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Thursday, October 27, 2016

#ThursdayThoughts Fall #RomanticTravel with Carmen Stefanescu

Good Morning Friends and Welcome!

Yesterday I received the proof copy of Keri's Christmas Wish....no matter how many titles I've had published, the thrill of receiving that first proof then the final copy never dims! The print book may be available early, but the Ebook will be released on Dec 3rd - my mom's birthday. You may remember she passed away in November 2014. Anyway, suffice it to say I'm excited about this new book.

Enough about me though!

Today's guest is new to me and therefore new to our blog, so please join me in welcoming Carmen Stefanescu with her book, Till Life do us Part and a Fall Romantic Travel idea.....

Carmen Stefanescu resides in Romania, the native country of the infamous vampire Count Dracula, but where, for about 50 years of communist dictatorship, just speaking about God, faith, reincarnation or paranormal phenomena could have led someone to great trouble - the psychiatric hospital if not to prison.

High school teacher of English and German in her native country, and mother of two daughters, Carmen Stefanescu survived the grim years of oppression, by escaping in a parallel world that of the books.

Several of her poems were successfully published in a collection of Contemporary English Poems, Muse Whispers vol.1 and Muse Whispers vol.2 by Midnight Edition Publication, in 2001 and 2002.
 Her first novel, Shadows of the Past, was released in 2012 by Wild Child Publishing, USA.

Carmen joined the volunteer staff at Marketing For Romance Writers Author blog and is the coordinator of #Thursday13 posts.

You can connect with Carmen at the following places:

 Now let's see Carmen's Fall Romantic Travel idea....

It’s true that Romania, my country,  is the homeland of Count Dracula, the infamous vampire, but when you visit the country in autumn you are not only going to enjoy its imagery of medieval castles but also spectacular views of autumn’s finest foliage.

 You can enjoy romantic walks in leafy parks dusted with crunchy auburn, red and gold leaves.

Or visit the rural areas for a rustic experience and fill your lungs with the strong, fresh air in the mountains. It’s also hard not to feel starry-eyed among the rolling hills and fragrant vines of wine regions.

And what place can be more suitable for rekindling the sparks of love than a visit at The Gate of the Kiss that features a kiss motif on the gate pillars?

Sounds absolutely lovely, Carmen! Thanks for sharing.

Let's find out more about Till Life do us Part.... what an interesting title....

Barbara Heyer can hear voices of dead people. They whisper of their deaths, seek comfort for those left behind, and occasionally even warn her about future events. But when Barbara’s brother, Colin, is accused of murder, it will take more than her gift to prove his innocence.

Becoming smitten with the handsome investigator, Detective Patrick Fischer, is a serious complication given his assignment to her brother’s case. Barbara senses there is something far deeper—and perhaps much older—than the surface attraction between them. Could that be why she’s visited by a mysterious woman named Emma in her dreams? Could past life regression tie all the seemingly unconnected events together?

Barbara and Patrick must overcome heartache to find the truth to save Colin, and perhaps themselves.

Barbara drove home in a state of utter mental and physical exhaustion. So many things had piled up on her in only one day. Her head throbbed and her soul was heavy. What had the spirit, Kathleen, wanted to tell her? Why did she mention Colin’s name?

Coincidence nagged at the back of her mind. The time when the girl had regained consciousness, according to the doctor, seemed to fit the moment when the spirit stopped talking to her in the car.

The joy of having brought peace into the hearts and minds of Alfie’s family was shadowed by what the spirit implied. Colin has some explaining to do. I can’t believe he would kill someone, she thought. It’s impossible. He’s a good, quiet kid. It must have been a malicious spirit, pulling my leg. And, what about her own attacker? That despicable man. Could there be a connection? He mentioned the name Kathleen and made threats. She must keep her windows shut and locked from now on.
“Detective, please, don’t  think I’m raving, but I have to ask. Do you know someone called Mabel?”
The man riveted Barbara with his dark blue eyes for a moment.

Barbara cringed inside. He’ll rebuke me.

The man passed a hand over his face and nodding, he answered, “Yes, I know a Mabel. My... my wife.”

“How long ago did she pass away?”

In a voice that was more than a little surprised he asked, “How on earth did you know she’s dead?”

“She’s here,” Barbara replied in a small voice.

His eyebrows shot up in disbelief. The steel in his voice was hard to miss. “What? What are you talking about?” He spun round and looked at the apparently empty space behind him.

Tell him I no longer suffer, Barbara heard Mabel’s voice.

Detective Fisher was still staring blankly around him.

“She wants me to tell you she no longer suffers. She hopes you’ve found in your heart the power to forgive her for committing suicide... for jumping off the bridge.”

The detective looked straight into Barbara’s eyes. The grief she saw in them was almost palpable.

Dear Cap'n, the weather here was most sinister. Thunder and lightning that frightened even most brave sailors. All the banshees of the seas broke lose.

Sounds like a great read! You can get a copy of Till Life do us Part at Amazon and B&N. While you're there, check out Carmen's other book, Shadows of the Past.

Well friends, I hope you enjoyed this weeks post and you'll join me each week for Thursday Thoughts, Saturday Spotlight and Tuesday Treasures.

Until next time, take care and God bless.


Carmen Stefanescu said...

Thank you for the exchange post! Best of luck with your writing, Pamela!

Susan Coryell said...

Romania is, indeed, a beautiful country--home of the Alpha Vampire or not! Your blurb and excerpt are certainly compelling--sounds like a surreal experience! Best wishes.

Diane Burton said...

What beautiful pictures. Best wishes on your book, Carmen.

Kara O'Neal said...

Romania sounds and looks beautiful. And the excerpt gave me chills as did the blurb. The title made me very curious! Good luck to you!

Carmen Stefanescu said...

Thank you, Susan, for checking my post!
Paranormal, mostly ghosts and rebirth have always fascinated me. Both reading and writing about them.

Carmen Stefanescu said...

Hi, Diane and thank you for the wishes!
The same to you, too!

Carmen Stefanescu said...

Yes, Romania is a beautiful country.
Reading Till Life Do Us Part won't disappoint you if you enjoy romantic suspense, a bit of murder mystery and past life regression. It has a bit for everyone.
Thank you for leaving a comment and the wishes!