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Friday, December 17, 2010

Saturday Spotlight - Laura Shinn!

Good Morning Friends!

Well, only 1 more week before Christmas is here!

Today we welcome back Laura Shinn to our spotlight with her story, A Christmas Vow.

 Life is a funny thing when you’re six years old. Shanda Bratton knew she and Chris would be friends forever. Chris didn’t know about the secret love she held for him in her heart, even though he was a lot older. She would love him forever, even after she grew up. It was set in stone. But would Chris ever see her as anything other than the kid he’d known all his life?

With a difference of five years, Chris Milano knew that his and Shanda’s ages would always separate them. That is, until the day she came home after graduating college. He was shocked to find a full-grown woman, rather than the fresh, young girl he remembered. His desire for her never vanished, though she’d been much too young for him to show it when she was sixteen. He could no longer use that as an excuse to avoid her attentions. And looking into her eyes – the eyes of a grown woman – did he really want to? 

This Christmas would be one neither would ever forget.

Excerpt: Shanda watched the doorway closely, waiting. Chris would be arriving any time now. She remembered the pain from her sweet-sixteenth birthday party and the feeling of hope that it would be special and Chris would finally see her as an adult. It wasn’t to be. The heavy disappointment couldn't compare with her heartbreak.

Shanda’s embarrassment happened once everyone left the party. She cornered Chris outside, before he opened his car door. They were finally alone. Shanda shut her eyes as a tear escaped, remembering the humiliation...

Chris turned suddenly at the feel of a firm hand on his arm. He saw Shanda and sighed heavily. “Shanda, I have to go. I…I have a date.”

It was a lie; she could see it in his eyes. The use of her full name did not go unnoticed. He was trying to distance himself and she wouldn’t allow it.

“Yes, you do have a date—with me. I’ve been waiting a long time to receive my sweet-sixteen, birthday kiss. I want it to be from you,” she whispered emotionally, her heart in her eyes.

“Dammit, Shan, I can’t kiss you. You don’t understand what it would mean if I did. I’m not sure I could stop with a kiss and I know you aren’t even close to ready for something more. Can you understand?”

“No. All I know is my heart wants you and you’re running away from me, again.”

He gave a harsh laugh. “I’m running away from what I might end up doing to you and then you’d hate me forever.”

She was already shaking her head. “I could never hate you, Chris, no matter what happened.”

“You don’t know that, Shan. You have no idea what I feel inside, how much I—” Burn for you. Thank God he didn’t say it.

She stepped closer until her soft breasts pressed against his hard chest. Raising her chin, she whispered, “We’ll never know for sure, will we? Unless you kiss me, now…” she breathed, her lips parted and ready.

Chris grabbed her upper arms to push her away. At least that’s what he intended to do. Somehow, though, he ended up pulling her tighter against him until his mouth was an inch away from her own. His head was spinning and he tried to shake it, but the desire to taste her innocence overcame good judgment and good sense.

His voice emerged in a deep, guttural sound of pain. “Shan—”

“Yes, Chris, yes…”

He kissed her before he could change his mind, passionately, almost roughly. Only at the sound of her soft moan did the pressure of his mouth lessen until he was coaxing her lips with his firm mouth. This was madness and he was caught up in the decadent splendor of Shanda’s scent and taste. She intoxicated his senses and he couldn’t get enough of her.
Wow, sounds like perfect reading in such cold, cold weather LOL!

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Well Friends, hope you enjoyed this spotlight! Until next time....take care & be Blessed!

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