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Saturday, January 8, 2022

Saturday Spotlight is on Carolyn & Robert Gold and their YA Dystopianbook series!

Good Morning,

Today's guests are brand new to our blog. I met Carolyn and Robert through Author Ad School (formerly Amazon Author Ad School) and were thrilled when they signed up to visit with us. So, please give them a warm (although it's not warm enough for me outside) SWLA WELCOME as they share two of their YA series with us. 

Take it away Carolyn & Robert....

Teens fighting a revolution. A totalitarian regime hellbent on repression. Can one troubled girl defeat an ironfisted ruler?

Jessica’s certain she’s broken. The nefarious threat to silence her voice is now a cold reality. At the behest of a technical mystic, she must lead a secret movement, but her emotional health is in question now that nano-tech enhancements are permanently disabled. The silver-tongued heroine fears she’s lost everything. Will she still be able to outsmart The World Chancellor and save her entire generation?

If you like bold visions, deep characters, and vividly imagined futures, then you’ll love Carolyn & Robert Gold’s take on a political dystopia.

A young prodigy who struggles with a tempestuous personality is learning to navigate adolescence by using implanted nano technology. The World Chancellor is threatening to disable the advanced capabilities, reversing progress and destroying hope for humanity. Pressure builds for Jessica when myriads of adoring followers expect her to block what promises to ruin kids’ lives. Panic sets in. But will the  discovery that ancient Spanish mystics foresaw this very scenario, offer a glimmer of hope? Perhaps, but only if a select few, courageous teens, discard their fears and enter a multi-dimensional realm where what seems impossible— is possible. 

Can a plan be developed in time or will healing their ailing world, fail?

Summary: Fascinating and complex characters, some possibly neurodiverse, though not labeled as such, experience the power of emotions, sensations and colors as they work towards repairing 
their own lives as well as their planet.

Objective: Respect for children and teens. Looking forward instead of dwelling on the past. Balance and unity, with ethics and morals at the forefront. Introspection, awareness, embracing differences and similarities. Communication and connection, where spirituality and mysticism await for when one is willing to see beyond the obvious.

Topics: Empathy, self-awareness, self-confidence and self-expression through the arts. Naiveté, humor, imagination, trust, loyalty, friendship, innovation, are linked to develop intuitive technology. Inclusivity, interracial adoption, marriage and sibling dynamics, play vital roles 
as lives touch, so everyone’s mission can be fulfilled.

Included: Nature’s majesty. 

Excluded: Sexual content, foul language, gore, fantastical creatures.


How did we get ourselves into this, Maar? I’m still in a bit of daze and don’t know what to think.” 

“You think— we got ourselves into this?” Maarlee sounds surprised. 

“Well, that’s what I’m trying to sort out. We were conceived to be the generation that would right all the wrongs of the world,” I state. 

“... And the concept sounded so impressive that it made our parents hopeful,” Maarlee adds. 

“Well, yeah! Imagine the deal they were about to get. Those of us born after 2025 were going to do their dirty work by cleaning up the gigantic mess previous generations have left behind. Who wouldn’t accept and sign on the dotted line? Install the best technology available in our children; in fact, the more, the better,” I say with a hefty dose of sarcasm. 

“I never thought of it quite that way before….” Maarlee sighs. 

“Think of it— once we started implementing our knowledge and strengths, everything shifted,” I explain. 

“What do you mean by shifted?”

“Well, we went from being pampered and revered to becoming an international threat to society— pretty much overnight.” 

Maarlee’s silence puts me in full mock trial mode, “So, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I ask you ... Are kids responsible in any way for allowing things to reach this level of discord? Can kids under the age of eighteen override public opinion and change how adults perceive them, despite the heavy propaganda against them?” 

About the Authors:

Carolyn and Robert Gold met in late 2017, clicked immediately and married soon after. Blending gifts and talents, they’ve established a much-needed, family-oriented coaching and consulting firm, addressing health for mind, body and soul for people of all ages. 

To find out how the Gold’s repair the world, visit: www.thegoldtouch.net

To check out all of their books and stories, visit their Amazon Author Page:   https://www.amazon.com/Carolyn-Gold/e/B093FZ9GX5

Wow, thanks for sharing Carolyn & Robert! I'm sure fans of YA Dystopian books will love these series!

Hope you enjoyed the spotlight today, friends and that you'll check back weekly for more great authors and their books on Saturday Spotlight and Wednesday Words with Friends.

Until next time, take care and God bless.


D. V. STONE said...

Congratulations on your book. It sounds very exciting. D.

Patricia Kiyono said...

This sounds absolutely frightening. Congratulations on your releases!

Jacqueline Seewald said...

Congrats and best wishes on the publication of your book.

Barbara Britton said...

Thank you for writing wholesome and exciting YA books.
Have a blessed New Year!

Unknown said...

Thank you for featuring us today and thank you for your comments. We love writing about interesting scenarios from kids' perspectives that are wholesome. We hope you'll give us a read ;o)

Mary Preston said...

I like the look of both series.

Unknown said...

Wonderful, thank you Mary.

Alina K. Field said...

This sounds like an awesome story!

Unknown said...

Glad you like it Alina. Hope you'll join the cast in Liberty 2041 in transforming the world!