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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Author Spotlight!

Hey Folks,

If you've been following my posts here or at Pamela's Ponderings, you'll note that I've mentioned that I'd be hosting an Author Spotlight for authors whose books are on tour...virtual book tour that is.

Well, this week I'm happy to introduce you to Cat Muldoon and her book, Rue the Day, a fantasy.

Cat Muldoon sharpens her claws and her wit daily. Her varied interests include singing, teaching, cooking, archery, and mythology. Naturally, she loves reading and writing as well.

Most of her stories are romance, paranormal, futuristic, science fiction, fantasy, and suspense. But with Cat, you never know what she'll dream up next. She does, literally, dream up stories at times. She has a couple of humorous horror stories looking for a home, but is finding that people who want the stuffing scared out of them don't want quirky people or funny bits in their tales.

She also converses with her characters, which is one reason they are so lively. You won't find any cardboard cut-outs in her stories. This makes for interesting times if one of them is out of sorts and she, being of optimistic nature, thinks they need to get an attitude adjustment and move on with life.

The cast of her first novel Rue the Day: The Undercover Heir, Book 1 are quite anxious for her to get on and write the second in the series, all except for Aislinn, who isn't looking forward to some of the things that will happen to her, and the two or three men who…OOPS! Talking out of turn -- That's for another day.

Cat's favorite stories are those that captivate you and keep you in suspense. She enjoys romance stories IF they are interesting tales with strong, well-developed characters and twisty plots.

She's not taken to gushy romance scenes but will acquiesce under the duress of her characters if necessary. She also realizes that people know what parts go where, so she isn't inclined to graphic scenes either. It is more fun to tantalize and involve all the senses.

And yes, Cat adores felines. She has two of them. Feel free to Email her at Cat@CatMuldoon.com or visit her on MySpace at www.MySpace.com/CatMuldoon

Cat also has a page on Author's Den where readers can read and review her work!

So, stop back this Thursday (Dec. 6th) and read an excerpt from Cat's book, Rue the Day!

See you then!


Cat Muldoon said...

Thank you so much for the preview, Pamela! I am so excited to visit you and your readers!

cat Muldoon
And I'm giving out some prizes for those who register on my site for excerpts from my stories. One prize is a set of 3 Celtic CDs, which is the sort of music I listened to a lot while writing Rue the Day. Another prize is yet to be announced.

Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

Hi Cat!

It is a pleasure and honor to host you on your tour....good luck and God's Blessings on it!