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Saturday, July 13, 2019

#SaturdaySpotlight is on Stanley P Brown & Veiled Memory!

Good Morning and Welcome!

I pray that everyone in the path of TS Barry stay safe. We're just entering Hurricane season and hopefully this will be the worst we get. You never know, though so let's stay aware, be alert and pray for our friends and family who live in those most vulnerable areas.


Now let's get on to our spotlight.

Today's guest has visited us in May and June with two other novels, so let's turn the spotlight on him and another great book....

Thirty-eight year old Dr. Madeline Alleyn is a successful professor of Celtic History in upstate New York, but she is haunted by her past and the decision she made years ago to abandon her husband after learning of his strange heritage. When she discovers that she’s pregnant with triplets, she makes the decision to run to protect her children and, inexplicably, her husband also. Now, after nearly eighteen years of vigilance, the destiny from which Madeline has tried to escape catches up with her. As her daughters begin to develop psychokinetic powers, an attempt to murder them is made to negate an ancient prophecy. Escaping the murder attempt in the night, the triplets suspect their fate is tied to some ancient stones and their mysterious grandmother. But as they seek answers, they have to run for their lives. People are after them, some to finish the failed murderous act and others to protect them. Along the way, they seek to solve the riddle of the Stones of Sumer, a mystery with startling implications for humanity.


The technician made it to the observatory on Mount Fowlkes as the last vestiges of sunlight slipped past the western horizon. In the clear skies of southwest Texas, the usual starlit blackness could be so deep that earthbound objects seemed to fade into silhouettes, unchained, like wraiths.

Those were the times he liked best, but tonight was different. An unnatural haze suffused the region, blurring the usually bright stars. Confused, Ben gazed into the sky, scratching his head as though the answer to some cosmic mystery could be coaxed from his tangled mass of hair. “If that’s not the darnedest thing,” he whispered, still perplexed by a nagging feeling that something was off.

Twin white domes of neighboring Mount Locke sat like mute sentinels propped against a black sky that should have been full of star-speckled brilliance. Otherwise, nothing seemed out of place. A slight wind rustled the boughs of Emory and Western Gray Oak sprouting from the stony soil.

Still focused on the stars, Ben jumped when the giant telescope he stood next to creaked and groaned as it began rotating.

“You say something, son?”

Turning, he found his boss standing behind him. “Just wondering who’s manning the instruments?”

“A visiting professor. He could use some help calibrating.”

“Can’t. There’s a call up from New York. A student needs lunar ranging data. Routine stuff.”

The boss nodded and walked back inside. Ben craned his neck again. Pollution couldn’t have caused this haze, not in this unspoiled environment, but the puzzle would have to wait. He walked across the parking lot of the McDonald Observatory complex to a square metal building standing next to the laser station and called Joe Prather, an astrophysics graduate student at Columbia University

Nothing fascinates me like writing, creating stories, or sub-creating as JRR Tolkien referred to it. And, of course, to write and write well, one must read widely. It started early in my life and continues to this day. But, long before I began writing stories, I was working long hours as a college professor, squeezing in time whenever I could find the time to work my hobby—which I began in earnest almost 20 years ago.

Readers can find me at the following locations....

Twitter @StanleyPBrown, WebsiteAmazon Black Opal Books and

Veiled Memory can be found at B&NKobo and Smashwords and watch for The Ruby Ring, sequel to Veiled Memory coming this fall from Black Opal Books!

Hope you enjoyed today's spotlight and that you'll check back weekly for Wednesday Words with Friends and always, Saturday Spotlight!

Until next time take care and God bless.


Alicia Dean said...

Yes, hope you all stay safe! Wow, sounds like a great read. Love the cover. Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment, Alicia.

Kara O'Neal said...

I love, love, love the cover and the excerpt was great! Thanks for sharing!

Patricia Kiyono said...

Thanks for sharing! Best wishes for the book's success.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for commenting, Kara, hope you like it if you pick it up.

Anonymous said...

Appreciate your comment, Patricia.

Alina K. Field said...

What a great premise for a paranormal story! And that cover is pretty amazing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Alina. If you check it out, let me know what you think.

Jacqueline Seewald said...

Congrats again. Wishing you every success.