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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I Just LOVE Staying Home!

Hello Friends!

If you've followed me very long, you'll know that beginning Jan. 1, I embarked on a new venture - staying home.

Many factors played into this decision - the main one being the death of my beloved in August. The goal for this new venture was/is to move this whole writing business (writing, editing, promoting, speaking, book signings & sales, etc) into a new level but most importantly - take time to heal.

Last week I talked about settling in and gave an idea of where I stood in implementing my plan and hope to have a much better report by the end of this month.

Well, instead of waiting, I think I'll fill you in on what I actually accomplished up through yesterday 2/2 and see what you think.....

#1 - I signed up as a Business/Finance Contributor for Associated Content which requires 3 articles on the topic per month - Done for Jan!

#2 - Continued working with Premium Promotional Services as an Associate in helping others promote their books - took on 1 client's continuing promo pkg - took on 2 individual client pkgs - Completed 1 and will complete the other this week! The continuing pkg is for 6 months so....more on that later.

#3 - Started calling Louisiana Libraries in hopes of getting my books in each Parish - have contacted 14 - 1 bought 6 books (3 titles 2each)!!!

#4 - Started setting up speaking engagements - have 3 lined up - Feb 23, March 9 & Oct 9.

#5 - Started setting up book signings - 1 lined up for April - Attended one with a fellow author in Jan and sold a few books!

#6 - Though not finished yet, I've continued writing a short story I began last May for White Rose Publishing's Hearts Crossing contest - since the contest is over and the winner published - I've changed the name and certain elements of the story and will submit it to WRP once complete - only 2 scenes left (less than 2k words to go!)

#7 - Submitted an essay to Chicken Soup for an upcoming anthology on Grief & Recovery

#8- Collected all necessary info for taxes, sorted and prepared spreadsheets, prepared & filed Fed & State returns - also did this for my daughter.

#9 - Set up guest blog events - 1 in March, 1 in May along with eggcerpt exchanges with Tina Gayle on Feb 19th & March 10th and a couple more that I don't have dates for yet.

I'm sure I'm forgetting something LOL- but along with all of this, I've babysat one or both of my grandchildren at least 1 day each week I've been off (funny how that happens) :-)

I prepared a new flower arrangement for Terry's grave (combination Valentine's Day & Easter), kept my house cleaner than it's been in a while LOL and still managed to find time to visit with friends and family & get out of the house at least 1 day a week!

As for the healing part - today I can honestly say I believe healing has begun. My days still range between the good, the bad, and the ugly but the good are well ~ good, the bad aren't as bad, and the ugly just as agonizing but not as frequent.

So there you have it - They say working from home takes discipline & dedication and most folks work twice as hard as those with a regular job - I must say after nearly 5 weeks of this new venture I agree ~ But let me tell you - I LOVE staying home!

Until later...take care, Be Blessed & remember....Starting over or beginning a new venture after major life change (marriage, child birth or empty nest, death or divorce) takes Courage and Faith!

The Inheritance is about the chance we all long for....the chance to start over. Read an excerpt here!


Edna said...

I am so thankful my hubby is still with me and as far as we know in good health. We will celebrate 49 years in March.
I lost a brother in 2009 and my husband just lost a sister in Jan.
We just have to put everything in God's hand and it reads as though you have done that.

May God bless


Emma Lai said...

It sounds like you're keeping busy. Way to go, Pamela! If you need blogs to promo on, keep me in mind.

Emma Lai said...
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Jessica Ferguson said...

Wow, you put us all to shame, Pam. But I know what you mean about staying home. I love it too. I could easily be a hermit if not for the coffee bunch getting me out of the house. Hope you can join us one day.