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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday Spotlight - Jon Guenther

Good Morning!

Today please welcome to our spotlight, Jon Guenther with his book, Soul Runner.

Jon Guenther is the author of more than 30 action-adventure novels, and has written for series that have sold millions of copies worldwide! His experiences as a soldier, firefighter and paramedic—coupled with his expertise in martial arts and military history—lend tremendous credibility to his novels. Mr. Guenther and his family make their home on a high-desert ranch in central New Mexico. Find out more by visiting the author’s web site at http://guenfire.com/.

Blurb: A secret organization. . .

One heroic man of God. . .

One courageous woman of faith. . .

And 10 million persecuted Christians.


The year is 1988. As a former Hasidic Jew raised in the Bronx, Dr. Abram Aronsfeld is no stranger to trouble.

Now the secret organization called ARK is sending him into Communist-controlled Romania to rescue the beautiful Ileana Tarus, a Christian gypsy who possesses information critical to ARK’s intelligence operations. Spearheading the subjugation of her people is the evil Drago Profis, an industrial despot backed by the current regime.

When Bram realizes that it’s not just Ileana but her whole village that needs rescuing, the two will embark on a perilous adventure from which only their foolhardy courage and Almighty God can save them all!
Sounds like an intriguing adventure!
Hope you enjoyed this week's edition of Saturday Spotlight - stay tuned next week for another great author with his/her book.
Until later....take care & Be Blessed!


Tanya Hanson said...

Jon, sounds like an awesome read. I' on board with anybody who's a firefighter-PM. Best wishes. It was so good to meet you here at Pam's.

God bless.

Pam, thanks for featuring Jon today! xoxxo

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comments, Tanya. Soul Runner was not only great fun to write, many tell me it's great fun to read as well!

Author Sue Dent said...

It is an awesome read and Jon's awesome talent shines on every single page. I can't tell you how absolutely amazed I was that Moody Press renigged on Jon's contract for this book. Too bad for them. This book RAWKS in every conceivable way. If you don't read it you've really missed out. REALLY!