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Thursday, December 10, 2015

#ThursdayThoughts: Guest post by Monique DeVere

Good Morning Friends,

It is with great pleasure I introduce to you Monique Devere as she shares with us something to think about....

Be Careful What You Pray For, You Just Might Get It!

Have you ever prayed an earnest pray and had it answered in the most unexpected way?

I love humour. I love God’s humour. We can never guess quite how He will answer our prayers. We just hope that He would. I had an encounter with God’s humour about four months ago.

Now, for you to grasp the enormity of what I’m about to tell you, you must first understand that neither my hubby nor I are huge pet lovers. Over the years we allowed each of our four kids to have the occasional pair of budgies, fish, a couple of hamsters, and one or two rabbits, but never any animal with the potential for longevity. That sounds mean, but I grew up on a plantation with tons of animals, and my grandparents on both sides were farmers, so the thought of living with animals as an adult just didn’t work for me, and my husband is the world’s biggest softie when it comes to animals.

I am not exaggerating when I tell you the man wouldn’t kill a fly! It amuses me how he would gently shoot out flies, or carefully capture a spider and put it outside. So he never wanted pets because he finds it hard when they pass away. So here I am, not wanting pets because I’d had enough of them growing up, and hubby who finds it too sad when they die. Yet, we knew we couldn’t deprive our kids of the joy and experience of owning their very own pet. But, like I said, we were never going to own something like…let’s say…a dog!   

This is where the humour comes in. About 3 years ago, our first son—#2 child—agreed to dogsit for an acquaintance, only to discover two weeks later when it was time to return the dog that the owner had moved house. He’d duped my son into having a dog that he and his then fiancée—now wife—hadn’t planned on keeping. Needless to say my son fell in love with Mika, a white/golden Akita Shepherd, but struggled to keep her, what with work and a wife who had become extremely ill with undiagnosed Crohn’s disease. Eventually, my son changed jobs and was away from home a lot and of course his wife couldn’t cope with a pregnancy, home and dog. So they had to make the decision to let Mika go.

Did I mention that Mika had been badly mistreated by her first owners? No? It was very sad. I felt my son’s anguish at having to re-home her, but I also knew Mika needed to move on to a better home, so as a praying woman who does her battles on her knees, I went to the Lord. I prayed for Mika and asked God to help my son to find her a wonderful home with a Godly family who would show her unconditional love and affection. The type of family with kids who would love and spoil Mika. A home where she would live indoors, instead of having to live outside in a tiny dog house whatever the weather. My prayer was long and extensive, and filled with everything I could think that an abused dog would want in order to be happy.

A couple of weeks later my son found a temporary home for Mika, but the temporary keepers worked and Mika got bored alone at home each day and bit the handles off the cupboard doors. They returned Mika to my son along with a large repair bill.

Poor Mika.

Hubby and I exchanged a long look. I could tell what he was thinking, and I said, “No way!!!” and disappeared into my home office to write. Then the Lord touched my heart and a total sense of compassion brought tears to my eyes. Would it really be so hard to adopt Mika? She’d still be a part of my son’s family and if it’s one thing hubby and I know how to do, it is love.

After that touch from God, I sauntered out of my office to seek out hubby. But like all good stories, by the time I’d changed my mind, hubby had changed his also. We were yet again on opposing sides of the same coin. We discussed it, then called a mini family meeting with the two remaining children at home. We all agreed that we could, and should, offer Mika a loving home.

And that is how we came to own a beautiful Akita Shepherd when I never thought in a million years I’d ever willingly own a dog! Not a big one anyway—maybe just a teacup fluffball I could stick bows on and carry around in a doggie handbag :-)

We have grown deeply attached to Mika. I can’t imagine not having her around. We love her and spoil her awfully. These days she’s an indoor dog and always has her people around to keep her company, so she’s never lonely.

One of the remaining emotional scars we’ve noticed is that she’s very timid about going outside when it’s drizzling. She usually stops, looks up at whoever is letting her out with a sad puppy-dog look in her eyes as if she’s asking: are you going to shut me out in the rain? We never do. I pray that as we care for her, God will heal all her emotional scars and she can be free of her past.

This experience has taught me that sometimes when we pray, we just might unknowingly be the answer to that prayer.

Wow...great story, Monique! I think we can all identify at some point in our lives when we felt the same way about the power of prayer and God's sense of humor.

Monique DeVere is a full-time author of Sweet 'n' Spicy Romantic Comedy and Contemporary Romance. She also writes Christian Supernatural Suspense movie scripts. She was born on the beautiful island of Barbados, where she grew up on a large plantation with enough wide-open space to let the imagination run free. She moved to the UK as a teen and shortly after met and fell instantly, and irrevocably, in love with her very own strong-silent-type hero. When Monique isn’t writing or spending quality time with her family, she likes to armchair travel to distant and exciting parts of the world and considers herself to have the best job on earth.

You can visit her at moniquedevere.com where she invites you to join her exclusive Sweet ‘n’ Spicy Readers Club packed full of goodies for her members. Monique loves to hear from her readers, do contact her at monique@moniquedevere.com. Also connect with Monique on Amazon Author Page | Twitter | Goodreads | Facebook Fanpage | LinkedIn | Wattpad | Pinterest | or visit her Blog!
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I hope you enjoyed today's thoughts. I certainly did!

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Until next time...take care and God Bless.


Monique DeVere said...

Thank you so much for letting me visit with you today, Pamela! What was that? Tea and a bikkie, you say? Yes, please! :)

Nightingale said...

What a lovely story, Monique. I rescued a cat who turned out to be a Ragdoll. You and your family have a giving heart. Best of luck with your new release.

Diane Burton said...

What a great story, Monique. I saw that one coming a mile away. LOL We got our son's dog in similar circumstances.

Susan Coryell said...

Loved your I-Will-Never-Have-A-Dog story as it is similar to mine. Three kids, a full-time teaching career and a self-employed husband caused me to say NO DOGS! A two-year old Mini-Schnauzer scampered into our lives and changed everything--mostly for the better. Nice post and good luck with your dog and your writing.

Tanya Hanson said...

What a lovely post, Monique. So glad Mika found you. I volunteer at a horse rescue and the healing I get from them is life-changing. God bless.

Zoe M. McCarthy said...

Great story, Monique. Now retired, we have a saying every time we see a kitten. We both blurt out: NO MORE CATS!

Marissa Garner said...

What a fabulous story. My hubby and I are pet lovers, but since our two dogs died, we're pet-less for the first time in our marriage. The house feels rather empty. They do become part of the family. Thanks for sharing your story.

Monique DeVere said...

Linda, would you believe I have a matchmaking Ragdoll named Sneakthief in my latest WIP rom-com? :) He belongs to the heroine. He steals her underwear, sneaks into the hero's apartment across the hall, and leaves the undies on his bed. You can imagine the conflict Sneakthief causes! :)

Monique DeVere said...

LOL, Diane. I imagine you wouldn't have had it any other way :). The rescued dog, not the seeing the end to my story a mile away...although :) :)

Monique DeVere said...

Aww, Susan. Miniature-Schnauzers are so cute! They always look as though they're in a bad mood :D

Monique DeVere said...

Hi, Tanya. Thank you! My last little one is mad on horses! She takes riding lessons and enjoys Show Jumping comps. The funny thing is she's allergic to horses LOL.

Monique DeVere said...

LOL Zoe! I bet you end up with another kitten by the end of the year he-he-he...

Monique DeVere said...

Hi, Marissa. Thanks for stopping by. I know you're neck-deep in your own book launch. Yes, I agree, no matter the pet--big or small--it seems we can't help but fall in love with them :)

Maureen said...

What a lovely story! After we lost our 14 year old Lhasa Apso, I was determined not to have any more dogs. But..two years later, my hubby convinced me to cave, and we have our Shih Tzu, Scuff. Dogs are such a sweet addition to the family. :)

Alicia Dean said...

I'm not a pet-person either, although I definitely don't want any harm to come to them. I am just not interested in owning a pet. But, your story was quite touching. It sounds just like the kind of loving, selfless thing you would do. :)

Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

The story of my Cassie girl is similar....I found her while out walking one day. The owner blew a gasket when I brought her home and ended up giving her to me. After, I found out that they had left the poor thing tied to a fence during Hurricane Rita!

So glad she found me ... or I found her...whichever LOL!

Thank you ALL for stopping by and supporting Monique.

Jacqueline Seewald said...

You are good people! It's very kind to take in an abused animal. And the book sounds great too!

M.J. Schiller, Romance Author said...

Monique- I love how you said, "I had an encounter with God’s humour about four months ago." :D He does love us and does love to have fun with us!

I guess we're sort of on the opposite end of the spectrum. We prayed for our cat for a year. I'm allergic to cats and was afraid to get one and have to break the kids' hearts if I kept getting sick and had to return it to the Humane Society (my allergies often lead to sinus infections). But Serena doesn't bother me at all. In fact, she adores me (it's nice to have someone that thinks you're the bomb!) and I love her so much! I think she was neglected as well as she gets almost beside herself if she ever gets accidentally locked in a room, or if we're gone on a trip. (I suspect she was locked up and abandoned, maybe without food, even.) A guy friend of mine has an abused dog and it is so sad to see the way she cowers and shakes. I'm happy to say though, that through a lot of love, Zoe has become much more accustom to people and at ease in their presence.

Thank you for sharing your Mika story, and for sharing PARTY OF TWO with us. It seems both are full of love and humor!

Monique DeVere said...

:) Thank you, Alicia. With your schedule, having a pet probably isn't an option :)

Monique DeVere said...

That's terrible, Pam! I don't understand how heartless a person would have to be to do something so cruel. See? God even rescues pets. How much more would He do for us who loves Him?

Monique DeVere said...

Thank you so much for stopping by, Jacqueline :)

Monique DeVere said...

Hi, MJ, what an amazing testament to answered prayer. I'm more of a dog person, but cats seem to be quite loving, too. Who would have thought a pet would make such a difference to our lives--in a good way, that is.