I do not read every book/author I spotlight or book tour I host!
Readers, Please research and use wisdom before buying

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I LOVE hosting authors and artists and helping to promote them and their work. 

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I do 3 features and you are welcome to utilize one or all three.

Here's what I need for each:

TUESDAY TREASURES: A short post about anything you treasure (pics good); jpg/purchase links for book & jpg/bio/links for you.

THURSDAY THOUGHTS: A short post about anything...can be random ramblings or whatever as long as it's not a tirade of negativity (pics ok); jpg/purchase links for book & jpg/bio/links for you.

SATURDAY SPOTLIGHT: Blurb, short excerpt, jpg, & purchase links for book and jpg/bio/links for you.

Email me at: pthib07@gmail.com OR pthib07@hotmail.com to schedule your dates. Once scheduled, send your info ASAHP. I save everything in a folder so the earlier you send it to me, the better. People forget too many times to count  (especially if scheduled weeks or months out) and I do not have time to chase you down. 

That's it!

*PLEASE Indicate Book Genre/Rating* (clean, sweet, sensual, erotic, etc). I promote authors of all genres as long as your cover is half-way decent and your blurb/excerpt is PG 13.