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Thursday, February 7, 2019

#ThursdayThoughts with Laura-Dawn Moule

Good Morning!

Last month I introduced you to a new-to-me author when she shared treasures with us so please welcome Laura-Dawn Moule back to our blog!

Take it away, Laura.......

A silence fills the ballroom as the audience waits with nervous anticipation. Lovely, young hands hold a glittering tiara that reflects a fiery, iridescent light, one that promises to change someone’s destiny forever. The host’s deep voice finally speaks: “The winner is…” Another unbearable pause. Then, he calls your name! Thunderous applause wells up like tidal waves.  As you step forward, a beautiful woman who holds the stunning coronet walks towards you. With arms upraised, only a few seconds pass before you feel the weight of the dazzling crown on your head. You can’t see it, but there is an unfamiliar heaviness you’ve never experienced before. The crowd responds with simultaneous weeping, yelling, and cheering. You turn around to face the audience and take the exhilarating walk, waving at people who can’t take their eyes off you as the photographers snap away. The flashes of light seem to capture the immortality of the moment __ one that transcends time and place. You’ve fulfilled a fantasy for them. You are the fairy-tale princess of their childhood.
An already peaceful antechamber becomes even quieter as the much-anticipated meeting is moments away. Then finally, the door begins to open. A small stooped figure arrayed in a white sari meekly walks out. The deep lines of her face reflect a life of deprivation and sacrifice, while her grey eyes mirror fantastical stories of service. Her wimple is the whitest of white with three definitive blue bands that frame her glorious countenance. Her thin lips speak with authority in a distinct Albanian accent. She looks directly into your eyes and addresses you. You feel chosen. The echoes of the conversation in the sacred vestibule carry an eternal undertone that transcends time and place. She has fulfilled a fantasy for you. She is the fairy godmother of your childhood. 

Most of us are fascinated by fairytales. The yearning to hear about them or perhaps to even live them out ourselves stems from childhood when our parents read us the bedtime classics. They are beguiling because every character plays a specific role in a world where the battle between good and evil is an ever-present reality. At the end, good prevails and any enemy is destroyed. In Reflections of India: The Spiritual Journey of a Beauty Queen, you will read the moving story of my experience from the exciting world of beauty pageants to the harsh realities of life seen during the time I spent working with the desperately poor. From a crowning to a calling, my pursuit of the path less traveled provides a unique glimpse into my quest to find God in the most unexpected places. A chance meeting with one of the world’s greatest humanitarians inspires me to travel to India to work in the Bombay (Mumbai) and Calcutta (Kolkata) slums in an era during which my choice was considered unusual. To my surprise, I find beauty in the midst of great suffering. May the words contained in this book help you lift the veil so you can discover the fairytale that exists for you as you discover how you can play out a unique role in a troubled world that will one day come to its rightful conclusion (Revelation 20:1 – 22:21).

Laura-Dawn Moule

Wow, so true. Thanks Laura-Dawn!

 Having a creative streak from an early age, Laura-Dawn first began writing poetry and recording her prophetic dreams as a young teenager. Her literary skills were honed during the time she spent acquiring her bachelor of arts degree in English literature at McGill University in Montreal. As her interest in theology grew, she went on to write exegeses of scripture while she studied for her master of arts degree in biblical studies at the University of Sheffield. Her fascination with eschatology has continued to flourish over the years and is readily apparent in her first book, Reflections of India – The Spiritual Journey of a Beauty Queen.

Find out more by visiting her Website. Purchase her book from Amazon in print or for Kindle!

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Carol James said...

Thanks so much for sharing. What a wonderful experience!

Laura-Dawn Moule said...

Thanks Carol. It sure was!

Jacqueline Seewald said...

What you did shows courage and concern for humanity.

Alina K. Field said...

This is a beautiful excerpt. Thanks for sharing!

Laura-Dawn Moule said...

Thanks everyone.