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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday Spotlight - Tracy Krauss

Good Morning Friends!

Please welcome to today's spotlight Tracy Krauss with her book, And the Beat goes On.

Tracy Krauss grew up in Saskatchewan and has written numerous stories, plays and novels. She received her bachelor of education in Saskatoon and has lived in several interesting spots in northern Canada with her husband and four children. Krauss is a high school teacher of English, drama and art, and lives in Tumbler Ridge, British Columbia. And the Beat Goes On is the sequel to her book Play it Again. She is currently working on three other books.

Find out more about Tracy by visiting her book blog or personal blog.

When an archaeologist uncovers an earthshaking discovery in the mountains of Zimbabwe, plenty of theories are unearthed to describe his find.

Canadian archaeologist Mark Graham digs up the remains of a pterodactyl, found carefully buried next to a set of gigantic human bones. What could his finding mean? Was there a race of giant humans who existed near the time of the dinosaurs? Or is the find a carefully planned hoax?

One theory speculates the existence of a race of giants, believed to have descended from both men and gods. The race is called Nephilim, and scientists scurry to find the truth behind the bones.

As sinister forces enter the picture and Graham is deceived by friends and colleagues, he struggles to safeguard the bones and his reputation so he can learn the mystery behind the Nephilim.

And the Beat Goes On is available now at Amazon.com!

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Tanya Hanson said...

What an interesting concept, Tracy. What an imagination you have! Pam, thanks for featuring another great author. oxxo