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Thursday, September 29, 2016

#ThursdayThoughts Guest post by Anna del Mar

Good Morning Friends!

Today's guest is brand new to me and, therefore, new to our blog.

Anna del Mar writes hot, smart romances that soothe the soul, challenge the mind, and satisfy the heart. Her stories focus on strong heroines struggling to find their place in the world and the brave, sexy, kickass, military heroes who defy the limits of their broken bodies to protect the women they love. Anna enjoys traveling, hiking, skiing, and the sea. Writing is her addiction, her drug of choice, and what she wants to do all the time. The extraordinary men and women she met during her years as a Navy wife inspire the fabulous heroes and heroines at the center of her stories. When she stays put—which doesn’t happen very often—she lives in Florida with her indulgent husband and two very opinionated cats.

So nice to meet you Anna! Now let's see what she has to share with us....

I’ve always loved traveling. I find joy in the journey and satisfaction in the learning that comes from it, in meeting new people and experiencing other cultures. But the first time I traveled to Alaska, I found something else: inspiration for my writing, a strong creative drive to share the beauty I discovered there with my readers. I kept going back for more.

From my personal, life-transforming travels through Alaska, my latest romantic suspense, The Stranger, was born. The Stranger is the second book of my Wounded Warrior Series, following on the heels of my Amazon bestseller, The Asset. The Stranger features Summer Silva and Seth Erickson, fire and ice, a most unlikely pair. I like to say that fiery Summer’s character benefited from all of my Alaskan misadventures—believe me, there were plenty of those and they weren’t always pretty or dignified—while icy Seth is Alaska in the flesh.

The story goes something like this: When her sister runs away with a guy she met on the internet, Summer, a warmth-loving Miami architect chases her reckless sibling to Alaska and finds her life in danger from more than the elements. Only a stranger, Seth, a wounded warrior who is also a powerful Alaskan tycoon with a quarreling family as complicated as Summer’s and no time for a lady in distress can save her from disaster. Together, two strangers from different worlds and opposite spectrums of the thermometer must unravel the intrigues that threaten their lives to chase after a new dream, in majestic Alaska.

The vastness, the beauty and the character of Alaska inspired me to write The Stranger. I hope that when you read the story, you are inspired as well. So come along on the journey. I’m happy to share. You can visit Alaska from the comfort of your reader and laugh, cry and feel along with Summer and Seth as they fight their demons and find forever love. And if you fall in love with Alaska, well, believe me. I understand.

Here’s a first review of The Stranger. And it’s an awesome one!

Wow...that's wonderful Anna! My brother and his family live in AK and although I enjoy visiting, I wouldn't want to live there...although I can see how/why you find it inspiring.

Thanks for sharing with us!

Now here's a little about Anna's book....

Ex-military pilot Seth Erickson is fighting his own demons, but when he finds Summer Silva, a beautiful, warmth-loving, Miami woman stranded in the frozen wilderness, he’ll do everything in his power to keep her safe from murder, treason, and the ruthless Alaskan winter.
When a mysterious stranger is your only hope...

The scars of the past have left their mark, both physical and emotional, on former military pilot Seth Erickson. Off-grid in the far reaches of the bitter Alaskan wilderness, he wants only to be left alone with his ghosts. But he can’t ignore a woman in need—beautiful, stranded and nearly frozen with fear.

Summer Silva never imagined that the search for her missing sister would leave her abandoned on a wintry back road, barely escaping with her life from a cold-blooded killer for hire. Now, hiding out in the isolated cabin of the secretive wounded warrior who saved her, Summer knows she must do what she fears most. Putting her trust in a stranger is all she has left.

All defenses are down

After a fiery first night together, Seth and Summer are bound by a need as powerful as a Bering Sea superstorm—and vulnerable to enemies just as fierce. For Seth, reawakened by desire, there is no sacrifice too great, no memory too dark, to keep Summer safe. But murder and treason lurk everywhere and Summer may not survive Alaska’s ruthless winter.
A Wounded Warrior Novel. This book is approximately 110,000 words

Purchase the Stranger at the following locations.....

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

#TuesdayTreasure Our Heritage

Good Morning Friends!

My scheduled guest was unable to appear today so I'm improvising.

Not that I don't have a LOT to treasure....LOL!

I just don't have a lot of time today to put together the post I want so...One thing I treasure is my heritage and the fact I am part Cherokee. So it was a wonderful experience to visit the Museum of the Cherokee and the Oconaluftee Indian Village, in Cherokee, NC earlier this month.

Here's a slide show of some photos we took while there...

Enjoy and remember....your heritage is always something to treasure.

Hope to see you again, and every week for Tuesday Treasures, Thursday Thoughts, and Saturday Spotlight.

Until next time, take care and God Bless.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

#SaturdaySpotlight is on Pastor Brian Hollins

Hello There and Welcome to the LAST Saturday Spotlight of September!

Today's guest is new and brought to us by Prime Star Publicity.

Pastor Hollins was born in Los Angeles Ca, in 1963. He moved to Shreveport La. as a child where he presently resides.   He was called to ministry in November of 1999.  On August 10, 2002, Pastor Hollins was appointed to the position of Pastor of Emmanuel Church of God in Christ.  On May 23, 2007, Pastor Brian and First Lady Henrietta founded Emmanuel Christian Ministries renamed Abounding Grace in 2013. Pastor Hollins founded “Have Faith in God” Radio Broadcast which is heard mornings at 9:00am CST, on KOKA radio 980AM and www.koka.am and on “The Promise” on 90.7FM at 3:30pm to 4:00pm

He is the author of two books “Don’t Take The Bait” and “Have You Received Since You Believed”. Pastor Hollins also serves as a Volunteer Chaplain for the Shreveport Fire Department. Pastor Hollins served 28 years in the Fire Service and retired March of 2009, holding the position of Chief Training Officer. He has been married for 30 years to his beautiful wife Henrietta.

Now let's enjoy an excerpt from Pastor Hollins's book, Have you Received since you Believed; Quest for the Holy Spirit....

I wrote this book in 2009, a year after receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I’m sharing it with you now because I believe it will help you find and understand the ministry of the Holy Spirit. As a pastor, I am ashamed to say that for the first five years of my ministry I never really preached on the Holy Spirit. Looking back, I realize how uncomfortable I was with the topic, so I just avoided teaching on it altogether.

One day I found myself at the end of my rope, and I was ready to call it quits. I knew something was missing, and I knew it was the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Don’t ask me how I knew, I just knew. I felt that I was laboring on my own. I studied the word of God and taught each message from the Bible, yet I had a great void that was only getting larger by the week. 

On this day I looked at my wife and said, “Baby, I don’t know if I can do this the rest of my life.”

It is my belief that many Christians today are falling away just due to the lack of receiving the Holy Spirit. Jesus made it clear that he would not leave us comfortless, that he would pray to the Father to send another comforter. I began to read everything I could get my hands on about the Holy Spirit. I read so much that some of the information served to confuse me even more. But I realize now how that was all a part of seeking and finding. When we seek on our own in the natural, God makes it super- natural, and things begin to happen that really can’t be explained.

All I know now is that after receiving the Holy Spirit, my life is not the same. I said earlier that I could not see myself being a pastor for the rest of my life. Now I can’t see myself doing anything else but serving God, teaching and preaching his word all my life. I believe you are reading this book because you, too, are seeking to fill a void that can only be filled by the Holy Spirit. You are on the right track and before you know it, you will be sharing your testimony of receiving the Holy Spirit.


Sounds like a very good read.  Have you Received since you Believed; Quest for the Holy Spirit can be purchased at Amazon.

Hope you enjoyed today's spotlight and that you'll stop by weekly for Tuesday Treasures, Thursday Thoughts and Saturday Spotlight.

Until next time, take care and God Bless.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

#ThursdayThoughts Fall #RomanticTravel with @TinaGayle

Good Morning Friends,

Today I'm pleased to bring you Fall Romantic Travel with the gal who started it all, Ms. Tina Gayle.

Tina is not a newcomer to our blog so I'm not going to take up a lot of your time with chit chat, but let her get right into her idea of romantic travel.....

One of my favorite romantic trips is to Vegas. We had plenty of time to shop, people watch and visit the sites. Also what topped the trip off was taking a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon. Having never been up in a helicopter before this along was a treat. The trip to the canyon and back was awesome too.

 CEO’s Widow  - Book 4 of the Executives' Wives' Club series

Genre: Contemporary Romance with strong women fiction elements
Four women...
One fatal car wreck...
                           Everyone's lives changed...

After surviving the grief from her husband’s death, Marianne Clark has built a new life with the help of the other Executive Wives. She plans to enjoy grandchildren and friends until her doctor tells her he found a lump in her breast. Her world turned upside down. She re-evaluates her priorities and decides she grab hold of life with both hands.

Knox Turner lost is first wife to cancer. He’s determined not to let Marianne face this challenge alone. 

Can this couple face the trails ahead and build a future together?

Incapable of resisting, Marianne set a hand on his chest and absorbed the pleasure of being in this man’s arms again. Too bad the bliss couldn’t last longer. He needed to get back to work. She had errands to run. “Knox, you’re making it harder and harder to resist you.”
“Then don’t. We’ve both had more than enough time to know what we want. Jack and Betty both died almost two years ago. We needed to move on.” He caressed a hand along her back, easing her body even closer to the hard line of his.

Marianne smiled. She’d known him for years as her husband’s boss and respected for all he’d accomplished in the business world. Her hang-up over their age difference grew less and less important as more time passed. “Shouldn’t we at least date a few other people first? Test the water. Make sure we’re not making a mistake by latching onto the first person we’re attracted to.”

“Good, so you admit you find me attractive?” He lowered his head and nuzzled the side of her neck, playfully nipping at her ear.

She sighed. His tantalizing touch and the deep rumble of his voice tempted her into sliding her hand along the back of his neck. Her fingers slid through his silky hair, and she marveled at sensual thrill of being so close to him. For months now, she’d convinced herself her life was full enough with just her kids and grandkids.

Could she be wrong?

The CEO's Widow is available at Amazon Worldwide exclusively.

Tina Gayle loves writing and is currently working on finishing her Family Tree series, a contemporary paranormal suspense series.

When not writing, she enjoys spending time with my family and traveling around the country. She hasn't hit every state, but she hopes to someday. You might also catch her on the golf course with her husband of 30 years. 

Also, you can read the first chapter of any of her books by visiting her website or download an exclusive story "My Future Step Brother" and join her special friend's list. All on her website www.tinagayle.net 

Home - www.tinagayle.net
Blog - www.tinagayle.blogspot.com
Twitter - https://twitter.com/#!/AuthorTinaGayle
Goodread - http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/1641826.Tina_Gayle
Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/tina.gayle

If you would like to sign up to be an exclusive member of Tina’s List simply visit:

You'll receive a free short story – “My Future StepBrother.” This story leads you right into the story of the CEO’s Widow.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

#TuesdayTreasures Guest post by Karen McCullough

Good Morning Friends!

Today's guest is no stranger to us so I'm just going to turn the blog straight on over to her....

I’m going to show you something that you might think is a very weird treasure. Can you even tell what they are?

If you guessed that they’re a bunch of rubber erasers, pat yourself on the back.

But they’re more than that to me. They’re mementos from my travels. The group shown above is a sample of my much more extensive collection.

It’s only in the last ten years that travel has been any sort of possibility for me. It took getting my kids through college, paying off debt, and my husband and I both moving into semi-retirement before it was even possible.

Twelve years ago my son went over to Wales to study at the University of Bangor in Wales. While there he met the woman who would become his wife, and they eventually settled in Oxford, England, when he was offered his dream job.  So now I have a huge incentive to travel to England, or on occasion, to meet them in other places a young English family can reach fairly easily for vacations.

Our very first trip to England was for their wedding, and we (my husband and two daughters) decided to do some touring while we were there. We started in Edinburgh, Scotland, spent a few days there, proceeded to London for a few days, and then went on to Hastings for the wedding itself. 

Of course I wanted souvenirs, but we had limited suitcase space since we were hauling them around on trains and buses. At practically our first stop in Scotland I found what would be the perfect souvenir for me.

In Europe (as in America and most places, I suppose), every tourist destination – big, small, and in between – has a gift shop. One of the staples of European gift shops are these small rubber erasers imprinted with the name of the place. And I’ve lately found that some American souvenir shops are stocking them as well.

They come in many sizes, colors, and varieties, including some shaped like books.  They’re perfect souvenirs – small, light-weight, and inexpensive. I’ve been trying to buy one from every place we’ve visited ever since.

And it seems to me there’s something totally appropriate about erasers as a souvenir for an author.

Oh Wow, Karen...I collect magnets and T-shirts LOL! but these are definitely something to treasure.

Karen McCullough is the author of a dozen published novels and novellas in the mystery, romantic suspense, and fantasy genres as well. She has won numerous awards, including an Eppie Award for fantasy, and has also been a four-time Eppie finalist, and a finalist in the Daphne, Prism, Dream Realm, Rising Star, Lories, Scarlett Letter, and Vixen Awards contests. Her short fiction has appeared in several anthologies and numerous small press publications in the mystery, fantasy, science fiction, and romance genres. She has three children, six grandchildren (plus one on the way) and lives in Greensboro, NC, with her husband of many years.

Connect with Karen on her Website, Blog, Facebook and Twitter.

Karen's latest book, Wired for Murder can be purchased at Amazon (Kindle), Smashwords, iTunes, Kobo, and on Nook.

Check out Karen't previous visits hereherehere and here!

I certainly hope you enjoyed today's post as much as I did. Stay tuned weekly for Tuesday Treasures, Thursday Thoughts and Saturday Spotlight.

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Saturday, September 17, 2016

#SaturdaySpotlight is on Gail Kittleson & In Times Like These

Good Morning Friends!

Today's guest, Gail Kittleson is no stranger to our blog. She's shared treasures and thoughts with us before so I'm going to get right on into spotlighting her book....

Pearl Harbor attacked! The United States is at war.
But Addie fights her own battles on the Iowa home front. Her controlling husband Harold vents his rage on her when his father's stoke prevents him from joining the military. He degrades Addie, ridicules her productive victory garden, and even labels her childlessness as God's punishment.
When he manipulates his way into a military unit bound for Normandy, Addie learns that her best friend Kate’s pilot husband has died on a mission, leaving her stranded in London in desperate straits.
Will Addie find a way to help Kate, and courage to trust God with her future?

The lamb, pink-nosed and healthy looking, snuggled into the crook of his arm. Not far away lay a motionless wooly gray mound—the mother. Addie bit her top lip. This loss would trouble Harold, but at least he saved the orphan.

Sleep mellowed the harsh lines of his face. In this quiet moment, he seemed like a little boy, and Addie imagined away the years.

“Oh, Harold . . . this is who you really are.” On a crossbeam, a barn swallow’s forked tail flicked in its cup-shaped mud nest.

“You’re as headstrong as Orville and as tight-lipped as Berthea, but I know you’re hurting for Joe, somewhere out there in the Pacific.”

A bitter draught razed the dusky alleyway, stirring the tight scent of oats in feeding troughs, a tinge of blood and water from the birthing, and the warm, acrid aroma of fresh manure. So far, the cold restrained the dead ewe’s rancid smell, but by morning, the stench would permeate the building. Harold shifted against the bale and snored, so Addie set the thermos near him and backed away.

“He might not hold me like he does that lamb, but he’s consumed by the war. He can’t think of anything else but Joe going down on the Arizona.” Her bulky chore coat caught on a splinter, so she wrestled it loose. “In time, he’s bound to change. Doesn’t love believe the best and never give up?”

Her whisper bounced back at her. She wanted to help him to bed, but knew better. No, until the old Harold returned, she’d bide her time and practice her own kind of loyalty.

Gail Kittleson taught college expository writing and ESL. She now writes women’s fiction and facilitates writing workshops and women’s retreats. She and her husband enjoy family in northern Iowa, and the Arizona Ponderosa forest in winter.
WhiteFire Publishing released Gail’s memoir, Catching Up With Daylight, in 2013, and her debut women’s historical fiction, In This Together (Wild Rose Press/Vintage Imprint) released in 2015. She also contributed to the Little Cab Press 2015 Christmas Anthology,
The first novel of her World War II series released recently (In Times Like These), and Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas will release the sequel in February, 2017. You can count on Gail’s heroines to make do with what life hands them, and to overcome great odds.
Connect with Gail at the following places...

Now here's a short Interview with Gail and a Reader Review of In Times Like These...

            How do you see your writing, Gail? 
As a huge gift. Doing what I love, receiving messages from
readers that my memoir and novels make a difference, and encouraging other authors that the long road to publication offers satisfaction brings meaning to me.

            If you could change anything about your writing, what would it be?
I’d start earlier. I’d believe in myself and my gifts decades ago—but coming to this point took time. As my husband and I often say, “It is what it is.” And life is good.

            What advice would you give to an author trying to decide whether
or not to give writing their all? I’d say, “If you really believe you’re called
to this vocation, go for it. But be aware that the work changes you—if you’re willing to embrace transformation, things will go smoother.
If you think it’s the road to riches or glory, forget it. You must be content working long, long hours for no visible reward for a long, long time. You must devote yourself to writing, and be satisfied knowing you’ve done your best to put words together in the most meaningful way. Someday, you might find recognition, but the opposite is also possible.”


"Addie may not have a Purple Heart pinned on her chest, but she’s seen plenty of action and been wounded in battle. In spite of a glowering husband, she manages to grab hold of love and support, some of which reaches her from half a world away.
     This is a warm, uplifting tale of the power of love overcoming darkness and fear. Addie’s journey to wholeness takes many a turn, but she does not travel alone."
     "Looking forward to the next stories of Addie and her pals." ~ Machelle L.

Well friends, hope you enjoyed today's spotlight and that you'll return weekly for more Tuesday Treasures, Thursday Thoughts and Saturday Spotlight.

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PS: Gail has a speaking engagement today but she promised to check in as often as possible so go ahead and leave your comments for her!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

#ThursdayThoughts Fall #RomanticTravel with Katherine Bone

Good Morning Friends!

Time for another Fall Romantic Travel idea this time with a new-to-me/the blog author, Katherine Bone.


Thank you for welcoming me aboard, Lady Pamela! There’s nothing I’d rather do than share the one place I’d like to plan a romantic getaway, the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC. Built between 1889 and 1895 by George Washington Vanderbilt II, and still owned by his descendants, the Biltmore is a 12,000 square foot, luxurious mansion-like castle situated in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The sprawling grounds cover 8,000 acres, sure to rival any working European estate. Built in the Châteauesque style, the Biltmore is one of the most sought after romantic getaways in the southern US and was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1964. What could be more romantic than a stroll through the Biltmore’s gardens and grounds? How about sampling vintage wines at the Biltmore Winery while observing spectacular autumn foliage? For more information or to arrange your romantic tour, click here.

Can’t travel to the Biltmore? Books are the most affordable way to travel to luxurious getaways like the one in Asheville, NC. I’m happy to share my next book, The Pirate's Debt, Regent’s Revenge book 2, released September 13th and takes place along the Cornwall coast! If you like second chances, pirates, and romance, this is a great escape for you!

Lady Chloe Walsingham is an enthusiastic gothic romance reader and hopeless romantic focused solely on finding her perfect hero. She also happens to have a penchant for getting into trouble. So when the man she loves disappears after a scandalous duel, she decides to follow him to the ends of the Earth. To do so, however, Chloe must evade her brother, an infamous revenue man, and board a ship bound for Penzance. And nothing in her beloved books can prepare her for the harsh realities of wreckers who ply the coast.

After his father destroyed the lives of countless innocent people, Basil Halford, Earl of Markwick is willing to do anything to earn back his honor. Betrayed by his blood and his reputation ruined, Markwick answers the request of a well-heeled duke and dons the Black Regent’s mask to repay the debt. His task? Rescuing a young woman who is chasing down a ghost of a man.
But a pirate has plenty of enemies, and Markwick isn’t any different. No matter how diligent a captain he may be, sailing to Lady Chloe’s rescue involves risking not only the Regent’s legacy but the last thing he can afford to lose…his heart.
Amazon           Nook           Kobo           Apple

~ Excerpt ~

Markwick stiffened. Blackmoor’s reasons for enlisting Markwick’s help were triggered by love for his wife. Markwick’s sense of responsibility went deeper, to a place he’d never allowed himself to go out of respect for Walsingham. While it was true that Chloe had exceeded many levels of Markwick’s patience when she was younger, since his engagement to Prudence, she’d shown herself to be intelligent, talented, loyal, and a most beloved sister and friend. She was also enamored by the Black Regent, which put his identity at even greater risk.
What could he do? How far was he willing to go to bring Chloe home safe and sound?
“For the duchess’s sake,” he began, “I will do my best to find Chloe. You have my word.”
“Remember, her willful head is in the clouds. That, dear friend, makes her dangerous. If she spies her brother, she will most likely flee to avoid facing his ire. But if you find her . . . well, that is a trap well laid.”
“Surely you place too much—”
“I’ve promised my wife that you will find her before Walsingham does.”
Markwick bowed. “I shall strive to earn your confidence.”
He gazed at the missive in Blackmoor’s hand once more, suspecting something else was responsible for the duke’s persistence that Markwick should be the one to locate Chloe. “What’s in the letter?”
Blackmoor handed him the missive, then strode to the door. “Have a care for your soul, Markwick. While the Fury demands forte, females rein a tempest of emotions sure to drown better men.”
Markwick straightened. “Aye, sir,” he said, gazing down at the note.
The screen door slammed. When he looked up again, Blackmoor was gone.
Markwick opened the note, then leaned back on the desk. His jaw slackened at the words on the page.

My dearest friend,

I ask you one question: is a body unhappy about another unless she is in love? I fear we both know the answer to that now, and a gentle violence thrills my soul as I share with you that I intend to sail with the tide. I cannot face the snares and wiles of this world without love to recommend me. Therefore, I beseech you to keep my secret, for you are the only one I trust.

Markwick has disappeared. As you are no longer betrothed, I am finally at liberty to confess to you that I love him. I have always loved him, and I cannot bear for him to suffer alone. Sources close to my brother inform me that a man fitting Markwick’s description has been seen in Torquay. Therefore, I’ve attained passage for myself and my maid aboard the Valerian.

Do not be alarmed for my person or harden your heart against me. Dry your earnest tears. My virtuous intentions steer me toward a higher destiny.

Resourcefully yours,
Chloe Walsingham

Markwick shut his gaping mouth, then crumpled the letter in his hand.
It couldn’t be true. Blackmoor was right? Chloe loved him? How was that possible? Why? Until now, he had always perceived her attention as infatuation because he’d been the only man her brother allowed around her.
He dropped the foolscap and swiped his fingers through his hair. If he failed to rescue Chloe from another one of her outlandish adventures, Prudence would blame him. Which meant Blackmoor would blame him. Not to mention Chloe’s brother. If Walsingham found out Markwick had known where Chloe was bound and hadn’t alerted him, the bond between friends would be severed for good, making his stint as the Black Regent even more perilous. If anything happened to her, Walsingham would not rest until Markwick was hunted down. That endangered the Regent’s whole design. And a dead Regent could not help the people of Cornwall and Devon.
Markwick hopped forward and yanked open the cabin’s screen door.
Pye stood there, just outside the door, waiting. “What be your orders, Cap’n?”
Had Blackmoor ordered the one-legged pirate to stand there? “Notify the crew that we have a target in our sights. We make way with the tide.”
“Aye, sir.” The salty pirate grinned. “As soon as I’d seen the ol’ cap’n, I knew we’d have us an adventure ahead.”
“Spare me your excitement,” Markwick grumbled. “This adventure may very well lead to my bloody end.”

National best-selling historical romance author Katherine Bone has been passionate about history since she had the opportunity to travel to various Army bases, castles, battlegrounds, and cathedrals as an Army brat turned officer’s wife. Who knew that an Army wife’s passion for romance novels would lead to pirates? Certainly not her rogue, whose Alma Mater’s adage is “Go Army. Beat Navy!” Now enjoying the best of both worlds, Katherine lives with her rogue in the south where she writes about rogues, rebels, and rakes—aka pirates, lords, captains, duty, honor, and country—and the happily-ever-afters that every alpha male and damsel deserve.

Ports of Call:

Official FAN Links for Katherine Bone:

Wow...I passed through Ashevill, NC last week but didn't get a chance to visit the Biltmore Estate. It is definitely on my 'to do' list though!

Hope you enjoyed today's post and that you'll check back regularly for Tuesday Treasures, Thursday Thoughts and Saturday Spotlight.

Until next time, take care and God Bless!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

#TuesdayTreasures Fall #RomanticTravel with Diana Rubino!

Good Morning Friends,

Well I made it back from my SC/NC vacation and will be sharing those memories with you ASAHP....but right now our Fall Romantic Travel blog hop is in full swing. 

Want to see all of the posts? Just go to Twitter or Google and search for #RomanticTravel....they should pop up. Meanwhile, let's see what our guest has to share with us....

I believe the most romantic spot on earth is Venice, Italy. When you get off the train, walk through the station, and open the doors, it’s like stepping into a fairy tale. The streets are all canals, and ornate ancient bridges span the canals, including the famous Bridge of Sighs, where prisoners gazed upon the city for the last time on their way to be locked up. On our last trip to Venice, I planned the trip to coincide with the full moon. When darkness fell, my husband and I had dinner and walked around. No moon yet. We stopped at a café and had gelato and cappuccino. No moon yet. We crossed a bridge and strolled some more. Still no moon. Finally, at 11:30, it rose, glowing and sending shimmering moonbeams over the canals. So I hadn’t figured what time that full moon was supposed to appear!

THE NEW YORK SAGA by Diana Rubino
Poverty, Prejudice and Murder Won’t Stand in the Way of True Love

The New York Saga spans three generations of the McGlory family, starting in 1894 amidst the poverty and crime on New York’s Lower East Side, through the wild, boozy years of Prohibition, and ending in 1963 as the country mourned President Kennedy’s assassination.

In Book One, FROM HERE TO FOURTEENTH STREET, it's 1894 on New York’s Lower East Side. Irish cop Tom McGlory and Italian immigrant Vita Caputo fall in love despite their different upbringings. While Tom works undercover to help Ted Roosevelt purge police corruption, Vita's father arranges a marriage between her and a man she despises. When Tom’s cousin is murdered, Vita’s father and brother languish in jail, charged with the crime. Can Vita and Tom’s love survive poverty, hatred, and corruption?

In Book Two, BOOTLEG BROADWAY, it’s 1932. Prohibition rages, the Depression ravages, and Billy McGlory comes of age whether he wants to or not. Musical and adventurous, Billy dreams of having his own ritzy supper club and big band. On the eve of his marriage to the pregnant Prudence, the shifty “businessman” Rosario Ingovito offers him all that and more: fame, fortune, his own Broadway musical.

Can anything go wrong for Billy? Only when he gets in way over his head does he stop to wonder how his business partner really makes his millions, but by then it’s far too late…

THE END OF CAMELOT begins on the day Camelot truly ended—November 22, 1963. The assassination of a president devastates America. But a phone call brings even more tragic news to Vikki Ward—her TV reporter husband was found dead in his Dallas hotel room that morning.

Finding his notes, Vikki realizes her husband was embroiled in the plot to kill JFK—but his mission was to prevent it. When the Dallas police rule his death accidental, Vikki sets out to find out who was behind the murders of JFK and her husband.

Vikki falls in love with Aldobrandi Po, the bodyguard her godfather hired to protect her. But he's engaged to be married, and she’s still mourning her husband. Can they find happiness in the wake of all this tragedy?


As Vita gathered her soap and towel, Madame Branchard tapped on her door. “You have a gentleman caller, Vita. A policeman.”
“Tom?” His name lingered on her lips as she repeated it. She dropped her things and crossed the room.
“No, hon. Another policeman. Theodore something.”
No. There can't be anything wrong. “Thanks,” she whispered, descending the steps, gripping the banister to support her wobbly legs. Stay calm! she warned herself. But of course it was no use; staying calm just wasn't her nature.
“Theodore something” stood before the closed parlor door. He’s a policeman? Tall and hefty, a bold pink shirt peeking out of a buttoned waistcoat and fitted jacket, he looked way out of place against the dainty patterned wallpaper.
He removed his hat. “Miss Caputo.” He strained to keep his voice soft as he held out a piece of paper. “I’m police commissioner Theodore Roosevelt.”
“Yes?” Her voice shook.
“I have a summons for you.” He held it out to her. But she stood rooted to that spot.
He stepped closer and she took it from him, unfolding it with icy fingers. Why would she be served with a summons? Was someone arresting her now for something she didn't do?
A shot of anger tore through her at this system, at everything she wanted to change. She flipped it open and saw the word SUMMONS in fancy script at the top. Her eyes widened with each sentence as she read. “I can’t believe what I’m seeing.”
I hereby order Miss Vita Caputo to enter into holy matrimony with Mr. Thomas McGlory immediately following service of this summons.

An Excerpt from BOOTLEG BROADWAY (my favorite passage, which made my aunt cringe)

Pru had kept closemouthed all day about what she was giving him for his birthday. He badgered and hounded her, but she wouldn’t give in.
As Ma began divvying up the rum cake, the doorbell rang, and Da came back with a long box. “This thing’s heavy. What’s in here, Pru? Billy’s tombstone?”
Billy cut the ribbon with the cake knife and slid the lid off. Wads of tissue paper filled the box. As he removed the last layer of covering and revealed what was inside, they all gasped—a sculpture of a naked man, in all his masculine glory—and fully aroused. He had one hand on his hip and one foot upon a pedestal on which was inscribed in bold letters, “BILLY.”
“Oh, crap.” His face turned red hot.

An Excerpt from THE END OF CAMELOT

Billy came down the stairs for a nightcap and glanced into the living room. He noticed the glow in the fireplace, Vikki’s eyeglasses and the anisette bottle on the table. The couch faced the other way, but nobody was sitting on it. “Where’d they go?” Then he realized they hadn’t gone anywhere—and they were on the couch, but not sitting. Before he got out of their way, he placed a long-playing record on the phonograph. Jackie Gleason’s “For Lovers Only.”


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