wot I say, don’t I? Africans and West Indians don’t like to be mixed up, do they?”

A man of about forty, or so she guessed, she could never tell. Roughly her height, fair-haired, slightly ginger, he had those watery blue eyes and that pale skin. Rose could see the veins in his head, thumping greeny-blue. He looked like a fish.

“You from Jamaica?”

She eyed him critically, “That’s right.”

“That’s important to know too, you see. I can’t well talk about ‘small island people’ if I ain’t sure you’re not one of them.”

Rose had to laugh in spite of herself.

“Oh yes. I know a bit or two about John Small and him got money. That’s wot you say, innit?”

Kuya! Rose nearly dead laughing.

Other people in the queue turn round. Turn back.

Good Lord, this long long time she never laugh like that! Not since she leave home. A deep, deep-from-the-belly laugh, petering out against her will, leaving behind the embers of a smile to flick at the corners of her young, cupid lips, too tender, too pretty to harbour the hardship they had grown to know.

“Kuya! Lord have mercy!”

“Oh yes! I’ve gotta few Jamaican friends down at the docks where I work. Nicest bunch, they are, really nice bunch. Livened up the place no end, if you ask me.” He smiled into her bright, moist eyes.

“Yu work in the docks?”

“That’s right. Used to be a taxi-driver. Know London like the back o’ me hand, I do, but, well,” he sniffed, “that’s anovva story. Hated it in the docks at first but as I said, oh, here’s me bus,” he shuffled forward with the others, “anyhow, my name’s Jack. See you again sometime, I hope.” He got on, took a seat near the window, nodded to her as the bus pulled away with a hiss, then a purr.

Long Time Walk on Water is available in paperback and ebook format at stores including:

Hope you enjoyed the spotlight! Until next time...take care & God Bless!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thursday Thoughts: Waiting.....

Waiting.....something we can all relate to. But how do you keep the faith when waiting seems to take so much energy?!

The word Patience comes to mind and of course that is followed by.... I want patience and I want it now!

I told you this post would sometimes be random ramblings LOL!

Seriously though...for the last 8 days my family has been waiting on some medical test results.... waiting... we were told these things take a "couple" of days.


How can we keep our peace and trust and faith when what should take a couple or few drags into 7 or 8 or more?

The bible tells us that "now" faith is.... 

One way to cultivate patience is to stay focused in the "now."

I know, I know....easier said than done but try! Every time your mind wanders into the 'what if' or 'when' or past or future...take a deep breath and gently pull your thoughts back into the present moment and while you're at it say a quick prayer or affirmation.

Can't say this solves all problems -- yet. But it sure helps with the waiting!

Something to think about!
"Inspirational with an Edge! 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tuesday Treasure: #RockingSummerRomance with @AuthorTinaGayle

Good Morning Friends and Welcome to the First installment of the Rocking Summer Romance blog hop!

Today I'm featuring CFO's Affair by Tina Gayle. 

3rd book in the Executive Wives' Club series
(strong women fiction elements)

Four women...
One fatal car wreck...
Everyone's lives changed...

Blurb: Sylvia Donovan is emotionally wounded from the unexpected death of her husband and still haunted by their last conversation: his request for a divorce and his confession of love for another woman. Her husband gone, her only daughter off to college, Sylvia faces the challenges of learning to live alone and move on with her life.

Vince Wilshire, enchanted with Sylvia, is more than willing to do what it takes to capture the heart of the hurting and untrusting Sylvia.

Can he help her forget the past and make her believe in love again?

Excerpt from book:
The door clicked open.

Wrapping his hand around the handle to keep from reaching for her, Vince Wilshire shoved the door wide. "Are you ready for this?"

Her face mere inches from his, he noticed a brief flash of panic in her eyes before Sylvia Donovan lifted her chin and stepped through the entrance. "Nothing I haven't seen before. Or probably won't see again."

He understood she meant the task of doing a job, but for some reason his brain registered the sexual implications of the comment. "Oh, man, you're brutal. Some things you know get better with age.”

Matching his steps to hers, he wrapped an arm around her shoulder and leaned in close. He whispered beside her ear, "It's all a matter of knowing how to use what you've got."

She shrugged and shifted away from him, eyeing him with a raised brow. "Yes and some people are amateurs, Mr. Wilshire. You, I take it, are an old pro who knows how to wield your sword with the best of them."

Laughter bubbled up into his throat. He marveled at her sassy tone and didn't relinquish his grip. "I must admit I’m very good at a few chosen tasks."

Now more about Tina, CFO's Affair and her books,,,,

Tina Gayle grew up a dreamer and loved to escape into the world of books.

After years of working in the business world doing a variety of jobs, she decided to try her hand at writing and hope to incorporate the joy of being a mother into her books.

Currently working on a series about four executive wives, she is excited about combining elements of women fiction with the passion of romance. The  first  three books, “Marketing Exec’s Widow”, “IT Exec’s Baby” and now “CFO’s Affair” have all been released. The last one will be out next year.

Married twenty-five years, she and her husband love to travel and play golf.  She can’t wait for Mike to retire so they can do more of both.
Read the first chapter of any of her books by visiting her website.
Tell us about your book:

Sylvia is a woman who has allowed life to beat her down. After her husband died, she reclaims herself by losing weight and trying new things. She’s brassy and harsh at time, but she deeply cares about her friends and family. I believe readers can related to all the heartache in her life and empathize with how she has to come to terms with the past and make a future for herself.

How long did it take to write the book?
Six months

What inspired you to write the book?
I’ve gone through the pain of sending my last child off to college and understand what it takes to let go.

Talk about the writing process. Did you have a writing routine? Did you do any research, and if so, what did that involve?

I work eight to ten hours a day. My writing schedule is to write three to four hours at the beginning of the day. Then I log onto the internet and write up blogs, twits, handle marketing demands and check email. In the afternoon, I return to my writing and edit my manuscript.

The main research I did for the book involved blood types.

What do you hope your readers come away with after reading your book?
The joy of letting go of the past and moving on to the future.

Where can we go to buy your book?

Any other links or info you'd like to share?

Well Friends, I hope you enjoy this Rocking Summer Romance! Stay tuned each week cause you never know what's coming next!

Until later... Take care & God Bless!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Saturday Spotlight: Susan Oleskiw & For the Love of Parvati

Good Morning and welcome to another Saturday Spotlight with our returning guest, Susan Oleskiw. Susan has a personal post to go along with this book, so I'm going to turn it over to her straight away....

Most people think of India as that very poor country on the other side of the world that’s completely different from the US. They’re partly right. India is on the other side of the world but it is not a poor country (it has the fifth largest army in the world and its share of billionaires) and its problems are not all that different from ours. India faces many of the same problems as the US—particularly in terms of immigration.

The United States worries about illegal immigration mainly from the south—from the Caribbean and from Mexico. India faces illegal immigration along all its borders. The Chinese invasion of Tibet in 1950 displaced thousands of people. The war between East and West Pakistan that led to the creation of Bangladesh displaced millions of people, many crossing into India. The long-running resistance by Tamils in Sri Lanka gave rise to waves of immigrants crossing the channel to South India.

For the Love of Parvati grew out of my greater awareness of the immigration/refugee problem in South India. In the United States I am used to meeting people who are citizens but speak English with an accent. I don’t think anything about it, and I rarely identify someone’s origins by their speech unless it’s an accent particular to America. But in the South India states, Indians often identify people by their language, their accent and dialect. For an immigrant to speak freely in a bazaar or another public place is to risk being identified as a foreigner.

 In India as in the United States, people respond to illegal immigrants according to their own personal character. Some dislike the newcomers for fear of what they will take from the country—jobs, stability, services. Others meet an illegal immigrant and see only the individual escaping violence or discrimination against a minority. Many Indians willingly hire illegal immigrants for a variety of jobs that “fly under the radar,” and think nothing more about it. For the Love of Parvati is one of these stories.
Tamil Tigers
 Parvati is a young woman who fled the war in Sri Lanka with her brother. They have separated, and she has been hired as a maidservant. As the story opens she is living and working in the hills, wondering when her brother will show up. She learns early on what has become of him, and is now entirely alone in the world. The rest of her family died during the wars in Sri Lanka. As a former member of the Tamil Tigers, Parvati took a risk in escaping,   and she takes another risk by living openly with a family.
            The idea for the story originally came during a conversation with another writer. Sarah Thomas, who lives in Trivandrum, South India, is well known for her socially conscious novels, but after a while she decided not to write this story. When it was clear she wasn’t interested in it any longer, I decided to write it. We are very different writers, and I would love to have read her interpretation, but as it is I can only speculate.
            Parvati faces every refugee’s worst nightmare when she realizes that for her there may never be an escape. For her, every day is part of a never-ending flight from what she left behind.

To read Parvati’s story click HERE.

To read one of Sarah Thomas’s books, go Here.

Susan Oleksiw writes the Anita Ray series featuring an Indian American photographer living at her aunt's tourist hotel in South India (Under the Eye of Kali, 2010, The Wrath of Shiva, 2012, and For the Love of Parvati, 2014). She also writes the Mellingham series featuring Chief of Police Joe Silva (introduced in Murder in Mellingham, 1993). Susan is well known for her articles on crime fiction; her first publication in this area was A Reader's Guide to the Classic British Mystery. Her short stories have appeared in Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine and numerous anthologies. Susan lives and writes outside Boston, MA. To learn more about Susan’s two series, go to www.susanoleksiw.com

Hope you enjoyed this week's Saturday Spotlight! On Tuesday I'll be joining with a group of authors for Rocking Summer Reads blog hop so check back often!

Until later...take care & God Bless!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thursday Thoughts: Overwhelm

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed all you want to do is sit down and cry? Emotional overload can do that as can daily stress, physical pain, or any combination of these.

So what do you do?

Here are a few suggestions....

Cry: Yes, go ahead and have a long crying jag. You may look like hell afterward but you will feel better. Studies have proven that crying is a great way to release stress and keep toxic emotions from building up.

Pray/Meditate: Goes without saying right? But if you're like me and most people, prayer seems ineffective when you're in the midst of a meltdown but do it anyway! I've found prayer is a great way to center myself after the crying jag.

Exercise: Take a walk, jog, run, bicycle or horseback ride, work in your garden, cut the grass. Whatever you choose but get out and do something! Physical exertion eases the mind and gets you "in the moment" and oftentimes, the solutions come when your mind and spirit are at rest. 

Have Sex: Okay bet you didn't expect that from me LOL! Of course I am NOT advocating casual relationships or one night stands, but seriously, making love with your spouse, partner or significant other is one of the best ways to relieve tension, boost your immune system, and fight overwhelm! 

Read: The Bible or other spiritual/emotional material. Or better yet, indulge in a romance, suspense or some other work of fiction. Losing yourself in a great story works wonders for refreshing your mind and easing emotions.

Get creative: Paint a room or a picture, tear down a wall or old building, clean & reorganize a closet or rearrange furniture, change things up a bit. Also known as Feng Shui, moving things around changes the energy of that area. Write a letter or a blog post or begin (or resume) a gratitude list. Journaling is very therapeutic.

Visit: A friend or family member or even just sitting in a coffee shop or mall among strangers can help shift your focus away from what is going on. Again, solutions come when your mind/emotions are at rest.

Rest: Sometimes emotional overload is due to so many factors the best way to combat it is take a long, hot bath or shower, drink a glass of wine or cup of hot tea or take an OTC sleep aid and just go to bed. Things normally look better when you wake refreshed. I wouldn't recommend making any of these a nightly habit but occasionally you need something to help you relax and get a good night's rest. 

Whatever you do, let go of the daily stress and/or emotional turmoil in your life because it is too short and time too precious to waste staying overwhelmed.

Something to think about!
"Inspirational with an Edge! 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tuesday Treasure: Dolphin Tales 2

Good Morning and a Blessed Day to YOU!

In 2011 folks all over the world were WOW'ed with the movie Dolphin Tale, the story of "Winter" who lost her tail and the power of the human spirit to heal all things through love. Here is the official blurb....

In an inspiring story of the bond between animals and humans, a boy named Sawyer discovers an injured dolphin, who is brought to a marine hospital and named Winter. Unfortunately, her injuries cost Winter her tail, without which she may not survive. But with Sawyer's devotion, a marine biologist's (Harry Connick Jr.) and the brilliance of a prosthetist (Morgan Freeman) charged with creating a new tail, Winter may receive a second chance at life.

Well today, along with Grace Hill Media, I want to share the good news that Dolphin Tales 2 is well underway!  Here's more....

Warner Bros. Pictures and Alcon Entertainment’s “Dolphin Tale 2” continues the story of the brave dolphin Winter, whose miraculous rescue and recovery—thanks to a groundbreaking prosthetic tail—made her a symbol of hope and perseverance to people around the world and inspired the 2011 family hit movie “Dolphin Tale.”

The film reunites the entire main cast, led by Harry Connick, Jr., Oscar® winner Morgan Freeman (“Million Dollar Baby”), Ashley Judd, Kris Kristofferson, Nathan Gamble, Cozi Zuehlsdorff, Austin Stowell, and, of course, the remarkable dolphin Winter as herself. Charles Martin Smith, who directed “Dolphin Tale,” wrote the sequel and is again at the helm.

It has been several years since young Sawyer Nelson (Gamble) and the dedicated team at the Clearwater Marine Hospital, headed by Dr. Clay Haskett (Connick, Jr.), rescued Winter. With the help of Dr. Cameron McCarthy (Freeman), who developed a unique prosthetic tail for the injured dolphin, they were able to save her life.

Yet their fight is not over. Winter’s surrogate mother, the very elderly dolphin Panama, has passed away, leaving Winter without the only poolmate she has ever known. However, the loss of Panama may have even greater repercussions for Winter, who, according to USDA regulations, cannot be housed alone, as dolphins’ social behavior requires them to be paired with other dolphins. Time is running out to find a companion for her before the team at Clearwater loses their beloved Winter to another aquarium.

Reprising their roles, Kristofferson plays Clay’s father, Reed; Zuehlsdorff is Clay’s teenage daughter, Hazel; Judd returns as Sawyer’s mom, Lorraine; and Stowell plays Sawyer’s cousin, Kyle. Champion surfer Bethany Hamilton, who herself has been an example of courage, appears as herself in the film.

Oscar® nominees Andrew A. Kosove and Broderick Johnson (“The Blind Side”) are producing the film together with Alcon President of Worldwide Marketing, Richard Ingber, who brought the first project to the Company.

If you are looking for some great family entertainment, rent or buy Dolphin Tales and then go see, Dolphin Tales 2. You're certainly apt to make memories to treasure!

Until next time...take care and God Bless!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Saturday Spotlight: Moon Over Maalaea Bay by HL Wegley

Good Morning Friends!

It is my pleasure to bring to you the latest release by Pelican Book Group author HL Wegley, Moon Over Maalaea Bay.

In this story, we continue the journey of Lee and Jennifer (introduced in On the Pineapple Expressthrough the horrors of human trafficking. But first a little about Harry.....

H. L. Wegley served in the US Air Force as an Intelligence Analyst and a Weather Officer. He is a Meteorologist who, while working as a forecaster and a research scientist in Atmospheric Physics, published extensively in the scientific literature. After earning an MS in Computer Science, he worked more than two decades as a Systems Programmer at Boeing before retiring in the Seattle area, where he and his wife of 47 years enjoy small-group ministry, their grandchildren, hiking beaches on the Olympic Peninsula, snorkeling Maui whenever he gets a chance, and where he writes inspirational thrillers and romantic suspense novels. Besides his scientific publications, he published one non-fiction work, Colby and Me: Growing up in the '50s, a humorous collection of the childhood adventures of an early baby boomer. 

Find out more and connect with HL at his website, blog The Weather ScribeFaceBookand/or Twitter!

In an instant the honeymoon of Lee's dreams morphs to a nightmare when Jennifer disappears on their wedding night in Maui. An international trafficking ring Jennifer crippled weeks earlier seeks revenge by selling her into slavery. But a more sinister organization wants to buy Jennifer for other purposes.

With the clock ticking toward Jennifer's impending sale, Lee, accompanied by foster daughter, Katie, and Jennifer's grandfather, begins his own search. As the search by Lee, the Maui Police, and the federal government intensifies, beautiful Katie ends up in the cross-hairs of the traffickers.

Can Lee save both his bride and his future daughter? What if he has to make a choice? 

If Jennifer is sold, could she kill herself to avoid a life filled with degradation and unspeakable horror? If she did, would God forgive her?

In light of recent events, she should be dead. Jennifer Akihara should no longer exist.
And now she doesn't.
The thought brought a smile to her lips.
Nearly nine hours ago, in another world three thousand miles away, Jennifer Akihara became Mrs. Lee Brandt. "Jennifer Brandt," she whispered. It sounded right. It was right. And the dangers that nearly prevented her from taking Lee's name were gone, either locked away in a federal prison or dead.
Spending her wedding night with Lee in a tropical paradise would be the perfect start to their life as man and wife. But the perfect start had been delayed.
In the fading twilight, under a purple sky, Jennifer glanced up at Lee's brilliant, blue eyes as he walked beside her in his cargo shorts and muscle shirt, looking she hated clichés, but there was simply no other word for him but “hot.” Tonight, on this island, extremely hot. And the warm, humid trade winds, which caressed her skin and ruffled Lee's hair, cooled nothing.
Lee seemed unusually quiet. Maybe he was disappointed about their room not being ready.
She moved close to him, gently brushing against his side with each step as they strolled through the menagerie of colorful Kihei shops. The fragrance of pineapple, mango, and coconut mingled with those of cloves and cinnamon near the kiosks selling soaps, candles, and lotions.
She looked up at him, wondering what was on his mind. It was time to probe. "If someone hadn't broken into our room just before we arrived, right now we would be?”
"We'd be watching the moon over Maalaea Bay out that big window. I know."
"If someone hadn't insisted on that room, maybe we could've gotten another room, and we could be."
"I know, sweetheart. But when you see the sunset from our room tomorrow evening, you'll understand. That room is special. We can eat dinner here at the shops, and by 7:30 our room door will be fixed and the electronics that were stolen will all be replaced, just like the manager promised. And we get a free night for our inconvenience."
"Inconvenience? That's hardly the word for what I feel." She met his gaze with love and longing in her eyes.
Thoughts of being alone with him filled her mind. She touched her face. Like Lee, it was hot.
He smiled at her. "You should see your cheeks, Jenn."
Her hand jerked back to her face.
"Didn't you overdo the blush a little?" He looked down at her and grinned.

His grin told her he was back from wherever his mind had wondered, and he knew exactly what she was thinking. Lee was an expert at reading her mind, and he loved to tease her, especially when the teasing turned her permanently tan cheeks a rosy red.

Looks like our former AF Intelligence Analyst and a Weather Officer has a romantic side J
Moon Over Maalaea Bay is available now in Ebook & Print!
Hope you enjoyed this spotlight! Check back often for more Tuesday Treasures, Thursday Thoughts, and of course Saturday Spotlight!
Until next time.... Take Care, Be Blessed & Remember....No matter how far you fall, you're never too far that God can't raise you up.
Something to think about!
"Inspirational with an Edge! 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thursday Thoughts: Obsessions....

Well this is definitely a different topic but the subject has been on my mind lately, actually stemmed from a conversation the other night about binges.

While talking to a friend I made the comment... "Some folks go on eating binges, others drinking binges, well for me it's Reading binges."

I believe we all have the tendency to obsess but the question is...What are you obsessed about or over?

Here are a few things people obsess about.....

Food, Calories, Weight, Body Image.....

 Clothing, shoes, Appearance......

The Past.......

Selfie's (LOL!)

Drugs, Alcohol...

The Question Is .... is your obsession something that can improve or enhance your life or bring you (and everyone around you) down?

Something to think about!
"Inspirational with an Edge! 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tuesday Treasure: Guest Post by Linda W Yezak

Good Morning Friends,

It is my pleasure and privilege to bring you this Tuesday Treasure by my friend and fellow author, Linda W Yezak.


You never know what you're going to find at an auction, or where it'll take your imagination.

The Bremond Fall Festival and Church Bazaar always features an auction, and we try never to miss it. True, we usually come home afterward having paid too much for silly things, mostly foodstuffs that would've cost far less at a grocery store, but occasionally we come across some treasures.

What I found this year is a true gem.

This wooden jewelry box with inlays was handmade by an inmate in Louisiana State Penitentiary, better known as Angola Prison--aka The Farm, the largest maximum security prison in America.

This is a beautiful piece of work regardless of who created it, but when we discovered an inmate made it, we had to have it. A piece with a history is always appealing because it's interesting, different. Because Angola is a maximum security prison, I wonder about the man who made this, what he did to land himself at The Farm, and how someone with such patience and talent could do anything awful enough to be sentenced there. Perhaps if he'd exhibited that amount of patience and talent long ago, he wouldn't be there now.

After MSB won the bid, the lady who donated it for the auction told us she'd bought it for $60 at the Angola Prison Rodeo, which is also an annual event. Every year, the warden challenges inmate artists to design a poster to advertise the event. The posters are terrific works of art themselves. This one is my favorite, from 2007:

The artistry and craftsmanship of the inmates' works bring out a series of "what if" questions and turn this writer's brain toward the plot of a new story. My mind wanders, plans, designs. Who would my main character be? A guilty man, like in Dead Man Walking, or an innocent, as in The Shawshank Redemption? Would I want a story where the prison is reformed, like Brubaker, or would I aim for an inmate-hero story instead, like The Hurricane?

What I know, since I'm a Christian and write Christian novels, is that my MC would come to the Lord--probably through his art, since I find it so fascinating. But from the salvation scene, where would I go? Prison release? A depiction of life in prison? Death row?

I also know that I wouldn't want to glamorize or romanticize prison life or the crime that landed my MC there. But what would my MC be guilty of? Can I depict some of the awful things that happen in real life, or would I prefer a soft-soap white-collar crime? So much to consider . . .

And to think, all this daydreaming and speculation came from a handcrafted jewelry box....

Definitely some things to treasure!

Linda W. Yezak lives with her husband and three cats in a forest in east Texas, where tall tales abound  and exaggeration is an art form. She holds a BA in English and a graduate certificate in Paralegal Studies. Thirty years later, she’s finally putting her degree in English to good use, combining it with her natural inclination toward story-telling to create fun, unique novels. Follow her on Twitter @LindaYezak and connect with her on Facebook: Author Linda W. Yezak 

Emily Taylor loves to help people, loves to ease their burdens and make their dreams come true. But when a conman ruins her reputation, she discovers that helping others is safer and easier from behind the scenes. 
When one of Emily’s gifts captures the attention of an avid journalist, her identity as the town’s anonymous benefactor—and her renewed relationship with her high school sweetheart—are threatened.
As her private life begins to unravel, she realizes the one hope for regaining control lies behind prison walls.
The Cat Lady's Secret is available now in Ebook and Print!

Well Friends, hope you enjoyed this week's Tuesday Treasure. Beginning June 24th I'll be participating and posting books from Authors Helping Authors "Rocking Summer Romance" blog hop so check back every week for great Tuesday Treasures, Thursday Thoughts and of course, Saturday Spotlights!

Until next time....take care & God Bless!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

#SaturdaySpotlight: SG Tillery & Mystic (The Seer Series, book 1)

Good Morning Friends!

I greet you this morning from Oatmeal, TX (yeah that's correct LOL!) and apologize for this week's spotlight so late in coming up. I spent the entire day yesterday "putting out fires" as they say and din't get a lick of work done. Alas...that's life.

So without much further ado, let's welcome back SG Tillery (aka: Chelsey Butler) to our spotlight this time with her book, Mystic (The Seer Series, book 1) .....

S.G. Tillery was born and raised near Fort Worth, Texas. She still lives in north Texas with her husband and four daughters, but she rebels against the Texan stereotype. She loves God, her family, and all things involving books, and is a self-proclaimed nerd, a history buff, and vintage enthusiast. Mystic, a young adult historical fantasy, is her first published novel. She also writes adult fantasy romance under the pen name Chelsey Butler. S.G. loves hearing from her fans and encourages them to find her on Facebook:  facebook.com/SGTilleryAuthor

When a procession of knights returning from the Crusades passes through her village, the last thing 16 year old Anabel expects is that her father will sell her and her brother to one of the knights and his mysterious companion. Anabel is thrust into life at court and agrees to use her special gift to spy on the handsome new king in the weeks leading up to his coronation.

Anabel’s visions of the future become more frequent and vivid, and she learns that she and her brother are at the center of a dangerous plot- one that puts their lives at risk and threatens to alter the course of her nation’s future.
As she is growing ever closer to King Fabian, all Anabel wants is for those she loves to be safe. But soon, the reality of her situation comes crashing down on her, and her life is altered once again. The power she is learning to harness is growing inside her and soon, everything she loves will be in danger.
Mystic can be purchased at Amazon for Kindle and in Print!
Well Folks, hope you enjoyed the spotlight. Next week we'll have another returning author, HL Wegley with his newest release so be sure and stop back by! 
Until later take care and be Blessed!