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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Shoulda Been a Cowgirl!

Hello Friends,
Well, I've either made it to heaven or jumped off the deep end into insanity - I'll let YOU decide which LOL!

As you may well know, I attended The Wild Rose Press's Saddle Up & Write Retreat 4/30-5/1 at the beautiful Silver Spur Guest Ranch in Bandera, TX. As I mentioned in a previous post, Bandera has always held a piece of my heart. I visited there often as a child with my grandparents and my Tempered Series is set in Bandera.

Anyway, I felt more alive in those 3 days than I've felt in months! Now instead of a piece of my heart, Bandera owns a huge chunk.

So, after returning home I contacted the ranch manager, filled out an application for a summer position and here I am! once again at the Silver Spur Guest Ranch!

I'll be working through June and July, maybe longer....well that is if you call, serving guests, cleaning, food prep, and horseback riding work LOL!

 Personally I think it'll be loads of fun too.

One thing I'm certain of, God is in this place~I see/feel Him everywhere...in the beautiful hills, those gorgeous sunrises & sunsets.

Now, I know He is all around me every minute and every where I go, but this place is so peaceful, so beautiful and I'm hoping to REALLY connect with Him in a deeper, more intimate way and praying He will reveal His purpose for my life. After all, for 20 yrs. Terry/my marriage was my purpose. Now that's gone. Over. Kaput. Finished. and many days I feel as though I'm floundering - treading water with no REAL purpose.

I brought my camera and will be posting right here occasionally to fill you in on the details of my experience, so hang around or just check back often.

Until later....take care & Be BLESSED! and remember, the Tempered Series is now available for Kindle for only $1.99 each! (well at least 2 of them - the rest will be up ASAHP)



Tanya Hanson said...

Hi Pam, oh, I for one can totally understand the closeness to God you feel here. Those days of the retreat are among the best of my life. And now you're there again! I'll be thinking of you often! oxoxox Have fun and keep feeling the peace.

Unknown said...

Lots of pics, please, Pam. So happy you're there. Have a great summer.