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Wednesday, December 22, 2021

#WednesdayWordswithFriends Welcomes LoRee Peery @LoreePeery

Good Morning!

My heart is so full this morning I might burst. I am so happy and grateful for my life and excited about the year to come. I know I'm getting ahead of myself because 2022 is a week away, but I can't help it. God is SO GOOD! He constantly amazes me. No, I can't recount a "big" miracle that happened this week or since I last shared with you here or in my newsletter. What I can say is this....

Because my Redeemer lives, I can face tomorrow.

The miracle is simply the joy of His Presence in my life - heart, mind, soul, quickening my mortal body. The miracle of every breath I take. The miracle of sunshine to warm my soul and rain to moisten the parched areas of my life. The miracle of family and friends (like YOU) and loved ones.

God is SO Good and as we celebrate His birth this weekend, let us vow to remember and celebrate Him every day, every moment of our lives.

Today's guest is not new but it has been a long while since she visited so please welcome my friend and fellow Pelican Book Group author, LoRee Peery back to our blog...Take it away LoRee!

Words Matter
Readers and writers live in a world of words. Words matter. The most important words are in the Bible, from God’s heart to our hearts and minds. Words can build up and words can tear down. Words help overcome fear by their truth. Encouraging words are precious.

Multiple words came to me from July 2020 through September 2021. I wrote just under 900 modern-day psalms. Most often, it seemed those words didn’t penetrate my brain, they just poured from pen onto paper. Since then, I have cherished and soaked them in.

Words make me think about my brain, which God made fearfully and wonderfully along with my body. Does our Creator see words written through brain matter? Such imagination is beyond me. As a child I learned about the telegraph and that Alexander Graham Bell gained a patent for the telephone in the early 1800s, enabling people to talk to one another from a distance. How can words travel through wire?

I also never “got” the essence of electricity. Words have told me there is electrical-like power in our bodies. On the job, my introduction to computers included Ram and Rom. They were mere words to me. The first computers were the size of a closet. Modern-day computer chips are small enough to wear in a wristwatch and many minuscule devices. Those scientific discoveries are mind-boggling.
Around 1990, again on the job, I was introduced to the word-wide web. Cyberspace is as far as outer, outer space to me when it comes to comprehension. But I love reading info at the click of a mouse. Recently, I could only access my country internet a handful of times in a six-week period. I relied on reading and writing for my word fix. And I admit how frustrating it was. But God worked it out and I’m up to speed now (pun intended).

Also recently, I had reason to be humbled and embarrassed over the misplacement of words. Those modern-day psalms I mentioned? They fill four journals. I decided to give the last one, Worship through Verse, as gifts to those I love. I had them printed and spiral bound. I used one of my nice winter pictures as a cover, and then wrapped up around 20 before I realized the mistakes. Every writer needs a proofreader before words go out in print. I could beat myself up, but why should I? The two typos, one omission, and another correction can be easily explained with a few words. 

Words matter. With words, I express my hope for the Lord to shine upon each and every one of you, and that you glorify Him with the words you read, speak, and write. Pam, thank you for Words with Friends.

Jeremiah 31:3
The LORD appeared to us in the past, saying:
“I have loved you with an everlasting love;
I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.”

Never Ending Story

The story of Jesus
Is a never-ending story

His love surrounds us
As high as highest heaven

As deep as ocean waters
From the east to the west

His story never ends
He came before me

Love that defies comprehension
Is the wonderful truth

The world is in His hands
Yet, He encompasses me

Jesus is never ending
His love is never ending.

Nebraska country girl LoRee Peery writes fiction that hopefully appeals to adult readers who enjoy stories written from a Christian perspective, focusing on the romance. These include novels and novellas for women and men in the Contemporary, Romance, Historical, Time Travel, and Mystery/Suspense categories. She writes of redeeming grace with a sense of place. Her Frivolities Series launched her releases, and the book based on her father’s unsolved homicide, Touches of Time, was a personal relief. She is who she is by the grace of God: Christian, country girl, wife, mother, grandmother and great-, sister, friend, and author. Connect with LoRee: www.loreepeery.com  and/or

LoRee's newest Christmas book is available now as part of PBG's annual Christmas Extravaganza!

Cautious observer Nicasia is at the Wilber Hotel for a wedding. She is careful when it comes to small spaces due to an attack as a teen, but intrigued by the antique phone booth, she steps inside to investigate.  

A just man with a star, Logan grew up at the end of the nineteenth century in a very religious home. But his reverend father led two lives and left Logan believing there was something wrong with him. 


Nicasia is bowled over and knocked to the floor by a force that comes out of nowhere. Where had the man been hiding? 

Logan is drawn to the 21st century maiden, but will he stay in the future?  

Get your copy of Christmas Phone Booth at Amazon, B&N and PBG!

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Thank you SO much LoRee for sharing your heart and words with us! 

I hope you enjoyed LoRee's post as much as I did, friends and that you'll check back weekly for Wednesday Words with Friends and Saturday Spotlight!

Until next time take care, God bless and remember.... A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles


D. V. STONE said...

Ladies, thank you for sharing. Have a blessed Christmas and New Year. D.

Barbara Britton said...

You are such an encourager, LoRee. I hope you and Pam have a blessed Christmas.

Jacqueline Seewald said...

Congrats on your new novel. Wishing you happy holidays.

Kara O'Neal said...

Thank you for the wonderful words. And your message is very true. Thank you. I also enjoyed learning about you and your book. Time travel is always fun!

Carol James said...

Thanks for such an encouraging post, LoRee. Merry Christmas to you and Pam.

Mary Preston said...

A great post.

CHRISTMAS PHONE BOOTH sounds wonderful.

LoRee Peery said...

Pam, I love your uplifting, introductory words. Such words that glorify our heavenly Father should uplift all readers.
And readers, I wish you all peace and joy and wonderful blessings, no matter what is going on in your lives. God is bigger! Merry Christmas.

LoRee Peery said...

Thank you all: D.V., Barb, Jacqueline, Kara, Carol and Mary.
It's fairly easy to read blogs and with a click go on to the next "thing." But it takes a little time and thought to leave comments. Blessings to every one of you!