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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Saturday Spotlight - Sylvie Kaye!

Well Friends, time for another Saturday Spotlight and today I'd like to introduce to you Sylvie Kaye and her books, Banned in Texas, Wrong Side of Love and Devil in Cowboy Boots!
Born and raised in Northeastern Pennsylvania in the shadows of the Pocono Mountains and its honeymoon havens, Sylvie Kaye breathes the air of romance daily. After getting one short story published in 1994, she went from hooked on reading romances to hooked on writing them. Her years of work experience in manufacturing, as well as varied jobs in offices, retail, and a bank, to name a few, lent itself to writing contemporary romances. Road trips to exciting locations in our beautiful country inspire the settings for her stories.
BANNED IN TEXAS~ When the local bad boy meets a bad girl gone respectable, it’s anyone guess who will come out on top. Cole wants to add Angie to the notches on his bedpost, while she wants respectability. He’s the serial dating bad boy of the RFD singles while she’s new in town and seeking a fresh start. Will she tame the bad boy or will he shame her?

Or will the secret he’s deadest on hiding with his playboy image be revealed?

DEVIL IN COWBOY BOOTS~ When a sexually frustrated medical transcriber on vacation in Texas in search of a man to fulfill her fantasies meets a dark, devilishly handsome loner out to clear his name by finding the man who framed him for manslaughter, she finds more excitement than she bargained for.

When The Devil In Cowboy Boots stalks the man who framed him for manslaughter, his vengeance becomes tempered by Mercy, a woman as tantalizing as his most erotic fantasies.

WRONG SIDE OF LOVE~ Stop by Wayback, Texas where a cowboy falls in love every eight second! Lili Marlene is hell-bent to get out of Wayback. To anyplace where sports, music, and culture don’t center around cows or rodeos. Two things stand in her way, the down payment on a new business and Luc Fremont, the mayor of Wayback.

Luc has two birthday wishes. To stay aboard the meanest bull at the Wayback Rodeo for eight seconds and to make it with Lili. One of many generations of Wayback mayors, Luc loves the town, his homestead, and, to his exasperation, Lili. She won’t commit to stay and a mayor doesn’t live elsewhere.

BANNED IN TEXAS~In Print at Amazon.com & Barnes&Noble
WRONG SIDE OF LOVE,Wayback, Tx~The Wild Rose Press
Contest and Excerpts at www.sylviekaye.com
Hope you enjoyed this week's issue of Saturday Spotlight, join me next week when we meet Wendy Davy.
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