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Saturday, June 5, 2021

#SaturdaySpotlight is on Carolyn Miller & Dusk's Darkest Shores!

Good Morning from Santee, South Carolina!

Our trip up started Thursday and we arrived yesterday afternoon in time to attend a baseball game played by the graduating student. Today is Graduation Ceremony and a family get together. Tomorrow is church and more family fun and we'll begin our trek home on Monday. Long trip, short turn-around but always worth it.

Brought to us by Audra Jennings PR, today's guest is brand new to our blog so please give Carolyn Miller a huge, SWLA W-E-L-C-O-M-E!

How can a meek wallflower help a returning war hero whose dreams are plunged into darkness?

Mary Bloomfield has no illusions. Her chances for matrimony have long since passed her by. Still, her circumstances are pleasant enough, especially now that she has found purpose in assisting her father with his medical practice in England's beautiful Lake District. Even without love, it's a peaceful life.

That is until Adam Edgerton returns to the sleepy district. This decorated war hero did not arrive home to acclaim and rest, but to a new battle against the repercussions of an insidious disease. Mary's caring nature cannot stand to see someone suffer--but how can she help this man see any brightness in his future when he's plunged into melancholic darkness, his dreams laid waste by his condition?

Adam wants no charity, but he's also no coward. If this gentle woman can work hard, how can he do less? Together they struggle to find a way forward for him. Frustration and antipathy slowly develop into friendship and esteem. Then a summer storm atop a mountain peak leads to scandal--and both Mary and Adam must search the depths of their closed hearts for answers if they hope to find any future path with happiness at its end.



Lake District, England

March 1811

Music and laughter swirled through the assembly room, a shiny, animated scene within a life-sized bauble. Smile stiffening, Mary Bloomfield surveyed the event, which bulged with all the notables of the district. Couples twirled under the candles of enormous iron chandeliers, candlelight flickering across the features of the polished and assured. Excitement suffused the faces of the young, the old, the newly married, the long married, the hoping-to-soon-be-married, all those complacent in their bubble of ease. Mary relaxed as Emily Hardy drew near, her pretty face aglow.

“Oh, Mary,” she gasped, clutching Mary’s arm as she laughed, the soft sheen of cream satin gloves a marked contrast to Mary’s brown kerseymere sleeve. “Isn’t this all so delightful? I am sure I have not sat down for a single dance!”

“You have been much sought after.”

 Emily’s blue eyes softened, as if in pity.

 Before Emily could speak her sympathy, Mary hurried on. “These musicians are rather good, aren’t they? I do not think I have ever heard Mr. Pendle play the flute so well.”

 “I am certain I have never heard anything quite so pretty. We must have this trio play at our wedding soon. Do you think Adam will agree?”

 “I’m sure Adam will agree to anything you suggest, and his parents will likely also. They are quite as besotted as their son, it appears.” Mary glanced at Mr. and Mrs. Edgerton. Their plump features shone with delight, as much with pride in their prospective daughter-in-law as with the pride naturally expected of parents of a war hero.

 The Edgertons’ beaming faces turned. Their smiles widened yet further in elated approval as they regarded Emily. But really, what was there not to approve? Emily was the very picture of perfection. From the top of her carefully coiffed golden curls to the tips of her beribboned slippers, she was everything charming and pleasing to the eye.

 Mary curtsied as they drew near. “Good evening.”

 “Oh, good evening, Miss Bloomfield.” Mr. Edgerton nodded. “Such a lovely dance, is it not?” Before she could answer, he continued. “But I have not yet seen you dancing.”

A corner of her mouth tipped up. Nor was he likely to. There were few unattached gentlemen here in Amberley, the legacy of the town’s enthusiastic response of sending its sons to the war against France. Such a patriotic demonstration, disproportionate to Amberley’s population, meant the higher number of women would forever advantage gentlemen seeking partners with whom to dance. Or with whom to partner in life. A fact, at the ripe old age of nine-and-twenty, she had long grown reconciled to.

Carolyn Miller is an inspirational romance author who lives in the beautiful Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Australia with her husband and four children.

A longtime lover of romance, especially that of Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer’s Regency era, Carolyn holds a BA in English Literature, and loves drawing readers into fictional worlds that show the truth of God’s grace in our lives. She enjoys music, films, gardens, art, travel and food.

A longtime lover of Regency romance, Carolyn's novels have won a number of RWA and ACFW contests. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and Australasian Christian Writers. 

Learn more about Carolyn at www.carolynmillerauthor.com or find her on Facebook (Carolyn Miller Author)Instagram (@CarolynMillerAuthor), and Twitter (@CarolynMAuthor).

Wow, sounds like a lovely book, Carolyn! We certainly wish you the best of luck and God's blessings and Thank You for sharing.

Hope you enjoyed today's spotlight and that you'll check back weekly for Wednesday Words with Friends and Saturday Spotlight.

Until next time, take care and God bless.


Carolyn Miller said...

Thanks so much for sharing this today! Appreciate you xx

Barbara Britton said...

What a great excerpt! You're a new-to-me author, Carolyn.

Mary Preston said...

This sounds wonderful and a time period I enjoy reading.

Carol James said...

Loved the Excerpt. Congratulations on your release.

Jacqueline Seewald said...

I love the cover art and Regency romance. Yours sounds like a fine read. Best wishes.

Alicia Dean said...

Great cover...enjoyed the excerpt. Congrats and best wishes!! (And, have fun and be careful, Pam!)