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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Saturday Spotlight: Maria Michaels and Harte's Peak

Good Morning!

I pray your July 4th weekend has started off with a bang and ends up Blessed, Safe & Happy!

Today is with great pleasure I bring to you a brand new Pelican Book Group Author and her debut PBG title!

When her dreams of achieving Rock and Roll Hall of Fame status were dashed, Maria Michaels tackled her first book in 2010, and now the people and voices that occupy her head refuse to leave. She no longer sings unless you count randomly bursting into song to annoy her children (and the dogs). Maria lives in northern California with her family, including two beagles, one who can say ‘hello’ and the other who can feel a pea through several pillows.

Find out more about Maria on her website/blog and follow her on Facebook. 

Vera Carrington loves her newly renovated home and her cafe, The Bean, but with a balloon mortgage looming over head and a man from her past ready to bounce on her misfortune, she may have to face the agonizing decision of keeping one and selling the other.
Deputy Sheriff, Ryan Colton, is a new man in Christ. His days as a flamboyant pro-circuit skier are behind him, but to help Vera keep her home and her business, he agrees to coach her for an upcoming open ski tournament. He even agrees to hand over the purse if he should win.

Can Vera beat the odds and win the tournament? Will Ryan save the day, or will they both learn to trust God, no matter the outcome?

Harte's Peak can be purchased at the following locations....

Pelican Book Group (print edition)

Well Friends, hope you enjoyed this spotlight as much as I enjoyed bringing it to you! Stay tuned each week for more Tuesday Treasure, Thursday Thoughts and of course Saturday Spotlights!

Until later....take care & God Bless!

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Maria Michaels said...

Thank you for having me! Hope you had a wonderful fourth of July.