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Saturday, May 6, 2017

#SaturdaySpotlight is on VB Tenery & David Arp with Against the Odds!

Good Morning Friends and Welcome!

It's been a while since VB Tenery visited so it is a great pleasure to welcome her back! Today she brings along her co-author, David Arp and gives us a peek into their book, Against the Odds. Take it away VB....

It was the mother of all bad days.

The date, September 11, 2012. The place, Benghazi, Libya.
While a brave band of warrior’s fight for their lives in the consulate and CIA annex, outside, a Mossad Agent, a missionary, and a Mississippi giant fight a different battle.

Caught between terrorist and an enraged Russian arms dealer, they must complete the mission and manage to stay alive until they can escape or the cavalry arrives.

Never assume things can’t get worse.  

The Black Pearl Yacht
Off the Coast of Libya

Sam Roberts stood in the cabin’s doorway watching Sergei Cherkesov adjust his tie. Considered by most women to be handsome with his high cheekbones and the dark coloring of his Slavic ancestors. Tall, broad shouldered with perfect white teeth, which flashed often when he was in a good mood.
The most despicable man Sam Roberts had ever encountered.
Hired six months ago as the Russian’s personal bodyguard, Sam was charged with keeping the slimy rat alive.
 “I won’t need you tonight, my friend. I’ve persuaded the lovely Miss Winter Merton to come aboard the yacht. I’ve been trying to lure her here for weeks.” The Russian spoke in a slightly accented voice then smiled at his reflection in the mirror, smoothing his straight, dark hair with a brush. “This will be a memorable evening, and I don’t want any interruptions.”
Tension tightened Sam’s chest, and he had to work to keep his voice calm. “If this is the missionary you’ve been telling me about, I wouldn’t make any long-range plans.”
The big Russian laughed. “Don’t worry about me. There are ways to persuade an unwilling lady.”
Great . . . Just great.
Sam was one week away from completing his job as Cherkesov’s bodyguard and getting off this wretched ship. Sam clamped his mouth closed on a quick retort then left the cabin before he did something that would jeopardize his mission.

Wow, sounds like another winner, VB! Where can we get a copy?
Against the Odds can be purchased at Amazon for Kindle and in Paperback.

Great now let's find out a little more about you and David....

Award willing author V. B. Tenery lives with her family in East Texas. Her passion is writing novels with shinning characters, settings, and plots so exciting readers can’t put them down and they come away feeling delighted with the reading experience—honoring God in the process. Not content to stay in one genre, her novels range from contemporary suspense and supernatural suspense, to an upcoming historical suspense set in WWII England. When not writing she enjoys reading, hiking, and tube-floating down rivers in the beautiful Texas Hill Country

Website: www.vbtenery.com

 David was born in Arizona and raised in Texas where he began a career in the oil and gas drilling industry soon after graduating high school. Since then, he’s traveled the world to places like Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Malaysia, India, China, Mauritius, and Namibia.
He discovered his love for writing while working for Aramco, drilling wells throughout Saudi Arabia. He even learned to speak decent, albeit Texas accent-laced, Arabic.
Today, David splits his life evenly between his wife of 30 years, Karen, at home in Colorado and a deep-water drilling rig on the Gulf of Mexico.

Blog: Take a Walk in the Patch https://davearp.wordpress.com

So nice to meet you David and it's wonderful to have you back, VB! Thanks for joining us and good luck & God's blessings with your book!

Hope you enjoyed today's spotlight friends and that you'll join me each week for Tuesday Treasures, Thursday Thoughts and Saturday Spotlight.

Until next time, take care and God Bless.


V. B. Tenery said...

Thanks, Pam, for featuring Against the Odds on your blog. It was fun writing this novel with co-author David Arp. This is Dave's debut novel but he has two novels that will be published by The Pelican Group in the near future. I hope everyone enjoys the read.


V. B.

Dave Arp said...

Pam, thanks for hosting. Thank you, Virginia, for asking me to contribute to Against the Odds. The book was a challenge, but fun, blending our voices and ideas, never knowing where the next turn of events would take the characters until we exchanged chapters.

Alicia Dean said...

OH wow, sounds like a riveting, meaningful read. Best wishes!

Diane Burton said...

Exciting read. Best wishes.

V. B. Tenery said...

Thanks, Diane. We appreciate your interest.


V. B.

V. B. Tenery said...

Thanks, Alina. It was an interesting time and great fun to research the city of Benghazi and the political climate in that city at that time.


V. B.