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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Special Guest - Beth Trissel!

Please welcome my special guest, Beth Trissel who has 3 books releasing in May!
As Galadriel said to Frodo in The Lord of the Rings, “You are a Ring-bearer, Frodo. To bear a Ring of Power is to be alone.”

To be passionate about history so that you feel it in your very essence and long to commune with the past is often to be alone. One profound way I’ve found to connect with those who’ve gone before me is through my writing.

Welcome to the colonial frontier where the men fire muskets and wield tomahawks and the women are wildcats when threatened. Hear the primal howl of a wolf and the liquid spill of a mountain stream. Are those war whoops in the distance? Ever heard of bear walking?
Daughter of the Wind (release May 1) is a light paranormal romance with strong American historical roots. Set among the clannish Scots-Irish in the mist-shrouded Alleghenies, it's a tale of the clash between peoples and young lovers caught in the middle. Ever influenced by my regard for Eastern Woodland Indians, I interwove mystical, Native American elements with 'Daughter.'

Not to neglect my fascination with the Revolutionary War and gracious old homes. Stick around for a wild ride into Carolina Back County and the battle between Patriots and Tories. Our hero is the former and our heroine the latter––hey, it happened. Enemy of the King (release date 5-08) a historical romance with paranormal element, is my version of The Patriot. A big fan of Daphne Du Maurier since my teens, I was also influenced by her mystery/ghost story, Rebecca. Our Virginia home place, circa 1816, and other early homes left deep impressions on me. I've long harbored suspicions that sometimes those who've gone before us are not entirely gone.

Through the Fire (release date 5-22) is an adventure romance with a Last of the Mohicans flavor and a mystical weave. Some of the most unusual aspects of this story are based on individuals who really lived. A passionate love story set during the French and Indian War, Through the Fire has finaled in more contests than any I've written, including the prestigious 2008 Golden Heart®.

Wow, I can't even imagine 3 books releasing in the same month - I almost fell apart when I had 2 in March LOL!

Here's wishing Beth the best of God's Blessings on her new releases!

Until later....Be Blessed.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday Spotlight - Amber Polo

Hello Again Friends,

Well, I thought slowing down on the blog posts would make my life less hectic, but as usual, other things jump in its place LOL!

This week please join me in welcoming back, TWRP author, Amber Polo and two of her stories with one major think in common....a wonderful cover artist, Nicola Martinez!

Now Nicola has done most of the covers of my White Rose books too, so I am more than excited about sharing Amber's stories From Latte to Love & Wired for Love with you. But first, here's a little about Amber.....

Bio: A recovering English major and librarian (two ways to make sure writing fiction is the last thing you’ll ever do) Amber turned to stories because she had no choice. Amber has lived more places than many people visit. From a career as a librarian to yoga teacher with a few stops in between, she most recently moved from Key Largo, Florida to Arizona near Sedona. She is a member of RWA and NARWA. You can find out more about Amber and her writing by visiting here website and/or blog.

From Latte to Love
High school poetry teacher, Elaine, writes paranormal fantasy romances. Brian is a brilliant computer game designer and hopeful science fiction writer. As these shy strangers steal glances over laptops and Starbucks’ lattes, will fantasy turn to romance? Can Elaine’s gentle but powerful white witch heroine, Tranquility, subdue Brian’s alpha male hero, Duke Starmaster? Can Elaine and Brian leave their imaginary worlds long enough to fall in love?

A perfect coffee break read. Sweeter than a honey frap.

Wired for Love
Hilarious technology love flash!

Two sexy geeks match wits in a hi-tech Cincinnati apartment. Penny Sizemore is trapped in a cyber prison of her own design until an enraged guru breaks the code and turns her carefully constructed platform upside down. Sensual, a little edgy, and very funny.

Both books sound incredibly cute and both are available from The Wild Rose Press!

Well Friends, that wraps up another issue of Saturday Spotlight. Please join me Wednesday for a special spotlight on fellow author Beth Trissel!

Until then....take care and Be Blessed!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What Does it Take to Win a Championship?

Hey Friends,

Gotta brag a bit!

My son is the dance coach at Stephen F Austin University in Nacgodoches, TX and this year they WON the NDA National Championship in Daytona Beach Florida!

What does it take to win a championship?

Persistance & Perserverance!

He's been the coach for 4 yrs now and they've placed each year in the top 10 every year ~ 5th, 3rd, 2nd and THIS YEAR, 1st!

Watch an interview (you'll have to scroll down to the school) and the routine (Division 1)!


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday Spotlight - Anne Carrole

Hey Friends!

Hope you enjoyed my posts earlier this week on Christian Star Newspaper and Author Meeting Place.

Now, on to today's spotlight, Anne Carrolle and her book, Re-Ride at the Rodeo (A Wayback, TX series book).

Anne is a Jersey girl who was raised on a farm and she writes Contemporary and Historical Westerns. Married to her urban cowboy, she is a co-founder of Love Western Romances and the proud mother of a teenage cowgirl! You can find out more about Anne by visiting her website.

Saddle bronc rider Clay Tanner is looking for a good time and the tempting little blonde at the rodeo looks like she could use one—except she turns him down. Feeling like he’s been bucked off before the eight second buzzer, Clay’s betting he can score if she’ll give him a re-ride. But qualifying may call for more than he’s prepared to give.

Dusty Morgan is determined to resist the sexy rough stock rider staking out her station. Even though Clay’s deep timbre sends tingles clear to her toes, she’s vowed never to get tangled up with someone who makes their living through rodeo and she’s not interested in a hit and run. Though he may be what she desires, Dusty knows from experience he isn’t what she needs—or is he?

Within a second of her sitting down, he wrapped a muscled arm around her shoulder and tugged her closer. She could feel the heat from his body as her bare thigh made contact with his denim-covered one. She stared at warm eyes and a slanted grin and her insides went liquid like some blender had been switched on at full speed.

“Now being a gentleman…” His husky voice rolled over her like a soothing lullaby. “…I’ll ask first if I can kiss you. Just kiss you, honey. That’s all.” His wine-laced breath blew hot on her skin, the last sentences half-whispered in her ear.

In an involuntary movement, her head nodded in agreement. Oh God, what if he asked permission for everything? And she granted it? She doubted she had the willpower to act differently. From the moment he’d stood at her door she’d wanted to kiss him and more. Having spent the evening with him, want had turned to need.

His hand caressed her cheek, leaving a rough trail of heat as he traced her jaw line. Her puréed insides began to quiver.

“I’m going to take it slow, darling,” he drawled in her ear.

Wow, gotta love those cowboys LOL!

Re-Ride at the Rodeo is available NOW from The Wild Rose Press and will be included in the print anthology, Return to Wayback that will be available May 15th at Amazon.com and through a bookstore near you!

Well folks, hope you enjoyed another edition of Saturday Spotlight!

Join me again next week when I welcome Amber Polo.

Oh and don't forget, White Rose Publishing is giving away a Sony EReader!

If you haven't purchased my short stories, now's a good time as I am one of the participating authors. If you have, check out one of my fellow White Roses and take a chance on winning! Get the details at my website or at WRP!!

Until later....take care and Be BLESSED!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Author Meeting Place

Hey Friends,

You know I try to bring to your attention new places where authors and readers connect ~ well today I'd like to introduce to you a new place from an old friend, Anastasia Cassella-Young.

I'll let her tell you what she's up to now...... Hi! This is Anastasia Cassella-Young. I hope that you remember our previous relationship regarding free advertising on an old site that was discontinued. I have started my own site and am writing to let you know that the new site, authormeetingplace.com, is geared toward authors only and is FREE. It is a great place to meet and greet authors in your state/country. Our motto is “Where authors converge!”

Authormeetingplace.com offers “free advertising” for your book(s). You and your book(s) will be listed under your state/country and then on a sub-page of your own. Remember this is free. There are no hidden sales pitches slapping you in the face when you enter the site. Just go to the book submissions page and fill out the form at the link provided for each book you have. There are no limits to the number of submissions from each author. It’s that easy and will remain that easy.

We offer an avenue for you to meet, greet and contact other authors in your area so that you may share advertising events, book signings and oth er things in your specific area to help each other market and sell your books.

The site also offers you a chance to enter an “Author of the Month Contest” and a “Book Cover of the Month Contest”. The Book Cover of the Month Contest has a link where your friends, family and other authors can vote on the covers that are selected randomly each month.

We offer you a chance to blog on the site under the subject of author related materials. We will offer a blog on author related materials and give you a chance to comment and offer references or suggestions. You may also fill out an entry for a blog and after approval it will be submitted to the blog for comments.

You may ask why I do this. I enjoy working with authors and giving them a free avenue of advertising as I well know the woes of getting good advertising at a fair price. Some people offer free advertising but only if you have an ISBN and you get a very basic form of advertising and even better advertising if you purchase a package. This is not the case here. Free is free!

I do have a marketing package already in place. Take a look and see what you like. I again state I am always open to suggestions to better the site for the authors.

Please check out authormeetingplace.com for your advertising needs. You can’t beat the price!

Use this link to submit your book and then send JPG with it re-titled to reflect the title of your book http://www.authormeetingplace.com/booksubmissions.html

Take care and be well.

Author Anastasia Cassella-Young
Owner - Authormeetingplace.com

You'll find Author Meeting Place in my sidebar under "Areas of Interest" and in "Other Places"

Until later.... Be Blessed!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Christian Star Newspaper

Hello Friends!

Hope your Easter weekend was BLESSED and Happy!

Today I'd like to tell you about a brand new kind of newspaper - well it may not be entirely new in your area, but is is new in mine LOL!

Christian Star Newspaper is owned/operated by a friend and fellow author, Monica Soileau.

Monica and I first met when she attended a Bayou Writers' Group meeting.

She now has a published novel, a radio ministry AND this newspaper!

This non-denominational paper offer articles, poetry, book reviews and all sorts of good news for Christians!

Distribution is picking up and Christian Star Newspaper can now be found in SW Louisiana & SE Texas - and moving on into Dallas, TX soon!

Check out the website and read the archives and hey, if you're a writer, submit something! I will be :-)

You can find a link to Christian Star Newspaper in my sidebar under "Areas of Interest."

Well Friends, that's about it for now.

Check back this Saturday for my spotlight with Anne Carrole!

Until then....Be Blessed!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday Spotlight - LM Gonzales!

Hope your Easter is Blessed & Happy!

Today's spotlight is fellow TWRP author, LM Gonzales and her book, Too Late for Romance.
L. M. Gonzalez lives in South Texas with her two sons. She obtained a degree in Business Administration because her dad advised her to "get a trade". However, in 1976 she wrote her first story and has continued writing stories since then. In 2001 she joined Romance Writers of America and her local chapter. This was the year that she decided to pursue publication of her stories. L. M. loves to write stories about Latinas, their lives and their loves, as well as about motherhood and single parenting.
BLURB: ROSES BLOOM. Gloria Amaya wants her rose garden to flourish. She hires a gardener to help her. When she meets Matt, thoughts of her dying rose bushes wilt to the ground. Immediately attracted to him, she kisses him and melts.

LOVE BLOSSOMS. Matt Cerda knows everything about gardens as he has been working with plants, flowers and other green living things since he was a little boy. However, when he meets Gloria, he realizes that hers is one garden that needs more than a little tender loving care. And the lady could use it, too.

Matters are complicated when her sons and his daughters get in an uproar with Matt and Gloria in the middle of it. Health issues, job insecurities and phobias cause more difficulties for the couple. Can Gloria and Matt weed through all this baggage and allow their love to blossom?

Excerpt: Gloria watched his smooth brown throat. “Do you want another one? Though I don't think you should drink it so fast,” Gloria could have bitten her tongue out for sounding like a mother hen.

“No, thanks. Maybe later.” Matt's dark chocolate eyes twinkled at her, as if he knew her thoughts and strolled back to labor in her yard. He turned to look at her. “So, did she die?”

“No, I divorced her, or, I divorced her son, my ex.”

“Ah.” Matt smiled and went back to work.

What did that smile mean, Gloria wondered? And “Ah”. What did that mean?

She busied herself in the kitchen, getting the chicken ready. Where was Gordy? Surely, taking a class off his schedule didn't take so long. Did it? Well, he had said the line to see the counselor was long.

Once she put the chicken in the oven to bake, Gloria grabbed a novel she had been trying to finish reading. The author wrote long boring speeches about the universe and the duties of a woman. She was ready to throw the book against the nearest wall. Still, she hated to stop reading a book before she finished it. However boring the book might have been in parts, soon, engrossed in it, she almost missed Matt's knock.

“Gloria?” Matt called and rapped on the patio door again.

She jumped to her feet, laying the book on the coffee table. Without thinking, her hands went up to smooth her hair and gather it up more tightly in the gold clip she wore. She opened the door and stepped outside.

“So, what do you want to do about these roses? Mow ‘em down, too?” Matt asked.

LM Gonzales....Writing stories by and about Latinas and their lives and loves.
For more info on this author: http://www.myspace.com/lesmora

Well that wraps it up for another Saturday Spotlight!
Until later...take care and God Bless!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

One Sentence

Authors are encouraged to sum up their novel in one sentence for the instance you meet up with an editor or agent and only have a minute or two to pitch to them. In television, this is known as a log line - that short description you see in the tv guide is a log line.

Here's a couple of one-liners I've come up with for my books....

The chance we all long for, the chance to start over ~ The Inheritance.
Can stubborn hearts be tempered unto the will of the Lord? ~ Tempered Hearts
Can joy be found amidst tragedy and grief? ~ Tempered Joy

You'll see these for every novel and short story in the sidebar slideshow of covers.

My husband tells the story of one sermon that has stuck with him all of his life - one sentence or rather one question .....

"It's Easter, what have you done?"

As we head into the holiest weekend of the year - pause and reflect on your life, sum it up in one sentence and then pray that God show you what to change so that at the end of your life, you'll hear the one sentence we all long to hear out of the mouth of our Lord.....

"Well done, good and faithful servant."

God Bless & Happy Easter.

Pamela S Thibodeaux
"Inspirational with an Edge!"

Monday, April 6, 2009

Win a Sony eReader from White Rose Publishing!

Visit www.WhiteRosePublishing.com between April 1, 2009 and May 30, 2009 and purchase any title from any of the sponsoring authors.

It's easy to enter: Once you purchase a book or short story from any of the participating authors (free read downloads, excluded), email your order number to sonyreader@thewildrosepress.com.

That's it.

In addition to the wonderful inspirational stories available at White Rose Publishing, SONY will include $25 worth of free downloads from their site with every reader we give away. So enter now!

If you purchase more than one title, you can enter more than one time.

For questions regarding the contest contact Rhonda Penders at rpenders@whiterosepublishing.com

*Full details, the list of participating authors, and no purchase necessary rules are on the website http://www.whiterosepublishing.com/

Winners will be announced on WRP's website on June 1, 2009! Good Luck!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday Spotlight - Bess McBride!

Hello Friends,

Today I'd like to welcome back sweet lady and talented author, Bess McBride......

“Thanks, Pam, for spotlighting me today. I’m happy to be here. I’m Bess McBride, and I write romances in several different genres...contemporary, light paranormal/fantasy (lovelorn ghosty stuff a la Ghost and Mrs. Muir), time travel and romantic suspense. I have five books in print with The Wild Rose Press, and two more on the way. You can contact me through my web site at www.bessmcbride.com. My tag line is “Romances for the Shy Girl in All of Us,” and I tend to write romances where the love scenes are fade to black, if not sweet. That’s what I like to read, and that’s what I like to write! J I hope you enjoy the blurbs.”

A Train Through Time, time travel, sweet

Blurb: College teacher Ellie Standish thinks she’s on a sleek modern train heading to a conference on women’s studies in Seattle, but she awakens from a night’s doze to find herself on a bizarre historical train full of late Victorian era reenactors who refuse to come out of character. When the leader of the group—one handsome, green-eyed Robert Chamberlain—finally convinces her the date is indeed 1901, a skeptical Ellie decries any eccentric theories of time travel and presumes she is smack dab in the middle of a very interesting historical dream. She turns the directorial reins of her dream over to one smitten and willing Robert, only to realize that dreams cannot last forever. Someday, she must wake up to reality, though Ellie no longer has any idea what reality is. She only knows that Robert must play an important part in her future. But how can he...if he’s only a figment of her imagination or worse yet...a man who belongs to an era long past?

Caribbean Dreams of Love, light paranormal/fantasy, sensual (no explicit love scenes/fade to black)

Blurb: Daisy and her sixteen-year-old daughter, Lily, are embarking on a Caribbean cruise. She isn't looking for anything special on the cruise other than a pleasant break from her humdrum existence as long-time divorced single mother to a busy teenage girl. She certainly isn't prepared for an enigmatic man named Peter whose idiosyncrasies in dress and speech mark him as an eccentric person to avoid. But Daisy can't avoid him. In fact, she begins to obsess about him from the first moment she catches him staring at her in the cruise ship terminal. Peter remains elusive and mysterious throughout the cruise. She catches sight of him occasionally, never often enough to please her, and they connect one wonderful night as he sweeps her into his arms for a waltz. A waltz? On a Caribbean cruise ship? While Daisy's dinner companions share nightly tales of the legends of cursed pirates, Daisy dreams of the mysterious man who has captured her heart.
Hope you've enjoyed today's spotlight!
Until later....Be BLESSED!