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Thursday, January 14, 2016

#ThursdayThoughts: Random Ramblings on Promotion

Good Morning!

Whew been B-U-S-Y gearing up for this year's Egg-Cerpt Exchange* with fellow authors. All the work and organization has got me wondering....

Is Promotion really worth the time and effort?

As writers we dream of writing...that's it...write. Of course writing isn't all that simple either...there are rewrites and revisions then submission, acceptance (or rejection) possibly more rewrites/revisions...once contracted there are edits (sometimes several rounds) So...writing isn't just sitting at the computer and cranking out stories.

After so many books, you'd think we'd get it right the first time out....not necessarily true though.

But then comes the promotion part and let me tell you, as an independent/small press published author AND Marketing Associate for Pelican Book Group, promotion is a huge time sucker!

But the question remains....Is it worth it?

I've yet to know beyond a shadow of a doubt whether or not it is. I do know this much though, after being totally trashed by some then mildly insulted by others, I've just about given up on reviews! 

Yeah back in October I shared with you that I'd received some very disappointing reviews. Well, more recently I received notice of another reviewer who, although not as vicious as the other, said about The Visionary, "Portraying religion is a cure-all for abuse victims is inaccurate and potentially harmful, in my opinion."....

To begin with I did no such thing! The twins had been through counseling, etc from early on but that just didn't work for Trevor....it took a major life incident for him to seek another means of counseling...with a Pastor for him to get past the anger and hatred and be healed.

UGGHHH ... whatever though.

Anyway, (told you it was a random rambling day LOL!)....back to the question, is all the promotion worth the time, energy and effort involved?

I don't know for sure but it can be fun! Besides, God has a way of using the most unusual means to get our books into the hands of those who need them most.

JMHO of course but something to think about...
"Inspirational with an Edge!" ™

*Note* the Egg-Cerpt Exchange blog hop will begin on Feb 1st and last through March 31st so watch for the hashtag #Egg-CerptExchange for a chance to catch some great authors and books!


Tanya Hanson said...

Oh Pam, why must reviewers be so nasty? I have ever been called "unChristian." (A non inspirational romance with a love scene... Between a married couple!) And btw, The Visionary is a well done, significant book. But I hear ya... I'm weary of the time suck of promo. Anyway, trusting the Lord right now on some Windows He's closed and asking Him what doors to open. Best of luck to you, my friend! xo

Susan Oleksiw said...

I'm sorry you've gotten some negative reviews, but that's the nature of the biz. I tell my students to ignore negative reviews but of course they hurt. The best solution is to keep writing. If you're doing what you believe in, you don't have to listen to anyone else.

Susan Coryell said...

Like you (and probably ALL writers,) I wonder about the promotion time/waste of time conundrum. Time spent on promo means time NOT spent on writing. Which should come first? (chicken or egg?)and, let's face it, there's only so much TIME...Thanks for a thought-provoking post.

Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

Thanks Tanya! I pray God opens new doors for you that you never dreamed possible!

You're right Susan, thanks for the reminder!

Thanks for dropping by ladies.

marilyn leach said...

Pam, I appreciate your comments concerning reviews. And, the marketing question is a good one that never seems to get a sound and fast answer. I guess we do what's in the light of our path for that day and strive for some kind of balance. It keeps me leaning on Divine guidance, that's a fact. Cheers

Brenda Baker said...

Hi, Pam: You're right about the huge time commitment required for promotion. As a debut author, I'm just learning how to do it. I don't know if promoting our work pays off, but I figure I'm building a writer's platform.

As for the negative reviews, I haven't gotten one yet, (I don't have that many in the first place!) but I'm sure I will. There will always be people who like our work and those who don't. As long as some readers are able to identify with our characters and our stories then I think we've succeeded.

M.J. Schiller, Romance Author said...

I am almost certain a good deal of my promoting doesn't pay off. But I feel like I can't just sit around and wait for my books to sell. I need to do something to get out there and sell them. Plus, I do actually enjoy a lot of it. Writing is somewhat of a singular business, but when marketing you do a lot more interacting with others. I enjoy the team approach, where we are all working together to help each other to be as successful as possible. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!