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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Thursday Thoughts: Facing the Giants in Our Lives

We’ve all heard the story of David and Goliath but many of us aren’t so bold in our faith that we would tackle the job of fighting an actual giant.

Or so we imagine.

If you think about it, we face giants every day…..

We come up against giants of health issues, financial burdens, and relationship woes.

We wrestle with temptation and forgiveness.

We penetrate walls of anger, and scale mountains of gloom, despair and misery.

Giants, every one when it comes to exercising and building our faith.

So how are some ways we can face and overcome these?

Prayer: This goes without saying but how and what kind of praying? IMHO the best is when you find a scripture that addresses with what you’re dealing with. Personalize it and stand firm!

Affirmations: Write and speak positive statements of resolution about your situation. Words have power and some say the written word is much more powerful. Don’t focus on the problem; focus on the answer or desired outcome!

Forgiveness: Sometimes the best way to deal with the giants in your life is to forgive…others, yourself, God.

Meditation: Take time to get quiet and listen to and appreciate the silence. Once your mind is quiet, God can speak to you.

Stay in the NOW: There is great comfort, peace and power is staying in the present. After all, many of our ‘giants’ are actually thoughts from our past or anxiety about the future. The bible tells us that “now” is the time of salvation and that “now faith” is the substance of things hoped for….It’s OK to think, dream and plan for the future but not to the point of missing the blessings in your present (moment).

Something to think about!
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