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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Special Spotlight - Kim Watters!

Hello Again Friends,

Well this may come as a surprise to you, but I goofed (oh my!) LOL!

Yep, my friend and fellow author, Kim Watters had June 20th as her Sat. Spotlight date and I didn't. :-(

Oh well, lucky for me, Kim is an understanding soul and agreed to this SPECIAL Spotlight on her brand new release, Scales of Love.
But first, here's a little about Kim in her own words.....At twelve years old, I fell in love with romance after I borrowed a romance novel from my older sister's bookshelf. An avid reader, I was soon hooked on the happily-ever-after endings. for years, I dreamt of writing my own romance novel, but I never seemed to have the time until I relocated to a small town in Arizona where there are no sidewalks or public transportation and the cowboys still ride their horses to the bars. The wide-open spaces of Arizona gave me the inspiration to begin to write. The rest, as they say, is history.

Now about Scales of Love.....

Blurb: All Rachel Haskin wants is one good man who will accept her and her menagerie of unusual and cold-blooded pets. When her cousin sets her up on a blind date, will her ideal for perfect husband material be fulfilled by Seth Armstrong, or will he just be another one date catastrophe in the making?

“I’m Frank. Come here often?" The man inched closer, invading her space with his cheap, musky cologne. The section of combed-over, gray hair barely hid his baldness.

“Every Wednesday afternoon for the rest of the summer." With a smirk, she pulled her own business card from the pocket of her black performing jacket and tilted her head. “Rachel Haskin."

Not willing to waste her time on any more losers who couldn’t handle her profession, Rachel put her card in Frank’s beefy paw. She pointed toward the easel with her picture and her favorite pet, Humphrey, on the poster board at the entrance to the restaurant. “If you’re not busy at 1:30, why don’t you stop on by? I’m in the Saguaro Room." Rachel gave him an overly sweet smile and waited, watching his expression.

Here we go.

The man didn’t disappoint her. A sheen of sweat paraded across his forehead as he raised his eyebrows. His mouth formed a perfect O and his eyes widened. He refused to meet her gaze.
And in three…two…one.

With a snap, her card landed on the wood bar next to her deserted plate. “Excuse me. I think I see someone I know." A dazed Frank didn’t even bother to retrieve his own card before he escaped past a family of Japanese tourists standing near the atrium.

“Don't forget…1:30.”

Oh my, from that cover I doubt I'd like -much less LOVE- Rachel's pet either LOL! Sound like an interesting read though.

Scales of Love is on sale now along with Kim's other titles from The Wild Rose Press!

Well Friends, hope you enjoyed this special spotlight. Remember to check back EVERY week for a new guest on Saturday Spotlight.

Unitl I see you again....Be BLESSED!


Donna B said...

Oh, that's great! I love her countdown as she waits for him to turn tail and run! It sounds like you have a wonderful sense of humor that comes across in your writing. I'll have to check it out!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for having me here today Pamela. And no worries about the mix up. I'm just happy and honored you were able to find a spot for me. Thanks Donna B. I like to throw humor into my books. It makes it more fun to write. Have a great day everyone and thanks for stopping by.

Beth Caudill said...

ooo, man I have to get this...but hubby just broke the car and $1500 repair eats up cash. Hmm, a good story or a working car.....

Cate Masters said...

Congrats on your release, Kim! Sounds like a great read. Loved the excerpt. Plucky heroines always grab me.

Alexis Walker said...

What a great idea, Kim. I love it when heroines do something the average person doesn't expect. I work with a woman who's two pets are a turtle and a tarantula. She likes her spider better because she's low maintenance. I think she would love your book, the woman, not the spider.

Pastor Berlee said...

Good to see you Kim!!!
Can't wait to get your book.
How are things?


Anonymous said...

Hi Beth, sorry to hear about the car. Fortunately, Scales will be available for a while so you can get it at your leisure when things get better.

Thanks Cate. Since I'm so unplucky, I try to make sure my heroines are. They do so much more than I do.

Hi Alexis. A tarantulla as a pet. Ugh. Your friend sounds interesting. I'd like to meet her sometime, but not her eight legged pet.

Hi Kimberlee. We're doing good. No San Diego this year though. Sigh. Maybe next year. How are you doing? I've been going nuts with revisions for my sale to Harlequin. Line edits are due Monday. Gotta run and get them finished.

THaks for stopping by everyone.

Tina Swayzee McCright said...

Great interview!
You are a hard working lady and it is paying off!!

Linda Andrews said...

Great inteview and excerpt Kim. You're such a warm person, what made you choose cold blooded animals as a profession for your heroine?

Anonymous said...

Hi Tina. Thanks for popping over today. See you tonight:)

Linda, good question and thanks for the compliment;) Snakes and other reptiles fascinate me and I just happened to meet a lady that did these types of shows and thought what a great idea for a story. Thanks for asking and stopping.

Mona Risk said...

Hi Kim, you mean cold blooded animals as in snake? I would have run faster than Frank!! This is going to be one fun book to read. Pamela you always have interesting writers on your blog.

Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

Thank you ALL for stopping by.

Mona, I'm glad you enjoy the authors I spotlight here on the blog.

I'm afraid I feel the same way about snakes, Kim - wouldn't want to be near one LOL!

Everyone be Blessed.

Author Kathryne Kennedy said...

Great interview, Kim! So looking forward to your new release!

apple blossom said...

sounds good.