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Saturday, October 29, 2016

#SaturdaySpotlight is on Susan Coryell

Good Morning Friends and Welcome to the last Saturday Spotlight for October!

Yeah, I can't believe it either but you know what they say...."Time flies when you're having fun."

Maybe we should amend that to, "Time flies whether you're having fun or not." LOL!

Our guest today has visited before but it's been a while, so let's introduce her again.....

A career educator, Susan has taught students from 7th grade through college-level. She earned a BA degree in English from Carson-Newman College and a Masters from George Mason University. She is listed in several different volumes of Who’s Who in Education and Who’s Who in Teaching.  Susan belongs to Author’s Guild, Virginia Writers, and Lake Writers. She loves to talk with budding writers at schools, writers’ conferences and workshops. Her young adult anti-bully novel EAGLEBAIT is in its third edition for print and e-book, updated with cyber-bullying.

EAGLEBAIT won the NY Public Library's "Books for the Teen Age," and the International Reading Association's "Young Adult Choice."

A RED, RED ROSE, first in a cozy mystery/Southern Gothic series, was nominated for a literary award with the Library of Virginia. BENEATH THE STONES, the sequel, was released in April of 2015. NOBODY KNOWS, third novel in the Overhome Trilogy released October, 2016. All three novels were published by The Wild Rose Press in NY.

The author has long been interested in concerns about culture and society in the South, where hard-felt, long-held feelings battle with modern ideas.  The ghosts slipped in, to her surprise.

When not writing, Susan enjoys boating, kayaking, golf and yoga. She and her husband, Ned, love to travel, especially when any of their seven grandchildren are involved.

Please visit Susan Coryell’s website: www.susancoryellauthor.com and her blog: www.susancoryellauthor.blogspot.com or contact her on Facebook and Twitter: @SCoryellAuthor
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Susan-Coryell-Author-149075331807592/


Why do ancient spirits hover at the crossroads between two worlds: the living and the dead?

With a successful writing career and blissful marriage, Ashby Overton is fulfilled and content at historic Overhome Estate in Southern Virginia until a stranger walks into her life. The arrival of Professor Ellis O. Grady coincides with a violent and bizarre turbulence emanating from the dark world of Overhome's ancient spirits.

As paranormal events build into chaos, Ashby must use her sixth sense to sort out the real from the imagined in both the visible and the invisible worlds as, stirred into fury, the souls of Civil War slaves engage in a dangerous battle destined to reveal long-held secrets of the past.

What is the connection between the enigmatic professor, a slave-built chapel and a restored overseer's cottage on Overhome Estate? Ashby struggles to find the answers before the spirits destroy her family's heritage, and the lives of those she loves.

     Walking over the weedy ground, I felt the desolate abandonment of those long-dead. A few tilting gravestones, so blurred with time that their epitaphs were illegible, listed toward the ground as if sheltering from a punishing wind. Scattered among the patchwork grasses were small, thin stone markers set in the dirt, little more than raw rocks, though several bore the faint outline of initials which had been chiseled into them so long ago. Ellis and I surveyed the bleak cemetery, each harboring our own thoughts.  I don’t know how long we stood there breathing in the silence. Then, I heard the voice.—so clear, so distinct, that I startled and almost fell back. Did my companion hear it, too? I darted a look at him. He stood with eyes closed, evidently completely lost in his own reverie. I held my breath and listened with all my senses on alert. The voice wavered this time, as though trailing away, but its repeated message was identical to the one I had first heard at the Overseer’s Cottage when the candlestick went missing. I had thought, then, that I heard “red apple,” which made no sense. Now I understood. “Jared Chapel,” the voice warned. Yes, its tone was severe. Demanding. “Jared Chapel.”

     I touched Ellis’s arm. “It’s here, Ellis. I know it is.” And when he blinked uncomprehendingly, I added, “You wondered if Jared Chapel offers anything in your search for your ancestry. It’s here—there’s something here. I feel it and I...I know it.”

     He blinked several times, a serious expression on his face. “You know because...”

     “Sometimes the past speaks to me. I can’t explain it, but I have to trust the voice that tells me things.”

     He rubbed his chin. “You know...this is odd. Really odd.”

     I raised my eyebrows in a silent question and he continued. “Because I thought I heard something. I definitely felt...a presence I can’t explain. Someone trying to get my attention. Someone very, very seriously trying to make me understand.” He shook his head. “Understand what? I confess, I’m baffled.”

     “It’s a sign,” I said. “Something I’ve learned over my years at Overhome. We ignore the signs at our own peril.”

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Hope you enjoyed today's spotlight and that you'll join me each week for Tuesday Treasures, Thursday Thoughts and Saturday Spotlight.


Susan Coryell said...

Thanks to Pam for her superb blog!I look forward to interacting with readers and writers today!

Jacqueline Seewald said...

Hi Susan and Pam,

I'll just say that NOBODY KNOWS is a fine paranormal Gothic novel that I've read and enjoyed. It's as much of a mystery as a ghost story. I recommend it to fellow readers.

Susan Coryell said...

You are such a wonderful supporter of my work, Jacqueline. I consider it an honor from such a prolific and professional writer like you! Many thanks.

Alicia Dean said...

An excellent wrap up to a compelling, well-written Southern Gothic Trilogy. LOVED this book! Best wishes, Susan...can't wait to see what else you come up with.

Susan Coryell said...

Alicia, my most competent and ever-helpful editor - I so appreciate your comments. I am, indeed, cooking up a bold new manuscript - a complete departure from my Gothics--but scary, too, in a contemporary way. More later!

Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

So glad to host you, Susan!
I appreciate all of the support you show AHA & Five Star members and wish you good luck and God's blessings.

Kara O'Neal said...

Loved, loved, loved the excerpt. Your writing is so great, and I really like how you weave the past in with the romance and familial elements. You're great!

Cindy Sample said...

I love Susan's work. I can't wait to delve into this sequel.

Diane Burton said...

That cover is so creepy. Excellent for this time of year. Great story.

Susan Coryell said...

Kara, Cindy and Diane: You are so kind to read and comment and compliment my work! Love my colleagues!

Anni Fife said...

Great excerpt, and I love your cover. A perfect read over Halloween. And good luck with your new WIP. xx

Susan Coryell said...

Ann--I appreciate your comment and glad you like the cover. It IS creepy, isn't it? Thanks and good luck to you, too.