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Thursday, October 26, 2017

#ThursdayThoughts with Kryssie Fortune

Good Morning and Welcome!

Well, it's the last Thursday in October. I can't believe it either! I guess time really does fly, whether you're having fun or not. I must say though, it's been an exciting, adventurous ride for me.

Today's guest has visited us before. Although this excerpt is PG, be aware that Kryssie Fortune writes EROTIC romance and use discernment when checking out her books.

Take it away Kryssie.....

Hero or Sitting Duck? Or Both? 

“We don’t need a list of rights and wrongs, tables of dos and don’ts: we need books, time, and silence. Thou shalt not is soon forgotten, but Once upon a time lasts forever.” — Philip Pullman

Each friendship offers something totally unique — and irreplaceable. Each friendship ultimately makes us who we are.

We all know, a true friend is hard to find. So when you do find one, hang on tight! It also doesn't hurt to let your best friends know every now and then just how much they mean to you.

This doesn’t just apply to people to but writers and their books.

I want my readers to love my heroes, identify with my heroines, and feel like they’ve found new friends.

Let me tell you about my latest book release – Submission, Secrets, and the Soldier.
It’s Book 4 in my Heroes of Westhorpe Ridge series, and like the previous three, it’s a
stand-alone HEA romance.

Luke Roberts, a former army mechanic, has a new sub. She's shy and inexperienced, but willing. As he teaches her about sensation play, she fears he'll really hurt her and screams her safewords at him. Her reaction causes Luke to have a flashback. Although he's clawing his way back to normal, he suffers from PTSD. Determined to get well, he contacts a PTSD specialist in Westhorpe Ridge.

Kathryn Johnson has visited a BDSM club three times. When she hooks up with Luke Roberts, he unintentionally terrifies her. She swears off spankings and goes home to Westhorpe Ridge. The last person she expects to see there is Luke Roberts.

Circumstances force them to share an apartment. Can Luke protect her when danger threatens? Or is she just a temporary sub in residence?

Excerpt PG – for an adult book
Inside the dump truck’s hopper, Kathryn screamed as the car sped toward them. “Farlaise. Straight ahead. We’re sitting ducks.”

Luke gritted his teeth and opened the throttle. The dump truck sped up. Solid, but not superfast, it trundled along the road. A brick outhouse came to mind as he headed directly for Farlaise’s car. This was one game of chicken Luke meant to win. Even if he took a bullet, he’d hold his course and keep Kathryn safe. “So, junior leaguer, how’s your pitching?”

She tried for a smile, but it turned into a grimace. “I had one of the team’s lowest earned run averages.”

Luke kept the throttle open wide. The chugging of the engine grew louder, but he’d told her the dump truck had a top speed of less than thirty miles an hour. The wind made it feel faster.

He took a deep breath and yelled, “Hooah. Balls-to-the-wall time. Our dump truck will pulverize their front end. When you’re near enough, lob one of your Molotov things in their direction. Anything to keep them off-balance since I might as well have a target on my chest sitting up here.”

She barely heard him over the engine noise. Adrenaline shot through her. She shivered with a mix of exhilaration, panic, and determination. Protecting Luke mattered more than her safety. Her fear level rose right along with her blood pressure. She could hear her heart race, but she’d keep the driver distracted. No way would she let Farlaise and his henchman hurt Luke.

Kathryn peered out the hopper. The henchman had his gun pointed directly at Luke. No way, buster. 

Submission Secrets and the Soldier can be found at Loose id Amazon USA Amazon UK & Kobo

Kryssie is never seen without her kindle. She reads everything and anything she can get her hands on. When she discovered hot, sexy reads, she felt like she’d found her home. The only books she hates are the ones that end with a cliff hanger or have unhappy endings.

Kryssie tries to set her stories in places she’s explored. Hopefully, it adds color to her writing. Anything can spark a story idea. Sometimes she takes liberties though. The North Yorkshire town of Whitby is one of her favorite places. To keep the details of her imaginary town, Westhorpe Ridge consistent, she mentally shunted Whitby over the Atlantic and renamed it Westhorpe Ridge.

When not writing, Kryssie loves to walk on the beach of home town, Bridlington, or potter in her garden. Popping down to London to see her family is her favorite thing to do.

Kryssie currently has thirteen books on general release along with a boxed e-book of the first three Westhorpe Ridge stories. All her stories are M/ F or M/M/F. All are edited by publishing houses in either the UK or the USA. While her stories sizzle with sex, plot comes before bed. Life’s always an adventure going on in Kryssie’s world.

Kryssie loves to hear from readers. Here are her social media links: Facebook Twitter Blog  Website Or you can email her direct on Kryssie.Fortune@aim.com

Before I sign off, I'd like to say a few words about EROTIC romance authors/books.....

Some people may judge me for featuring authors who write these books and that's OK. That's their choice. Others may wonder why, since I write Inspirational, would I even feature EROTIC romance authors and their books on my blog. Why not stick with Christian/Inspirational authors? 

Here's why: Yes, I am a Christian but I am also an author and I know the effort it takes to write and promote a book, any book, and I appreciate the work all writers put into theirs. Therefore, I don't judge what my author pals write. I only seek to help them promote. Heaven knows I've been judged enough over my "steamy, gritty, sensual" Inspirational work! I hope you, my reader friends understand and even though you may not read EROTIC or any type of sensual books, you'll support my guests' hard work and drop by each week for Tuesday Treasures, Thursday Thoughts and Saturday Spotlight.

Thanks Friends, I knew I could count on you! 

Until next time, take care and God bless.


Kryssie Fortune said...

Hi Pam, Thanks for letting me drop by. And what a lovely way to explain why you feature erotic romance as well as inspirational.

Jacqueline Seewald said...


It's great that you welcome and embrace a variety of writers. Kryssie, your book sounds like a fine read. Congrats.

Connie Bretes said...

Hi Pamela and Kryssie,

I feel the same way you do, Pamela, about hosting authors only to help promote. There are certain genres I don't care for, but that's only me.

Congratulations, Kryssie and good luck with sales, etc.

Diane Burton said...

Best wishes, Kryssie. I loved your bio about never being without your Kindle. Me, too.

Alicia Dean said...

Great post. I agree. That's an excellent goal to have for your stories. Wow, exciting excerpt. Best wishes!!

Kryssie Fortune said...

Thank you to everyone who read my post and took the time to comment. It's much appreciated.