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Saturday, December 15, 2018

#SaturdaySpotlight is on Robert Jones & Happiness: A Lesson with Lulu

Good Morning Friends!

Today's guest shared treasures and thoughts with us earlier this year but today he returns with a peek into his book, Happiness: A Lesson with Lulu so please give Robert Jones a big, WARM welcome cause baby it's cold outside!

Happiness, the first book in the Lessons with Lulu series, is an attempt to communicate the importance of an open heart and mind. In the story, Lulu surveys the happenings in an amusement park with her father, identifying many ways to be happy. As the day comes to a close, she discovers the most important of all: finding this heart in herself.

“How do you get rid of bad feelings?” asked Lulu.

                “Don't worry about any of your feelings,” answered Lulu's daddy. “They are part of life. When   you're hurt, it is okay to be hurt. When you're sad or angry, it is okay to be sad or angry. All         feelings that spring up also fade away. When you let them go, you'll be able to see clearly and   find the right thing to do. Your special light will shine.”

Lulu gave her daddy a hug.

“Was that the right thing to do?” she asked.

“Well, I’m feeling happy,” her daddy replied.  “Are you?”

Lulu smiled.

Robert Jones, like most parents, is a developing storyteller. He reads to his daughters nightly (and whenever they ask) and draws on analogies to explain complex ideas. He has also learned to improvise silly characters in even sillier situations to wrest his children from otherwise inconsolable moods. His stories are becoming books because of the insistence of his children that Lulu be brought to life. While he wishes he could spend his days engaged in such important endeavors, he supports his family by working as a general manager for an eCommerce company.

Happiness: A Lesson with Lulu by Robert Jones is available through Healthy Life Press, amazon.com, at wholesale to booksellers at Ingramcontent.com/retailers and wherever good books are sold.

Watch the Book Trailer HERE!

This sounds like a wonderful book for children and grandchildren so I hope you'll support this young father and new author by grabbing a copy and I hope you'll check back regularly for Tuesday Treasures, Thursday Thoughts and Saturday Spotlight.

Until next time, take care and God Bless!


Connie Bretes said...

What a lovely post. I wish my nephew was still a little guy that I could buy this book for him. Good luck with your book.

Robert Jones said...

Thank you so much! If you are interested in a similar message for the whole family, you can take a look at "The Light": https://www.amazon.com/dp/0692042490/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_0eufCbPMBGR0V

Here is a review: http://www.christianbookaholic.com/2018/10/24/the-light-by-robert-jones

Thank you again!

Alina K. Field said...

I'm going to pick up a copy for my grandson!

Robert Jones said...

That's so kind! I hope he enjoys it! I set up a Facebook page with the illustrator to answer questions from children about the book or the writing, painting, and production process if he has any interest!


Jacqueline Seewald said...

What a sweet book! So nice for parents and grandparents to share with children. Congrats!

Robert Jones said...

Thank you for the kind words! There was nothing quite like reading it at my local elementary schools. It seemed to strike a chord, although at 5 and 6 years old, there isn't a very high threshold to excitement and joy!

Henry Jones said...

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