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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

#WednesdayWordswithFriends welcomes Rachel Barreiros back!

Good Morning!

Well, we've gone from 70 degrees back down to the 40's...yesterday was wet, cold, nasty but today promises to be filled with sunshine. At least I hope it is because I'm not a fan of gloomy, gray skies LOL!

I'm having a Christmas Scavenger Hunt on my website. Details can be found HERE. I hope you'll join in the fun.

Enough about me though...on with our guest!

Last month we welcomed poet and hopeful children's book author, Rachel Barreiros. Today Rachel is sharing a few more poems with us so please give her a huge "Welcome Back Rachel!"


Here and now, in this moment you stand
In the moments of yesterday
And in tomorrow’s unplanned,

You know not time, and it knows not you
Time has no friend
No thoughts, no view.

It has no meaning except to the beholder
In passing, it’s harder to hold
And grows much colder,

At each beat and blink, time has passed
Take haste in these!
Each of these is incredibly vast.

In the reflection of time, priority becomes clear
But not news reported events,
Places and trips, or facing your fear,

But rather minuscule things, become important and grand
A warm smile with a heartfelt hug,
A silken touch of a baby’s innocent hand.

The crackling of a fireplace while sipping honey and tea,
Reading a book that touches your soul,
Or the refreshing shade of an airy, wind-blown tree.

Family nearby instead of distanced by far,
A phone call from a longtime friend,
A surprising, passionately expressed card.

I give this to you, I send your way,
My well wishes and prayers,
A beautiful moment in this day,

Be unwearied by kindness, by sentiment and love,
Be restored by the moment
Be strengthened by God above.

Each and every day is defined by you,
By what you make of the moment,
Welcoming each with spirit anew,

I give you my love, this moment of today,
I give you thoughtful prayer,
All unreservedly sent your way.


Don’t step there but step up here
Don’t look down just look away
If you don’t look and you don’t see it
Then I’m sure, almost sure, that it would say
It would say the best of things
That you’re the fairest of them all
That you’re thin and healthy and just a feather
That you’re as strong and sturdy as a wall
Why read the numbers?
Numbers are just a thing
What matters is how you feel
Not how you look but what you bring
I’m sure that’s what it’s saying
And a scale never lies
If you don’t check calories, they don’t count
You’re doing fine! as it sweats and cries
It huffs and puffs to hold you up
And tells you you’ve lost some ounces
“You could stand to eat a little more
You’re a toothpick”, it announces
If when I looked down to see the numbers
The scale was within view
I’m sure there’d be no numbers
It would just read, “YOU’RE A BEAUTIFUL YOU.”


I don’t believe I’m in trouble
For doing nothing and having nothing to do
For smiling like I’m hiding something
Even though doing nothing is truly true

I’m pretty sure there’d be no trouble
For all the things I haven’t done
Although my funny face is troubling
It looks like I’ve done something to someone

Everyone is looking for something
Up my shirt, in my shoes or behind me
For that big ball of trouble to drop
It’s Friday..my Friday face just finds me

I can’t wait to get out of here
To go where I want to go
I don’t know exactly where that is
But it will be where trouble goes

Children’s book writer and poet, Rachel Barreiros, is a wife, a mother of two, a long-time business owner, a dog mom of three, an interior designer at heart and a notable and tremendous animal lover who loves God and loves children, and seems to have a special connection with kids. Her family affectionately calls her Snow White because animals, children and all things innocent flock to her and love her because she has such a sweet and tenderhearted way about her that is appealing and trustworthy.

A former winner of a broadcasting network’s poetry contest, she has been a copywriter, written a published article, studio-recorded corporate on-hold messaging, and ghostwrote a poem that received honors. Some of her work can be viewed on her website and much of it can be read and enjoyed on her Facebook page. She has written a book series of alphabet books, one book per every letter of the alphabet, taking the reader on an eye-opening journey that reveals tangible letters all around them. She is confident that this series is a gem that will come to be a household name.

Rachel is currently seeking a literary agent and publisher for these captivating books that are truly a one-of-a-kind, fun-to-say wordplay, fact-finding, letter-spying adventure. She has written two other children’s book series, one of them representing the greatness that we are capable of through love and helpfulness, and the other celebrates diversities and idiosyncrasies in the many structures of families. Additionally, she has written two other children’s books, one of which retells a sweet story between herself and one of her daughters when she was very young. All these books yearn to be published and take a sweet spot on bookstore shelves.

Most recently, Rachel had the opportunity to read one of her unpublished books to some of St Lucia’s resident children who are members of Sandals Foundation, but the children still being out of school for the summer during her visit brought an obstacle that the foundation was not able to overcome. She hopes to be presented with the same opportunity with foundation children of the Bahamas in several months. Rachel is ready to become a published children’s book author and has many more book ideas ready to write and bring to life. She greatly looks forward to meeting readers and readers’ parents at book signings and readings in bookstores.

Find out more about Rachel by visiting her Website and connecting with her on Facebook and Twitter.

Wow, Rachel, great work! We certainly wish you the best of luck and God's blessings.

Hope you enjoyed today's post friends and that you'll check back weekly for Wednesday Words with Friends and Saturday Spotlight!

Until next time take care and God bless.


Barbara Bettis said...

Delightful poems, Rachel. Best of luck in your Agent Search :) Happy Christmas.

Jacqueline Seewald said...


Lovely poems. Children's books are a hard sell unless you are a celebrity, but you never know unless you try. Best of luck.

Judythe Morgan said...

I enjoyed your poems, Rachel, getting to know a bit about you. I've shared your post on my FB page to tell others. =) Best of luck with your agent search.

Unknown said...

Aww...loved the poems. Thank you for sharing. Best wishes!