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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Two Months

Hello Friends,

Well we're two months into the new year - actually three if you consider today is March 3rd. Anyway, thought I'd take a moment to fill you in on how things are working out for me in my new venture of staying home.

If you read my last post on the subject, you'll see January was a busy, busy month for me. February was a bit slower. I did complete and submit the short story I was working on and honor my commitment of 3 articles on Business/Finance for Associated Content, but as far as my writing goals, I haven't done near what I thought I would. Part of the reason is distractions, the other is that I'm spending more time with God and He has me slowing down to listen, absorb what I'm reading in bible study and other inspirational books, and mainly, draw close to Him & have Him draw close to me.

During this most romantic month of the year I've fallen more deeply in love with the Lover of my soul, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and allowing Him to heal (and fill) my heart as only He can. I still have bad days, some R-E-A-L-L-Y bad ones, but thankfully not as often as those first few weeks after Terry left to be with the Lord.

Sometimes I envy him so.

As you can see, I've implemented a "Schedule of Events" in the side bar so you can keep up with where I may be promoting. Today I'm over at Author Culture talking about the main subject on everyone's mind this time of year - Taxes. Tuesday (9th) I'm headed over to Beaumont, Texas to speak at the Golden Triangle Writer's Guild monthly meeting and on the 10th I'm a guest on Tina Gayle's blog with another egg-cerpt exchange. I'll add and subtract things from this schedule as they come up.

Don't Forget! Next week (March 10th) I'll be hosting PPS's first Virtual Book Blast with Deborah McCarragher and her book, Mission Possible, Spiritual Covering. I hope you'll join us for this exciting event. Be sure and join our Face Book Group, Good Reads Group and Yahoo Loop so that you can chat with the author and be eligible to win prizes!

Well folks, that's about it on my end! I hope this day finds you healthy and happy and working steadily toward your goals!

Until later....take care, Be Blessed and remember....Only when hearts are tempered, minds are open and wills are softened can you discern the will of God for your life.

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1 comment:

Donna B said...

What a wonderful way to spend the extra time you have - getting closer to God. My prayers are with you for comfort and guidance from the Father.

(Okay, and maybe He'll send some warmer weather, too!)