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Saturday, September 13, 2014

#SaturdaySpotlight: Amy Peterson & Something Furry Underfoot

Good Morning Friends,

Back in April, Amy visited us to tell us about some of her pets....Today we're featuring Amy once again but spotlighting her book, Something Furry Underfoot.

“Want to know what it’s like living with a houseful of pets while still holding onto your sanity? 

You’ve got to read Amy Peterson’s warm and funny book about her experiences coping with and caring for all manner of animals. Not only will you get a lot of laughs but you’ll also pick up some valuable tips about co-existing with your own critters!” - Bob Tarte, author of Enslaved by Ducks, Kitty Cornered and Fowl Weather.

Opening paragraph of Something Furry Underfoot:

“If he wasn’t as cute as a yellow duckling, tenacious as a pit bull, and energetic as a kitten high on catnip, I wouldn’t have a dozen animals in my house right now. But Mark exhibits all that, plus employs the killer phrase, “I’ve always wanted one of those.” He also knows how to blink his puppy-dog eyes.”

Was your husband really able to blink his eyes and get another pet?
Yes.  He started with some frogs and iguanas for his son, the latter of which were messy critters that found permanent homes elsewhere.  Then the pets came to stay.  Mark said he’d always wanted a hedgehog, and one day a female hedgehog came home.  She was soon joined by a male hedgehog that escaped from his cage several times and fathered several unplanned litters of baby hedgehogs.  The first ferret Mark wanted was soon joined by three more ferrets, including one that cost us $1,200 in vet bills. Our first puppy had so much energy, the logical solution was to get another puppy, said Mark. And did I mention that I’d only raised a dog before?

Were you responsible for any of the pets that came into your house?
Yes, well, admittedly, when a stray kitten showed up under the deck 10 years into my marriage, the only logical solution was for me to bring the kitten inside, fleas, lice and all.  And when I saw a bunch of rabbits running lose in a wildlife area, the decent thing to do was to bring them home, fleas, ticks, botflies and all.  And who could say no to the co-worker who found a domestic duckling in a neighbor’s front yard and needed some occasionally responsible adults to raise the duckling?
What surprised you the most about the pets you raised?
Three things:  1) That a domestic duckling has much personality as any other pet; 2) that it’s possible to get nine hamsters for the price of one and that some people keep all eight babies; and 3) that it’s possible for a mynah bird to show up on a postal truck unexpectedly.

Tell us more about your book.
My book Something Furry Underfoot is a humorous, touching memoir that aims to entertain and educate readers about things most people don’t know about pets.  For example, while most guinea pigs live 5-8 years, we rescued one that lived to be 11, and another that lived to be 12.  That means that the 13-year-old child the guinea pigs were purchased for went happily off to college while we cared for the elderly guinea pigs. I also include 50 tips, some of which are about pet lovers. Consider Tip #5: If your significant other was ever denied a pet in his/her “previous life,” you may be in for a lot of fur.  Other tips are about animals, including Tip #31:  Fleas jump more than rabbits.  Some proceeds will benefit animal rescue organizations.

To see some of the pets in Something Furry Underfoot, check out my 3-minute video called What Animals Deserve at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=keR2JssTtOs.  It includes photos and video clips of Bumpkin, the domestic duck, walking by two dogs and the formerly stray cat, and our pet mouse we named Smokey Joe after we rescued him from the barbeque grill.

 Amy L. Peterson became a stepmother in 1994 after unwittingly falling for a guy with four great kids, ages three, five 13 and 15.  Unable to find any other humorous, touching memoirs about step motherhood, Amy wrote From Zero to Four Kids in Thirty Seconds.  Filled with 50 tips, it’s a helpful, fun read.

At the same time Amy was getting used to becoming a stepmother, her husband, Mark, was bringing various critters home. Something Furry Underfoot is Amy's humorous, heart-warming memoir about raising frogs, iguanas, hedgehogs, ferrets, hamsters, mice, gerbils, guinea pigs, dogs, a stray cat, a domestic duckling, rabbits, mynah birds and tropical fish.  The animal antics in this book will keep you laughing and the tips will teach you something about pets and pet lovers you probably didn’t know. 

Back in the day, Amy was published in numerous magazines and does blog postings about nature, pets and life at www.amylpeterson.com, many of which feature her photography skills. She works for the state of Michigan and lives with her husband and a variety of fuzzy animals.

Connect with Amy at the following places:

Something Furry Underfoot:  as a paperback and e-book on Amazon.com and as an e-book in a variety of formats on Smashwords.com

Well Friends, hope you enjoyed this spotlight! Stay tuned each week for more Tuesday Treasures, Thursday Thoughts and of course Saturday Spotlight!

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