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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

#WednesdayWordswithFriends Smoky Mountain Christmas Blog Tour

Good Morning!

I pray your week has been and continues to be BLESSED.

This week we're doing a little something different on our Wednesday Words with Friends post. We're eavesdropping on a conversation with Melody and Lari from Smokey Mountain Christmas, a collection of four Christian Christmas stories centered around Granddaddy Buchanan's 80th birthday celebration!

We'll listen to what these two cousins have to chat about and find out about the women who created them.

Welcome ladies.....

Granddaddy Buchanan’s 80th birthday party is about to get started. The whole Buchanan family is gathered in the barn, which has been transformed into a winter/Christmas wonderland. Laramie (Lari) Buchanan arrives, along with her family and her fiancé, Evan. She skirts the crowd gathered around her cousin Gabbi who, someone hurries to inform them, has just said yes to Joseph Garrison’s proposal. Another cousin, Grace, waves from across the room, but doesn’t look likely to move far from the man at her side. Everyone is excited. So is Lari, but she wants some of Granny’s special-recipe Christmas punch before she starts mingling.
At the table, she finds her cousin Melody filling two cups with the delicious beverage.

Lari (grinning): “Hey, Mellie! Honey, I could have found you in the dark. You’re absolutely glowing. I take it you and Drew finally got together—and about time too. This should have happened years ago. Congratulations!”

Mellie (offering a sheepish smile): “Thank you! When I left home, I thought a life like this was destined to be stuck in my dreams. Drew hadn’t proposed, and life with the symphony was calling.” (Glancing across the room at her best friend and fiancé) “Guess I needed to leave so Drew could find his own path. I’m still surprised at how well he kept the secret of his career from me.” (Focuses her attention back on Lari. Shakes her head.) “But you know all about secrets, don’t you? Who would’ve thought Evan’s innocent little surprise for you would have backfired to such a horrible degree?”

Lari: “You know, honey, I guess it is a shame we lost the past three years, but God has His reasons. We both had things to learn, and I think we have. (Soft laughter) One of them is that sometimes the things we think we see… (Shaking her head) “…aren’t the real picture at all.”

Mellie: “Ain’t that the truth!” (Sipping punch) “I returned here pretty proud of myself for having found the success I always wanted, and the man of my dreams. I had to come back home to realize everything I ever wanted or needed was right here all along. My life in Colorado was a fairytale. This—” (Breaks off, her gaze dancing here and there around the barn) “This is the real deal!”

Lari (takes Mellie’s hand, gives it a squeeze): “Getting together for Granddaddy’s birthday made this year a turning point in all four of our lives. Granny and Granddaddy are pleased as this awesome punch.” (A mischievous grin. Wrinkles her nose.) “You think maybe next year Granny’ll give us her secret recipe?”

Mellie: “Never! Knowing Granny, she’ll find a way to make us prove we’re worthy of it.” (Lari giggles. Mellie shakes her head. Smiles.) “I’m so glad we all made it back home. You’re right, cousin—it’s been a definite turning point for us all. Now, come on…let’s get on with enjoying the celebration that brought us here.” (Laughing) “If Granny catches us hanging out around the punch bowl ‘like a couple o’ gossipin’ ol’ crows,’ she’ll eat that punch recipe, just to make sure it never gets in our hands!” (Links arms with Lari. The two young women leave the punch bowl behind and join their friends and family.)

(From Delia and Tiffany): To learn more about Lari and Mellie’s stories, pick up a copy of the collection or leave a comment below for a chance at a FREE copy of your own. Thanks for taking the time to join us on Pam’s Wild Rose Blog today! The other stops along the tour should be listed below. We hope to see you at each one. Remember, each blog you visit and comment on is another chance to win!

Do You See What I See? 
Delia Latham

Laramie Buchanan’s fiancé betrayed her on what should have been their wedding day. Evan Lassiter was jilted at the altar three years ago. Yesterday's heartbreak blinds them both to a surprising truth that could heal their hurting hearts. Will they see it in time to save their love?

Delia’s bio:
Delia Latham lives in East Texas with her husband and a spoiled Pomeranian named Kona. She writes inspirational romance and devotions. You’ll always find a touch of the divine in this author’s tales of sweet romance.
A former newspaper Staff Writer, Delia is now blessed to have twenty-seven published novels/novellas/novelettes, as well as short works in a number of devotional anthologies. She designs cover art and marketing materials, and offers freelance editing/proofreading services. Contact her about speaking at your upcoming event.

Hometown Melodies
Amber Stockton

Melody May Buchanan left Gatlinburg to pursue a life in the symphony. When a letter arrives asking her to return home for her granddaddy’s 80th birthday, she goes, but upon her arrival, she’s faced with everything she loved while growing up there…even her best friend, Drew. When her fiancé arrives, her two worlds collide, and she has a choice to make...but which option is the best?

Amber’s bio:
Tiffany Amber Stockton has been embellishing stories since childhood, when she was accused of having a very active imagination and cited with talking entirely too much. Today, she has honed those skills to become an award-winning and best-selling author and speaker who is also an advocate for literacy as an educational consultant with Usborne Books. She lives with her husband and fellow author, Stuart Vaughn Stockton, along with their two children and three dogs in Colorado. She has sold twenty (21) books so far and is represented by Tamela Hancock Murray of the Steve Laube Agency. You can find her on Facebook and GoodReads.

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Hope you enjoyed today's post friends and that you'll check back weekly for more Wednesday Words with Friends and another Saturday Spotlight!

Until next time, take care and God Bless.


Anonymous said...

Pam, thank you so much for allowing Amber and me to share the voices of our heroines. I hope you’ll all enjoy their chat, and be curious about what their stories are.

Mary A Felkins said...

How fun to listen in on these heroines. And two people who've been jilted in the past now in relationship with each other should be interesting mix! Lots of healing and trust issues no doubt. Thanks for giving us a peek into these interesting reads!

Gail Pallotta said...

It's so true. Sometimes the things we think we see aren't the truth. What an interesting way to show us the characters brought together by Granddaddy's birthday. Sounds like a fun book.

Jacqueline Seewald said...

Sounds like a fine group of stories!

Delia Latham said...

Mary, you might be surprised at the content of this story. Remember, sometimes what you think you see isn't really what's there at all... :) But thee are indeed lots of healing and trust issues.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Delia Latham said...

Hi, Gail! Amber and I so enjoyed putting this tiny chat together. It would've been easy to go on and on, but then we< would have risked the dreaded spoiler! Thanks for eavesdropping with us!

Delia Latham said...

Hi, Jacqueline! Love your name. My oldest niece (who is four months younger than me...lol) is named Jacqueline. Do you go by Jackie?

We hope our readers find this collection "a fine group of stories." We had a fine time writing them!

Renette Steele said...

So fun to get a glimpse of these characters. I enjoy when you do these kind of interviews. Mostly I love reading your wonderful stories.
May GOD continue to bless your pen.
Love and hugs

Anonymous said...

Well, God has certainly blessed my life...with dear friends like you, sweet Renette! Thank you for your love and endless support! So glad you could stop by.

Carole Price said...

Sounds like a great group of stories. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Carole! We’ve enjoyed reader response to these stories, and pray they bless each and every reader in some way.

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