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Thursday, October 30, 2014

#ThursdayThoughts: Happiness

Good Morning and Welcome to the last Thursday Thoughts for October 2014! Still can't believe this year is nearly over.

As I sit here in the quiet, early morning hours and take a moment to connect with my soul one thing is abundantly clear.... I AM Happy.

Writing that, emotions swell in my body... a lump in the throat, tears in my eyes, gratitude overflows my heart, my mind is awhirl.

I look back over this past year and recall a conversation with a friend when he said, "happiness is the greatest attraction" and I realize how true that is.

People are more drawn to those who exude happiness, joy and peace.

Just as misery loves company and depression darkens the brightest day, the vibrant energy of happiness permeates the atmosphere and has the ability to raise up everyone around you.

Knowing this, why wouldn't you choose happiness as a way of life?

Now, I know as well as the next person you can't be happy all the time. Things will happen, sad memories will rise up and put a damper on your mood. Some will even try to convince you that you have no right to be happy.

Give yourself permission to feel those feelings then let them go! Do NOT allow the thief to come in and destroy your innate happiness and joy. Afterall, joy is powerful, and happiness is infectious.

So how would someone whose been in a depressed state choose happiness and joy?

One way is to get up every morning and say Thank You, Thank God for even the smallest blessing in your life. Even if that means finding and focusing on one simple thing, do it!

Another is to keep a prayer/gratitude journal. Begin your list with "I'm so happy and grateful that/for (fill in the blank)."

Write affirmations of your choice to be happy.... "I let go and let God, I choose to be happy." I am happy. I am joyful. I am peace. I am gratitude.

Writing and speaking are very powerful tools of change.

Put on some happy, upbeat music and dance every chance you get! Movement is essential for good health and as you loosen up and feel the music down in your soul, realize this is a form of worship too.

These are just a few ways you can increase the level of happiness and joy in your life. Try one or two and I guarantee you'll come up with several of your own.

But bottom line.... Happiness and Joy are a choice. Therefore, choose wisely.

Have a Blessed & Happy Day!!

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