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Thursday, September 28, 2017

#ThursdayThoughts with Terry Palmer

Good Morning Friends,

Last month I shared with you a new author and his work. Terry Palmer returns today to share some thoughts with us....

Thanks Pam, for this interview.  I like how you have an open heart to share what God is doing to further His Kingdom.  Part of that is how each author is listening to your call, taking time to read your word, and follow through with a creative and passionate story.


Book Two, ‘Is God R 4 U ?’, Is God Refuge for you?,  follows in that same line of thinking.  My characters are thrown forward into another disaster sequence in which they have to choose – do I follow Jesus and make my stand for Him, or choose much less of a selfish option.  I’m trying to purposely draw the reader into the drama of that choice and the consequences…


The times in which we live are full of chaos as one world size disaster after another walk across our experience.  So…  What is the Christian response?  What is your response?  Find out and read it for free along with book one of the series.  Both are free to read on INKITT.com.  Here is my link, https://www.inkitt.com/stories/thriller/129589.


Of course, I’m having other fun too.  I have a cute little children’ Santa style book.  Hope to have it ready for the Christmas season.  I go an entirely different direction with – A Night To Remember.  The fun poem is about family love and standing with a family member who is having a hard time, with a creative and passionate response.  As soon as we get a cover design and a marketing plan, you can read it to your kiddies.  Here is the first set of lines.

Twas a month before Christmas and out in the snow,
Santa trained young reindeer, which way to go…
Those silly young things weren’t very deft,
Didn’t know up or down or even right from left.
Santa had patience as he waited with each call,
To see if they would move as directed –
Or maybe not at all…
Rudolph helped those that might stray,
He blinked his red nose, just as bright as day.
Not one knew as the fog closed in,
That Santa’s voice was growing dim…

It’s fun to word on my craft as well as tell a fun short story.  After this one is in the shop, I have a 31 day devotional with a different slant.  Each day comes with a picture, a devotional but the direction is reversed.  These are from the grandkids to the grandparents, making a simple thought and expression of idea come from a child’ perspective and action pattern.  Some of you know that I write a daily devotional on Face Book.  I’m drawing from that wealth of examples plus some new entries.

In the meantime it seems as life makes one slow down.  I had shoulder surgery in July, a mild stroke in August and now have a full plate of therapy sessions, some really tough at home exercises to do.  When does one have the time for a cup of coffee and a steaming hot caramel roll with way too much melted butter?

If one doesn't have time for that, Terry we certainly need to make time! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

Hope you enjoyed the post friends and that you'll stop by each week and check out Tuesday Treasures, Thursday Thoughts and Saturday Spotlight.

Until next time take care and God bless!


Darcy Flynn said...

Terry, what a creative person you are! -:) I enjoyed the post ladies! Best and Blessings!

Alina K. Field said...

Mmm, coffee and a hot cinnamon roll! My favorites.
It's so wonderful that you're continuing your writing in spite of the physical challenges. Best of luck on your projects!

Jacqueline Seewald said...


Wishing you the best!

Kara O'Neal said...

Loved the poem! Thank you for sharing!

Lucy K. said...

The caramel roll sounds wonderful. Best wishes to you as you recover and with your writing.

Samantha Fury said...

Hey great post. Can't wait to hear more about the Christmas book I love that time of year. Thanks for sharing with us!!