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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

#WednesdayWordswithFriends welcomes Andrea Kuhn Boeshaar

Good Morning!

January is well underway as we are already on the 15th! Y'all I just can't imagine where time is going and why so fast.

Alas, all we can do is show up, do our best and let God do the rest.

Today's guest is new to our blog. You may remember back in August (2019) Andrea interviewed me RE: The Visionary, for her podcast, Discover the Story so please open your heart while Andrea shares hers....

How Much Are Your Memories Worth?

As I pack on room after another, preparing for our move from Wisconsin to South Carolina, I find things from when my sons were boys, teenagers, and into their college years. I save it. Pack it. But then one of my sons asked why I was keeping all the photo albums from my girlhood too. Goodness! I’m even packing photos from when my mother was a baby.

“Throw ‘em out, Mom,” one son advised. “What are you going to do with them? You’re moving to an apartment.”

He makes a good point and yet, I cannot throw them out. Taking pictures of the pictures and saving them on a CD or flash drive is one solution and one that I may do in the near future.

And then there is the furniture we won’t have room for in our new place. Pieces like the Federal-style rocking chair which my husband and I purchased on our 40th wedding anniversary. Sadly, it’s got to go. But for how much? $5? $10? $25? It’s priceless to us, but people these days don’t care about well-made furniture. They want Ikea-like stuff. It comes in a box, they put it together, it looks great, and it’s inexpensive so they can furnish their homes, dorms, and/or apartments then throw it away when they move or get tire of it.

Meanwhile my precious books, furniture, and framed art is priced to sell quickly. We can’t afford storage or moving fees so I’m advertising locally and it’s got to go.

Still, it’s difficult to see all my memories carried off for a fraction of what they’re worth—at least for what they’re worth to me.

Oh wow, Andrea, I know what you mean! I remember downsizing from a 3 bed room house to living in a bedroom in someone else's home. Now I live in a tiny (12 x 30) house! I still have some things stored at my dad's and plan to weed through and get rid of a lot more this year. Never easy but as they say...you can't take it with you.

Good luck and God's blessings on your move.

Andrea Kuhn Boeshaar is a Wisconsin author of over 40 books with ONE MILLION COPIES SOLD! The three components in all of her stories are faith, family, and forever relationships. She also blogs and writes devotionals and magazine articles with the hope of encouraging readers wherever they are in their spiritual journeys.

Find out more by connecting with Andrea on her Website and Facebook. Be sure to check out Discover the Story where Andrea interviews authors about the story behind their books. Find Andrea's books on Amazon.

Hope you enjoyed today's post and that you'll check back each week for Wednesday Words with Friends and Saturday Spotlight.

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D. V. STONE said...

Thanks for sharing. Wishing for continued success with your books.
D. V. 🦉

Patricia Kiyono said...

I feel your pain. My brothers and I have spent the last two years helping my mom downsize so that she could move into a senior apartment, and now my hubby and I are at the point where we need to start thinking about downsizing and maybe going into a condo. Our kids don't want any of our stuff, so I'm going through all our stuff, trying to figure out what I can get rid of without too much heartache. Good luck on your move!

Diana Stout said...

You've gone tiny with 360 square feet! I'm at 520 sq. ft. When I got rid of more than half of my music and pictures recently, I realized just how freeing it really is to let go. I'll always have the memories; I just don't need the physcial remnants of those memories. I'm on a journey now to really downsize my belongings.

A nice post! Wishing you the best of luck in your move.


Anna Taylor Sweringen said...

Your downsizing has brought back memories of my moving days. We had to leave behind my husband's grandmother's dining set. Table with leaves so the whole family could sit around it for holiday dinners, a beautiful glass breakfront, sideboard with mirror and small hutch. Don't get me started on all the books and LPs we couldn't bring. Fortunately I lived in a neighborhood where if you put stuff out for free, people came in droves. I still miss it all. Good luck.

Sandy Tilley said...

Sounds like many of us are at "that age" where we're thinking about downsizing. I've been scanning old photos and putting them into virtual albums on my computer's hard drive, but it's not the same. However, it's been a blast going through all the old pics and reliving memories. And the up side is that it's SO much easier going through old albums and enjoying pics that were stuffed away in old albums and hard to get to.
Good luck on your move from Wisconsin to South Carolina. Bet you can wean out lots of heavy coats and boots which leaves more room for books and maybe a few photo albums.

Jacqueline Seewald said...

Hi Andrea,

I went through the agony of downsizing ten years ago. Moving from a house to an apartment was painful. We gave away many valuable items we had no room for and donated many hundreds of books to the library. There were items I couldn't part with that went into storage. Never easy! Good luck.

Alina K. Field said...

After clearing out my mother's three bedroom house and full basement full of stuff after she passed away, I swore I wouldn't do that to my kids. Throwing stuff out is my least favorite thing though! Best of luck with your move!

Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

Thank you ALL for dropping by!
You're entered into my monthly gift card giveaway!

Donamae Kutska said...

I need to Declutter it's not easy. I'm in Seymour Wisconsin glad I saw your posting.