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Thursday, February 12, 2015

#ThursdayThoughts: Guest Post by Janet Elizabeth Lynn!

Welcome Friends,

Today our guest of honor this week is sharing a few thoughts about being in style....

As I was researching 1955 to write Slivers of Glass, a 1955 Noir murder mystery, memories of my mother came flooding back. A native of New York, I was young and impressionable. I remember sitting on my mother bed watching her get ready for a day of shopping.
How she would stand in front of her vanity mirror adjusting her hat so it would sit just right with her hair style. Then she would put on her left glove, hold her right glove in her left hand, slip her purse over her left arm and hold my hand as we left for the bus.
Oh, I’ll never forget her high heel shoes. They matched her purse, belt and hat, always a perfect match! My mother was a lady in dress, style and manner.

She passed away 2 years ago. Regardless of the era, she was in style to the end.

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