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Saturday, November 18, 2017

#SaturdaySpotlight is on Pamela Jannarone

Good Morning Friends,

Pamela Jannarone has visited and shared treasures with us before, so please welcome her back....

Create, Research and Experiment Recreate! By Pamela Jannarone Scott

Thank you Pamela for having me return as a guest on your blog today.!  I am excited to be here and most grateful for your invitation! Today’s topic is creative fiction, with tips and tidbits.
Its all up to the writer to deliver to the reader, entertainment.  The kind that they will remember for years to come. 

This article focuses on writing creative fiction.  Creating rich characters deep in characterization in a real life setting entertain the reader in fictional stories. The richer the factual information is formulated into the story plot, the more it will come alive on the page.  The pen at hand is the magic to a witer’s fictional world.  Make it your own magic and write your own world!
It doesn’t matter the size of your world, the time or place.  It’s all in the story and about the story. Idea - Create - Research-Experiment-Recreate.

There are many ways to accumulate your research especially if you don’t know much about your subject and are under a deadline to perform.  Often it is said, write what you know, yet you can also write what you like and have may readers following you because they can resonate and like the same things that you do. 

Researching facts and  trivia online and in the library help make a story come together where it makes sense,  not to mention it gives ideas for the writer to  move the plot plan forward to a satisfying end.

Asking questions or conducting informal interviews with those more experienced in the subject will lend rich texture to you craft.  Tiiny tidbits of iformation can be gaathered from just one conversation when you choose to ask someone ‘what is it like’ and they will be happy to describe it to you in their own words recollecting actual experiences. 

Experimenting with the elements of nature often lead a writer to a territory full of rich description setting for his or her story by actually experiencing the occasion whether it be swimming, hunting, fishing or traveling, camping, cooking, the subjects are endless.  Visiting an old museum and actually placing yourself in the time rich of history will invigorate the writing soul and inspire the moment.  You may even pick up a tip or factual research that will give even more ideas about future stories.

In my particular story Reign of the Forest, published by Centum Press in One Hundred Voices, Volume III, (https://www.centumpublishing.com/) the above tips and tricks were used in creating my story.  It started out as an assignment in a creative fiction class a story I chose to include in my professional portfolio.  With a few minor changes, and deeper editing, I sent it off to a publisher in hopes of being published.  There is nothing more exciting than being able to have a professional portfolio where an actual story was accepted and published.  It can be used for future clips when submitting other stories and is a recent clip in sync with today’s readers.

Experimenting with several publishers is always key to hone your craft.  Some publishers will provide cover art and others don’t.  This is where the imagination of the writer is challenged in description that is called upon to make the story blend but not overly descriptive.  Being in a scene whether it be a forest or a beach, a writer will be using all five senses where inspriation truly comes alive in the scents, the sights, the sounds, the taste, and the touch.  This is what needs to be passed on to the reader where the can relate and feel like they are actually there.  In my story I found a medium where opposites attract, Deer hunters and Nature Lovers and opposites differ depending on fate and destiny.  With a rounded twist of spiritual guidance, the story came to life. 

In my story Reign of the Forest, there was no cover art for each story provided yet this is where the reader will use their own imagination in the way that the writer describes the setting, the action plotted moves within and around the settings that may even change, twisting along with the plot, leading the reader to a happy ending or thoughts to ponder afterwards. When creating the story I actually based it upon experiences from hunters that told their stories and watched non-hunters experience the awe of such sights.  There is nothing more beautiful than to spot a deer in the forest, its young ones following behind.  The species and gender, a beautiful Doe and her fawn or a Buck built with tall and protruding antlers showing off its age and wisdom.  When they sense danger, the Buck will make a short snorting sound, or a blow.  It can also be scary to a deer hunter if the Buck is nearby and behind the hunter where it suddenly blows and warns its own kind and kin. The mating call of the wild is also a unique sound where the Doe bleeps.  The sounds of nature become more obvious if one just sits quietly (very quietly) and listen.  The wild has its own camouflage in order to feel protected.  While the forests here are full of deer where a current population exists of 1.27 million among a human population of 10.31 million, the suburbs and urban areas are also plentiful with deer but not easy to define in terms of additional population.  The forest is full and the world full of many types of deer with the exception of the Antarctica and Australia. 

Deer are plentiful and can often cause accidents on the roadways. While humans must take care with respect to the wild and nature itself the opposite (the wild) doesn’t know any different.  Be cautious when deer hunting and have your survival pack handy.  Deer meat provides lean nutrition and is often a staple in regions and in family tradition and marriages, where hunting for survival is a God gifted ability, therefore it should be treated with the utmost respect.  No poaching, no shining and abide ball laws that apply.  Be cautious when driving on the roads home at night, because the deer will cross the road and will be intimidated by a vehicle’s headlights. And if you are just into deer gazing then enjoy this photo......

Image courtesy of dan at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

One of the endless tasks in a writer’s career is to help market the story and get it out there to as many readers as possible.  After all, one is in the paying profession.  If you are interested in reading Reign of the Forest, please accept a discounted code offer of 10% (Discount code 100V3-79)  to be used for purchases at the website here: https://www.centumpublishing.com/.

Thanks Pamela! Good luck and God's blessings with your story and the anthology!

Pamela Jannarone Scott is a Freelance writer based in the heart of Georgia.  She is a born and raised Jersey girl and loves the seashores of the east coast. 

She writes flash fiction, short stories, interviews, confessions, and loves family, and wild sunsets!

Her blog can be found at http://thewritingvineyard.blogspot.com/

Hope you enjoyed today's post, friends and that you'll stop by each week for Tuesday Treasures, Thursday Thoughts and Saturday Spotlight.

Until next time, take care and God bless.


Alina K. Field said...

Interesting post. I write historical fiction, and it's really true that sometimes those small details can really add a lot to a story. Best of luck with your writing!

Vicki Batman, sassy writer of funny fiction said...

Congratulations on your book and thank you for sharing today.

Pamela said...

Thank you so much or commenting Alina and Vicki and for the good luck wishes! Enjoyed it!