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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday Spotlight - Tory Richards aka Debbie Wallace

Good Morning Friends,

Well as usual life is in a whirlwind LOL! Since I returned from WA on the 18th I've....done bookkeeping, attended an Artist Fest with my books (met some WONDERFUL people, sold a few books & had a BLAST!), met another artist who has beautiful work and who is creating a possible cover for The Visionary, had a photo shoot with a photographer to update my picture for publicity (more on that later), and now I'm getting ready to head back to Bandera & the Silver Spur for a week. Since my Tempered series is set in Bandera, I'll have some time in Silver Spur's booth at "Celebrate Bandera Festival" so if you're in the area c'mon out and see us!

IMW, please welcome to our Saturday Spotlight, author Tory Richards who writes "Romance with an Attitude." (I like that tagline LOL!)

First, a little about Tory in her own words.....
I'm in my early fifties, am happily married, have one daughter and one granddaughter. And a niece who's like my second daughter. I honestly don't know what I'd do without any one of them. On top of writing, I work full time. Right now writing is a hobby for me. My goals are simple and realistic. By the time I retire I'll be happy if I'm just making enough "mad money" from it to be able to travel a little and spoil my grandchildren. I like to travel any place a cruise ship will take me. I don't like to fly but I will if I have to. I collect antiques, most especially crocks, and art. I love chocolate, (who doesn't?) And good coffee. I've wanted to be a writer since I was a kid, only life got in the way of my dreams. A few years ago I decided to get serious.

And now... The Senator's Daughter......

Most women kidnapped on the eve of their wedding would be devastated, but not Sophie. She's thankful for being rescued from marrying a millionaire she doesn't love. Besides, her abductor is a gorgeous hunk who makes her feel anything but frightened.

Brent can't believe he let Senator Adams talk him into kidnapping his daughter. Now he has a hellion on his hands, who's as clever as she is beautiful. He tries to convince himself she's not his type, but every time he touches her he can't deny the rush of sensation that leads straight to his loins, and then his heart. Soon he begins to question; can he let her go when it's over?

Excerpt: How in the world did he expect her to sleep with him lying next to her all night? She already felt the heat from their close proximity, reaching up to undo some of the top buttons of her shirt. She fluffed the material against her hot skin, thanking God for the cool air of the fan overhead.

In the end it wasn't enough. As Brent settled into an exhausted sleep, Sophie lay there burning up, listening to his soft snores and undoing yet another button, and another. She tried to inch away from his hot flesh but their handcuffed wrists prevented her from getting very far. She couldn't even roll onto her side, which was how she usually liked to sleep. She stilled for a second before fluffing her shirt again. What had she ever done to deserve this kind of torture? God, it was like a furnace…

"Will you be still!" Brent grumbled.

"I'm hot!" She whispered, defending herself.

"Well if you'd stopped wiggling you'd cool down. I'm hot too."

This was impossible, Sophie thought, squirming to get into a more comfortable position. She was frightened but more than that, she was aware of his closeness. He had no right, forcing her to sleep with him! He released a snort as she continued to twist and turn.

Her fingertips inadvertently brushed against his muscular thigh. She tried to pretend it didn't happen but that was like trying to pretend she wasn't a woman. Besides, now her fingertips were singed and worse, tingling.

"Damn it!" Brent barked losing control.

"I'm use to sleeping on my side," she said in her defense.

With a deep sigh that sounded more like a grumble of aggravation Brent rolled to his side, turning her with him so that when they were finally settled she was in the scooped out hollow provided by his body, with his arm around her. She gasped at his audacity, trying to scoot away but he yanked her back just as easily. "Now go to sleep!" he snarled against her ear.

Sophie grew stiff as a board, holding her breath, speechless with shock. The intimacy of their position terrified her. Their bare legs were touching from thigh to ankle. Oh dear Lord this was worse than anything she could have imagined! Everything at that moment became intensified. The warmth of his breath against her ear, stirring her hair. The rhythm of his heart as it beat against her back. His large hand resting against her belly, she could feel every one of his fingers.

Not until his soft, steady breathing indicated he'd fallen back to sleep was she able to finally relax. She could forget about cooling down now, she was hotter than ever, but at least she was on her side. Finally, after an agonizing hour of waiting for the unknown, her eyes began to drift shut and she sank into a welcome slumber.....

Oh my goodness - I'm blushing LOL! Talk about romance with an attitude.

Find out more about Tory (Debbie) by visiting her website and/or blog but I must warn you...these places are hot, hot, hot! You can purchase The Senator's Daughter at Amazon.com.

Well friends, that wraps up another edition of Saturday Spotlight - join me next week for another great author/book!

Until later...take care & be blessed!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Special Spotlight - Mary Manners!

Hello Friends,

It is with great pleasure I bring to you this special spotlight on a brand new White Rose author, Mary Manners with her debut release, Mended Heart.

Mary Manners Bio

I live in the foothills of the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains with my husband, Tim, our daughter Danni, and the cherished pets we’ve rescued from local animal shelters…dogs Molly and Abby and cats Lucky and Gus.

I enjoy the outdoors and am looking forward to cooler autumn weather. I enjoy cultivating flowers, taking long walks with my wonderful husband, and reading romance books while lying in a hammock beneath our century-old shade trees.

Shane Calkin is a former bad-boy-wannabe fighting to raise his spunky niece and a rambunctious puppy.

Jade McAllister nurses a wounded heart as she struggles to escape her mother’s rejection…and Shane’s.

Nine years have passed since they last saw each other, and a terrible secret looms. Will the secret destroy them, or have the years taught them how to trust…and to love?


“What are you doing here?”

Shane slid two English muffins into the toaster and pressed the lever to warm them. “Claire let me in an hour ago. She had to get to the hospital.”

Jade brushed fingers through long strands of wavy hair and tossed her head to work out the tangles. Her eyes glittered beneath sunlight that streamed through the window over the sink, and she pulled the edges of her powder-blue terrycloth robe tighter before cinching the belt. “I’m not a charity case. I don’t need a babysitter.”

He let the comment slide. “Nice slippers.”

She glanced down to see two fuzzy bunny heads staring back at her.

“Claire bought them for me--a gag gift last Christmas.” The pink of a blush crept up her neck. No matter she wasn’t wearing a lick of makeup and that her hair was matted and tangled--she still looked beautiful.

“I made you breakfast.” He reached for the muffins as they popped from the toaster, nicely browned. He gave each a healthy slap of butter as Jade looked on. The aroma of eggs and crispy bacon filled the air.

“I’m not hungry.” Like a traitor, her stomach chose just that time to let loose a rumble that could have rivaled an earthquake.

“Your belly begs to differ. Did you eat anything at all last night?”

She crossed her arms over her stomach and ignored the question.

Mended Heart is available NOW from White Rose Publishing!

Well folks, hope you enjoyed this special spotlight - I just love Mary's tagline...."Where friendships blossom and love blooms."  Find out more about Mary at her website: http://marymannersromance.com/

Until later....take care, be Blessed & remember....when the going gets tough the tough get on their knees.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday Spotlight - Laura Shinn

Good Morning and Welcome to Another Edition of Saturday Spotlight!

Today's guest is author Laura Shinn with her book, Someone to Watch Over Me; Angels of the Realm series/book 1.

My writing didn't truly begin until I became a junior in high school. A friend encouraged me to write a short story, like the one he was writing, and I gave it a shot. It was a spin-off between Mork and Mindy and Star Wars. Needless to say, my first attempt was pretty bad.

Over the next few years I read like crazy, mostly historical novels. I didn't begin reading contemporaries until I got married several years later. I decided I wanted to write a time travel like the one my favorite author wrote. Constance O'Day Flannery became my first inspiration to become a published author. {Since then I’ve had the honor of meeting and learning from many different authors: Suzanne Brockmann, Madeline Baker, Christine Feehan, Michele Bardsley, Jo Beverley, Rebecca J. Vickery, Rita Hestand and many more.}

I love to read and the desire to write comes to me daily. New ideas for novels pop into my head at the most inconvenient times, in the shower and while driving my car (Oops! You didn't read that one...). The idea that you can create a magical or mysterious world with only the touch of your fingers to a keyboard delights me.

While in college, at Howard Payne University in Brownwood Texas, I majored in English {minored in Art} and wanted desperately to become a published author. I've continued to work on my writing, editing and cover design skills and hope to one day achieve the same level of talent as many of my favorite authors.

I have a wonderful husband, Jay (since 1986) and two boys, Josh (born 1991) and Nathan (born 1998). We currently live south of Fort Worth, TX. We have four dogs, three rescued from the local pound, and a Schnauzer we named Elsie May.

Deep within the forest, David—a Guardian—watches over a hunted child and her mother. David has battled, protected and encouraged human authorities for centuries as an Avenging angel, since the dawn of Earth’s creation. But now he faces a new challenge…and a new problem. How does an Avenging angel under new assignment become a Guardian, and how should he cope with his growing feelings for Sarah, the child’s mother?

Time has run out and a hitman is on their trail. Forced to run, they must find the evidence to protect Nicole before a ruthless killer finds them. Determined to win Sarah’s heart and still maintain his heavenly status, David accompanies them on their quest. Will the Lord allow David, Sarah and Nicole to be a family…a mortal one?

Excerpt: Outside, within the realm of supernatural creatures, David hovered easily as he watched over Nicole. He wasn’t visible at the moment and didn’t need to be. The man, Louis, was a good protector. And Nicole, under his kind attention, progressed at a normal rate. Nicole smiled often and spoke several times a day. David was pleased with her recovery. She deserved so much happiness.

David turned his head in time to see Sarah looking out the kitchen window. His eyes followed her retreating back as she turned away. How he wished he could see beyond the cabin walls as easily as he passed through them. Even angels were given limitations.

Though Sarah was human and needed human contact and love, David’s heart ached nonetheless when he remembered the sweet embrace Sarah shared with Louis. He wished for one brief moment in time to be human as well. A man with a soul and something to offer his beloved. Then it would be possible for him to share Sarah’s life, experience her love and return it wholeheartedly.

However, such was not the case. Nor could it ever be.

David looked up towards the heavens, recognizing the Lord’s voice inside his head. Immediately, he knelt on one knee. The Lord’s words filtered down to him in the instant he spoke.

Prepare for battle. Evil comes with the dawn.

David lowered his head in confirmation and understanding. Earthly evil did not exist on its own. It was conceived and carried out from the minds and will of Satan’s minions. Before the evil men arrived, there would first be a battle in the air. Only the victor there would find victory later at the cabin. Victory was his intention and sworn vow. He would not fail.

Because it was imperative Nicole listen and obey his command, David appeared before the child and spoke calmly, but with authority.

“Go inside. Stay there with your mother and protectors. Leave for no reason until I return. Do this now.”

“Yes, I will,” Nicole answered, entirely too serious for a child her age.

Louis’ head popped up from his position on the ground. Nicole stood over him with her wooden stick, or pretend sword, against his chest. Louis, the bad guy, lay defeated.

Louis smiled and asked, “Will what, Nicole?”

His humor faded quickly when he noticed her attention was focused not on him but on the tops of the forest trees above his head. Who is she speaking to?

Nicole never answered. With the speed of the very young, she turned quickly and, like a shot, ran the twenty-five feet toward the cabin.

Alarmed by the drastic change in her behavior, Louis rolled quickly to his feet and pulled his .45 from his belt holster, following right on her heels. A quick search around them revealed nothing. What spooked Nicole? To his surprise, she quickly closed and locked the door behind him. She looked as cool as a cucumber. What the devil is going on?

To view more of Laura Shinn’s works or cover designs, visit: http://laurashinn.com/

This novel available at the following locations:
Smashwords: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/11287 

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Someone-Watch-Over-Me-Angels/dp/1451559070/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1271519689&sr=1-2

Barnes & Noble: http://search.barnesandnoble.com/Someone-to-Watch-over-Me/Laura-Shinn/e/9781451559071/?itm=4&USRI=Laura+Shinn

Look for more spotlights on Laura and her books in the future!

Until later...take care & be Blessed!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Boxes of Love

Hello Friends,

Well, I'm on my way home from WA today - a day filled with bittersweet emotions as 1 year ago this evening, the love of my life left me to be with the Lord. Can't say as I blame him, I'd much rather be with Jesus than here - where there is so much pain, heartache and sorrow.

What can I say that I haven't already said about this situation except life goes on - and that God has promised me a future ~ one filled with hope and goodness and, difficult though it may be at times, I will walk in my destiny with HIM.

Many times we try to sum up the life of a loved one - in words or pictures. Today I'm going to share with you boxes of love ~ shadow boxes filled with memories of a life filled with love.

This one was created by Bubba (Terry Jr) to remember his dad. Dog tags from Terry's time in the Army, a cross necklace which was handed down from his grandfather, a rose from the cemetery, an obituary card, items from Terry's service with the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office and a couple of charms (alligator & our state)  to remind him of home.

Monica put this one together with many of the same type of items...things from CPSO, charms to remind her of him & his love of this beautiful state, a rosary passed down from her grandfather, obituary card and rose from the family spray we bought for the funeral.

TJ & Karol have items to make their own shadowboxes and I'll share them with you once they are complete.

IMW...this one is mine.....

The flag which draped his casket and the cross that was in it, our original wedding rings, a photo from our wedding day - my FAVORITE picture of him, the photo used for his obituary, our rocks and the words he spoke the night he gave me mine..."My love is like this rock, it's strong and solid, it'll never change, it'll last forever and there's not another one like it in the world."

No, you can't sum up a life in words, photos or boxes but you can honor one and remember them with love.

Until later...take care & be Blessed!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday Spotlight - Rebecca J Vickery

Good Morning from Bellevue, Washington!

Been here since Wednesday and having a ball visiting with my children and granson, Sean. Whew! the energy these yung'uns have is amazing LOL!

Today please join me in welcoming back to our spotlight, Rebecca J Vickery with another great title: Following Destiny.

Bio: Rebecca J. Vickery has been married to the same very patient man for 34 years and has one son and three wonderful grandchildren. She began reading and writing at an early age and thought she had died and gone to Heaven when she started school and found the library with all those wonderful books to read. Since then it has been her dream to entertain and inform others with the written word.

Find out more about Rebecca and her books by visiting her on the web!

Romance With A Twist Home Website

Blog with Rebecca J Vickery, Author

Blog at BooksbyRebecca

Rebecca J Vickery, Author on FaceBook
Now...a little about the book.....
Down on her luck, Andrea Duncan is excited when she inherits a house and a very special ring from the grandmother she never knew. Suddenly she is hearing voices and discovers the ring opens a portal that allows her ancestors to speak to her.

A very friendly local Sheriff and an over-sized mutt named Heidi bring laughter and love into her life. Then a serial killer focuses on the young woman when she gets in his way. Must Andrea die to follow her destiny?

Buy Links: Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes & Noble
Wow, what a prolific author!
Hope you enjoyed this spotlight, look for more with Rebecca in the future.
Until later...take care & be Blessed!

Friday, August 13, 2010

New Release from White Rose Publishing!

Good Morning Friends,

Well it's that time again...time to tell you about a brand new release from White Rose Publishing.

 Matt Stevens is finished with life. Grieving the death of his son, Matt withdraws from humanity, sequestering himself in a mountain cabin far from the reaches of anything human-anything that may remind him of the life he can no longer have...that is until Kate Alexander arrives on his doorstep and begins to strip away the bitterness he carries in his heart.

Running from an abusive ex-husband who tried to murder her, Kate Alexander's life is turned upside-down. Learning of her grandmother's death-the only woman who ever believed in her-is almost Kate's complete undoing, especially when the devastating news comes from a man so lacking in human emotion he may as well be a robot. Yet, Kate is drawn to Matt Stevens in a way she's never before experienced. Could there be more to this unlikely friend of her Grandmother's-something beyond the cold surface he presents to the world?

TODAY ONLY SPECIAL! 10% off Standing on the Edge of Goodbye by Mary Eason--The latest release from White Rose Publishing--Offer good 13 August 2010 Only. Use Code: NR4843 http://www.whiterosepublishing.com/Standing-On-The-Edge-Of-Goodbye

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

On the go Again!

Hey Friends,

By the time you read this I'll either be in the air or on the ground in Seattle, WA visiting with my children/grandchild for a week. Been home from Bandera for a week today and have been busy, busy, busy as usual LOL ~ But I sure do miss my friends at the Silver Spur! I'm definitely looking forward to going back to the ranch from time-to-time.

Update on The Visionary: I recieved my "fully executed contract" and advance check - a first for me and I'm so excited and grateful to our Lord for this opportunity! We have a tentative release date of November 2011! Filled out some information on the manuscript Five Star needed and am awaiting edits. I'll keep you all posted as things progress.

In His Sight seems to be doing well, receiving good reviews and for that I'm equally grateful. Get your copy today from White Rose Publishing.

God is graciously opening some doors for me that seem to be leading to an exciting future...if I can keep walking forward from the past.....Grief sucks! Sorry for the bluntness here but can't think of a nicer way to say this - some days are still agonizing to get through but by HIS grace, I do. I keep hearing Terry's voice...."Now stop your crying." He had a certain tone he used when he said that and it's comforting to know he is still with me, watching over me and that he still supports me as he always did....pushing me to pull myself up by the bootstraps and keep on, keeping on. Sometimes I feel like my life is a reflection of a Country song ... How DO I live without him? and yet... So lucky to have had the chance to love this much.

Oh well, we all have things we identify with to try and make sense of the senseless events in our lives.

Guess that's about all for now Friends, be sure and drop by Saturday for our spotlight on Rebecca J Vickery with another of her books!

Until later...take care & be Blessed!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Saturday Spotlight - Kelly Bolton

Good Morning Friends!

Well I'm home again for a few days. Leave on the 11th to fly to WA to visit my kids & grandson. Will be gone a week then back home for a few then off again LOL. Thank goodness I have a laptop to keep me in tune with you all!

Today, please join me in welcoming author Kelli Bolton to our Saturday Spotlight with her book, You Said You Loved Me.

Kelli Bolton is a compassionate young woman with a desire to see the Word of God set the lives of his people free.

She earned an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Development in 1998 from Columbus State Community College and a B.A. in Cross-Disciplinary Studies from Ohio Dominican University in 2004. It is at this time that Kelli acknowledged the call of a teacher on her life. She has spent the past ten years helping at risk youth and families through various programs such as; Conflict Resolution, Independent Living Mentor, Community Support Provider and ABLE/GED Instructor.

She is currently employed with Job and Family Services as an Employment Counselor.

Kelli is a faithful member of Agape Family Worship Center under the leadership of Pastor Yolanda Tolliver where she is actively involved in ministry as; Administrative Support Staff, Deaconess in Training, Helps & Hospitality Ministry, Intercessor, and Youth Sunday School teacher . She enjoys fellowship with family, friends and the body of Christ. She is also a member of the Columbus Christian Writer’s Association founded by Barbara Taylor Sanders. She has had two articles published in the online magazine First Lady Magazine and is credited as a contributing author. Her first novel, a Christian fiction book addressing teen dating and domestic violence titled “You Said You Loved Me’ will be released July 2010.

She and her husband Vernon have three children whom are deeply committed to training up the way that they should go.

Kayla Michaels, a freshman attending Virtue Christian Academy get an eye opening about what love is and isn’t. She finds herself dealing with many emotions. Her father recently leaving the home and having to move to another neighborhood. Not to mention her mother has become increasingly angry and punishes Kayla far more than she believes is necessary. At freshman orientation she meets Mark Parks, they exchange phone numbers and being a “friendship” that develops into a “relationship” until they have an argument. Rumor has it that Mark spit in Kayla’s face and she threw a can of pop at his head. The drama unfolds as Kayla walks to her class and sees Mark talking to another and she becomes enraged and attacks him. In order to not lose her scholarship Kayla must attend a class addressing domestic violence, as does Mark. Both have an eye opening experience that will change their lives for ever.

Chapter 4 Excerpt

“Here we are room 219,” Lynn announces in a soft voice.

One by one the women in the group slowly approach a glass window. Behind the glass lies a young woman. Her eyes are closed and a tube coming from her throat is hooked up to a machine sitting beside the bed. She lays motionless while a nurse checks her vital signs and replaces her IV-bag.

Placing her palms against the window, Kayla asks Lynn, “Who is she and why is that tube in her throat? What happened to her?”

“This is my daughter Noelle. The tube is in her throat to help her breathe and she’s here because her boyfriend beat her and left her for dead.” Tears swell up in her eyes as Lynn answers Kayla’s questions. Memories of Noelle’s vibrant spirit and the light from her life that used to shine so brightly began to overwhelm her. That light had been snuffed leaving her daughter pale and lifeless. A small commotion behind her brings Lynn back to herself. Turning around, she sees the young girl Kayla running down the hallway in tears. Her mother catchers her and wraps her in her arms to console her. Wide eyed, the group looks back towards Lynn. Tina stands by her side and puts a reassuring arm around her waist. As Valerie and Kayla return to the window, Lynn shares Noelle’s story with the group.
~ ~ ~ ~
Find out more about Kelli and her writings or purchase her book from her website: http://www.kelliwrites.com/

Well Friends, that wraps up another week - can you believe this year is more than half over?!

Guess time flies whether you're having fun or not.

Join me next week for another edition of Saturday Spotlight.

Until later....take care & be blessed!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Win a Nook from LASR!

Hello Friends,

Arrived home around 1:40 am this morning from Bandera, TX ~ my job at the Silver Spur Guest Ranch is over although I'm sure I'll be back there from time to time.

Today I'd like to tell you about an exciting opportunity....You can win a NOOK from Long & Short Reviews!

Here are the details....

The Long and the Short of It is celebrating its third anniversary in style -- by giving away THREE Nook 3G eBook Readers that come with $50 BN.com gift certificates AND are already pre-loaded with dozens of romance and juvenile fiction eBooks.

We're having a scavenger hunt that runs from August 2 - August 29. For directions on how to earn entries to win the Nooks, click on the Participant buttons below.

Our anniversary party culminates in a two day chat that final weekend in our Yahoo groups (links are below), during which every post earns an entry AND we'll be announcing the winners in the final hour.

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