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Thursday, April 26, 2018

#ThursdayThoughts Guest post by Janet Lynn

Good Morning!

Janet Lynn has visited us before, several times. She has shared treasures and thoughts in been in our spotlight on more than one occasion. It's been more than a year since her last visit so please welcome her back with some thoughts and a brand new book!

My husband, Will Zeilinger and I co-write the Skylar Drake Murder Mystery series, a hard-boiled  series that takes the reader to 1950s Los Angeles and other areas of the west. Our new book, SLICK DEAL, begins News Year's Eve 1956 at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, The first murder and clues lead to Avalon, The Island of  Santa Catalina.
To research 1956 Catalina, we spent a week on the island. At the public library we spent hours with old newspapers. Then on to the new Catalina museum, the historic Casino interviewing people and got a real good feel for the town at that time. We of course, as in all murder mysteries, had dead bodies we had to put somewhere. Several people recommended the pet cemetery, some mentioned the Chimes Tower and a couple of more places. So we rented a golf cart (there is a fourteen year waiting list to bring cars on the island) and spent three hours looking at the places they recommended.
The pet cemetery was first on our list. It's a sweet and somewhat eerie unofficial pet cemetery just outside of town (it's not on the maps). Little tombstones mourn and celebrate dogs, cats, birds etc. Some grave markers are simple, some quite elaborate, while others are touching (some are funny). The little cemetery starts at the road and goes back into the woods.

As we walked through the cemetery, I couldn't help but think back of my dog Randi. My mother walked to work every day and one day Randi, about one year old, followed her home and never left. She was a Golden Receiver possibly mixed with Collie. That's what at the Vet said. She became such an integral part of our lives it's hard to imagine what life would have been without her. We had Randi until she died at twelve. Though she has been gone over fifty years ago, her memories and thoughts, still remain. I still think about her from time to time especially when I see a dog that looks like Randi walking on a leash with an owner. This walk through the cemetery brought back feelings and thoughts of love, funny moments, and lots of hugs she received from the whole family.

How interesting, Janet! I know what you mean about missing a beloved pet. My German Shepherd crossed the rainbow bridge in January.

Published authors Will Zeilinger and Janet Lynn write individually until they got together and created the Skylar Drake Mystery Series. These hard-boiled tales are based in old Hollywood of 1955. Janet has published seven mystery novels and Will has three plus a couple of short stories.

Their world travels have sparked several ideas for murder and crime stories. This creative couple is married and live in Southern California.

The latest Skylar Drake Mystery, fourth in the series, SLICK DEAL was released April 16, 2018 and yes...we are still married!

website: www.janetlynnauthor.com
Contact info for Will:
Twitter:  @Will_Zeilinger
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/wzeilinger

Thanks Janet! We look forward to a sneak peek into Slick Deal soon! Meanwhile, folks, you can pick up a copy at Amazon

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Susan Oleksiw said...

I certainly know how it feels to lose a beloved pet--we recently lost our lab mix. Your stories sound very intriguing, and the research thorough. I look forward to reading them.

Connie Bretes said...

We have lost a few pets in our 22 years of marriage, but I've never buried them in a pet cemetery. Very interesting idea for your story. I hope you have great success with the book.

Jacqueline Seewald said...

How great that you and your husband can collaborate together on novels! Wishing you much success with your latest novel.

Kara O'Neal said...

I lost my dog when I was 16. I got her when I was 5. It was hard on me. I'm 42 now, and I still miss her. I enjoyed your post. Thank you for sharing!

Janet Lynn said...

Thank you, Pam, for hosting on your blog. We feel for all of you who lost loving pets. The Pet Cemetary in Avalon, Catalina Island is a special place.

Susan Coryell said...

I find period pieces fascinating and, since I grew up in the 50-60s range, this one would be spot-on for e. Good luck!

Alicia Dean said...

Well, it's no longer Thursday, but I still enjoyed reading your thoughts. What a fascinating series! I love that era and will definitely check out your books!