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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

#TuesdayTreasure: Being the Vessel by Donna B Snow!

Good Morning Friends,

Welcome to the last edition of Tuesday Treasure for September 2014. 

Seriously?!! Where has this year gone?

Today it is my pleasure to share with you some thoughts by my dear friend Donna B Snow on being a vessel for God.....

You know, oddly enough, I have no advice. Well, of course, that’s not all true. We all have advice…well, opinions. Yeah, that’s what it is, opinion, and yeah we all have one, can’t help it. I think it’s one of those chromosomes we all carry that’s planted on us when we’re born. (Sure wish some of us didn’t have it…I wonder if they can be removed?)

Anyway, I am no expert – on anything, although I am certainly happy to share the words that God puts on my heart from time to time. If they were all my own words, well, then they would be pretty worthless, but I know when He has something to say because I just can’t hold the words back, can’t keep them in. Sometimes it’s a song I have to write, sometimes a story to share, sometimes words I actually have to speak…yeah, those are the hardest.

 And then sometimes it’s prayer. There are no greater words, no more meaningful messages than the ones that touch your heart and have to be lifted up. I don’t understand why, but I know that God puts people/situations/places on my heart and it becomes so heavy that I just have to lift it up to Him. BUT HE PUT IT THERE!!

…and I’m grateful…grateful to be called on, grateful to be used, grateful to be deemed worthy of being the one to come before His throne. So when you feel that burden, don’t hesitate. Don’t doubt for a moment, just let Him use you as the vessel you were made to be. You see, He made you, perhaps for just that moment, or many more like it, whatever, but you are the one He chose. Don’t miss the call! Don’t leave a gap! May His Spirit find you ready and willing to be the light.

Donna is a native New Englander and has lived there all her life except for a year in northern California (which reminded her of home). She  loves the change of seasons and the beauty each one brings. and says there is no place else that will ever feel like home.

She's been married for 20+ years and has one daughter in college. 

An active member in her church, she is a member of the choir (along with her daughter), and she writes not just stories, but her own music as well (that she hopes to get published also).

Now here's a peek at Donna's book, Precious Embrace....

Laura Senton loves running her own kitchen at A Piece of

Heaven along with her best friend Trina. When her teenage crush appears she tries to hide from him as well as her own feelings which have never died.
Sean has no idea why Laura tries to avoid him but he’s very determined to rekindle their relationship of years ago.
Both covet the memories of their time together, but sins of the past can be a tough hurdle to get over.

Laura went straight into the sanctuary, not stopping until she dropped to her knees near the altar.
            Oh God, I know You’ve forgiven me, but I don’t understand how. How can I forgive myself? I don’t understand how You can forgive me for the things I did…for destroying the life that was growing in me. It was just as bad as having an abortion. Tears rolled down her face. I knew I was pregnant and I didn’t care! The drugs and drinking and…oh God, You know everything I’ve done. I don’t deserve Your mercy or Your grace. Laura jerked when she felt a hand on her shoulder.
Dee, the pastor’s wife, knelt beside her. She wrapped her in a hug and started praying.
Laura just listened to the kind, caring words and let them flow through her. She could feel God’s love, could hear His words, His message to her to let go of the past, that all was forgiven…that she didn’t have to understand how.

Wow, a perfect example of the power of prayer and being a vessel!

I pray you enjoyed this Tuesday Treasure and will come back often for more as well as Thursday Thoughts and of course, Saturday Spotlight!

Until later...take care, God Bless and remember.... When the going gets tough, the tough get on their knees.

Pamela S Thibodeaux
"Inspirational with an Edge!"


Donna B said...

Thank you so much for having me here with you today, Pam!

Writers and Readers said...

This looks TOTALLY awesome! I would love to get a copy! Can't wait to buy it on Amazon!!