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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Special Guest - Roni Adams!

Good Morning!

Please welcome Roni Adams back one more time with her upcoming release, Trouble in Texas, book 3 in the Double B series!

A fling with Charli Boyd would be the biggest mistake small town vet, Dr. Grant Clark could make, but as Charli explains “what fun is life if you don’t make a mistake every now and then?”

This wild, very hot and sexy read follows the antics of the redheaded Charli Boyd as she attempts to convince Grant Clark that life can’t always be about work; you need to live a little too, but will it actually be “good time” Charli who ends up losing her heart this time?

Excerpt: “I’m Charli.”

Grant felt like he’d been sucker punched. This vixen, the one who hit on him last night, was going to be in his office every day—looking like that—for six long weeks. But even worse was the sudden fast realization that not only was Beth’s friend supposed to help in the office but she was also the bridesmaid partnered with him for this weekend’s wedding. “You’re Charli Boyd?”

The red head smiled and wiggled her eyebrows. “In the flesh.”

“Do you always pick up strangers in bars?”

Charli set down the folders she was carrying and picked up his coffee mug. She took a long drink and handed it to him. Her fingers brushed his as he automatically reached for it. A spicy scent drifted to him and she looked him in the eye. “You’re not a stranger and I didn’t pick you up because you ran away.”

Grant couldn’t stop watching the way her hips swayed with her filing. He took a long drink of his coffee. She knew who he was last night. She’d been playing games. But why? To see how far she could push him?

“My helping out in the office isn’t going to be a problem, is it?” She turned and faced him as if shocked that it would even be a concern.

Yes it was a problem! How was he supposed to get any work done if she was bent over his filing cabinet in those tight shorts? And where were her shoes? Why did her red tipped toes look so sexy? No way could he focus on his job with this siren here.

“Actually, um, yeah it’s a problem. No offense, Trouble, er, Ms. Boyd, but I was hoping for someone a little less, well--” He ran his hand along the back of his neck trying to find the right words.

Her eyes lit up and she glided across the room to his side. It took every inch of willpower he possessed not to back away from her as she advanced on him.

“Are you saying you can’t control yourself around me? You certainly had no trouble resisting me last night.” Her hands found their way to the front of his t-shirt and splayed across his chest. She lifted one long finger and traced the curve of his bottom lip. Her body was close enough that he could smell her perfume and feel her heat but not feel anything else. It was frustrating and stimulating at the same time.

“I have a lot of work to do. I’m very busy and I don’t like distractions.” He hated that his voice almost cracked making him sound whiney.

She was close to the same height as he was and she lifted her elbow and rested it on his shoulder. Grant drew a deep breath and tried not to notice her roundness nestled against him.

Her eyes danced with delight. “I’m sure you can keep things professional.”

“It’s not me I’m worried about.”

She threw her head back and laughed and pushed away from him. “What if I promise to not chase you around the office?”

Grant stepped behind his desk as if it was a shield.

Charli lifted one hip and settled on the edge and crossed her legs. She swung her foot and his gaze caught on her aquamarine toe ring. Who the heck wore rings on their toes?

Sounds like trouble all right LOL! Trouble in Texas will be released in July. Along with her Double B series, Roni is the author of Not Exactly Strangers, a FREE READ from The Wild Rose Press. She also has stories in 3 anthologies - also from The Wild Rose Press. Find out about ALL of her books at her website, http://roniadams.com/

Well folks, hope you've enjoyed my special guest this month. Don't forget to drop by every Saturday to learn about another great author!

Until later....take care and Be Blessed!

Pamela S Thibodeaux
"Inspirational with an Edge!" TM


Christine Clemetson said...

Great excerpt, Roni!

Anonymous said...

I've got to get these books for the grandmas! They get romances for Christmas, Mother's Day, and Valentines! We've got a step-grandma too.

Skhye said...

I was anonymous. I hate it when my fingers go flying and hit the wrong key!

Unknown said...

This looks like a really good book! I loved the excerpt. I put the book on my to be read list!

Have a great day Roni!


P.L. Parker said...

I do that all the time and then feel like an idiot, or spell something wrong, or leave out a word.

Good one, Roni/Pam

P. L. Parker

Donna B said...

Oooh lala...this sounds great. I think I might have to go looking for some Trouble for me in Texas!

Anonymous said...

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